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Pokemon PSA

If a stranger talks to you, “gets a text/call”, and suddenly says there’s a cool Pokemon nearby and tries to get you to come with them to catch it, DON’T GO. 

I know this game is a lot of fun, it’s connecting people socially, and it’s helping a lot of those with anxiety and depression but please please stay safe. I just watched a video of a guy who did this exact thing (walks up, says “hey you playing Pokemon too?” all friendly, totally seems honest, then gets a call from his buddy saying there’s a Charizard nearby, gets these two teens (boy and girl) excited and invites them to go with him to where it is AND THEY DO IT. There is another pair of girls are even willing to get in the car with this guy who could’ve had others waiting to grab them. So please, always travel with someone else and don’t get so lost in your excitement that you don’t think about the situation.  

I love this game, I love what it’s all about, but I really want players to stay safe. 

anonymous asked:

Hey there, so I had a dream the other day and someone in it spoke to me, I don't think it was my own subconscious it felt like another being. Do you have any sources on stuff like this I can look up?

You can look at our Astral Projection, Astral Traveling, and Lucid Dreaming tags. If you can practice either of those, it could help you figure this person or being out.  It could also be a prophetic dream.

You could also try a variety of divination to figure out what kind of entity they may be - person, spirit, god, etc. I also recommend the Godphone tag, which should include a variety of ways to communicate, including divination, meditation, and so on - doesn’t necessarily have to be with a deity.

I hope that helps.

~ Rose    

before asking | faq+tags | resource blog

Binny toddled down the dusty streets of Orgrimmar, his miniaturized cow, Hamilton close behind. He heard a squeaky moo of annoyance emanate from behind him which caused the goblin to turn around and make a less than polite gesture at the Troll who had bumped into the petite bovine.

“Some trolls, I tell ya, all arms and legs. How do they even do anything? It’s mind blowing, Hammy!”

The cow just followed along, the sun catching his golden covered hoofs; a new expenditure recently made. Hamilton ran smack into the backside of the goblin as he abruptly stopped, which produced a much more perturbed moo. 

“Hey! Some people are trying to walk here fella’. Get out of the street.” He waved a dismissive hand, a hand of someone who acted like they were about four foot taller. He looked up his nose at the troll. this one wearing a blood colored dress and waving around pamphlets. When he did not move, he tried to make his way around but a blue hand shoved the paper into his chest, which cause Binny to leer at him.

“Eh mon, the end be nigh’. They be comin.” The troll pointed upward as if some Old God was going to magically pop out, tentacles wriggling about.

Binny shoved his hand away and rolled his eyes. “Right, and my mother is with the Naaru. Just let us normal folks go about our business.” The troll peered down at him with eyes that didn’t quite look at him. It was a tad unnerving. 

“Ya know, maybe you could get a real job and stop all this doomsday bull hockey. Every time I come here, it’s something new. Real cheerful lot you are.” The cow punctuated his point with another moo.

The troll gave a mad laugh. “Ya be first, mon. Ya weird lidda’ cow too.” He finally moved, still laughing as if he knew some joke that hadn’t been spoken aloud. The goblin looked down at the paper and huffed. 


Fear not the time when great Sargeras’s shadow eclipses the sun.

That is the moment of our ascension.

Death will follow, but it is only a doorway.

Step through, and you will shed your frail skin and take on a form kissed by emerald fire.

Dig the ash from your eyes, and you will find a higher purpose at Sargeras’s side.

“C’mon Hammy. We gots places to be and ladies to woo.” 

He made a face and then went about his day. He was green. The legion liked green. He would be safe, right?

[ @binnycogfrost ]

stay alive//aracelia x callie

It was day 2 of training and I decided I should probably focus on something else that would maybe help save my life in the arena, something that would be useful no matter what was in there when I got in. Survival skills. I wanted to seek out someone else to maybe make an alliance with as I had really only come in contact with Charlotte.

