Happy 25th Birthday Jin!! 

Your sincere love to army warms my heart. I love your passion and will to never give up even when the goal seems impossible to achieve. Please continue to be the lovable, handsome yet dorky gentleman that we all love and cherish. Thank you for being born, Kim Seok Jin.  

and the unintentional (but not unwelcome!) reaction—

the shower thought of ‘hey wouldn’t it be cute if sun/moon got to be friends with gladion’s big dog over the years’ turned into something too elaborate to be called a doodle LAUGHS o(–<

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Why is nobody talking about Phil's tweet?! HE'S A 6'2 MAN, HOW COULD HE POSSIBLY KNOW WHAT ITS LIKE TO SPOON WITH SOMEBODY TALLER THAN HIM?! Oh wait, we maaaay have a hint smh im dying


i guess the tweet it’s what the kids call #relatable 

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if jalil's actually at that dinner table in that christmas ep preview, then consider me impressed because him getting a background cameo was literally the LAST thing i expected but i'm happy (also where's kim?) [~bun anon]

Well Kim’s sitting at the table, but I didn’t see Jalil. Heck the only classmates I saw were like Adrien, Marinette, Alya, Nino, Chloe, Sabrina, Alix, Kim, Juleka, and Rose. That’s like half the class.


I’m not doing that “what era is your face” meme, but I figured you should all know that I am so utterly Victorian that Facebook once tried to tag this John William Waterhouse painting with my name. 

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HC: Peter grows up to be the most bORING college student, not bc hes a boring person but because one time in high school he went to a ""rave"" and he has hella enhanced senses so it was waaaaay too loud and bright and he literally (figuratively) almost died and then he never went to a party ever again

his idea of a fun time is meeting up with his professors after class to discuss their work in the field or whatever new theory has recently grabbed his attention

but then one of his college study mates takes him to a silent disco (after a lot of persuading) and peter LOVES it bc he gets to have fun and dance like a dork but he can also control how loud the music is in his headphones or take them off if he needs a break and also do you know how funny it is to see people dancing to music you can’t hear????

Okay, but…no. Adaline was really important to him. I know you’re probably joking, but…still.

Crap, that’s right…I need to finish picking out the plants I wanted to give to him. Hope they can make him feel better like they do to me.

        Like yeah, everyone is about how Kei x Kai separation and stuff is heartbreaking, and IT IS, but like… what about Shinya and Yuusuke? It’s not really well talked in to the manga since they appear in only ONE episode, but that single episode let’s see SO MUCH of it. If you think Kai x Kei is heartbreaking; two friends who were united but got their own way for years, how do you think it is with Shinya and Yuusuke? Yuusuke says it himself: For how many years have I been your friend? Like they both probably meet around the same age Kai and Kei did, but unlike them, they stick together through their life, and they even followed each other to College, they shared classes, they probably saw each other almost DAILY.

They supported each other. When Shinya tells Yuusuke he is sick and he visits the next day he is like: I brought you pudding, are you surprised? And Shinya says: No. Just how many times had he gone nurse/accompany his friend and got him pudding for this to be a habit? How many times did he visit for Shinya to think that pretending he is not home is wrong because it goes against what he normally does?

And then there’s fucking Shinya, terrified of being caught, but ultimately deciding he DOESN’T MIND to be given away if it’s YUUSUKE who does it when he is about to trust him with his secret (something he wouldn’t even tell, what I assume are, his closest alive relatives). Like… how fucking much do you have to love someone (like platonically/romantically who cares) to be willing to forgive SO EASILY, even to such a dark possibility? It just shows to me that for Shinya, all the goods Yuusuke ever brought to his life would easily outdone that one wrong.

I just… these two were probably so FUCKING CLOSE, like in a way hardly seen in this manga, and that is just depressing, because it all went to hell when Yuusuke died.

  • Me: I am fine
  • Also Me: Is thinking how Hau couldn't protect Lillie & how he really wanted to say sorry but he couldn't thanks to the case she went at the moment he was going to tell her all, that she was one of the reasons he got stronger, to protect his friends & the people he cared about.

Here’s the black an white (first sketch)
CA: I it’s to big ….
(Save the rain child … I I messed up his smile and it kinda looks like he has a mask on now )
Time: hello ..er meow?

Submitted by Hollow Anon


I’m sure if i tried to sketch something just in pen, you wouldn’t even know i tried to draw XD, This is cool and amaze tho OMFG, AND THEY ALL WANT THESE, CA be the only one that actually has what he wanted XD


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     ❝ You should know that Mistah J isn’ here tonight. So if ya wanted ta talk to him you’ll have ta settle for me, honey, ❞ Harley said, a smile pulling at her lips. Frost, the Joker’s right-hand man glanced down at Harley with slight disapproval before looking back to the visitor.

+ @darkveiined

     ❝ what’s with the pouting mistah? ❞ harley asked and leaned against the bar. ❝ dontcha know where you are? this club belongs to the JOKER. there’s only SMILES here. ❞ she grinned and laughed a bit herself before she turned and grabbed a glass and filled it with a green fluorescent liquid. she slid the glass over to him. ❝ here drink this. it’s somethin’ i made myself. really popular here and it’s sure ta bring you a SMILE. ❞ she gave him a wink.


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