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I feel like Rose coming back would cheapen her sacrificing her life so I'm not a fan of that idea, but I can see at some point Steven talking to her within himself somehow? Idk, anything can happen at this point :0

Yupppp, I totally agree with the cheapening of her ultimate sacrifice to bring her son into the world. The closest I can see Rose and Steven interacting is within her room, but that’s even a bit of stretch given how weird the room can be


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Pornstar!Cullistair AU. Fan fiction? Alistair still new to porn? Please write :p

What am I even doing here? I’ve no clue. 

Porn star!Cullen. SFW, believe it or not.

And cut!

Cullen takes a deep breath, and another. Inhaling quiet, exhaling bright lights, hasty movements and shrill moans. Just another second to himself and he opens his eyes.

He gives the woman in front of him a friendly nod before he grabs a wet cloth for her and one for himself. Her blue eyes widen in surprise, and despite her glaringly white teeth her smile is shy and self-conscious.

“Thank you.”

Returning the smile, he finishes cleaning himself and wraps the nearest towel around his hips. His bare feet slide into the slippers, the studded rubber sole sending a warm, mysterious wave of comfort through his tired limbs.

When he emerges from the dressing rooms he’s showered and smells of cologne rather than massage oil. It’s 2pm but he’s off for the rest of the day, which his back will thank him for.

Making his way through the narrow corridors, Cullen gives a smile here, a casual greeting there. Everyone knows him, and most people even seem to like him. He’s nearing the end of the pre-fab maze when, from inside one of the offices on his right, a movement makes him stop and look.

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Omelia: Owen having one of his “episodes” while being with Amelia

He seemed to be asleep. But she wasn’t. While Owen was probably too drunk that night to remember anything next morning, Amelia could still remember all what happened. She was at the bar, trying her best to take just some soda, but ending up with vodka tonic, as she was still feeling guilty for choosing Owen’s trauma over Meredith’s, when he walked in. He didn’t even seem to be noticing her, as he got himself some vodka as well, and drank it fast. He ordered something more, when Amelia tried to do small talk with him. As he was getting more and more drunk, and she was at her third glass of alcohol, the small talk turned into kissing, and pretty soon into amazing sex. 

She could still feel his hungry kisses over her lips and neck, as she could swear she had bruises all over it. She was still enjoying the ghost feeling of the firm touches of his strong hands on her naked body, and her heart was still beating on the rhythm of his. Amelia’s pink lips were curved into a smile, and she needed to bite her lip lightly to prevent it from growing wider. 

But a sudden sound coming from Owen rushed thought the silence. The first thought Amy had was that he was dreaming of something, but soon, she could feel his movements, and even the thought of Owen waking up was out of reach. She decided to turn towards him. For her surprise, she could see him facing the wall, while sitting on the edge of the bed, with his back towards her. 

“Owen?” She asked, feeling a little confused by the strange way he was shaking again and again his head. 

“Help. Help! Someone, please.” He said, with his voice not too loud, but growing with every word. It seemed to concern Amelia, enough to make her crawl over to his side of the bed, and kneel over some pillows, so she could be close enough to him. 

“Hey, Owen, are you all right?” She asked, but he didn’t seem to hear her. He was shaking his head, again and again, faster and faster. 

“Do something! I can’t find her.” He nearly screamed. It made Amelia froze in place for a moment. She could remember a talk she had with an intern, Cross, about him walking into the room Owen was in, while he was sleepwalking. She recalled that the blonde boy mentioned the same words a sleeptalking Hunt said. 

The next thing Amelia was knowing is that she put a firm hand on Owen’s shoulder, intending to shake it. But he turned fast towards her. His face was looking pale, even in the dark, and the eyes were staring blankly, yet full of fear, right into Shepherd’s confused ones. She was feeling sweat on his naked shoulder, while his face was covered by it too. It was, for sure, a terrifying image. But what followed it was even more scary. 

