Parallel: Daryl&Abe near-death thoughts

When Abe gets choked at the hilltop, he hears the voice of Sasha in his head before he passes out,and when Daryl asks him if he is okay,he says: “More than okay”. He smiles.Because it is finally clear for him what he wants for his life.He wants to be with Sasha and settle down with her.

Just before that Abe and Daryl talked about “settling down”.Furthermore,both get to hold an ultrasonic picture of Gleggie’s unborn child later in the episode….

When Daryl faces death in the lineup, he sees Carol in his mind. The same topic again: Settle down. Build something. What do you want for your life? FIND OUT and DO IT.

EVERYTHING IS LEADING US TO CARYL. As much as Abe knows that Sasha is the one for him after being nearly choked to death,as much must it be clear to Daryl what he wants for his life after the lineup.He always wanted Carol.Settle down with her.Take care of the kids and their family.

This realization was emphasized by the death of Glenn and Abe.Those lifes and dreams have been shattered in front of Daryl.Daryl should know now,he must get his shit together. No more blowups and temper tantrums without thinking.He really needs to work things out with his guilt issues.He needs to mature to “level 2″

Norman himself said recently : Daryl is getting over the wall. 

HE HAS TO.HE WILL.Carol is waiting on the other side.


                quick reminder that tara is gonna come back to find all her family destroyed because her sassy dork girlfriend is dead, her big ol’ pal abe is dead, and the funny lil asian guy who saved her life is also dead. :-)

The best thing in the world is when you find your platonic soulmate. There’s no hassle of the drama of romance. It’s just two people who are completely in synch. It’s the ultimate of all bromances. It’s JD and Turk, Abed and Troy, Shawn and Gus. Nothing is better than finding that person and holding on to them.