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10:04 pm n thinkin about how my might get hospitalized for suicidal ideation even though i just got accepted into a dance program ive been working for for almost 2 yrs

Hey jus know that whoever is wanting you to get help cares about you and values your life. If you do have to go, it may help you a lot. They won’t keep you there if they think you are ok. I had a friend awhile ago and she told me how going to the hospital for mental health changed her life in a good way! Congratulations on the dance program and know tha future is going to be bright. I was in the hospital quite a bit last month and one of the instances they had someone watching me through a small window the entire time I was in there, it was very uncomfortable! I was trying to look at the TV but it was right above the window and I was trying so hard to not make eye contact! Generally tho the hospital is interesting and unique. A safe place. I hope you are excited about everything 2 come and again, if you are in good mental health, they will let you go and be freee! Everythign is changing all the time. Emotions and mindsets and situations and whatever else. The Good things will always come and snatch away the negative. Thank you for sending this btw all of these messages are so beautiful 

“So what you’re saying, is because I don’t like to follow you around like a puppy and do everything your way, I’m wrong? Last time I checked the world didn’t revolve around you, Dean.” You threw you bags in the trunk and turned around to face him. It made you infuriated that the older Winchester brother had even started this stupid argument.

“Hey, all I’m saying is that your way of doing things can be better.” He said shrugging his shoulders.

“Screw you. I’ve been doing this crap just as long as you and you know what I’m not dead or in hell or in purgatory like someone was, so I think I’m doing something right.”

“What did you say to me?” His mood instantly changed when you brought up his past.

“You heard me. You may have been able to mold Sam a little bit, but you must be crazy if you think you can change me. I know what I’m doing and I always have. So what you need to do is grow up and quit acting like a little spoiled brat who doesn’t get his way.” You glared at Dean who was already doing the same.

“Don’t ever bring that up again.” He said shaking his head ever so slightly.

“Then don’t ever try and tell me what to do.” You told him sternly with an eye brow raised. He nodded his head in return. You got in the car and dreaded the long way back to the bunker.

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I really support everything you do and I think you're an amazing person but sometimes I feel like its easy for you to say 'don't worry about weight' etc when you've probably never had that issue in your life. I know not everything is about the number on the scales, but for someone like me, who literally cannot lose weight no matter what I do, it's hard to not worry about things like this. sorry if this doesn't make sense or seems like an attack, i really do respect you Ally

Hey anon! That doesn’t seem like an attack at all, I really appreciate how well you worded that and can sense the level of respect which I must thank you for.

I do agree that I experience some kind of privilege not being overweight. It would be ignorant for me to deny that. However when I answer questions and recommend girls not to focus on weight or weight loss, it is because

  1. I am very eager to change the diet culture society we live in, and
  2. A good majority of my followers have struggled with eating disorders, restriction, starvation, and other self destructive actions relating to food control and low self esteem.

I was a slightly chubby kid growing up, so I definitely do understand the struggle of comparing your body to others and feeling inadequate or self conscious. This is one of the reasons I’m so passionate about teaching girls that their weight does not correlate with their value, beauty or worth.

Within the vegan movement, I’m aware that there is a large focus on weight and body size also. As someone who isn’t necessarily stick thin, I want to provide a voice that says it’s okay to be whatever size you are, that wellness doesn’t have one specific look (neither does compassion), and that your overall health and happiness is what matters most.

When I am asked about veganism or health, I want to steer the conversation away from weight. I want to talk about compassion, or creating a long term healthy lifestyles. Diets are short term, unsustainable and usually unhealthy.

You haven’t specified your lifestyle or weight or anything (nor do you need to), but if you are living healthfully and treating yourself right, your body should find its ideal happy state. It might be that where you are right now is the absolute perfect shape for you. Additionally, you mentioned previous attempts at losing weight (”no matter what I do”), if this involved calorie restriction, it’s likely that your metabolism may be damaged and will take some time healing from the weight it wasn’t meant to lose. If that’s the case, keep nourishing yourself, be patient, and love who you are inside and out. If that’s not the case, keep loving yourself inside and out. 

I know it can be hard to accept (let alone love) the way you look when most of the world is praising an unattainable ideal, but that is the whole reason I’m so adamant about disregarding weight. Please don’t buy into it. Focus on being healthy, of course! But don’t let shape or size dictate how you feel about yourself, because it is of no relevance. As long as you are mentally and physically well, that is all that matters <3

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Hey Ven, do you have any advice for someone having a bad day like me?

Just remember that there’s always new friends to make if your old ones aren’t there for you at the time, and that bonds forged are hard to break. 


ooc: if you, or anyone, ever needs to vent to someone, you can contact me here (add a note saying private message or not!) or on my main blog, where I’ll be happy to help you as best i’m able!

