I know a boy whose eyes light up when they land on the girl he loves. I know a man whose stone cold face turns soft when his boyfriend smiles at him. I know a woman who laughs like she has never smiled before when a certain girl tells a joke. I know a mother whose eyes glisten with tears when her child says, “I love you.” I know a girl who can come to her best friend’s house in tears and walk back down the porch steps smiling. I know a boy who can call his friend at 2 a.m. and she’ll talk to him about whatever he needs until his breathing is steady. I know a little girl who gives her big sister her favorite toy when she hears her crying at night. Love comes in a million different shades of a million different colors, each with its own beauty. And who are we to try to destroy any of them?
—  Shades of Colors of Love
Close your eyes

(A/N): Moose angst! 

Warnings: Angst, death, 

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   Sam could feel the trembling of (Y/N)’s arms as he held her tightly, peppering kisses to the back of her head. This was it, time was up for them, they couldn’t run any longer. 

   “Mommy,” a high voice questioned. Sam squeezed his eyes shut as more tears flowed down his cheeks. Not only was time up for him and (Y/N) but time was up for their daughter Jo too. “Why’s daddy crying?” (Y/N) smiled sadly, tears of her own flowing down their cheeks. 

   “Don’t worry about it Sweetheart,” (Y/N) murmurs as she brushes a strand of hair away from Jo’s face. “Daddy’s just a little sad is all,” 

   “Are you sad too mommy?” (Y/N) nodded softly, pulling Jo closer to her body. 

   “Just a little baby,” Jo nodded, wrapping her tiny arms around (Y/N)’s neck. 

   “Hugs make everything better,” Jo exclaims excitedly as she snuggles against (Y/N). (Y/N) let out a choked sob, holding Jo tighter to her body. 

   “They sure do Babygirl, can daddy get a hug too?” Jo nods as (Y/N) turns back to look at Sam, her eyes pooling with tears. Gingerly, (Y/N) passes Jo into Sam’s outstretched arms. Sam nearly choked on his tears as he held his sweet babygirl in his arms. 

   This was the last time he’d ever get to be with his family, the last time he’d get to hold his daughter and Wife in his arms, the last time he could look in their eyes and see how they shined, the last time he’d be able to tell them he loved them. 

   “Do you feel better now Daddy?” Jo asks as she pulls away slightly, looking up at her Father’s face. Sam nodded, despite the tears pooling down his face. 

   “Much better, thank you baby,” Sam pressed a tender kiss to Jo’s forehead. It was then a loud banging resonated throughout the house, efficiently scaring all three winchesters. 

   “Mommy,” Jo whispers as tears of her own gather within her eyes. “What was that?” (Y/N) could only tremble in fear, her lip trembling as she attempted to reign in her tears. 

   “Jo,” Sam states softly, running a hand along Jo’s hair. “I want you to do something for me, kay?” Another bang, another whimper falling from Jo and (Y/N)’s lips. Sam tugged (Y/N) to his body, wrapping his free arm around her shoulders. Jo nodded, hesitancy written all along her little face. “Close your eyes and count to seven,” Jo nodded again, squeezing her eyes shut. Sam sighed shakily, nuzzling his face into (Y/N)’s hair. “And when you wake we’ll be in heaven,” He whispered, just loud enough for him and (Y/N) to hear. 

  “1,” Another bang.

  “2,” The sound of shattering glass.

  “3,” The sound of footsteps and howling. 

  “4,” A crack upon their bedroom door. 

  “5,” Another crack.

  “6,” The door flying open. 


He’s home

Imagine the scene, where it comes the moment where everything seems to slow down. Valentine betrays Jace, leaves him wounded after a battle, and is headed towards Idris to attack. Jace is bruised and beat up, but there is a sense of lightness in his heart. He’s free. 

They find him. Alec, Izzy, Clary, and Simon. Jace is standing facing the water, watching the ship leave into the night. He turns around when he hears a strangled cry of his name. Alec is in front of the rest of them. His hair looks different from the last time Jace has seen him. It’s cut short. It reminds Jace of when they were younger.

 Jace’s eyes move behind Alec, at Clary. Her hair is short too. She looks taller and stronger. There are a few cuts and bruises on her face. Her lips is bruised and red. Her hair blowing wild, in the night breeze. He can see the tears in her green eyes. Jace nods stiffly at her. She replies with a small smile. Bittersweet that he can almost taste it. Things will never be the same between them.