Owen’s arms wrapped in just one movement around Amelia’s neck, pinning her to the bed, as her head nearly hit the wall. She saw him crawl above her, as the grip was getting tighter. At first, she panicked. She even thought of screaming, or running away as soon as she could. But then, she remembered the times he was there for her. When he was able to stop her from ruining the 1321 days of being sober. So she took in a deep breath, and tried to ignore the fact that she was feeling her breath interrupted. She placed two firm hands up on Owen’s shoulders, pushing his strong body back as much as she could. 

“Owen! Wake up!” She yelled at him, loud and clear, pushing him away still. “Owen! It’s me, Amelia!” She continued, then as the air was getting less, she decided to give it one more try. A louder one. “Wake up!” 

She really thought it was the end. She was sure it wouldn’t work. But the blank stare in Owen’s eyes became a confused one, which changed into a scared one. His grip lightened, and he backed away. The man, with a guilty face, motioned backwards, sitting at the end of the bed, as he was looking at his own two bare hands which he took of Amelia’s throat just now. He linked his scared eyes with her scared ones. She had to admit, she was feeling a first impulse to run away. But the feeling that she was worried for him was eventually more powerful. 

“I’m so sorry.” He said, and his voice could have been seen as a cry. Because it partially was. The guilt was materializing as a lump in Owen’s throat, and it was blocking his voice from sounding normal. “I’m extremely sorry, Amelia. I didn’t know this would happen. I swear, I-” He started, but the sentence was cut of by the shock of the moment. 

Amelia’s arms wrapped around his shoulders, when she launched herself over him. She pulled him close, into a hug, and at first, all he did was stay there straight, surprised, still trying to catch his breath. But in her mind was continuously replaying that desperate way of Owen’s to scream for someone he lost, the fear in his eyes and face. It was an image she felt like she couldn’t erase from her mind, and which probably expressed just the smallest part of the darkness Owen was holding back inside him. 

“It’s okay.” She said, as she felt the pain in her neck grow still. “It’s okay, Owen. Breathe. You’re awake now.” She said, nodding her head lightly, as her hand rubbed his back gently. 

Soon after her words, Owen’s muscles relaxed into Amelia’s warm hug, as he buried his face into the curve of her neck. He wrapped his arms around her naked waist, while his breath started hitting against the skin of her breasts. But, on the other side, Amelia’s eyes were fighting back tears. She was trying her best so her hands wouldn’t be shaking on Owen’s back. 

Tough, no matter how scared she still felt, one thing was sure. She was glad he was finally all right. 

//Okay so, first of all, I am aware this probably sucked. Because I have never done before a fanfic with two canon characters. But, I needed to do this, mainly because I am totally going down with this ship.

Valentine’s Day Open Starter

Christian stood outside the classroom nervously. He had had a crush on his teacher for some time and had been writing her love letters. He even received some back from her, asking him to reveal himself. Today was the day. He had a box of chocolates in hand, one last love letter, and a balloon for her. He stood there as the last of her current class let out, him stepping in and looking at her nervously as he walked up slowly.

Anakin's Downfall and Redemption: Love

Anakin Skywalker is the most selfless character that I have ever seen, so much so that he was willing to do anything to help others. Though he was made to help others, unfortunately this becomes his downfall, for he loses himself for the sake of the ones that he loves.

Here is a list of the people that I believe Anakin cared about more than anyone, in order. 

1. His mother

Obviously his mother, Shmi, had been with him since the beginning, and as a child he swore that he would see her again, and free her when he had the chance. However, after he saw her suffering, pain, and death, he destroyed everyone who had done harm to her; blaming himself. Even though she radiated love to him in her dying breath, just as she had his whole life, he felt as though his absence was the cause of her undoing, and took the first step on his journey down a dangerous path.

2. Padme

Padme; the angel he met on Tatooine, the Queen he fought for as a mere boy, the Senator he had a mandate to protect, the love of his life. Padme meant everything to Anakin, and after his mother’s death Padme filled the number one spot on this list. Anakin was already slowly heading down the path of darkness, so it is only fitting that the woman he devoted his life to was the ultimate reason he lost everything he stood for. Though his eventual breaking point was not due to her alone, his eventual choice was due to the fact that he needed to save her–even though that one choice was the very thing that killed her.

