Alright, so Amanda tagged me in this thing and I figured I’d better do it to get her off my back. Lmao, thanks sister. Anyway. So here’s a list of a few of my WIPs. If I listed them all, we’d be here forever, so I’m just gonna do a few. 

With Your Whole Heart - A ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ AU. Louis is an up and coming fashion designer who just had his first show at New York Fashion Week and has worked for years to get where he is but Louis has a past and when his newly minted fiance Liam pops the question, he has to fly over a thousand miles to come face to face with that past and the people he’s trying to forget. Including his high school sweetheart, his parents, and all of his childhood friends. The South and its Styles may still hold some sway over Louis, but time is running out and he has a job to do.

Rainbows in the Desert - Louis’ car breaks down in the middle of no where and he capitulates to spending his weekend in the tiny town of Morris, Kansas, population 953. Louis doesn’t expect to find anything there– he just wants his car fixed so he can continue the mission he’s set for himself. Instead, he meets Liam. And Harry. And the Rainbow Room. And somewhere between glitter thongs and dollar bills and stripper poles, he might be able to find himself in the dusty streets of Morris, as well.

See I’m Smiling - The ‘Last Five Years’ AU I’ve been trying to write for FOREVER now but keep stopping because it’s currently not end-game HL and I don’t know how to reconcile that with the story. Anyway. Louis Tomlinson is a twenty-five year old wiz kid author who has offers pouring in from every corner of Manhattan when on a chance walk through Central Park, he bumps into Harry Styles and asks him to coffee. Harry is a twenty-three year old struggling actor who’s still just looking for his big break, but his smile breaks Louis’ heart and shifts his world off it’s axis. It’s a whirlwind romance with stories galore and a love for the ages— if they can handle the Summer in Ohio. 

i feel like its been soooo hard to keep up with friends ever since i graduated, and it doesnt help that i dont have a car like, it truly truly sucks. i dont think ive seen friends in a very long time, and i dont rly leave the house bc im always helping my mom, so i really only talk to one person now aside from my sister lmao its so sad :( 

copicmarkersniffers  asked:

If you're taking requests please just write something about all of us in the skype Groupchat getting drunk because lets be real that shit would be hilarious

Alright, so… this took longer than expected. But! It’s fine :p

Also can we just pretend this happens in a world where age doesn’t matter or somethin bc like… ye


“Guuuuys! somebodyyy message everyoneee” Laura spoke out in the call. Currently, only three people were in the call. A drunk Laura. A becoming drunk Robin. And a tipsy Jen.

“Who exactly?” Robin asked, taking a look at everyone in the group.

“Iiiif Liliiii aaand Maadds are ooon! Wee aall can plaay druunk Cards Agaainst Huumaniityy!” Laura was becoming a bit more inaudible.

“Lili would probably be down, but Maddie? Hmm… not sure.” Jen spoke up.

“What about Pyx, Blue, Four, Mars, and Spark? We can ask them. Possibly even Dragon Mom!” Robin exclaimed, wondering how things will go.

“And we all just get drunk on the call?” Jen asked.

“Isn’t thaat alreeeady what weee’re doiiing?”


“Annnywaaays, let’s contaaacctt theeeem!” Laura was becoming excited for the new plans they were making.

“Fine, fine, I’ll go contact Maddie, Four, Mars, and Lili. Jen, you go get Blue, Spark, Pyx, and Dragon?” Robin asked, already on his way to message each one of them privately.

“Yea, yea! No problem. You want me to get A.A. too?”

“That would be lovely!”

The two messaged everyone, making sure to check on Laura every now and then to make sure nothing had happened to her. They decided to talk a bit more before someone new had joined the call.

“Lili! Hey! How have you been?” Robin exclaimed, becoming happier by the second.

“Oh, the usual.” Lili grinned as she looked at her camera.

“So, internal suffering and sleep deprivation?” Jen added in.

“Spot on.”

“Waaait! Lili? Heeeey!” Laura laughed as she gave a half wave to Lili.

“She’s drunk, isn’t she.” Lili laughed, looking back over to her camera.

“Well, we were all planning on playing drunk Cards Against Humanity once everyone got on. Would you be fine with that?” Jen spoke up, knowing this speech would probably be repeated a few times.

“Drunk Cards Against Humanity hmm… Yea! I’m down.” Lili grinned at the camera.

