“I think I need lessons on how to be American again,” Day spoke, his bottom lip pushing out to form a pout. “I forgot how different Korean culture is from American.”

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So obviously when Gabriel shows up on their door beaten, bloody and exhausted, the winchesters are confused to say the least. But they take him in, bandage him up and give him a safe place to rest. It’s only after a few months then he’s still there that they start asking questions. And of course Gabriel would vieww that as them kicking him out, when that’s not at all what it’s meant as, so when Sam walks in on him packing his meager belongings, hes fucking confused cause “did we do something to upset you? Where are you going to go? Do you want a ride?” and Gabriel just glares at him like “you don’t want me here im gonna stop taking up your space it’s fine.” And at first Sam is pissed. Cause they took him in and gave him a room and fed him and took care of him when he was injured. Then he stops. And thinks. And realizes that this is the first time Gabriel has needed someone else, and they’re the only ones he has. The poor man is probably scared and embaressed and a whole shit load of other emotions that he doesn’t know how to deal with yet. So he takes a deep breath, swallows his pride and asks for Gabriels help researching before he leaves. Amd makes sure he knows hes free to leave, but he doesn’t have to. And Gabriel insists he’ll help with just this one then he’s gone. But of course he stays, and keeps helping Sam research, and help Dean fix up their cars, and he starts shopping for them and cleaning their weapons and otherwise being a huge help, and it’s slow at first but the brothers can see the change in him, he’s happier, more like his old (less murdery) self. But its not till he starts with the obnoxious jokes that Sam really falls for him. Not till he’s waking him up at all hours of the night to tell him some stupid pun that he starts wondering what it’d be like to hold him and kiss him and be with him. So one night, when Gabriel walks in to ask “hey Sammich, whats the difference between an a bra and a zebra” Sam scooches closer to the edge of the bed and holds his arms out. “Stay?” And the playful smile just melts off his face, and he nods so so slowly and just curls up in Sam’s arms with a tiny “of course, samshine,” and it’s so much better than Sam was expecting, and when the morning comes neither of them is quite ready to let go because what if it didn’t mean anything, what if it never happens again but eventually they part, and neither mentions it. Till Gabriel shows up, a little earlier in the night, pouncing on Sam’s side. “Moose! What do you call a bi spider man?” And Sam just holds his arms open, and Gabriel nuzzles against his chest with a quiet “he swings both ways” and a sleepy giggle. So that’s how it goes. it’s weeks before Gabriel stops pretending he’s just going in to tell some stupid joke. Even longer before he stops showing up and starts going to bed with Sam, but when they finally kiss, one morning in the middle of winter, both sleepy and clinging to each other for warmth, its more than worth the wait.

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saw the kagerei ask and now im just imagining akarei omg


aaahh imagine Akaashi just staring at Rei while the latter goes off on his spiel about beauty and ~*aesthetics*~ and his frustrations about it. and Akaashi is kinda confused but also trying to note down Rei’s concerns and how to calm him down

please please tell come back and tell me mooreeeee

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Hi there, I seen this blog advertised to me on that little place on your dash where blogs are advertised and I started scrolling through it and I thought to myself "Oh, this blog is pretty average" and then I scrolled a bit more and thought "This blog is getting above average" and then I scrolled even more and then I thought "Nah this blog is below average again" and then I stopped scrolling and messaged you about it because idk maybe im just here to waste your time or sumthn im v. confused help

Please let me know which posts were above average so that I may delete them

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will you please explain what happened and what taylor did wrong im so confused

yes hi this will probably be long and confusing but here we go: so way back when kanye first released his song “famous”, people freaked out because there’s a line where he’s like “i still think me and taylor might have sex / i made that bitch famous”. he claimed that he had a long phone conversation with taylor where he asked her permission to put those lines in this song. taylor’s publicist said that taylor cautioned kanye not to release a song with such a misogynistic message and that she had not heard the song and therefore had not approved it. last night, kim kardashian posted videos to her snapchat story of kanye talking to taylor on speaker phone and it appears that she was actually fine with him releasing the song and took it as a tongue in cheek joke. however, taylor posted on instagram last night and said that she wanted to support kanye and like the song, but she had never actually heard it and her issue was with him calling her “that bitch”, not the line about having sex with her. she said she did not know he was going to call her “that bitch”. of course, nobody gives a shit what taylor says anymore because this is all looking pretty bad for her and everyone wants to roast her or whatever so it’s all a big mess and that’s what u missed on glee 

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(Oh my god you type out her accent im in heaven) The android boy stumbles around confused with a piece of moldy bread in his hands. "I saw people dropping bread here Doctor so I'd figure I'd bring mine so you can heal it! I'll pick it up tomorrow!"

(I try my kayne best, but I do a bad job lmfao)
Angela just stares at the bread that had been placed in her hands, brows furrowing as she tried to figure out whether or not he was joking or serious–he had sounded serious, but…
“I’m not….I cannot ‘heal bread’, you are mistaken. Zhe others are just…messing vith me, I am certain.”


ROSE.  Anyway, my inability to read or understand the German language aside I want to go ahead and say welcome to my shitstorm of my blog god I have been away for a LONG TIME. It was a few weeks really but it feels longer than that. 

For those that do not remember me: hi there this blog is a wreck:

— If you are confused about the usage of the
    name “Kayeton” instead of “Kanae” or “Karen
    on here send an ask or IM and I’ll get to that ASAP.
— Kayeton’s main verse is BSD-oriented & will
    typically default to that
— His TG verse is still around where he is an ghoul
     working amongst the CCG to keep himself alive.
— Any questions you have will be answered as soon
     as I can think of a response that does not make me
    look like I’m a dog at a computer.