3. Ahsoka

Anakin Skywalker did not truly meet his son until the day that he died, and the man hiding behind the Sith never met his daughter. Despite an age difference of only 6 years, Ahsoka was the closest thing Anakin had to a child; vowing to her that he would never let anything happen to her. They had a trust that could only be formed between master and apprentice, and unlike his relationship with Obi-Wan, Anakin was more worried about letting down the child who looked up to him rather than the man he looked up to. Ahsoka and Anakin’s relationship was interesting; though Anakin was officially the teacher, Ahsoka taught him many things about himself as well. Ahsoka was as reckless, daring, and selfless as her master, but also as wise, reasonable, and caring like Obi-Wan. Though she was partly a combination between Anakin and Obi-Wan, she also was her own individual, deciding to choose her own path and having her own personality. This was why Anakin was so drawn to her and their relationship was so strong, and this was also why her choice to leave tore him apart. Though the situation with his mother was his first step down his path to the dark side, Ahsoka’s departure was the primary catalyst that brought Anakin closer to the edge than ever before. 

4. Obi-Wan

Anakin loved Obi-Wan like a father and a brother, though I find their relationship very interesting. Anakin cared very deeply about Obi-Wan, saving his life countless times and caring profusely about his well-being, however there were also times that he became very frustrated with Obi-Wan, especially in his youth. This was most likely because of the fact that Obi-Wan was his teacher; Padme herself said that “All mentors have a way of seeing more faults than we would like. It’s the only way we grow.” Anakin did grow a lot during Obi-Wan’s teachings, however his frequent criticism of Anakin as his padawan did leave an impact on him. As Anakin grew closer to the dark side, he began to care less about what Obi-Wan thought of him, only because he knew his actions would be disapproved of by Obi-Wan and yet he felt he had no choice. Despite this, however, Anakin still loved Obi-Wan dearly, and I think that this love for his master is part of the reason that Darth Vader wanted to destroy him so much. He knew that he was no longer allowed to love his former master, and the only way he knew how to stop his feelings was to completely destroy him. 

5. Luke

Darth Vader had no idea he even had a son until many years after his birth, and he did not love Luke throughout most of Luke’s life. However, the reason I included Luke on this list was because he was the one who ultimately pulled Anakin out of the void of darkness. Anakin barely loved Luke himself, but he profusely loved the people Luke reminded him of. Luke was the embodiment of Padme’s last words; he was the sliver of hope that Padme had for Anakin’s redemption and the tinder to relight the good inside of his father, and that is why Anakin loved him so much. He saw the light of everyone he had once loved inside of Luke, and this trigger is what caused Anakin to bring balance back to the force and truly love his son. And though Anakin never got to meet his daughter, the love formed for his son formed for his daughter too, as seen in his last words: “Tell your sister, you were right.” Anakin’s love for Luke worked in the opposite way as Anakin’s love for everyone else, and that is why Anakin did not ultimately lead to Luke’s destruction as he did to everyone else he loved.

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Brendon skyping Sarah in hotel rooms while he's away for a long time, he watches porn before he calls her, and then strokes himself while she strips on camera for him, talking dirty to eachother

i mean…

Heartbreak Girl

“This is a stupid idea!” Stiles exclaimed to his best friend.

They were standing backstage in the school’s theatre, listening to Greenberg’s lousy excuse for a standup comedy performance. 

Stiles was sweating from places he never knew possible to sweat from, and Scott was just standing there looking around, keeping an eye on some student.

“It’s not stupid! Plus, you don’t even have to be good!” Scott said, not even looking at his best friend.

“You’re not the one getting humiliated in front of the entire school! Including Lydia!” Stiles snarled.

Allison was making rounds, checking that everything was safe, for now. He kept watching her, trying to distract himself from the inevitable. Why did Lydia have to predict Josh’s death on the night of the talent show?!

“Greenberg! Get off the stage!” coach Bobby shouted, and everyone in the theatre burst out laughing, which shook Stiles’ out of his daze.

He swallowed hard, rubbing his hands together nervously, as he watched Greenberg return defeated. He was ready to run away, it was his turn next and he was far from ready. Before he could even make a plan coach’s whistle startled him.

