⚜️//On and on the ravens flew, even to the misty lakeside manor where THE COUNTESS dwelled. It was said that she felt no warmth, no cold, no joy, and no sorrow.//⚜️

but the worst part was how you didn’t let me feel things. somehow you were always the victim. somehow it was never sorry with you, it was a way for me to feel guilty that i hurt you by needing an apology. i could never be honest with you about what i was feeling because you had a way of turning things so i looked mean. i stripped myself down to the weeds. i tried to understand that this is what you need. you need to see yourself as winning. it just hurts, i guess. that you still mean a lot to me.

This is dedicated to @mormoc and @percyyoulittleshit 

Because I went through a funk and they sent me such sweet messages and they’re just amazing people in general and I want to thank them for being just the best girls and the best of friends a girl could ask for. I love them and I just want to say thank you guys!