Ok imagine going to a party at some rocker guys house and he starts karaoke. So you end up getting pushed into doing it because your friends want you to actual do something and not just sit in the corner and watch. You’re not comfortable singing in front of people but you know your friends won’t leave you alone if you won’t do it. You get up there, nervous as hell, and just hope the guy they pick isn’t some drunk creeper. Your friends pick and it’s someone you’ve never seen before. He had bright red hair, an eagles shirt on, and combat boots that match yours. And god was he hot. He seemed really arrogant but when you said hi you sensed that he could feel you were uncomfortable. He smiles back, says “hey, I’m Michael, don’t worry, I promise this will be fun”. You smile back, nod and wait for the song. And then it comes on, Famous Last Words by MCR. Not a usual karaoke song. Not usually a duet either but you love this one so you go with it. He seemed pretty pleased as well. You start off the song kind of quiet, and your voice must end up being better than he expected because you see him turn to you with a happy look of shock. So you sing the first verse, with him adding little background bits to make you laugh. By the time you get to the next verse, you’re both pretty comfortable, and when the chorus gets there you two are taking turns every few lines belting out notes and interacting like you’ve known each other forever. Picture the karaoke scene in high school musical, that’s how it went. The song ends and you just laugh because you had a much better time than expected. Now you’re a little socially awkward so you’re not sure what to say to him when it’s over so you just thank him for a great time and walk away. You take a few steps and feel a hand on your shoulder. He says hey, that was epic, and you have a great voice, as he blushes. That arrogant guy is gone. You’re not sure what to say, half expecting him to just walk off and ignore you after the song was done. But he seems sweet and he’s all sweaty and sexy so you decide to stay. He asks if you want to go somewhere and talk so you do and you end up talking about life under the stars and he kisses you and asdfghjk sorry if this was lame but now I’m dieing

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Shules was so great I wanna cry now thanks

no but like you don’t understand

they were never not in love with each other, like from the moment they met it’s like that “hey you” gifset thing that goes around every now and then. they always knew about the feelings that were bubbling under the surface but they had jobs to do and places to go and crimes to solve so they don’t do anything

and it’s right when shawn decides he needs more than a flirtationship that she realizes it too because they’re soulmates but oh he’s with someone else and the problem is she’s great. psych gives us an absolutely unhateable third wheel in the love triangle.

and juliet deals, like she always deals and she shoves down her feelings and meanwhile they go through every trope in existence and then shawn and abigail break up and it’s all great but then declan comes into the picture and he tells juliet the truth when all shawn can offer is a lie

but she can’t fight the feelings and she kisses him


and they get together and they have this great functioning amazing relationship and it’s wonderful but there’s always that lie under the surface saying “i could blow this for you with the press of a button.” or, really, with a pocket of a jacket.

and their big break up, a classic tv trope, is not overdone or out of character or unnecessary. it is so so necessary and amazing and god RIGHT TURN OR LEFT FOR DEAD IS THE MOST HEARTBREAKING EPISODE I HAVE EVER SEEN ON TV I REFUSE TO REWATCH IT JUST BC I KNOW I’M GOING TO BREAK DOWN AGAIN

and somehow they end up finding their way back to each other, because that’s what they do and shawn carries a ring around with him for months because he can’t figure out how to propose and excuse me did i say months i meant seasons

and meanwhile they have all these amazing quoteable yet realistic declarations of love i just. don’t touch me

Max wiped down the last slightly-dirty and unused table in the coffee shop. Normally, her job didn’t consist of cleaning duties, but they were short staffed and someone had to do it. A vaguely familiar face sitting at the table beside the one she just left sparkling clean caught her attention. “Hey, Lakeview, right? You look familiar.” She spoke instantly, ‘shy’ not being one of her very dominant traits.


they say “here comes a hurricane
trouble is her middle name”

crossover graphics: hero’s duty x mass effect
someone had to do it pls don’t kill me

Please Get Me Out

Hey guys. I’m already taking commissions to go towards my escape funds, but someone had offered to simply donate?

So, I made a GoFundMe. Click here to go to it. I made $1000 the goal just for the hell of it, I’m not sure how much I need but I do need probably at least a few hundred dollars. Please help me out, if I could leave right now I would but I’m not old enough and I don’t have anough money either.

I’d super appreciate it if you could at least spreading the world by reblogging this post too. Likes do not help me, so don’t bother with that.

Is it just me or is there something seriously incredibly sexy about an actual nice, gentle, sweet guy who can whoop someone's ass in a second? Well it turns me on so here we go...Badass Luke

You and Luke had went to a club after his rehearsals. You both had been drinking a bit and he had went to get you a water to help you sober up before heading home. As he got out of your view a tall brown haired boy with beady green eyes had come to keep you unwanted company.

“Hey beautiful” He said.