“Stilinski! Get on stage already!” coach shouted in Stiles’ ear.

The nervous teenager swallowed hard, and slowly walked out on stage, as if he was walking to his death. 

“This is gonna be a disaster. I owe some wolf’s bane shoved up your ass,” he snarled at his best friend before he was completely out of ear shot.

The theatre was full, his dad was in the front row, with Melissa next to him. She gave him a motherly smile, trying to nudge him on.

Stiles stood behind his keyboard, which was set up by other students, and he cracked his knuckles. There was a dead silence, the kind that you hear in graveyards. Instinctively his eyes went searching for Lydia, and he found her in Jackson’s arms, laughing at something he was whispering in her ear.

Stiles faltered for a minute, his fingers hovering over the keys of the instrument, and Jackson shouted, “come on, Stinkinski!” which caused a laughing spree around the theatre.

He looked back down at Melissa, and he saw her smiling at him, so he played the first note, and tried to sing. His voice came out sounding like a goat being strangled, and everyone was laughing again.

Stiles could feel his heart pounding. He could feel the world closing down on him, and the breath leaving his lungs. He glanced down at Lydia and she was smiling at him and nodding, as if to encourage him to go on.

Suddenly everything felt better, and he started singing,

“You call me up, it’s like a broken record, saying that you heart hurts,” 

Everyone was silent, listening to Stiles singing. Everyone was shocked. Scott, who was standing backstage, almost forgot about Josh. He had known Stiles almost his entire life, and he never knew his best friend could sing like that. Though, no one was more shocked than Lydia. Who, every time she thought she had Stiles figured out, he surprised her with a new side to him.

Stiles was more nervous than he could stand, and so he closed his eyes, singing and playing they keyboard blindly. Hew couldn’t bare to look at anyone, and see them looking back.

“He treats you so bad and I’m so good to you it’s not fair,” Stiles sang those words and involuntarily his eyes shot wide open and went straight for Lydia’s.

The beautiful strawberry red hair fell off her shoulders, as Lydia bowed her head, averting eye contact with the teenager on stage.

Somehow, finding a shitload of courage, Stiles kept looking at his crush while he sang, “and I’m stuck in the friendzone again and again,” but then he suddenly stopped.

He couldn’t finish the song, not after he saw Lydia running out of the theatre the way she did. He slowly backed away from the keyboard and as soon as he was backstage he ran out to the parking lot.

Every bad scenario that he could think of came rushing to his head, and suddenly he couldn’t breathe again. He bent down, his hands on his knees trying to will himself to breathe, but it didn’t work.

Stiles backed away against a wall, and he slid down, while heaving for breath. Suddenly, he heard her voice, “come on, Stiles! Breathe!”

Lydia was on her knees next to him, a worried expression on her face. She tried everything; she punched him, slapped him and shook him. Nothing worked. Eventually, she remembered something she had read in an article.

Quickly, she cupped Stiles’ face and crushed her lips against his. Her fingers found their way into his hair, massaging the scalp and rubbing soothing patterns into it.

Stiles could barely breathe, let alone kiss back. He tried to, as much as he could, but Lydia’s taste was too overwhelming. She tasted like strawberries and champagne and her scent was almost mesmerizing.

Finally, Lydia pushed back from the kiss, and Stiles was breathing again, “why’d you do that?” were his first words.

“I read somewhere that you could stop a panic attack by not breathing for a minute,” she replied, her head bowed, not making any eye contact.

“And?” Stiles asked. He didn’t really understand what that had to do with her kissing him.

Lydia looked up, and her gaze met Stiles’; she had tears in her eyes. “You stopped breathing when I kissed you,” she said softly, almost a whisper.

“Lydia!” Jackson’s voice came from behind them, and Lydia turned around to look at her boyfriend.

“Are you feeling better?” she asked Stiles once she had turned back to talk to him.

“Define better,” Stiles replied, but before he had a chance to add anything to that, Lydia was on her feet and walking back to Jackson, leaving him alone on the floor.

