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The most popular characters of a franchise are the ones the people connect to emotionally. If you’re gonna deny a character the chance to breathe and show their emotions in their actions, surroundings and setting, you’re denying the opportunity to a thousand fans to connect with them. Making a character strong does not mean making them beat down an entire gym or blasting down a bunch of tanks. It means letting them fall, letting them be human and have weaknesses and loneliness, and then letting them decide to also recognize their strengths. A hero is not one who punches. A hero is one who knows why to punch and whom for.


Vera Rubin, the woman who discovered the first evidence of dark matter, has died at 88

  • Vera Rubin, the astrophysicist responsible for confirming the first existence of dark matter, died on Sunday night at the age of 88.
  • Carnegie Institution president Matthew Scott called Rubin “a national treasure as an accomplished astronomer and a wonderful role model for young scientist.”
  • Rubin and her colleagues observed galaxies in the 1970s, they learned the motion of stars is a result of a “material that does not emit light and extends beyond the optical galaxy” — also known as dark matter.
  • Swiss astrophysicist Fritz Zwicky proposed the idea of dark matter in 1933, but Rubin’s groundbreaking work subsequently led to the confirmation of the material.
  • This finding is what led to the discovery that 90% of the universe is made up of dark matter, a finding some colleagues felt was overlooked and deserving of a Nobel Prize. Read more

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a villain is really excited to show the hero a rap he wrote


*Monsta X comes on*
Friend: “You had better not!”
You: 😂 LOL