“Hi.” You said clearly uncomfortable.

“What’s a gorgeous girl like you doing standing here alone?“ He asked moving closer to you.

“My boyfriend went to get me some water.” You said rolling your eyes and moving away from him.

“Ahhh the old boyfriend went to get me some water trick. What’s the matter, am I not attractive enough for you? Think your better then me bitch?” He asked sternly.

“N-no, I do have a boyfriend and I’d appreciate it if you’d leave me alone” I said a bit afraid now as I tried to leave.

“Nuh uh come back here” he said grabbing my wrist.

“LET GO OF ME!” I yelled and tried to get away.

“Hey bro get your hands off my girl”, Luke said sternly at the beady eyed man.

“Go away little boy, we’re busy”, the man said motioning for Luke to go away.

“Look fucker I’m not gonna tell you again get your nasty ass hands off of her.” Luke said calmly but sternly, teeth gritted and eyes dark blue.

The man let go of your wrist and you grabbed it, looking at the mark with tears in your eyes.

“Or what little boy? What are you going to do?” The man asked smirking.

Luke just looked at him and smirked. Fists balling up and cheeks flushing red.

“You know you really shouldn’t leave such a sexy little thing all alone, someone else might just snatch her up.” The man said winking at you.

You gulped and grabbed onto Luke’s arm. His eyes became wide as he seen your wrist. You grabbed it, but it was too late.

Luke gently pushed you out of the way and stepped right in front of the man.

“What little boy you wanna throw down? You gonna hit me because I marked your girl? Do it then you little bitch!” The man spat.

Before you knew it Luke had reared back and punched the man with every ounce of strength in his body causing the man to go down-hard. You heard his head hit the floor with a sickening thud.

“Get up prick!” Luke hollared. “Fight this little boy like a man!”

The man wiped his mouth that was covered in blood and gave an angry glare to Luke.

You went to grab Luke’s arm.

“That’s enough Luke.” You said scared now.

He just shook you off. “Over there. Now” he said sternly to you.

You obeyed, panic in your eyes.

“Get up bitch!” Luke said again.

The man stumbled up and punched Luke in his lip.

Luke wiped his mouth with his thumb, looking at the blood on his finger and smirked. That smirk made your blood turn to ice. You had never seen Luke this way, this angry, this full of hatred. You watched him as his eyes burned a hole through the man.

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This is probably a really ignorant question, but when can/do you take your hijab off? I saw your tags on the waterproof hijab post about wearing it when you swim, and the thought had never occurred to me. Like if you're having a sleepover with all girls and you're in your room, would you take off your hijab? Sorry if this really rude or invasive, you don't have to answer it.

not at all rude, no worries! 

You wear the hijab wherever there is someone that may be sexually attracted to you (except your husband of course). For example, you don’t wear it in front of your father, uncles, brothers, grandfathers, fathers in law, step brothers/sons/fathers. 

You would wear it in front of your cousin if he’s older than you or the same age as you and he’s hit puberty (only because some people marry cousins in different cultures). 

You generally don’t wear the hijab in front of other women, but if there is a bisexual/lesbian/pansexual etc woman who may be attracted to you sexually, you do have to wear the hijab in front of her c:

but yea in parties where it’s all women, or at sleepovers or in front of young boys etc you don’t wear it! You don’t wear it at home unless there’s a stranger dude staying over, even if he’s your cousin or bro in law.

We also prefer to swim in female-only places and go to female-only gyms cuz we don’t have to wear hijab there c:

Insecurities {Spencer Reid}

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Request; Hey love, could you do a Spencer Reid imagine (or one shot whatever you prefer) where he is scared you’re gonna breakup with him or think you’ll find someone else. And if you could; please a bit fluffy or a happy ending :) thanks in advance!
Author; Me (alloftheimaginesblog aka bigblueboxwiththemadmaninside)
Reader Gender; Not specified.

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hey I’m all for call-out culture and I do think that people need to be able to know when they said something wrong and need to learn not to do whatever they’ve done to offend someone again but when you’re like a 19-21 year old “calling out” a minor like you really need to realize a few thing

  • they are much younger than you and more vulnerable
  • they are probably way less mature and might not even know what they’re doing is wrong
  • you are an adult picking a fight with a child
  • not everyone is as mature as you and if you find something wrong with the way they’re acting settle it appropriately don’t exert your power as a adult over them and don’t publically post stuff about them when the majority of your followers are over 18 

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ptsd!Illya is all I care about ok please tell me everything you know and love about this topic plEASE