It was less than a minute later, when the door to the backstage of the theatre flew open, and a werewolf came running out of it. Allison and Scott followed, but he was too fast.

“Josh was the werewolf!” Scott exclaimed as he slid down next to Stiles.

“Anything interesting happened while we were fighting for our lives?” Allison joked.

“I became a pop sensation.” Stiles replied sarcastically.

“Despite the difference in size between the girl and her assailants, it was looking as if she was not in need of any outside assistance. A twist and flip, and suddenly the brute who had been holding her arm found himself on the ground. When his companion rushed to assist his downed associate, he found himself on the wrong end of a ferocious assortment of kicks, punches, and blows delivered by the staff the girl was wielding. In short order, both ruffians found themselves prone and unconscious.”

No, but Hortense Mancini was literally amazing. 

She gets married off to this god-awful man who is physically, verbally and mentally abusive to her and the servants of the house. He’s a prude and destroys any kind of art that he deems to be erotic. He steals her money, controls where she goes, knocks the teeth out of the mouths of their female servants and won’t let anyone milk a cow in front of him because he thinks it’s perverted. He’s horrible. Then, Hortense gets a girlfriend called Sidonie and her husband is having NONE of it so he sends them BOTH TO THE SAME NUNNERY (they’re lovers but okayyyyyyy?) to clean up their act but instead, they just fuck shit up there, replace holy water with ink and other unruly escapades. Eventually, Hortense escapes from her husband in the dead of night and throws herself on the mercy of Louis XIV of France who DECLARES HIMSELF HER PROTECTOR and tells her husband to stay the fuck away, otherwise he will fight him. 

Then, an Englishman at Louis’ court sees her and thinks she’s hot so he decides to take her back to England as a gift to Charles II so that he can curry favour with him. Charles thinks she’s hot too because he actually PROPOSED TO HER WHEN HE WAS 19. She becomes his mistress BUT she also starts sleeping with his illegitimate daughter, Anne, who is so desperately in love with her and the pair dress up as 17th century libertines and sword fight in Hyde Park in full view of the public all the time. Anne’s husband is pissed off with his wife so he removes her from court so she can’t see Hortense anymore and Anne spends months on end in bed weeping over a small picture of Hortense. Aphra Behn’s got a crush on Hortense…in fact, everyone and anyone seems to be her type and this earns her the name of “The Italian Whore” but shit doesn’t faze her. The king’s “puttana” is going to do it all regardless.

Unfortunately, she is also a raging alcoholic and commits suicide in 1699. And her awful husband is still alive and decides that he’s not going to let her lay to rest, he’s going to drag her coffin around with him on a tour of Europe before dying himself. But there is nothing that ISN’T awesome about Hortense.

Can we please talk about Angelica Hamilton????

Angelica Hamilton, the second born to Eliza and Alexander Hamilton, named after Angelica Schuyler. She was said to be very outgoing and charming, and while Phillip learned to play piano from Eliza, Angelica and Alexander were really really close, and Alex taught her to play piano himself. The piano they used was given to her by the original Angelica, and is still is around today. 

But the thing people remember her most for, was her breakdown.

She and Phillip were the best of friends growing up, and when Phillip died in the duel, she had an CATASTROPHIC mental breakdown. Her brain was altered and she had the mind of a child for the rest of her life.

When this happened to her, Alexander was horrified. It’s said that at Phillip’s funeral, he was so sad he couldn’t even stand, yet for that entire fall, he bought everything to make Angelica comfortable and doted on her every whim to see if they could help her.

Angelica wouldn’t recognize any of them at all, and would frequently speak of Phillip as though he was still alive.

Eliza took care of her for many years until it got to be too much for her and Angelica was placed in the care of a doctor.

She lived to be 73, and outlived her mother by 2 years.

The only thing she retained from childhood after the breakdown, was her piano. She still owned the same piano and would still play the same songs Alexander taught her as a child.

Many times it’s been said by Alex himself that he would always want to be sure that Dipper and Mabel were written with a healthy relationship in mind. It’s been a strict rule that they always love each other like how he loves his own twin sister, Ariel. He’s said this before, and he says it again in this interview.

