Had to deal with alot of adult responsibilities today, so I wanted to draw something silly :’D I don’t know the Alpha kids very well yet but…Jake looks like the character that can lift all his friends effortlessly? I want to draw a Beta kids parallel soon~ 

Beta kids version!


Why am I doing this to myself…?

[Fairyland sculpts - Luna/Chloe/Ante/Pong/Lewi/El]
[Clothes - TTYA/Sunflowerdoll]


ok, ive done roxy and jane :^)

im still not happy with dirk but eh

yeah you can use these as icons, but credit me if you do

if you guys want ill do the beta kids too sometime

edit: i forgot roxy’s blushies

Homestuck is really hitting me like a ton bricks now. This webcomic started out as light hearted and goofy and now, being close to the gigapause, its dark and real. I realize now they’re all just kids and they all fucked up at some point and that’s what makes them relate-able and human. It makes the characters seem real. Homestuck fans see these characters as a projection of themselves staring at them from the computer screen.

The fact of the matter is, I can understand all these characters and the experiences they’ve had at this point. Dirk’s overbearing- ness with his relationship with Jake. Roxy’s dependence on substances to ignore her problems. Jake’s aloofness and ignorance. And all of Jane’s anger towards unrequited respect.

People may see homestuck as non sense, but if you take the time to read it and understand it, you’ll see apart of yourself staring back at you. It’s a story about personal challenges intertwined with the challenges of life. 

In which I attempt to mix traits and create Strilondes that phenotypically resemble their forebears.  Evidentally Roxy’s genes run strong, haha.

But do you know what this MEANS? 

The Rose and Dave who traveled to the Green Sun never came back. Our John is not the John who put on funny disguises and fended off cakes. The Jade that woke up in Cascade to gather the planets, the Dirk who cut off his own head to save his friends, the Roxy gutted in her bedroom–they’re all ghosts. 

God Tiers and Dream Selves aren’t a transfer of consciousness–they are the game rebooting the minds and bodies of the players in upgraded forms. The Mario who dies in the very first level is not the same Mario you use to win.

These kids played a game to save reality, and they didn’t survive it. Not really. 

imagine merlin worrying a bit about sending baby agents roxy and eggsy out on their first mission together without an older agent’s help and roxy is just like “of course we’ll be fine you trained us and we saved the world” meanwhile eggsy has found one of merlin’s prototype weapons on the desk and just sort of 

I have a lot of feelings about dirk and roxy taking care of human!davesprite, okay. Roxy would be all around hilarious about it all, making silly bird puns and calling him ’d-spri’ or davey affectionately. Dirk would make him a new arm once davesprite stopped being stubborn about being spit out without a right arm on top of his orange hair (first im not the real dave and now i cant even be a whole dave). Without the same sort of memory john and the others have for the ‘original’ dave, neither of them sees him as real or fake, just another bro to meet and love on and he appreciates that.