Action 2

For the part 2 maybe it could be during an interview and someone mentions that scene or something and everyone just laughs and makes fun of the two? Or a scene where the reader almost gets bit?

Walking to the set of the talking dead I was shaking. It was the first one that I was going to be on. I saw Chandler walking over to me.

“Hey, its really not that bad. Just be yourself, forget that people are there.” I nodded, a crew member told us that they were ready. It wasnt that bad, Chandler was sitting next to me. So that helped, and it helped that cast members were there too. It made it more homey if you will.

“So how about the make out scene between Y/N and Chandler?” Andrew said as he gave us a look.

“What about it?”

“You all have somethin to tell us?” I laughed a little, and laughed. Looking over at Chandler who would probably be as shocked as everyone else, about what was going to come out of my mouth next.

“Yea I do.” I smiled a little trying to hide the fact that I was a horrible lyer. “Me and Chandler are having a baby.” Everyone looked over at us with shock. I laughed so hard when I saw Chandlers face and it was pale. I knew that he would have thought that he we did it. “Just kidding, damn did you all think so?”

“Nah, well maybe. Kids these days.”

“Nothin different than when all of you were in school. You told me some stories.” I looked right in Andrews eyes. He got so red, Chandler and me laughed.

After the Talking dead I went to my dressing room to change into something more comfortable to go back to the hotel. I opened the door to see Chandler waiting for me to come out.

“Hey Y/N.”

“Hey Chandler, fun tonight wasn’t it?”

“What was with that little pregnancy stunt?”

“You said be myself, so why wouldn’t I have pulled it?”

“True.” He said as he walked me to the back door.

Sorry if it sucked guys. I really had no idea what to write. :/