Yet there’s often a “Dipper VS. Mabel” mentality instead of “Dipper AND Mabel VS. ___” (like one of the episode titles itself), and I’ve seen multiple people claim the two are the ones with a “bad relationship.” 

How many of these people claim this and actually know sibling relationships? If they do have first-hand experience with siblings, they probably have a chip on their shoulder or are negatively biased, but yeesh.

Dipper loves Mabel so much, that he often values her above himself because of this. Yes, he has his selfish moments too - ALL characters and people just do have those moments. It’s human, it’s normal, it happens. (Same is said for Mabel). Doesn’t mean that selfishness is their whole being and makes them a “Horrible PersonTM.”

This love for his sister is what keeps her as one of his #1 concerns if there’s danger that she’s affected by. He cares about his family, especially Mabel.

Mabel also loves Dipper so much, that she gets scared of being separated from him. She’s afraid of being alone and/or abandoned. All she wants is to continue to trust and love him like she does the rest of her family and many other people. Mabel is a character who values her social connections and wants to keep this under good maintainance. I’m sure there are many people who would understand this if they feel lonely easily? I sure know those kinds of people. They’re NOT being selfish for it, it’s just one of the typical human desires that they have.

This love for her brother is what drives Mabel to fight monsters and demons for him (even symbolically). They’re each other’s heroes!

Oh, and Dipper has this fear of separation too. Just look back at Carpet Diem! Mabel was willing to admit defeat (much to her sadness) with the situation of them being in separate rooms, but Dipper was the one who decided to reassure her that this wasn’t what he (nor her) really wanted.

“But siblings are supposed to part their ways when they mature!!”

Seriously? These KIDS are only turning thirteen. They’ve got an entire TEENHOOD to mature to that point! They’re NOT old enough to move out and have all those adult responsibilities. Much like I assume with Alex and Ariel, Dipper and Mabel will be accepting of this natural parting when they’re actually ADULTS. They’ve got years ahead of them!

As for the health of their relationship, the creator of this show himself is right about it being positive and good. Yes, there are conflicts, but that’s the POINT. That’s how relationships grow! It’s how development in stories HAPPEN! Characters NEED to have their relationships, views, goals, and even motives to be challenged in stories. Dipper and Mabel at least try and work toward maintaining their bond. The same can’t really be said for the Stan twins… 

When Dipper and Mabel are together though, they’re willing to communicate their problems and find solutions (to the best of their young abilities and experience). It seemed to get much worse after AToTS because Ford came into the picture, and Dipper spent a lot of time with him instead due to idolization of this author he had been searching for that whole summer. In a sense, this is very much like the situation in Carpet Diem, but this conflict was escalated to a greater and more dangerous scale.

And, well, as someone who has 5 siblings (1 younger, 4 older), I can tell healthy and unhealthy sibling relationships from each other. I can also identify when a relationship is neutral and indifferent at best.

Healthy siblings: They love each other and have each others’ back. Even when they part ways when they’re older, they’ll still protect each other at a moment’s chance. There’s always gonna be a bit of teasing and fighting involved - and sometimes it CAN hurt badly - but the important thing is that they be honest with each other about this and learn from it.

Indifferent siblings: You can care for them deeply, but not have much a bond with them at all. The bond is just a background thing that isn’t really felt. Not much communication happens between these siblings, but not a whole effort to get closer is needed or acted on. There’s not really any desire for getting closer anyways.

Unhealthy siblings: Lots of ignoring each other and not resolving their continuously piling conflicts. This is something that can sometimes happen with any range of health in sibling relationships, but it’s a consistent and persisitant issue with unhealthy siblings. It’s rare for healthy siblings, and even then they at least make an effort to fix this issue when it arises. There can also be extremities with unhealthy siblings when it comes to bullying, manipulation, arrogance, and/or outright abuse toward each other.

I would say I only have healthy as well as indifferent relationships with my siblings, but I used to have fairly unhealthy relationships with them when I was really little. If anything, what some of these fans often see as “unhealthy” for Dipper and Mabel was nothing compared to how I was with my siblings at their age.

