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i'm scared to ask this but what happened in chile today?

I usually don’t discuss drama openly on this blog and will typically ask you guys to personally message me off anon, but this is way too important.

So apparently “fans” were bothering BTS at their hotel (i.e. screaming for them, making lots of noise) and they couldn’t even rest. Then when they left the hotel to try to relax and eat at a restaurant, the fans followed them there… They were again being loud and disturbing the boys. According to @we-breathe-bangtan-sonyeondan, there were videos of someone explaining to these “fans” that “the boys were tired and needed to eat and then to rest for the concert. However, a group of 20-30 people were arguing that they just wanted to see them or greet them. They even said that BTS were artists and that they owed(?) the fans some sort of greeting or recognition. The person tried to explain that there were fans screaming and disturbing BTS all day and that they just wanted to rest, but the “fans” kept demanding some sort of recognition.”

I really cannot stress how ridiculous this situation is. Yes, not all fans are like this, but these fans are the fans BTS were first greeted with upon their arrival to Chile. Imagine how stunned BTS is right now. So called “fans” are not even letting them eat or sleep? Are BTS not humans like us? 

This is not exclusive to Chile, as we all know from Bon Voyage, this happened in Europe as well. Fans chased after BTS, forced them to give signatures, recorded them, followed them to hotels, and many more horrifying things. BTS has no obligation or reason to interact with fans during their “free-time” and that’s that. Imagine if you were on a plane for hours, were tired, jetlagged, hungry, exhausted, and were then greeted with screams, groups of people following you, acting like YOU owed them something. How would you feel? Frustrated? Mad? Irritated? That’s probably exactly what BTS is feeling right now.

I know not all of us are seeing BTS in concert even though they are visiting our countries or cities, but that gives you absolutely no right to treat them the way they were treated today. 

Furthermore, if you guys don’t want to treat BTS like human beings and respect them, don’t call yourself a fan or an ARMY. Also don’t expect BTS to come to your country again and don’t complain if they don’t return. 
- Kylie

Complex PTSD typically includes an attachment disorder, which arises from the childhood experience of not having at least one caretaker safe enough to go to for comfort or help.When the developing child lacks a supportive parental refuge, she never learns that interrelating can soothe and metabolize confusions, conflicts and hurts. She also never learns that real intimacy grows out of sharing all of one’s experience – the good and the bad, the happy and the sad, the loving and the mad. To the degree we are vulnerable and authentic in relationship, to that degree do we experience the incomparable healing power of intimacy.

However, to the degree that our caretakers attack, shame or abandon us for showing vulnerability, to that degree do we later avoid the authentic self-expression fundamental to intimacy. Inclinations to verbalize feelings, ask for help or reveal one’s struggles are short-circuited by subliminal memories of being scorned or attacked for daring to seek our parents’ support. Even worse, retaliation fantasies can plague us for hours and days on the occasions we do show our vulnerabilities.

—   pete walker, “shrinking the outer critic in complex ptsd”

hetabook series: #4 
     france, prussia, and spain are a force to be reckoned with on facebook


countries and chairs 

my friend shared a post about chairs on facebook and i had no choice but to edit it

Learn with Japanese phrase!
In a serious situation? This sentence will help you find someone to help you!

• 助ける (tasukeru) means to rescue/to save/to help/to reinforce/to spare (life)
• てください (te kudasai) is a pattern to ask someone to do something for you. In this case, asking them to help !


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Japan Character Facts

🇯🇵He has erotic woodcuts in his home. He disguises them between his non pornographic books.

🇯🇵He prefers animated girls to real 3D girls

🇯🇵He has bought Shonen Jump before

🇯🇵He wants to touch the Italy’s curls because they look like vegetables

🇯🇵He hates cockroaches so much, he cries over them. 

🇯🇵He adores soft and fluffy animals

🇯🇵He draws manga and makes soba

🇯🇵He once stabbed China with a katana

🇯🇵Prussia comes to his house often

🇯🇵He once tried to harpoon Russia

🇯🇵Hima says if he had known Hetalia would be so popular, Japan’s design would be completely different.

🇯🇵He suffers from high blood pressure and has hip pains

🇯🇵He is ambidextrous, but was originally left handed

🇯🇵He can imitate others voices surprisingly well

🇯🇵Japan’s original design had more shaggier hair, soulless eyes, and a plain appearance. 

Samotność to niedokończone rozmowy i pytania bez odpowiedzi, ale i jeden kubek w kuchni, jednoosobowa pościel w sypialni i wolna półka w łazience. Samotność to bycie samemu w sercu i w głowie. Samotność jest wtedy, kiedy nie masz komu opowiedzieć o swoim dniu. Kiedy niedziela nie jest jeszcze jednym wolnym dniem, który można fantastycznie wykorzystać, tylko twoim przekleństwem. Kiedy wolisz robić wszystko, byle nie wracać do domu, bo wiesz, że nikt tam na ciebie nie czeka. Samotność jest wtedy, kiedy nie masz do kogo zadzwonić w środku nocy i powiedzieć ‘jest mi źle’. Samotność to szare dni i bezsenne noce. Samotność - kiedy ściany pokoju wiedzą o tobie więcej, niż ktokolwiek inny, a jedynym bytem znającym na pamięć twój kolor oczu, jest sufit twojej sypialni. 
A smutek? Smutek to samotność. Może walić się się świat, ale kiedy masz z kim dzielić cierpienie, to wszystko jest do zniesienia. Nie ma żadnego, tak dobrego powodu do walki, jak druga osoba. Dla siebie rzadko chcemy walczyć, za to dla osoby, która znaczy dla nas wszystko, jesteśmy w stanie przenosić góry. 

Can more people please watch Natsume Yuujinchou (Natsume’s Book of Friends) I’m suffering alone here it’s a really relaxing but really emotional series. Natsume is such a sweet boy he’s too good for this world and needs love. Someone suffer with me.