Complex PTSD typically includes an attachment disorder, which arises from the childhood experience of not having at least one caretaker safe enough to go to for comfort or help.When the developing child lacks a supportive parental refuge, she never learns that interrelating can soothe and metabolize confusions, conflicts and hurts. She also never learns that real intimacy grows out of sharing all of one’s experience – the good and the bad, the happy and the sad, the loving and the mad. To the degree we are vulnerable and authentic in relationship, to that degree do we experience the incomparable healing power of intimacy.

However, to the degree that our caretakers attack, shame or abandon us for showing vulnerability, to that degree do we later avoid the authentic self-expression fundamental to intimacy. Inclinations to verbalize feelings, ask for help or reveal one’s struggles are short-circuited by subliminal memories of being scorned or attacked for daring to seek our parents’ support. Even worse, retaliation fantasies can plague us for hours and days on the occasions we do show our vulnerabilities.

—   pete walker, “shrinking the outer critic in complex ptsd”
How to Become an ALT in Japan

Basic Requirements

1. A university bachelors degree
-Any degree is ok, Latin American Studies, German, Linguistics, Astro-Physics, Sociology, doesn’t matter as long as it’s at least a bachelors 

 2. A clean criminal background check
-Have you been convicted of a murder? Are you a pedo? Do you have outstanding warrants in 3 states? Did you go to jail for a hit and run? Japan doesn’t want you. 

 3. Appropriately healthy and able bodied
-If you have a something that will prevent you from doing your job well, you will most likely not be hired. For example; you can’t use stairs, you can’t stand for 45 minutes at a time, you have a severe speech impediment (I know people here with lisps), things like this prevent you from teaching at full capacity and most places don’t have the time or resources to make special accommodations for you. 

What other skills might recruiters be looking for?

1. Japanese language ability
-NOT required for most positions, but helpful for communication both in and out of the workplace. Unless you live in a metropolitan area, the average Japanese person’s English is VERY limited. I know many people who came here with zero Japanese, but nowadays there are many with at least rudimentary Japanese. People rarely come here fluent, but many people study Japanese while living here to take the JLPT and their level improves by leaps and bounds. I am not one of those people, so don’t ask me for more details lol

 2. TESL/TEFL certification
-NOT required for most positions, but some private companies are starting to lean more towards certified individuals. And honestly, those give you a lot of skills you will absolutely need when teaching English. 

3. Teaching degree
 -NOPE, not required in 99.9% of the cases. I know a few people with them who are ALTs, I’ve heard mixed opinions on how well it helps them as an ALT. Some find it demeaning to work subordinate and be given limited control/responsibilities, other find it freeing because they can spend more time teaching and less time with test related paper pushing and discipline management.

4. Good attitude, flexibility, people skills
-You need to be able to present yourself as someone trustworthy and amiable to recruiters. The environments ALTs work in are often high-paced, prone to sudden last second changes, and being able to make friends in the office and keep a happy face with students is incredibly important. 

5. Prior experience
-Have you worked in a daycare before? Have you volunteered in tutoring centers? Have you led discussion groups as a major requirement?  Have you ever studied abroad? Have you ever volunteered in foreign classrooms? Have you taken charge of a club and organized events? Did you dorm with international students in university? Have you worked for an international program before? Have you given private language lessons before? These are the kinds of things that show you have experience in things that ALTs frequently encounter.

Can I mention my love of [INSERT JAPANESE CULTURE HERE]?

Yes, but keep is professional, relevant, and brief. 

“I became interested in Japan after watching Spirited Away, the cultural aspects of the movie fascinated me and made me want to learn more about Japan.” OK
“I have a collection of anime pillow cases, my favorite is Miku Hatsune in this pose.” NO 

“I started listening to Japanese music in high school. I eventually started learning Japanese to better understand the lyrics.” OK
 "When Pierrot broke up, I was shattered that the fanfic community would move on to other ships.“ NO 

“My school offered a short course on Japanese tea ceremony, and I thought the way that it formed historically was extremely interesting.” OK
“I want to learn the way of the samurai.” NO 

“I’m very interested in Japanese video game production companies. I went to college and majored in game design and I want to further study it by living in Japan and experiencing the community in person.” OK
“I want to play Resident Evil on fiber optic LAN with Japanese players so I can pwn more n00bs when I get back to America.” NO

What kind of ALT positions are available?