These two also ground each other in different ways, and it’s important that they grow up by each other’s side even after they part their own ways.

“I actually thought I was gonna stay here and be Ford’s apprentice! Spend my entire teens in a basement cooped up in a lab coat? How ridiculous is that?!” -Dipper

Even after saying this, Mabel still assures him just in case:

“I appreciate what you said back there, but if you want to take Ford’s apprenticeship, I won’t get in your way.”

And still, Dipper insists on staying with Mabel as his final decision.

“Pfft, and miss out on your awkward teen years? You wish!”

Today’s obsession. (Not sure where this gif came from, but thank you to whomever made it)

Mulder tucking her into himself and getting her out of there before she even knows she needs it.

The way he grabs her head, like he’s encouraging her to hide with him. Because he knows she’s breaking and she wouldn’t want anyone else to see that.

The way she goes with him, without a fight. She trusts him to take care of her.


Sakura Haruno, a fellow member of Team 7, had the same infatuation on Sasuke that most other girls in their academy class had. Unlike her peers, Sakura is able to spend time around Sasuke because of Team 7’s missions, causing her feelings to develop into true love by the end of Part I. For his part, Sasuke spends years rejecting Sakura’s attempts to spend extra time with him and having little regard for her personal feelings, but his feelings for her begin to change and he starts to think of her as someone he needs to protect. Although he expresses gratitude to her when she desperately tries to stop him from defecting from Konoha, his behavior to her becomes worse in Part II: he often shows little concern for her safety when they meet and, at times, has even tried to kill her himself. Things change after the 4th shinobi world war; after redeeming himself, Sasuke was overcome with guilt for the pain he put Sakura through and apologised to her, and showed her genuine affection by poking her on the forehead like his brother did with him and promised her that he would see her again as he left for his journey of atonement. This mutual affection with Sakura led Sasuke to finally fall in love with her, leading to the two getting married and having a daughter, Sarada. Although Sasuke spends years away on his mission, he never forgets about his family and feels a deep connection to them. After becoming a father, Sasuke became very caring and protective of his family, despite his initial indifference to Sarada’s questions about his absence. However, Sasuke loves his daughter dearly, as he puts her safety before his own and shows Sarada how much he loves her and promises to come home before returning to his travelling, proving himself as a loving father. Sasuke admits his mistakes as a father, but he apparently has strong parenting skills, as he trusted Sarada’s abilities enough to let her join in a dangerous battle with him, and he is wary of her feelings, as he reprimanded Naruto to not upset Sarada. While Sasuke is happy in his marriage to Sakura, he enjoys teasing her by declining to show her affection.

naruto wiki - Sasuke Uchiha

mc1560 asked:

Do you think Dany is right about Ned being just as much to blame for the death of Elia and her children as the Lannisters? The ultimate endgame of that war was to kill Aerys and put Robert on the Iron Throne, which would mean the deaths of the prev royal family to keep the new one safe. Does he have to swing the sword to be guilty?

Nope, Dany’s wrong, because she plainly doesn’t know why the rebellion started; Viserys either lied to her or was lied to himself. You’re forgetting that Aerys executed Rickard and Brandon without a trial and then called for Ned and Robert’s heads, again without a trial. That’s casus fucking belli if ever I have heard it. Aerys had flagrantly violated his vassals’ rights and had every intention of continuing to do so; he had given up his legitimacy as monarch, and so Ned not only had the right to fight for regime change, he arguably had the obligation to do so. Otherwise, the Westerosi social contract is gone. 

It’s also incorrect that Rhaenys and Aegon had to die. Send the former to the silent sisters and take @racefortheironthrone’s suggestion to make the latter the new septon at Castle Black, a double disinheritance. Watch them closely, don’t let them communicate with any nobility other than their mom, and let them grow old in peace. And if Ned had reached King’s Landing first, I’m betting that’s exactly what would have happened (assuming Jaime still took out Aerys as in OTL, preventing the wildfire from killing everybody). 