His eyes go back to Alec. It hits him right there. He has missed Alec so much, it hurts. Jace tries to convey everything he’s feeling through his eyes. Alec takes a step forward, and that’s it. Jace runs to him. They embrace like they have done so many times before. Alec drops his bow onto the ground, not caring if it gets dented. Jace is crying, loud sobs, compared to his usual restrained ones. Alec follows him to the ground, when Jace’s knees give out. Alec isn’t sure when he started to cry, but his face is wet and he doesn’t know how to stop. 

It’s only minutes later, when Alec feels another arm around him, Izzy is hugging the three of them. She is crying too. Clary joins them, however a little hesitant. Simon stands back a little, unsure of how to approach the group. But, he also has tears in his eyes.

At that moment, Alec’s presence was what Jace needed. But, he can’t help but melt into the warmth of the arms surrounding him. He’s home.

Yesterday at the foster clinic there was a woman with a litter of tiny, tiny kittens, one of whom was a beautiful orange and white creamsicle.  I told her, “I love orange boy cats, they are all so stupid.” and the foster mom said to me, with tears of love in her eyes, face glowing with maternal pride, “He is only 6 days old and I can already tell that he’s going to be so stupid!”

The signs as different sapphics
  • Aries:Space sapphic. Finding galxies in her eyes. Traveling at the speed of light, through a million galxies just to see her smile. Giving her a piece of the moon to keep in her bedside table. She thinks of you everytime the stars come out.
  • Taurus:Garden sapphic. Leaving freshcut flowers on her doorstep every summer. Planting flowers with her every spring. You weed your garden together, and your fingertips graze each other's.
  • Gemini:Moon sapphic. Staying up late with her. Connecting the freckles on her skin to make constellations. The moonlight streams in from her window, and you can't tear your eyes away from her sleeping face.
  • Cancer:Ocean sapphic. Tasting the salt on her skin. Skinny dipping by the light of the moon. Giving her rocks that you find on the ocean floor. Splashing her and melting when she giggles.
  • Leo:Summer sapphic. Laying in the front yard with her, tanning. Walking down to the ice cream parlor and feeding her a sundae. Watching storms roll over the horizon with her.
  • Virgo:Cafe sapphic. Waiting for her with her favorite drink ready. Studying together and rewarding each other's hard work with a kiss. Surprising her at work with a cup of coffee when she can't make a coffee date.
  • Libra:Artsy sapphic. Painting a portrait of her. Going on museum dates and thinking she's the most valuable piece of art anywhere you go. Asking her to pose nude for you, and you try not to blush too much or look for too long. Reenacting that scene from Ghost with the pottery wheel.
  • Scorpio:Vintage sapphic. Only touching in private. Everyone thinks you're just friends, but you two know better. Putting on her favorite record and slow dancing in your living room.
  • Sagittarius:Sun sapphic. Lazy mornings with her. Riding bikes and laughing too loud. Rubbing aloe and kissing her sunburn. Kissing all of her freckles.
  • Capricorn:Forest sapphic. Climbing a tree and leaning down across a branch to kiss her. Walking through the woods and protecting her from the spiders or bugs. Collecting different leaves and telling her all about the trees.
  • Aquarius:Winter sapphic. Cuddling with her on a winter night, underneath a quilt. Making her hot chocolate and kissing her cold forehead. Frolicking around in the first snowfall.
  • Pisces:Bookstore sapphic. Your eyes meet in between the bookshelves. You read her excerpts from your favorite book. You leave handwritten poems in her favorite books, she finds them every time. Sharing a kiss by the romance section.
The 100 series finale

It’s the series finale. The final battle has been won. Clarke Griffin has made the ultimate sacrifice that sets her people up for a peaceful and beautiful future.

We see Clarke in Bellamy’s arms,
surrounded by everyone.

Bellamy: Clarke stay with me, Clarke! you don’t owe your people anymore, it’s over, just stay, please hang on.

Clarke tried to talk but she coudn’t, she was bleeding fast and there was nothing they can do.

Raven felt breaking down but she kept herself together, put her hand on Clarke’s cheek, tears keep rolling down her face as she says: 

Raven: it’s okay Clarke, you’re gonna be okay, you’re okay…

The delinquents were all in disbelief and suddenly, Octavia kneeled beside Clarke, uttered some words, words Clarke never knew she wanted to hear until she heard it, words she never knew will sound so sweet…

 yu gonplei ste odon, Clarke kom skikru

Clarke smiled, tears on her eyes.
She looked at her friends for the very last time,
She felt happiness and relief as she took her last breath.

*fades to white*

We thought the show is over. 