First and foremost: READ AND RESEARCH

If you do not do your own intensive research, you can get taken advantage of. You hear horror stories from people here all the time, and those mostly come from people didn’t research what they were getting themselves into. I cannot make a comprehensive guide to the THOUSANDS OF KINDS OF ALT positions across the country, this is only an overview. Look at that link, and always do extensive research of the companies/programs you’re interested in working for.

1. Government
 AKA JET Program
-The JET Program is the only government ALT program. It makes the Japanese government the middleman in your arrangements, which takes less money from your paycheck and gives you a more trustworthy means of income. It’s very competitive and the application process takes about 6 months. They only hire once a year. It’s arguably the best program, as it pays well, you have a lot of guaranteed vacation time, and they pay for your flights to and from the country. On the downside, you don’t really have a lot of say in where you are placed. Also, you cannot get a transfer unless VERY specific requirements are met. Also some prefectures/localities are nicer to their ALTs than others, but if they try to fuck you over you know you have the Japanese government backing you and they will keep you from being taken advantage of.

 2. Private Dispatch
examples: Interac, AEON, Borderlink, JIEC and MANY others
 -These are private companies that workplaces hire to provide them with ALTs. Workplaces do this because some of the intricacies in hiring an ALT and getting them a VISA and housing are really complicated, and they’d rather pay a middleman than deal with it. Upsides, you get a little more wiggle-room with being transferred. Downside by far is the pay. It depends on the company, but that middleman definitely takes a big chunk of your pay. If you work for a place like this, you need to VERY carefully read your contract. Research dispatch companies carefully, check their ratings online, see what former employees have to say about them. 

 3. Private Hire
 AKA working directly under the local government office, a private company, or even one-on-one’s in wealthy households
-These are places that will directly hire you without a middleman. Obviously, you need to look carefully at the details of your contract before working privately. Most local government places won’t hire you without prior ALT experience in Japan. Private English Conversation Schools (Eikaiwa) have non-9 to 5 working hours to provide for business workers and students. They sometimes require you to already have a VISA prior to being hired. Private Hire really is outside of my experience, but from what I understand they can pay as well as JET, but don’t usually have as many perks.

Where do I look for open positions?

GaijinPot is the website I’ve heard of the most. Check there and research research research. There are scammers, be careful. 

JET hires once a year starting around September or October. It’s available online on their official webpage.

There are a bajillion different dispatch companies. I couldn’t possibly name them all, I don’t really have a lot of experience with them, and don’t know which are particularly good or not. Check Google-sensei for their applications, websites, and reputations.

Other than that, please be wary of Craigslist. Although legit job openings do show up, there are scammers. If it’s someone looking for a “private female in-home English tutor from ages 19~25” or something like that, don’t be dumb. Many will require you to have a VISA with a minimum of 1 year on it already. Many will require you to already live in the area of the position. Research everything carefully.

Words of warning

If you think mental health issues are stigmatized in your home country, oh honey you ain’t seen nothin` yet.

If you have mental health issues, Japan may not be the place for you. You may think going to Japan, being surrounded by your hobbies and interests, and just “getting away” will make things better… IT WON’T.

Please be aware that you most likely will not be able to get your meds over the counter in Japan. And it’s not uncommon for your meds to be banned entirely even with a prescription. Bi-polar, anxiety, OCD, depression? Your meds might not be available here. Oh and having people send them over from home by mail can get you detained and deported if you’re caught.

You’ll also be leaving the support of friends and family by coming to Japan. The ALT community is pretty cool, but people come and go so quickly, it’s hard to find groups of people that will stick together through really tough spots.

Supervisors and coworkers aren’t much help either. In Japan, people don’t talk about mental health issues at all. If you take meds for anything other than a physical illness, you do it in private where people can’t see you. If you see a psychiatrist, you do it in a different prefecture, where no one can see you. It’s not uncommon for Japanese people to be asked to leave their jobs because their boss or coworkers have suspicions.

If you self medicate with something like marijuana, be aware that recreational drug use here is VERY VERY VERY illegal. Marijuana use is treated with the same seriousness as crack cocaine. You WILL be caught, you WILL be detained, you WILL be tried without a lawyer present, you WILL be held in solitary, you WILL be convicted of drug possession, and you WILL be deported.

Some ALTs will replace their marijuana use with alcohol. That goes about as well as it sounds :|

For LGBT, if you’re used to a very supportive queer community, it’s not the same here. Japanese people are extremely closeted and unless you live near a large metropolitan area, getting into the gay scene is nearly impossible. I’m fine because I was never in the gay scene back home, but for some people it’s very hard.

