When you pick up a sword for the first time you will be slow and awkward. This is frustrating, but refuse the temptation to try and become a “faster” fencer. Chasing after speed is like trying to catch smoke. If you try and pursue speed, all you will accomplish is haste. Haste is the enemy of 1st class fencing.

Speed is a lie the untrained mind tells itself when it sees an action it cannot follow. The truth is a combination of timing, control, and fluidity. Fluid motion, even done slowly, will always arrive before a hasty strike. Control will allow you to move without wasteful motion that will slow you down. Timing will eliminate the need to move fast almost entirely. There is no need to get somewhere fast so long as you get there at the right time.  

Recently I’ve been looking at a manuscript by a Giovanni Antonio Lovino of Milan, written ca. 1580. Oddly enough, Lovino appears to have dedicated the manuscript to Henry III of France. Lovino covers dueling with one handed sword,

Sword and Dagger,

Sword and Cloak,

Sword and Buckler,

he’s one of the few that covers Sword and Rotella,

a shield he calls a “targa”, a Target shield,

he also covers dueling a left-handed fighter,

dueling with a case of sword (a case of sword eing a pair of asymmetric swords kept in the same scabbard, used one in either hand),

a “hand-and-a-half sword” (his words, not mine),

two-handed sword,

There are four more, but this is my photo limit, so I’ll reblog and continue.

Something Something Armor Something


Okay so here’s a question that bugged me for some time. From the late-middle ages to the italian renaissance in europe, most of the standing armies donned plate armor right? And plate armor is/was, by most means in a large scale battle back then, not possible to break through (correct me if I’m wrong), so people naturally had to stabbity stabbita them between what small gaps there was between individual plates.

The question is, wouldn’t this require great mastery over the use of the sword? Training a single person is hard already, but an entire army? That… just doesn’t sound feasible?

And if the answer to this is “thats why they did not use swords you dummy they had maces and warhammers to bash people’s skulls in and whatnot!”, then why did the sword not fall out of use or just lose its popularity?

The spear is a formidable weapon. Anyone who says otherwise neither fought with nor against it. Previously, I’ve had a steel headed blunt spear that has necessitated slow sparring.

Today was the first time breaking out my new flexible Cold Steel spear. It’s not without its issues but it’s significantly safer, and being able to use it to its full extent really shows how formidable of a weapon the spear was.

Here, I’m fighting Fiore with the spear, and my partner is fighting Talhoffer Longsword.


French Dueling Sword, c.1840-50

Interesting, triangular blade with concave facets, first part is enlarged; nice, iron hilt with butt-plate an pommel decorated with braided bands in bass-relief. Wooden grip of square section with copper wire binding. Leather scabbard with iron cap decorated en suite and with mask-shaped hook. Tip and bottom part are missing. 111 cm.


29.8.18 // Orientation Week ✨

Yesterday was the first day of orientation for international students and I had a lot of fun being in the city and meeting fellow students! I met new people from my program (which was nice!) and made new friends with students from other programs too! I have been looking forward to this week + socialising since I arrived so it is nice to network in a new city! It feels less lonely! 😊👌🏻 Our official program orientation day will be this Friday! I’m looking forward to the weekend!😂

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27.02.2017 12:25

Here are my favourite supplies for school, I love working with the Ipad Pro for research and highlighting! I bought the Washi Tape at Hema, a stationary store from the Netherlands 🌱 I’m so bored by my Leuchtturm BuJo, that I decided to use a small one by Muji as a journal, I need to focus on the upcoming weeks (A Levels are around the corner) I’m actually proud I pushed myself to study around 4 hours yesterday evening, I hope I’ll do the same today 👩🏼‍💻 I just had breakfast and I baked a vegan cake with pears for some healthy nutrition 🍰

(Sry for the bad lighting, it’s so dark outside 😞) I hope y'all had a good weekend and feel empowered to get through this week, stay motivated, I wish y'all a blessed week!

11.9.18 // Another lecture day!✨

Today I had two neurophysiology lectures for which I had quite a lot of reading to get done last night! But so far school has been good to me!😊 I’m still enjoying it, so I cannot wait for my schedule to normalise this week!😂This photo is from this past weekend when the weather was lovely and blessed me with good lighting!👌🏻

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