But they showed Clarke again.
It looks like she’s waking up from a deep sleep.
She is somewhere else, is it heaven? havana? another universe?
before we can deduce where our hero is,
we hear a faint voice.

you’ve finally achieved peace for your people

Clarke heard it, she was conscious again, we see her deep blue eyes.
After a moment Clarke replied,

our people.

[We see a familiar face]

“you fought well Clarke..”

would have been easier if you were there

“but you clearly didn’t need my help”


They both smiled. Smiles we haven’t seen in a long time.

Clarke stared at the girl, she doesn’t know what’s going on.
she is not even sure if she was real,
but she felt real,
and Clarke missed her so, so much.

“it’s over now, what are you going to do?”

i have no idea..

“well what do you want?”

I want you.

[CN: abuse, police violence]

Today, when I saw this video which has gone viral these past few days as a “feel-good” cop story, I finally made the connection. The video is of a black woman being pulled over by police. There is terror on her face as the officer walks up to her car. His gun is at her eye level. But the officer doesn’t reach for the gun—instead, he reaches for two ice cream cones to hand over to her and her passenger. Her terror gives way to the almost tearful relief that she is not going to come to harm at the hands of these officers. At least not today.

This fear is what they want.

Watching this video, I was suddenly 19 again, trying not to cry while my boyfriend toyed with a sword and told me that I was lucky he’d never hurt me. And I was also the scared mother I was a few months ago, flooded with relief that the cop who followed my baby and I had let us get to the store alive. Watching this video I understood what these “feel-good” video and picture campaigns put on by police departments really are—abuse. They are designed to remind us that they are in charge, and that they are capable of taking our lives in an instant—but if we are good and they are feeling benevolent, they won’t.

These videos, combined with the countless videos of black men and women and children shot dead by cops, serve to remind us that we should both fear and love them if we want to survive. And if we don’t survive, we have nobody to blame but ourselves—see how capable of not killing us they can be?

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But She Doesn’t Come

At the sudden stab of pain, he clutched his side with renewed attention, letting a wry smile slide over his lips as he felt the blood slip between his fingers. He’d joked it off to Hawk Moth’s face, but as he leaned into the shade in the corner of the dusty roof Chat had to admit the truth, even if only to himself.

Tilting his head what little he could, he searched the skies for a familiar silhouette, squinting against the sun and hoping beyond hope for that shadow to cross his vision. But he knew better. Still, he’d wanted to at least… He closed his eyes, and imagined her in his mind instead.

Damn. He was going to make her cry.

A single tear rolled down his cheek, but his catlike grin never wavered.

He was still Chat Noir, after all.

Does this even count as a fic? Idk. Anyway, I was imagining Chat gets hurt in battle while LB is off somewhere (maybe one of those eps where she doesn’t have her priorities straight and hugely regrets it lol), and he manages to fight off the enemy, but is fatally injured. He tries to find LB (to say goodbye???) but he can’t, so when he can’t move anymore he just waits and watches the sky, hoping she’ll find him, but she doesn’t come. 

PS peaceful smile because he’s thinking of Ladybug aghhhhhhhhhhh. 

I want to see an episode this season where Claire is hopelessly in love (maybe with Alex?) but she’s too afraid to say anything, and she’s being a little dramatic about it, but then Cas tries to talk to her, calm her down and she’ll look up at him with tear soaked eyes and say, “What do you know about being in love?”

Then Cas will turn and look at Dean, who is just leaning against the Impala, waiting (impatiently) for Cas and Claire to finish their heart to heart. Cas’ll look sad at first, eyebrows arched, but then he’ll smile, so slightly and sigh while his face brightens.  


“It’s just a stupid sword,“ she said, aloud this time…but it wasn’t. Needle was Robb and Bran and Rickon, her mother and her father, even Sansa. Needle was Winterfell’s grey walls, and the laughter of its people. Needle was the summer snows, Old Nan’s stories, the heart tree with its red leaves and scary face, the warm earthy smell of the glass gardens, the sound of the north wind rattling the shutters of her room. Needle was Jon Snow’s smile. He used to mess my hair and call me “little sister,” she remembered, and suddenly there were tears in her eyes. The gods wanted me to have it. Not the Seven, nor Him of Many Faces, but her father’s gods, the old gods of the north. The Many-Faced God can have the rest, she thought, but he can’t have this. ― A Feast for Crows

Her eyes were closed, but she didn’t need them. She could still see the way his eyes no longer lit up when seeing her face. She could still see that he no longer cared for her as much as he used to. She could still see the way that he had moved on, and she could still see the way her tears were nothing but rain to him.
—  please remove my memories // excerpt from a book I’ll never write #27 ( offdxys )