I noticed the girl from district 8 standing alone and figured she would be a good candidate to have as an acquaintance. I couldn’t really remember her name, I hadn’t been paying very much attention to anything else (I had been spending a lot of time with sebastian (; ) so I walked up to her and introduced myself.

“Hey I’m Aracelia, but you can call me Celia. Do you wanna go to the survival skills station?”

anonymous asked:

How do you deal with being demisexual and aromantic? It's hard to find people who are willing to be "friends with benefits" because that has such a negative connotation, yet I'm not entirely ready or willing to commit to a relationship.

Hey anon! Sorry to hear you’ve maybe had a difficult time. Hmm finding someone for a QPR or a friend with benefits is probably tough, but that seems to be the best choice for you right now. But your identity is, and will always be, completely valid. :) I really hope you reach a solution, and since I’m not as experienced or know of any resources, I’ll going to tag @aroacethings @demisexual-not-demilovato @splend-aros and @ all my followers :P Do you guys have any tips? Thanks guys, and anon, I hope you have an amazing day. Good luck!

anonymous asked:

Hey, I really love your fics and I was wondering if you had any advice for someone who is pretty new to writing stories? :)

hey I mean I’m not rly the best at advice & there are so many more writers out there who r better than me but what I DIDN’T do when I was starting off was get a beta so I highly recommend getting a beta just until u see urself improving. also I highly recommend research bc I’ve done shit loads for my fics that I wouldn’t have even thought about putting in before. so ye beta & research.

💀 ▒ andi smiled to herself. “3,378,” she said as she scribbled it down in a little piece of paper. her goal was to kill at least 5 rabbids a day, and for the most part she had made sure that she met that goal. whether it be that she killed a few more the next day to make up for a missed quota, or happily adding a few more to her daily goal. “i just need one more,” she said with a large grin. the day was still early, so she might even get in some time to go hunting like she was supposed to. “hey!” she said when someone living entered her view. “do you know were there are anymore biters?” she asked. 


they say “here comes a hurricane
trouble is her middle name”

crossover graphics: hero’s duty x mass effect
someone had to do it pls don’t kill me

Klance Headcanons

As promised to Anon :)

  • I LIVE for Keith trying to make a move and Lance just Not Getting It 
    • “Lance, what would you do if you had a serious crush on someone?” “Well, I think I’d just be straight up about it. Just say, ‘hey, I have a crush on you. Do you think we could make this work?’” “Hey, I have a crush on you. Do you think we can make this work?” *slapping Keith on the back* “Yeah, exactly like that! So who do you have a crush on, dude?” “I can’t with you right now”
  • Trying to be Lowkey about them dating and failing miserably
    • “Lance, do you know why Keith upset?” “Why would you ask me? It’s not like he’s my boyfriend or anything! We’re not even friends! He’s my rival! He’s-” “I asked you because we’re going around the table and asking everyone if they know why Keith is upset.” “Oh.”
    • *Keith and Lance emerge from Lance’s room, hair and clothes mussed* “What were you two-” “WE WERE BAKING BROWNIES” “…..in Lance’s bedroom” “…….yes”
  • One day they’re doing their whole “we hate each other no really we do” routine and Pidge is Done and just goes “we saw you two kissing. You’re really gay. We get it. We don’t give a shit, but you should know, just for the record, that you aren’t slick and frankly I had bet that you two would make out about a week earlier than you did, so now I owe Hunk twenty bucks and I’m upset about it”
  • Horrible flirting during battle
    • “Keith, use out your sword!” “Oh I’d let Keith use his sword on me any day” *collective groaning and gagging*
  • Teaching each other little bits and phrases in their native language, and them repeating it back to each other over and over again until Lance can say “I love you” perfectly in Korean and Keith can say it perfectly in Spanish
  • “Pidge, let me tell you a thing or two about relationships” “Lance you have been dating Keith for about two weeks and he has threatened to dump you twelve times so literally shut the fuck up”
  • The entire team acts like they hate how lovey dovey they are, but really Hunk and Coran help Keith make cakes for Lance on anniversaries and Allura and Pidge always offer to help Lance make Keith little gifts and Shiro is a full time couples counselor and would do anything to keep the lovebirds relationship thriving
  • Fighting over stupid ass things
    • “You asked me if I was team Instinct, Keith. Instinct.” “So?” “So? So??? CLEARLY I am team VALOR jesus christ I can’t even look at you right now”
  • Lance endlessly comparing them to couples in pop culture
    • “He’s the Jay Z to my Beyonce, the Juliet O’Hara to my Shawn Spencer, the Aang to my Katara, the Miranda Lambert to my Blake Shelton-” “Wait, didn’t they get a divorce?” “Pidge I swear to fucking god”
  • Lance loves making Keith blush. Loves. It. Will do it as much as possible. It is his main source of joy in life.
  • “My type is a man who could kick my ass” -Lance probably