The blood is on Gregor’s hands, and Tywin’s; Ned would never have given that order, and the rebellion itself was completely justified and again, necessary. But even just wars feature atrocities, and even a righteous coalition can get in bed with monsters, which I think are GRRM’s points here. 

CAN WE TALK ABOUT THIS FOR A SECOND. Can we talk about how Bellamy looks like he is running into Clarke. HE TORPEDOES INTO HER JUST SO HE CAN WRAP HIS ARMS AROUND THIS GIRL. He is visibly fucking crying. The way he absently rubs her hair, almost to assure himself that YES SHE REALLY IS HERE WITH HIM. Now let’s take a look at Clarke. The way she has her eyes closed in pure relief. THE WAY SHE BRINGS HER HEAD UP TO REST ON HIS SHOULDER AFTER HAVING IT HIDDEN IN HIS FUCKING CHEST. The little breathe she lets out because no matter what happens and no matter how much shit these two go through, she knows they can always make it through together. Imagine what these two have gone through leading up to this hug. All the betrayal and the hurt and deceit. But through it all, they somehow always find their way back to each other.


You can’t choose what stays and what fades away.


He could sense by her tiny movements; she fiddled with something in her hands and he could only assume it was the chicken soup. “Can I say it yet?”

“Say what?” she asked, absent.

“I love you.”

She stopped moving. “Oh, Adrien. I love you too.”

He felt her coming. Her hand on his stomach and it’s gradually increasing pressure as she leaned in. Her breath on his face. He closed his eyes as her lips pressed against his and his heart broke. He couldn’t see her. Couldn’t see the look of love he hoped was on her face. Couldn’t see her smile. Couldn’t see those brilliant blue eyes shining. He wanted to kiss her and lose himself in something normal, but he couldn’t. His throat closed up and then next thing he knew he was crying.

– from Glaze by kryallaorchid (no matter what I do it refuses to tag her thANKS OBAMA)

I feel bad, I was gonna at least darken the lines on this a little but I realized I wasn’t feeling it so I didn’t even finish drawing the scene lol. This is not how I should pay tribute to my fave lb fanfic 8( I’ll do it justice some other time.

There a lot of things I love about the Citadel DLC

There are a lot of things I love about romanced Garrus during that DLC

But my favorite thing is how many times he makes a point of calling Shepard his girlfriend or himself her boyfriend.

He’s just so proud that they’re actually together, and even with all the shit going down with the Reapers he’s just so happy being in love with her.

It’s almost like he can’t believe that they’re really together so he says it out loud as often as possible. Because his best friend, hero of the galaxy, the toughest woman he’s ever met–she chose him. And he’s so happy about it that I love him for it

Your Fave is Problematic: Mr. Darcy (PPZ style)
  1. kicks zombie heads around when he’s mad
  2. wears a kickass leather overcoat 24/7 for maximum attractiveness
  3. trims his plants (and statues) with his sword
  4. loves to break fragile objects and use them as weapons, e.g. a wineglass and my own heart
  5. blows up zombie heads in front of his crush to get her attention and it works 
  6. is wise and chooses to say nothing when his crush kills all of his beloved pet flies 
  7. prepares to stab his friends in the head when they fall down the stairs
  8. destroys antique furniture to make his proposal more impactful for everyone 
  9. still keeps his father’s watch after all these years, proving himself to be a secret daddy’s boy 
  10. lies to his crush to protect her and goes off to save her sister by himself, even when it means that he has to encounter his worst enemy in order to do so
  11. almost dies when his crush tries to save him but listens to her words of affection even when in pain
  12. goes on to remember his crush’s words and say that she has saved his life in more ways than one, resulting in the maiming of hearts everywhere including my own
  14. LIKE 
  17. it is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of such a fine voice must also have possession of everyone’s pants
  18. marries alongside his best friend #blackplaguecan’ttouchthesebros
  19. puppy dog eyes that always look at his crush with *clenches fist* a r d e n t  a d m i r a t i o n 
  20. swims in a pond with a beautiful flowy white shirt like h one st ly ???
  21. overall, colonel darcy is an awful character and must be avoided at all cost lest you desire to fall 110% in love ew