[[I have reached the point of procrastination where, instead of doing the art I intend to do, or even the art I want to do, instead I’m drawing Shockbabies so uh

It’s @dontcallmepercy‘s Shockwave/Perceptor twins! Alkaloids and Alkane, being virtually identical cuties and forever being vaguely dissatisfied that no-one seems to be able to tell them apart. I assume that the mixture of Perceptor’s microscope doubling as a laser cannon and Shockwave having an electromagnetic cannon means that both of them have natural cannons they can use. Surprisingly dangerous. Surprisingly big. Surprisingly cute :3c

Their bellies are so much biolighting. So much. So shiny.))

neo-yeppuda  asked:

If you're not too busy can you do a dating Jeonghan scenario ?? thank you c:

Oh boy, i’ve actually been dying to do this one so- I’m so sorry, I’ve been really lazy with requests because I’m just so busy with work. I’m trying to write them all out but it’s taking a lot longer than expected.

How you guys met:

  • tbh I think Jeonghan is the type to frequently go out to those really comforting, warm restaurants and just drink a lot to relieve stress and just relax
  • also he probably orders like pork or something and just pigs out (if pledis lets him) with his 95 liner buddies
  • so that’s where you’d probably meet him
  • I also see him as being a very clingy/touchy drunk
  • watch out
  • I mean he as drunk, saw you
  • and you were just so god damn cute how could he not flirt?
  • but he was totally your type, idol or not, the pretty boys always get you y’know
  • so it just sorta clicked between you two

Dating Jeonghan:

  • no denying this boy would treat you like you were the god damn queen of England
  • he would be such a sweet gentleman
  • but don’t get me wrong, he can be super greasy too
  • like nasty greasy
  • don’t fuck with this boy
  • he’ll eat you up
  • okay but frreal this boy would be the most mom boyfriend you’ve ever had
  • he’ll probably do those little things like nonchalantly move to the outside of the side walk to keep you farther away from the cars
  • or like wake up a little earlier than you just to greet you with breakfast
  • and you know this boy treasures his sleep so that’s saying something
  • you’d mean the world to him
  • he wouldn’t want to introduce you to the other members because screw them you’re not for their eyes to feast on
  • but Joshua and S.coups already know and they tease you a lot
  • they’re all close friends and you try really hard to get into their tight knit group
  • Jeonghan gives a helping hand
  • This boy will probably challenge you to a high pitch competition only for it to end in both of you laughing your asses off because “Jeonghan that’s not singing you’re just screaming now”
  • He’d do anything he can to make you feel very comfortable
  • like, if you try to hold back on your eating because you have to look “graceful or elegant” he’ll probably smack you with the pizza and tell you to eat as much as you fucking want because damn sure you can be elegant while eating an entire pizza in one go
  • He’ll remember everything about you
  • that hairpin you wanted, he remembers and you can be sure he got it for you when you weren’t looking
  • how your third favorite color is like, amaranth or something, he definitely remembers
  • how you only ever eat your favorite things last. Yep. He knows.
  • You can never get away with lying to this boy, because he can tell, he’s a mother of 12, don’t think you can easily surpass him
  • But, oh my god, him and S.coups
  • it’s not funny anymore, they literally are like a married couple
  • Joshua will always be there to help with the third wheeling that they make people go through
  • he’ll distract S.coups just long enough for you to draw Jeonghan towards you
  • bless Jisoos
  • He’s gonna pull small pranks on you all the time. no avoiding it.
  • and by small pranks I mean stuff like replacing your toothpaste with mayonnaise, or like on your birthday he’s gonna hide in your room and when you enter he’ll shoot you with a nerf gun
  • its weird and sometimes can get annoying but you love him for it
  • get ready for the most annoying thing ever
  • you will never look better in selfies
  • he will always win
  • always
  • it’s okay, you like looking at his face more than yours anyways
  • and he’ll always be up for letting you use his clothes
  • but it’ll be weird, because his clothes are baggy on him, imagine them on you
  • /it’ll be like woozi in jeonghans sweater all over again/
  • so you guys probably frequent local restaurants where you guys can just eat nostalgic food and drink soju together
  • and it’s those moments you really love
  • because it’ll totally start out normal, but then as you guys dive more and more into the night the conversation will become deeper and deeper
  • and it’s just great
  • he probably blesses Jisoos for your existence because god damn it you’re an angel to him
  • Once he does introduce you to the members all he’s gonna do is brag about how you’re so amazing
  • like he’s just gotten himself a puppy or something
  • I mean he’s really gonna love the life out of you
  • if you’ve gotten hold of Jeonghan there’s really nothing more to ask for

▪   @invisitatusmnlder   ▪

            ❝ hey chlo, have you seen my— ❞ mulder’s gaze had previously been focused on scouring the bedroom floor for the garment in question. a hand rubbed at the back of his neck as he swiveled in place. she had, until this moment, stayed burrowed under the warm fortress of covers to shield herself from light that BROKE though the old, worn curtains on his window. as he turned to her, a knowing smile spread to his lips as well as a hand settled on his hip. only her bright blue eyes and the top of her head peered out from the blanket… she was hiding.

         crossing the room, he found himself at the foot of the bed. with the current disheveled state of the blanket, it wasn’t hard to find the edge and duck under it. mulder crawled his way up her body, letting whatever odd body part brush hers along the way. whether it be nose or knees, cool skin met her much warmer skin from staying in the cocoon. gentle finger tips felt around for the hem of his shirt and STRUGGLED over the sensitive expanse of her thigh for second— chloe would never know if it were on purpose.

         his head popped out of the top of the covers and they went flying off. ❝ what might THIS be? ❞ one of his hands remained on the very middle part of her inner thigh and exerted light pressure while the other toyed with the buttons on the shirt. a complete shoulder of hers was exposed as well as her collarbone and as if it were involuntary, mulder laid a long stroke of a kiss from her jawline to peak of her shoulder. it was slow, slightly WET from his plush lower lip and as deep as any kiss he’d place on her lips.  ❝ you thought you could hide this from me for forever? trompes..  ❞

          she’s grinning, dimples indenting reddening cheeks as fox had caught on to her gimmick. bare legs SHIFT beneath the blankets as he found his way under the covers she so desperately clung to. they continued to fidget as skin brushed against hers. she was tempted to pull the covers off herself, to EXPOSE mulder in his tracks. but instead, she settles for a laugh that echoes through the room and a french expression that   slips   from her mouth. 

          it’s only when his hands brushed against chloe’s thigh that chloe’s mood FALTERS and back arches ever so slightly. brows knit together and lips press thin as she realizes what mulder is doing exactly ( not that she minds ). at the sight of his face, another laugh exerted from her stomach, face turning into the pillow briefly as if to SHIELD her expression. 

          ❛ i needed a shirt to wear, and you have so many. you don’t REALLY need this one, do you? ❜ her tone plays at INNOCENT as crystalline hues lock with mulder’s. they soon fall to hands that toy at the buttons of the shirt, grin still plastered to french visage as a deep breath is drawn in. it’s a result of fox’s lips pressing against bare skin; something that TEMPTS a hand to run itself through his mess of brown hair. ❛ if you really want this shirt so badly, you’ll have to take it from me. but i have to warn you, it may smell like my PERFUME.