Alright this is getting long so I’m gonna end it here! I hope this is what you were looking for, Anon!

axdrewestrada  asked:

Lol how do you go about telling someone "hey I wanna make a vine, I need a chainsaw and bolt cutters! " XD

Luckily, Jonah’s dad had it all! Although, we did spill some gasoline, so now my apartment smells pretty interesting…

Preference #6: You’re on your period

Anonymous said:
can you do 4/4 fluff where y/n is on her period // LOVE YOU❤️❤️
LOVE YOU TOO yes i can

credit: @thatdorkmaddi you da real map again


I groaned in pain as I rolled over on the bed. The tv had old Friends reruns playing softly. I had finally gotten comfortable enough to sleep and planned to do just that. I didn’t even hear the front door open as I closed my eyes.

“Y/N!!!” someone had jumped on top of me causing me to groan and shove them off. I opened my eyes and saw Calum laying on the floor with Ashton, Luke, and Michael all staring.

“Fuck off,” I mumbled and pulled the blanket over my head.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” Luke sat down beside me and placed his hand on my shoulder.

“I’m dying,” the boys scoffed, claiming I wasn’t dying, “WELL YOUR UTERUS ISN’T BLEEDING NOW IS IT?!?”

The boys all went silent and I felt Luke stand. I heard hushed whispering and then the door close.


“Y/n? Y/nnnnn. Y/n get up,” my eyes opened and I saw Calum leaning above me, “come on. There’s something you gotta see.”

I groaned and slowly stood, leaning on Cal as he brought me to the living room. We walked into the living room and my eyes instantly widened.

The boys had made a huge blanket fort and moved the tv so it could be seen. They had a collection of movies and snacks all over. I sat in between Michael and Ashton looking over all the work they put in.

“How did you even do all this?” they shrugged.

“We don’t want our best friend to be completely upset. And it wasn’t that hard,” they smiled and Michael quickly pressed play on the movie. Deadpool of course.

I looked up at the fairy lights that Ashton claimed someone should marry him for and smiled. We all cuddled together and watched movies until we passed out.

“Oh, hey!” A clearly tipsy Maren pulled the person nearest to her by the arm to bring them closer. “Would you do me a favor and grab one of those tasty shots that are passing by right about now?” She let out a bubbly giggle as a girl holding a tray full of clear liquor shots headed towards them. “My hands are a little– full.” Her left hand was occupied by a random drink she had taken from the hand of someone else earlier and her right remained on the upper arm of the person she was talking to. 

Oh Boy, It’s a Follow Forever!

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Ghostbusters - Nate Maloley

Originally posted by xx-chxnel


Prompt: You’re skate’s tour manager and he falls for you 

Request: “can you do a nate maloley fan fiction where your his tour manager and he falls for you ??” - @xvshady

Warnings: mild cursing

Word Count: 535 (short short shorttt)

Your job wasn’t hard, except you had to have your phone with you at all times; you were the tour manager of Nate Maloley or as his friends call him, Skate. You’re not gonna lie you did think Nate was attractive, but you’re his manager and it would be totally unprofessional.

