Earlier this week, mountliang tagged me to make a list the posts i’m most proud of. It was actually really really nice to see how much i got done this year.

1. YOGA BUCKY. v proud of this. He’s so bendy! I drew the preliminary sketches while waiting for the bus one day and i feel like the loose freehand thing survived into the final piece. BONUS: MANBUN.

2. MUSCULAR BABE KATE BISHOP because i just love her so much, and i’m kind of sad that we don’t get more muscular lady superheroes. 

3. THIS OTHER KATE BISHOP based on that one picture of arden cho because she is so cute. i’m proud of it because it went really fast from conception to completion and was really fun to make.

4. BUCKY WITH A DOG which i’m proud of because i struggled with it and it never really worked, imo, but i posted it anyway, and not, months later, i’m actually pretty happy with it.

5. BLACK WIDOW COLORING PAGES Okay, if anyone actually printed these out and used them please take a picture it would probably make my YEAR. 

And i’m supposed to: tag some blogs you think should be proud of what they do, whether it’s art, writing, edits, great choices of what to reblog, brilliant tags, lovely responses to asks. spread some positivity!

So, tagging some people (but obviously you should only do this if you want to): idyllspace, joshuaejudd, kate-silver-of-the-5-30-kate, bookshop, joellesoswell, ocwut, emmalyn (IF YOU WANT, i know i tagged you twice lol), and anyone who makes stuff and wants to talk about it. 

anonymous asked:

DO you have that gif of Dan almost putting his hand on Phil's leg then looks at the camera like 'shit' and pulls away?

no i don’t sorry :(( i’m so bad at knowing where gifs are i’m sorry. i think i know which one you mean though! i have a feeling phan-you-not posted it but idk (how does anyone link ppl to gifs srsly)

anonymous asked:

Today i was on omegle and i met a 14 year old who genuinely believed she was gonna marry dan when she was older. So i asked if she shipped phan and she said she knew what it was but it was stupid. So i told her the full story of how they met, skype calls, dan fangirling over phil. meeting at the train station, the fancy dinner at the skybar, and the manchester eye. Then she DISCONNECTED and told me to stOP LYING AND MIXING UP FANFICTION WITH ACTUAL FACTS AND I ALMOST CRIED I S2G


but oh my god the fanfiction thing is so true like they are practically a fictional relationship they’re so gross ew (im joking they can continue forever please). i think its important to remember that phan may be right either yeah? like that is a bit of a silly thing people do, but people do it and it doesn’t always mean that we’re any right than we are. ofc you were saying facts but yk. i just want dan and phil to be together in the sense that they still talk (and live together but yk thats just me and may not be realistic) and are happy. <333


Look a new video :OO