Hope in The Heart of The Evil Queen Chapter 18, an once upon a time fanfic | FanFiction

I KNOW I TOOK FOREVER. Im sorry! But lets take a moment to thank the beautiful, wonderful,  talented and life saving friend that is @gray-autumn-sky ​ for beta-ing this chapter and made it look like an actual story and not a giant word vomit mess that is was.

but here’s a little under the cut for you, and good news i’m actually working on the next chapter!

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By the time he had stopped staring at where his hands laid, the tears were flowing steadily down her face. For a moment he did nothing but stare in shock, his face full of confusion. She thought he might have not wanted this as much as she had anticipated. Fear and rejection flickered through her mind, but before they were able to run wild, his eyes had locked upon hers, and she could see the love and hope swirling in his deep blue eyes. She smiled then, tearful and wide, when he asked if what she was implying true, but the thickness in her throat did not allow for a single word; instead, as the tears ran down her face, she nodded her head in confirmation.

There was a brief moment, when all he did was stare at her, and she at him. She couldn’t figure out what he was thinking. He seemed confused, and for a moment, it threw her off. Could she have been wrong? Was he not as happy about this as she had hoped he would be? She had thought he would be over the moon with the revelation she had for him, she thought this child would make him happy. Her doubt only lasted for the briefest of moments; and the next thing she knows he is laughing and crying, and she felt her world spinning as he lifted her and her arms wrapped automatically around his neck. He held her in his arms, spinning her, and all she could do is join in his laughter, and bury her head in the crook of his neck as her nerves began to fade.

“Are you sure about this Regina?” He asked her as he stopped moving, his words just above a whisper.

“I don’t know how, but yes. We’re having a baby, Robin,” she cried as she leaned in to kiss him, their tears colliding with each other as he held on to her, before he lowered her to the ground once more, their lips never parting.  After some time, they broke apart, reluctant to let each other go as he asked her, “When…how did you know?”

“The day you brought me inside from the storm,” she told him as she looked down briefly, remembering the way she had acted towards him. “I was in the library going over books that could help with Zelena, when I came by a calendar. It hit me that I was late, and by the time Tinkerbell had come into the room I was in a panic. I told her and she was able to confirm it.”

“That’s why you ran wasn’t it?” he asked her. It suddenly made sense, remembering Granny’s words about something triggering such an attack.

“I didn’t know what to believe. I was so scared.I still am. All I could think about was the pregnancies I’d had before. I couldn’t think straight. But these past few days, it became clear to me. And as terrified as I am–and will be until this baby is in my arms–even while my heart still screams for my son, there’s this light, this hope that this baby–our baby–will make it. And I want so desperately to believe that,” she admitted as she closed her eyes and rested her head on his chest.

Her fear over losing this child would not abate her, but the never ending hope that lied within this possibility was overwhelming. He wrapped his arms around her then, cradling her to him. He knew her fears and understood them, because suddenly it was Marian he held in his arms, lifeless cold after the birth of his son. He hugged Regina tighter, forcing the images out of his head and focusing on the woman in his arms. He lost the mother of his child once, and it would not happen again.

It was well into the afternoon, just as the sun started to set, that they had made their way back into the castle grounds. Roland, completely and utterly exhausted after he’d spent the day chasing and fighting the ogres while trying to save and protect His Majesty, did not stir a bit as  Robin placed him in his bed.

Then as she readied herself for bed, she couldn’t help but think how much this day couldn’t have gone any better. That was false, she reminded herself. Since returning to the Enchanted Forest, she hadn’t laughed as much as she’d laughed that day while spending time with Roland. But it made her heart ache with the memories for her own little prince’s adventures on those lazy Sunday afternoons, back when life was simple and she was just Mommy, not the Evil Queen.Yet no matter how much her heart ached at the thought, she couldn’t help but smile as her hands crept up and laid flat against her belly. She was pregnant, and while her fears remained, she was so incredibly happy.

The feeling was clearly mutual as she felt the comforting hands of Robin wrapping around her waist, landing over her still-flat stomach.  She leaned against him, her head rolling to his broad shoulder, tilting just so, as she inhaled his smell.

“Hmm, you washed up I see,” she admired quietly, placing a kiss just under his jaw.

“Well, I don’t think you would have let me near you if I hadn’t.”

“You know me very well, Thief.”

Silence washed over them, neither wanting to speak, just simply enjoying the other’s presence, swaying to a fro in front of the fire place in her room. It could have been hours for all she knew, or cared frankly, but then she felt him turn her in his arms, slowly leading her to bed. Turning down the covers he helped her in, following in right behind her, and gathering her once more. Time again ceased to move, she closed her eyes, and buried herself against him, sighing in relief.

“I promise you, Regina, I will be here for you. You’ve given me a gift that is precious beyond words. I  can’t even explain to you how happy I am. I know your fears and I’m scared too, but with the two of us, I know this baby will be happy and loved.”


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Send me a ✘ to get a starter in which my muse has suddenly turned into a child

“Who.. Who are you? I’m James. Im just a first year. Everything here is so… large and confusing. ” James chuckled nervously and scratched his shoulder, mostly looking at the ground in front of him as he spoke softly.

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Looks like eruri is going to become canon . And im here being happy because how close eren and levi were standing in that chapter . Uh and armin or erwin thing is killing me. Levi has the worst life ver he lost everything. Im mad at isayama

Me too… All of my children have to suffer….
Tbh, I’m so sorry for Levi I even think euthanasia would be a good option for him.
Jk, he fought enough for his Levi, which Mikasa wants to end now (you go, Waifu)…

The entire thing is so confusing, especially emotionally, that I have no idea how to answer….