David Tennant reacts to his tribute video @ National Television Awards 2015


Gintama + the “main” characters’ first appearance/line (according to the manga)

All I can tell you is this. Some hearts break from grief and some from joy. Some even break from love. But hearts break because they are too small to contain the gifts life gives us. Your task will be to let your heart grow large enough not to break.
—  When Women Were Warriors by Catherine M Wilson

she had a taste of royalty up in their sheet metal dungeon, it still leaves a bitterness in her throat to this day
when her chains are cut free and he is desperate to forge order out of the iron and chaos, she runs her fingers through the dirt and he picks up the debris that fell with them
‘whatever the hell we want’ he offers from his calloused palms and the 100 cannot help but fall in love for the first time.

so she whispers, ‘be careful, boy king. one day you’re going to trip on your promises and find yourself unable to get back up’
he smirks, she sees the lightning beneath his bones beginning to crack through his numb sermons
he chokes, ‘brave princess’ and a metallic aroma seeps through her lungs and dries out her mouth

she tries to hold onto her throne, her fingers cold and white and desperate but gold still seeps from her fists, dripping onto the broken and damned
he tries to reach for the stars and cuts himself on the edges
and now they are falling falling falling onto the battlefield they have no choice but to call home
his hands are caked in stardust and blood and they won’t stop shaking but he still fires the trigger anyways; be careful, boy king
his hands won’t stop shaking but they still over hers.

‘Clarke,’ he begs, a question, an answer, a prayer, a promise.
a promise. a promise. a promise. be careful, boy king
the storm flashes in his eyes, her crown drops to the ground
she presses her lips against his cheek
the thunder beneath his skin ceases, her demons stop singing

may we meet again

the taste of blood is back on her tongue.

—  the tragedy of wolves, c.p. 

Oh Elly, here’s Larry looking at you with his eyes almost begging you to ask him about doing a very specific favor and what do YOU do? You dither for another three episodes until pretty much the last possible second and when you finally make up your mind you still don’t really make up your mind because…actually, why is that?  You want it.  He wants it.  So why WHY why all the angst?


David Tennant, Catherine Tate, and John Barrowman at Capital Records (mostly high quality)

From the radio interview, conducted by Denise Van Outen and John Barrowman:

DVO: Did you get attacked on your way in, from fans?
DT: Not attacked…
CT: We got acknowledged
DT: We got acknowledged, welcomed…
JB: They were attacked.  Listen, it’s really weird for me to sit here and interview you guys.
JB: What was your favorite monster, Catherine?
CT: My favorite monster was the Ood.
JB: Why?
CT: Because they remind me of my cat.
JB: You’ve got a pretty ugly cat!
CT: Not that my cat looks like it has giblets falling out of it!  No, honestly, it’s the way… it’s Paul Casey isn’t he?  He plays the hero Ood?
DT: Yeah, yeah, yeah
CT:  He makes them very compassionate, doesn’t he?  And they are!
DT:  That and the fact that those rubbery latex heads, you just wanna bite.
CT:  You just wanna sink your teeth into it. It’s what I want to do to my cat.
DT: Woah.  Squidgy and lovely.  I want to gnaw on an Ood tentacle.
JB: I have to say that, you guys are so weird.