Not My Type | Alright | Cute | Adorable | Pretty | Gorgeous | LORD MERCY

EB: hes a pretty nice guy, i like his fashion choises


Not My Type | Alright | Cute | Adorable | Pretty | Gorgeous | LORD MERCY

EB: shes beautiful? im love? we really need to talk more <>


Not My Type | Alright | Cute | Adorable | Pretty | SMOKIN’ | LORD MERCY

EB: my type of karkat -wiNK-

okay so the parentstuck au is great, so i have this terrible meme to contribute. dave and karkat are raising anshu, right? but these dorks have no idea how to raise a kid. so when she goes to say her first word, all that comes out is “FUCK” and they’re appalled and proud at the same time. so they’re bringing her over to john and roxy’s house, and during dinner she just repeats “FUCK” and john drops his fork and roxy laughs super hard and jamie repeats it tentatively and everyone’s in tears and the children are swearing thank you and goodnight

But guys, imagine a Kingsman ‘Yuri on Ice’ AU

With Eggsy as the young, wannabe competitive figure skater, who gets ditched by his coach after bombing out of the Grand Prix Finals (he’d just received a phone call from a family friend telling him Dean had put his Mum in the hospital). Defeated, he returns back home to his local rink in London, where his BFF Roxy coaxes him into performing a routine they used to skate together back during their early years of training, Harry Hart’s famous gold-medal-winning finale, ‘The Kingsman’.

Harry Hart himself stumbles across the Youtube video when it goes viral, and is so utterly enamoured by the lad’s expressive skating style that he comes out of his ten-year retirement to offer his services as Eggsy’s coach.

Naturally, they fall in love with each other along the way. Eggsy’s skating ‘rival’ is Charlie, who had once hoped to be Harry’s pupil before the death of his beloved Mr Pickle had driven him into retirement. Harry acknowledges his promise to Charlie from long ago, and agrees to train him on a part-time basis alongside Eggsy - the two form a begrudging friendship, pretending to hate each other in public but quietly cheering each other on from the sidelines, until a non-accidental injury takes Charlie out before the regional championships. 

The media and the skating world cry foul play, and Eggsy is the top suspect, although Charlie (much to Eggsy’s surprise) vehemently denies his involvement.

I’m thinking it would somehow tie in to Harry’s old skating rival, Richmond Valentine, an American coach who’s training a British figure skater (Gazelle) in the hopes of beating Harry to first place (in this universe, male and female skaters would compete with each other in the same tournaments). He’s ruthless in his efforts to ensure victory, and has been quietly sabotaging the other promising competitors for months. I’m betting Roxy, Eggsy and Charlie would band together to investigate things, uncover the truth, and successfully get Valentine banned from the world of figure-skating.

I’m not sure how I’d want it to end (or *if* I’d want it to end), but I think ultimately the gold would go to Roxy and Eggsy would be perfectly content with his silver medal, because the gold in the ring on his finger is more than enough for him.

I also think that, at some point, there would be a dramatic skate-off between Merlin (Roxy’s coach) and Harry, and the three younger skaters would be gawking from the sidelines in absolute glee. It would soon become the most-watched skating video on Youtube.

(Oh shit. I’m gonna have to write this one now.)


ok, ive done roxy and jane :^)

im still not happy with dirk but eh

yeah you can use these as icons, but credit me if you do

if you guys want ill do the beta kids too sometime

edit: i forgot roxy’s blushies

dirk liking his hair played with but only trusting certain people with it

dirk’s really anxious a lot during the events of sburb so he forms a habit of fidgeting with his hair

after the events he begins to trust his hair with roxy and dave a lot, roxy always styles it and braids flowers into it while dave just likes to play with it

he never really asks for it, they just know he trusts them so whenever they’re bored or anxious they find themselves plopped down and playing with it

jake is a different story, though

dirk is really uncomfortable with jake touching his hair at first, and he proclaims so

but over time he slowly grows more and more comfortable around jake as they spend time together, even leaning into his touches and asking him to play with it

they find mutual comfort in spending this time together and find it in themselves to finally sort out their bad issues and forgive each other (ofc with help of gcatavrosprite) and finally rule over the consort kindgom in peace