  • A really common trait of PTSD is feeling embarassed or guilty after you’ve calmed down from a panic attack.  I feel like after Illya had an outburst around someone he cared about he’d probably feel horrible, and do all these tiny cute things to try and make it up to Gaby and Solo, leaving little gifts or making them breakfast or giving them compliments.  And like, it’s a little awkward but they understand how important pennance is to him, so they just get used to it, and accept the affection and make sure he knows he’s needed.
  • Hypervigilance, a symptom that isn’t discussed a whole lot, just screams Illya to me.  Because God if there hasn’t been some nights where he stays up till 7 AM sitting awake next to Gaby and making sure that nobody else is in the hotel room and making sure she’s safe and sleeping well.   The “like leading a lamb to slaughter” like struck me deep, he wants her to be safe at all costs.
  • I think that once Gaby realized he had a mental illness, she’d kind of regret her whole slapping teasing thing in the hotel room, and make a note of it to touch him gently more often.  Like standing on a table so she can ruffle his hair, or patting him on the shoulder, or leaning against him when they’re sitting on a couch.  He really likes physical affection okay~
  • His dad’s watch is a comfort object for him, I think that much is pretty clear, but he’d be such a cutie with it sitting up rubbing it with his hands or polishing it or like, saying things to it under his breath.  He just really loves his dad n’ that watch okay.
  • This is questionably the most important one, but Illya is the BIGGEST LITTLE SPOON IN THE HISTORY OF EVERYTHING, EVER.  Gaby knows he gets night terrors so she’ll curl up behind him, and just barely be able to get her arms around him, but stay like that all night giving him little neck kisses.  And if he ever wakes up from a nightmare, she has no problem hushing him down and petting his head softly until he feels okay to fall back asleep.  She just cares about him a lot and is very patient.

basically ptsd!illya is a cute nerd who is trying his best an’ needs to be loved~

  • tina:this is my boyfriend, jimmy junior, and his boyfriend, zeke
  • jimmy junior:hey
  • bob:uh... hey... wait, sorry, what's the situation?
  • tina:what do you mean?
  • bob:how does this work?
  • tina:jimmy juinior is gay, but he's straight for me, but he's gay for zeke, and zeke's really gay for jimmy junior. and i hate zeke
  • jimmy junior:ith not that complicated
Fair ground || Dantana

Santana and Dani had been going strong for the last few months, they had been getting closer and closer and Santana was loving it. She was spending her days off with Dani every time she could, she was sleeping over night after night, she even had a few of her clothes there. Going round on Saturday morning after Dani had finished work, being let in by someone walking out she ran up stairs to Dani’s floor and knocking and walking in “hey baby…” she called out when she spotted Dani. “How was work?” she asked as she wrapped her arms from behind looking over her shoulder at what she was doing

When you have a blind date with BIGBANG~ pt.1/2

the G-ToDae edtion

author notes: beware - Pogi made this super cute~ aigoo


*you were sat in a recording studio at YG, Youngbae had told you he wanted to do some ‘mixing’ with you and reluctantly you had agreed- after he had told you that Jiyong was going to be there as well*

*knowing he was fully aware of how much you liked Jiyong, it wasn’t a surprise when you heard someone open the door and you turned around to see him walking through the door*

[GD] *under his breath* why did i know he was going to do this…

[GD] uh….hey…Y/N….

*you smile at him, watching him shuffling his feet embarrassedly before he turns to look at you*

[GD] so….Y/N….Youngbae didn’t really bring you here to do some mixing…..

[Y/N] what do you mean? he told me-

[GD] he tricked us both into coming here, Y/N…

*you frown at him, watching as he grins nervously*

[Y/N] Jiyong, what do you mean?

[GD] he’s brought us here, so that i could ask you…

[Y/N] …yes?

[GD] would you like to go to dinner with me some time?

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Notes on “Hoshishiro”

Because someone had ONE JOB.

Team Sadism +Fujimon’s name is written in katakana as ホシシロ. This can be literally translated as White Star (or Star white, rather) but keep in mind that’s not the usual way to write about a celestial body that happens to be white (you’d use 白い星 iirc). Because it’s in kana instead of kanji, it’s a little ambiguous.

Luckily, it’s clearly defined in the armband (Kudos for showing how it’s attached instead of just magically floating there, but is that a staple…?):

First, straight from NAOE’s twitter, the XVII refers to The Star card, Major Arcana 17 in a tarot deck.

“Blanco Esagramma” underneath is Italian and specifically refers to a white hexagram (a 6 pointed star). This is the odd point becaaaaaaaaaause…

This is their team logo (cleaned up from the official mug promo):

…That is a 7 pointed star. Someone had one job.

Sean finally found something interesting to do ,there was going to have a jewelry exposition on the museum and he wanted that, but where was the fun on just stealing things, it would be nicer to make someone else steal that for him. He remember of a meta in the ball that had a power that would be perfect for that, he started to look for her and it didn’t took long for him to find her on the streets. “Hey!” He yelled at the girl. “You lost this.” He said showing a random paper just to get closer to her without being to obvious