Draco barely knew her. He had noticed her only that night after the Quidditch match as everyone was celebrating him and the rest of the team for their triumphant game. People of different houses, crowded the Slytherin common room, but he saw her.

Her hair shone a beautiful y/h/c as she threw her head back laughing. All Draco could think about was her laugh filling the room. Just when he thought he had lingered for far too long, she met his gaze. Her y/e/c eyes were clear and seemed to reflect all the light back to Draco. Draco coughed and brought himself to her.

He rubbed his neck anxiously, “I’m Draco.”

She smiled, “Hello, Draco, I’m y/n.”

Draco decided then he preferred the way his name sounded rolling off her tongue.


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gryffindor aesthetics

sprinting across the burning sand to reach the ocean • the smell of popcorn • old basebasll caps • laughing so hard your side hurts • grass stains • tree houses • rope swings • action & horror films • grazed knees • ripped jeans • fireworks •sittig on counters •posters that cover every inch of a wall • never lowering their voice, even when they should • the crackle of a warm fire • snow ball fights that become very seious competitions sooner than expected • dreaming about dragons and knights • knit sweaters • flanels, lots of flannel • large breakfasts • chocolate • the drop on a rollercoaster • fall leaves crunching beneath your feet • cheering at sports events • feeling the wind in your hair • friendships that last forever