In honor of Dave’s and Dirk’s birthday, these are three things that they do and don’t want anyone to know


1) If there’s any puppets/dolls/plushes in the room when he is getting dressed, he makes them face the other way for privacy

2) He shaves his legs in the winter because he likes how it feels when his smooth legs rub on his pants legs

3) One time in art class, he didn’t like that the teacher was making all the kids draw skyscrapers, so he made all the buildings shaped like massive dildos


1) Used to have a crush on Augustus Waters, and The Fault in Our Stars was his favorite book until he was 13

2) He started playing mini-golf ironically, but now he genuinely enjoys it an uses it to calm down

3) For a long time, he had headaches from lack of sleep, and then with the help of WedMD he concluded he had a terminal illness and made Roxy write his will for him

anonymous asked:

i hope its ok to ask but! what would a thief of void like... ACT like, personality wise, like who wld they b. idk if thats too complex or specific but 👀

Personalities are a lil tricky :Y hmmm
Well all the Thieves we know are generally realistic? Both Meenah and Vriska didn’t mess around a lot with ‘morality’ or ‘collateral damage concerns’ when considering a choice.

Void players kind of spanned a wide swath through the comic, from Equius (apathetic horse man) Horuss (strangely peppy for someone who prefaces all sentences with 8=D) to Roxy (a generally happy excitable gal).

So off of all of that, I’d say a Thief of Void is a generally neutral personality with a tendency to look at the facts before making a decision! That and, they’d just go with their gut and to hell with anyone who gets in their way.

I like thinkin bout the Alpha kids and how Jane is the only one who ever had to deal with neurotypical perceptions (sure Roxy was living with the carapacians but they just think shes weird but Good) so like. The others don’t even stop to think what they look like when they stim? The Beta kids, even Jade to a lesser extent, had much more exposure so they all have that slight hesitation, that instinct to keep things subtle. And Jane probably had it worse because, her dad is 100% supportive but she’s the face of a very public company so she’s under huge pressure to act “normal”.

But then she’s hanging out with these kids who never had that?? Jake “Yells Odd Phrases At The Top Of His Lungs” English, Roxy “Full Body Hugging Without Warning” Lalonde, Dirk “Talks To Himself Almost Constantly” Strider. At first she’s so overwhelmed?? And her instinct is to think its rude? But gradually she gets used to them and starts relaxing herself, starts letting herself chew on random objects in public and flapping her hands. And just. The others help her get comfortable stimming.

organization in the dj household

when dirk and jake actually start living together, jake has to come to the hard realization that dirk is the least organized person out of literally everyone in his friends group. roxy is messy, too, but has a system. jane and john are neat freaks thanks to dad teaching them the importance of a clean room (though not on par with karkat; no one can reach karkat’s tier of neat-freakdom). jade is closer to roxy in that she has stuff everywhere but it’s not exactly disorganized. even dave is actually not bad at all, he just has no regard for whether or not people trip over his shit (the cords going everywhere, most specifically). jake knows he’s sloppy himself, but dirk strider is on a whole fucking different level. he has vaguely known this from staying over at dirk’s place while on lotak, but the thing that astonishes him most is that dirk completely fucking refills his space with junk in the most disorganized fashion possible even after literally losing all the shit he owned. he never knows where anything is. he tears apart his room looking for something and makes it worse, then has to re-tear it apart looking for something else.

jade helps jake organize some of his stuff because she’s seen how sloppy and pack-rat-y he REALLY gets if left to his own devices. jake tries to impart this knowledge to dirk and gives him some leftover milk crates from the supply jade gave him. he finds dirk, hours later, having taped a JUNK label on one and it’s full of an assortment of random shit. robot parts. puppets. sewing supplies. a couple of sbahj dvds. “junk usually means you don’t want it,” he tries to explain to dirk. “junk means it doesn’t fit anywhere else,” dirk counters. his desk is covered in felt, circuit boards, and a box of bolts he knocked over while he was working on sawtooth’s programming updates. there is trash everywhere. it is all over the floor. all over the counter. dirk’s welding gloves are buried under a pizza box and a collection of discarded orange soda bottles.

“will you at least make your bed, dirk, that’d be a good start.”