You were sitting on their tour bus with your computer on your lap going through your emails when Nate sat next to you “Hey ma” he said slynging his arm over your shoulders. “Hey Nate” you said anyone could hear how tired you were. “Why do you sound like someone sucked the life out of you?” he asked “I’m tired” No i’m not i really like you but i can’t date you because of all the drama that would happen you thought. “Well how about I take you out, you know as a stress reliever” he said smirking i thought of the pros and cons of saying yes but you just agreed to it “Great, let’s go” he said standing up his hand reaching for yours “Wait now?” you asked confused. “Yes now you’re stressed, and what you’re doing right now is going to add more stress” he said dragging you out of the tour bus. “Where are we even going” you asked even more confused “You’ll see”

You walked for about 7 more minutes before stopping in front of a movie theater. “Oh what movie are we seeing?” you asked once again, you started thinking maybe you were being too annoying asking all these questions. “Ghostbusters” he answered smirking, you had a smile on your face because when ever you were little you used to watch it every day. Once you guys finished arguing over who’s gonna pay for the ticket and popcorn, you made your way inside the theater and to your seats. You guys sat at the top right corner where no one could bother y'all if they knew who Nate was. Halfway through the movie Nate made the yawn and stretch move; but You decided against it and just moved in closer. You felt protected in his arms, like no one could hurt you when you were with him.

Once the movie ended you and Nate left the theater and went to a park nearby “Thank you, for today” You said giving imm a small smile “No problem” he replied bumping your shoulder with his. “So you’re probably going to say no, but before you do just please hear me out” he suddenly stops walking he continues talking “I really like you y/n and even if you are my tour manager, so what? Does that mean i can’t date you? Just because you help out with the tour? Well guess what i don’t give a damn and i’m gonna date you, if you say yes that is.” He said taking your hands in his “So will you be my girlfriend” he asked you with pleading eyes. You were hesitant at first but you made your decision “Of course.” Once you said those words he smiled a smile that reached his eyes; he picked you up and spun you around, you got weird looks from strangers but you didn’t care.

anonymous asked:

“Did y-you take anything? Why are you p-passing out? Hey! S-stay with me!” Honey panicked. This was not supposed to happen.. She was doing some tests with medicine and left to just get more materials.. She didn't expect this at all.. She was just trying to make a fast effecting and strong medicine for Gal then this happened.. It wasn't even finished yet!

It was nice of Candy to let Honey use one of the labs, right? Of course, fun until someone gets hurt.

Gal’s legs had given out, him on the floor as he used his arms to barely hold himself up. Pain and fatigue spread across his body. He trembled, sweat trickling down his face.

what happened?

Half lidded eyes were focused on the now empty syringe of test medicine that rolled a few feet away when he fell. He could quickly feel himself losing consciousness, blackness clouding his vision.

Last known VCR maker stops production, 40 years after VHS format launch
Declining sales, parts shortage blamed; 750,000 units were sold last year.

I feel a lot of things about this, though surprised isn’t one of them. As someone who has lived through the eighties and the nineties in their entirety, I have many movies (and home movies!) on VHS. Hopefully, the VCR’s I have will last long enough for me to digitize the rare stuff and enjoy everything else. (Not that I’ve had time to do any of that in the past year, but hey….)

Comfort- A Peter Parker Imagine

Anonymous Requested: Hey!! Could you do an imagine where the reader can “control” (she really can’t control it) the elements and one day she does something bad and people are after her then she runs into cap and he takes her in. She’s around peters age, and anyway she she meets Peter and they instantly hit it off. then one day she hurts someone else and Peter is there to comfort her? Thank you so much I love you❤️


You just had to turn the news off; you were done with hearing your name on TV. The constant reminder of what you had done just kept creeping up on you, and you didn’t need the news stations to remind you even more of what happened. Because you could control the elements, you had used your powers and were irresponsible with it just once, but it cost you a lot. You had been moving the Earth, but the way it reacted with the tectonic plates had caused one of the worst earthquakes that New York City had seen in a long time. You continuously saw video of the cracked streets, the building you destroyed, and even the rescue missions.

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