“Great! All we need is for everyone els-” Robin was cut off by another person joining.

“Hey Four!” Lili chirped, seeing the icons change.

“Heeeeeeey!” Laura slured.

“Why is she drunk?” Was the first thing Four said, completely lost on the whole situation.

“Basically, we all wanted to get drunk and play Cards Against Humanity.” Robin replied.

“Fuck yea, I’m in. Who are we waiting on?”

“Uhh, Pyx, Mars, Blue, Maddie, A.A., Spark, and Mama Dragon.” Jen said, looking through the list of everyone she had written down.

“Oh, I can get Mars on, probably won’t drink though.” Four said, quickly pulling up her chat with the other to ask about joining the call.

“That’s fine, we don’t want to force anyone to do anything if they aren’t comfortable.” Robin stated, taking another shot if whatever he was drinking.

“Yeaaaa, nooot comfortableeee”

“Oh, uh, hey guys.” Pyx chimed in, having just joined.

“Pyx! Hey.” Four said with some enthusiasm.

“What are we all doing with the process of alcohol?” She asked, purposely lining the words in the way they were.

“Drunk Cards Against Humanity.” Lili said again.

Pyx nodded and looked at everyone in the call. “Who else were we inviting?”

“Blue, Maddie, A.A., Spark, and Dragon. I’m still contacting Mars, so.”

“Well, for Maddie, you just have to mention something bout’ The Derp Crew. Or just Chilled.” Pyx stated, laughing at the thought.

“Everyone just type something Derp Crew related in the chat.” Robin asked of the other five.

With Lili saying something about a great fanfic she read, Robin with an idea he had about them, Four saying how much she loves Smarty, Pyx with constant spamming of images, and Jen repeatedly stating she didn’t have anything to say, Maddie finally joined in the call; along with Blue who had been reading the chat silently.

“Maaaaadddeerss! Blueee!” Laura greeted them.

“Hey! Uh, Laura’s drunk, why?” Maddie asked, wondering what had happened before she joined the call.

“Yea, what did we miss?” Blue added.

“We were just talking about playing drunk Cards Against Humanity.” Jen answered.

“Ah, gotcha. Mind if I just stay sober? Parents of me don’t own anything.” Maddie asked, feeling slightly left out.

“No, no! It’s fine! Really.” Lili quickly replied. “We’re just doing this for fun, not forcing anyone to.”

“Oh yea, Mars said that she’ll be in the call, just not talking or getting drunk.” Four chimed, being invested with her chat with Mars to miss Maddie and Blue’s joining.

“So that leave, Dragon Mom, Spark, and A.A…. right?” Pyx asked.

“Yea, it does. Maybe one will join so-” Robin was yet again cut off by someone else joining.

“Spark! How ya’ doing?” Blue was the first to notice who had newly joined.

“Just writing gay stuff, the normal.” Everyone laughed at the small comment, knowing how true it was.

“Would you be down to take some time away from writing and joining us in drunken Cards Against humanity? Laura’s already out of it.” Lili spoke up, glancing to her webcam.

“Oh, uh, maybe a little bit.”

Everyone agreed and began to get a server running, waiting for Dragon’s and A.A.’s answers.

Everyone who had recently joined were getting up to find anything else they could to get drunk. Just for Cards Against Humanity.

Robin had already begun acting a bit different from the alcohol in his system.

“This iss going to beee fuuun!” Laura piped up after a few minutes of silence.

“Tootally!” Robin replied, words slightly slurred, but not as much as Laura’s.

“Oh by the way, while everyone was getting things prepared, A.A. joined, just chatting like Mars.” Maddie piped up.

“Oooooooh! Thaaaat’s greeeaat!” Laura began to look through the messages that had been gathering up.

“I thiiink, Dragon said shee would try and geet oon laaater.” Lili giggled, already becoming a bit tipsy.

Everyone was busy trying to get into the server, or trying to get everything still, that they didn’t notice when Dragon joined the call.

The first person to notice was Four, who was getting drunk by the minute. “Guys! Dragon Mom’s here.”

Everyone shared their ‘hello’s’ before Laura spoke up and explained what they were doing.

Currently, the only sober people on the call were Maddie, Mars, A.A, and Dragon. Blue, Spark, and Pyx were only slightly drunk, while everyone else was just out of it. This would make for a fun game.

I feel like I may get hate on for this oops

Also I feel like this needs a part two tbh :^

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