“Hey everyone.”

To all the men who argue that the way women are drawn in comics isn't sexist because the way men are drawn is a female fantasy too

No, it’s not.

When women fantasize about their ideal man, they’re not thinking about this.

That’s a male power fantasy, it’s not for women. Women don’t want grotesque muscles and no brains. They want someone sweet, strong but not ridiculously beefy, badass when he has to be but heroic rather than mindlessly destructive.

Why do you think everyone loves Groot?

I had a wild time with the moving truck this afternoon. I’ll make it quick and painless; the driver left it in neutral, and I maybe would have gotten sued for damaging someone’s very, very expensive car that was parked on the side of the road. There’s no better way to make a first impression in a new town than causing absolute destruction wherever you go. Pleasure to meet you all, you can call me Leo if you want. Apologies to whoever owned the Lamborghini.