If you’re trans and want to come here to transition, please reconsider. I would suggest not coming to Japan as an ALT if you intend to transition in the immediate future. If your gender dysphoria is pretty bad, you’re gonna have a bad time. Gender segregation and enforcement of gender roles will probably seriously affect your mental health. The paperwork for transitioning is even harder from overseas and lot of things need to be done in person so you’ll have to fly back and forth from your home country a lot (which is damn expensive and needs vacation leave). Even if you do get everything done, there’s no telling how your work will respond. They won’t outright say they’re firing you for your gender identity, that’s illegal, they’ll come up with some other reason.

People who come here with a goal like paying off college loans or wanting to experience another culture usually have a better time that people who come here because OMG I JUST LOVE JAPAN. Please keep that in mind.

What is Furigana?

We already know that Japanese have more than one type of writing. Hiragana, katakana and kanji. And no, furigana is not the 4th type of writing that you need to learn, so all is good! But what is it then?

Basically Furigana is an information, written in hiragana/katakana about the pronunciation of a word. There are thousand of kanji character in Japanese. And not all people are able to read them. They might know the word though. Not to mention that one kanji can be read with many different ways.

Based on the reader target, publisher will add proper furigana to a kanji character to avoid the reader mispronounce the word. Most of the time it will be used for uncommon kanji or name. For this purpose, the furigana will be written with hiragana. For example, 勉強 will have べんきょう (benkyou) as furigana. 

Sometimes, foreign words will also get a furigana, written with katakana to inform the reader about the pronunciation. Check out this example below. Furigana is especially helpful when you start learning Japanese! It will make you able to look the word in the dictionary much easier (else, you will need to analyze the radical). Most of children book will have simple kanji and furigana. And that’s the kind of book you need to have at first.

By the time you’re able to read the kanji, you need to get a book with much less furigana to practice your reading. Most of material (game/manga/book) for elementary level or higher will be good. The higher the level of material, the furigana will only used on very uncommon words.

Hope it helps! Happy learning!~

So me and raindrop talked about the future of figure skating in yoi, and here are some headcanons:

Parings: Otayuri, JJbella, mild Viktuuri, Leoji, hinted Chrisnami (not really), hinted SeungChuChu (barely)

((All these headcanons are based on s1 ending December 2016))

  • Yuuri, Viktor, Chris and Georgi all retired after the 2017/2018 season
  • Neither of them had won any gold medal that year
  • Viktor had been known as the “Russian Legend” from the day he first stepped on the ice, to the day he left the ice at age 29
  • He had won five gold medals at worlds in ten years, won the gpf even more often, helped russia win the team trophy again and again and even won european championships often
  • He was sure no one would reach his level easily, and he knew his body wasn’t the way it had been for years anymore
  • Yuuri had decided to stop, because he wanted to start a more “normal” life
  • He and Viktor moved to Japan, and helped Yuuri’s family with Yuutopia
  • Chris had some small injurys over his time as a skater, and now decided to finally give his body a rest
  • Georgi had also realized that his best days were gone
  • Yuri on the other hand was at the start of his career
  • He won Gold at the GPF with his senior debuet, followed by Gold at the Europeans and Worlds, as well as the Team Trophy for Russia
  • His second season was just the same, he made new records, new personal bests with almost every performance
  • He even won Gold at the 2018 Olympics, being the first minor to ever win a medal at figure skating in the olympics
  • And even though he hasn’t won as many medals as Viktor, people were already calling him “the new russian legend”
  • After Yuri had won the Olympics he had kissed Otabek, who won bronze
  • He was feeling so many different ways of happiness he wasn’t even thinking about what he was doing
  • But Otabek had kissed him back and pulled him into a long hug, ending with both of them crying
  • After Viktor, Yuuri and Chris retired a lot of things changed
  • Chris started coaching Minami, who moved to Europe with him
  • Otabek moved to Russia, to also train under Yakov, and he, Yuri and Mila all moved in together
  • Guang Hong had to find a new coach, becuase his coach was pregnant, and moved to Canada, training under JJ’s parents
  • Soon after Leo also went to Canada with his coach, living in the same town as JJ and Guang Hong
  • Phichit and Seung Gil became friends
  • The 2018 GPF was Yuri, Otabek, JJ, Leo, Guang Hong and Minami
  • One time Seung Gil made the gpf instead of JJ, but besides that it siad the same for years
  • JJ and Isabella got married on New Year’s Eve 2018/19 and all the skaters were invited
  • Even Yuri came
  • That night he started talking to JJ, and they realized they actually did get along
  • In October 2021, when Yuri was twenty, Yuri broke his leg, and he was out for the season - and with that for the Olympics
  • That year was a mess in figure skating
  • JJ won the GPF
  • Leo won Worlds
  • Guang Hong won 4CC
  • Japan won the Team Trophy - thanks to Minami
  • And Otabek won Gold at the Olympics
  • Yuri was mad at first that he would only be able to watch at the Olympics, but when Otabek skated off the ice, gold medal arond his neck and tears in his eyes, Yuri was sure he had never been so happy in his life
  • That night all the skaters got drunk and celebrated, even if they hadn’t won
  • Because even if all of them were competitors on the ice, they were friends
  • After Yuri’s leg had recovered he got back to winning everything

