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Hello! You mentioned in your last post that the Js were smoking in Austin? Was wondering about that since it's the first I've heard of it

hey! so it was at the austin city limits festival in 2016 and a fan posted this video where we see j2 and especially jared smoking, we don’t really see what he’s smoking but most people including me think it was a joint and that he was passing it to jensen

and first the girl who took the vid said it was a cigarette

but later she says she doesn’t know

and she said she asked but i really doubt j2 would have told her the truth like “hey guuuuurl that’s a big fat doobie, want some? 420 blaze it yo!” lol

and there has been drops in the past of people saying j2 often smoked weed together so it wouldn’t be surprising that they did especially during a music festival

and jared is blowing and talking and looking at jensen and you can see jensen lowers his head so he was looking down to take what jared was giving him i guess? so to me they were passing the joint 

and when this happened i made this dumb video and i hadn’t post it so thanks for reminding me lol

GOT7 REACTION To their new girl member

Hello there!!!!! Long time since I last came here, hun?



“Wooow wait! What? A girl?”


“You’re kidding right?”


“Oh hey! Hi..!”


“But weren’t we a boy group?? Now I confused haha”



“Hey Guuuuurl~”




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The Deadpool and Spidee One

At a party, bored as hell. Thank you @captainpeachperfect @aca-esthetic @brittany-snodes for giving me something to work on. *phone typed* *hard af* *kinda short sorryz* *running on 3 hours’o sleep* *lolz*

Lemmie’ tell ya’ something.

Flying –is one of the most stressful things I’ve ever been subjected to do. And of course when I say flying, in actuality I mean swinging from building to building by a sheen set of cob webs being shot from the tips of my fingers (perty cool right?).

But, besides the regular concerns of stinging rain, getting struck by lightning, and…*shivers*…bug splatters –there comes to light an even more stressful concept.

Some fucking ninja-bitch in a black and red spandex that refuses under all circumstances to just fuck the bloody hell off.

“Oi! Sexy spidee guuuuurl~” 

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How I Imagine EXO Would Ask Their Crush to Be Their Valentine...

Xiumin: Hey…how would you like this adorable face as your Valentine…?

Luhan: Be mine…please…

Kris: You. Me. Valentine’s Day.

Suho: Hey guuuuurl…$uho Daddy wants to take you out this Valentine’s night

Lay: So I would be really happy if you would be my Valentine *does the action in the gif*

Baekhyun: You should be my Valentine! I’m so adorable!

Chen: If you’ll be mine…I’ll be your *suggestively*

Chanyeol: *nervously* wannabemyvalentine?

D.O.: Hey there…wanna date with Satansoo this Valentine’s Day?

Tao: God I’m pretty *forgets to ask out his crush*

Kai: Dang girl. You know you want to be my Valentine

Sehun: Hey, will you be my Valentine? Of course you will, I’m Sehun. You’re so lucky to be mine. *buys HIMSELF a bouquet of roses* yehet.