GOT7 REACTION to their new girl member

Hello there!!!!! Long time since I last came here, hun?



“Wooow wait! What? A girl?”


“You’re kidding right?”


“Oh hey! Hi..!”


“But weren’t we a boy group?? Now I confused haha”



“Hey Guuuuurl~”




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~ADM Pandacchi 

The Deadpool and Spidee One

At a party, bored as hell. Thank you @captainpeachperfect @aca-esthetic @brittany-snodes for giving me something to work on. *phone typed* *hard af* *kinda short sorryz* *running on 3 hours’o sleep* *lolz*

Lemmie’ tell ya’ something.

Flying –is one of the most stressful things I’ve ever been subjected to do. And of course when I say flying, in actuality I mean swinging from building to building by a sheen set of cob webs being shot from the tips of my fingers (perty cool right?).

But, besides the regular concerns of stinging rain, getting struck by lightning, and…*shivers*…bug splatters –there comes to light an even more stressful concept.

Some fucking ninja-bitch in a black and red spandex that refuses under all circumstances to just fuck the bloody hell off.

“Oi! Sexy spidee guuuuurl~” 

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jinsoninfirestaekook  asked:

Answer this with a few things that make you happy!! Then send to the last 10 people in your notifications! (Hiiiii Dani! How's it goin', guuuuurl? 🙃😘😁)

omG hey guuuurl

A few things that make me happy?? hmmMMMmmMMmmMm (ill do 5??)

1. ok ofc I gotta say my bbybean Jungkook (nothing specific, I’m just so soft for this kid!!)

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