megane-thirst  asked:

I'm mostly neutral and just stay away from Yuri on Ice because of the fandom, but what really got me was this one post trying to rally fandom together to purchase merch in order to financially support the show like it's something revolutionary statement of a show really changing the game for lgbt in Japan which, like.... have i got news for you.....

I saw that post too and I had a similar reaction like… funding this show when they still haven’t had canon LGBTQ representation means you’re not really helping… at all… like stop please 

If you really do care about helping lgbtq community in Japan then you could y’know: 

  • Help fundraise for this documentary being made about Japan’s first LGBT law firm (x)
  • Support projects/ programs that are being run by Japanese LGBTQ people like LGBT Youth Japan 
  • Try to understand some of the real issues facing Japanese LGBTQ people: Takurei’s Room is a good site to start for English speakers, and you can also check HRW which has some good coverage of Japan’s bullying/ education issues. GayJapanNews and Tres-bian has a list of Japanese LGBT sites. All of them are in Japanese but google translator can be your friend. Gachirezu! is a magazine for lesbians. I found it on google in a second. Literally THE WORLD IS YOUR OYSTER. GOOGLE IS YOUR FRIEND. 
  • Purchase Shimanami Tasogare, Hourou Musuko, which are good mangas with canon LGBT representation. Support LGBT ARTISTS like Tagame Gengorou. Support LGBT magazines/books/art! 

Literally you can do so many things with your money and time besides funding this anime series!!!! 

for all the baby cows interested in learning japanese/living in japan etc etc!!


so i haven’t been super present on here lately and that’s because i’m trying to figure out wtf i’m doing with my life

well i’ve had a youtube channel for a few years now, and was always really inconsistent with it but atm its basically gazette covers and me rambling about dumb shit in english and japanese. and while that’s cool and all i feel like i wanna do something helpful with it! 

i’ve been so lucky to talk to and even make friends with a lot of u angels on here and it seems like many of you are interested in learning japanese, visiting or even moving to japan, but maybe you don’t know how or you’re a little scared…

i started learning japanese 12 years ago and moved here by myself 2 years ago and have been enjoying all the freedom and scariness that goes along with that

and there are a lot of hard things and a lot of fun things and i thought if i could share my experiences with you guys/answer your questions it could help you make your japan-related dreams come true!! this is my channel

and i want to talk about things like differences between japan and my country, cost of living, experience working here, how long it took to learn japanese and how i did it, beef or chicken, how to prepare to move and deal w the difficulties, and ofc anything else that would be helpful to you!!

thank u guys always for being nice to me <3 :’)

mbti as history of japan

INTP: ding dong, it’s the outside world
ESFP: [how about s u n r i s e l a n d]
ISFP: and the royal palace became such a dream world of art that they really didnt give a shit about running the country
ESTP: [h i r e a s a m u r a i]
INFP: [n o w t h e r e s m o r e a r t]
ESFJ: [open the country. stop having it be closed.]
ENFP: “that sucks” they said “this sucks!!!!”
ISTP: and japan says “can you maybe chill” and russia says “how about maybe you chill”
ENTJ: p l e a s e r e s p e c t u s o r w e m i g h t i n v a d e y o u a s w e l l
ISTJ: [i t s t i m e f o r w o r l d w a r 1]
ISFJ: [n o] said everybody, quieter this time
INFJ: the shogun didnt actually care he was off somewhere doing poetry
ESFJ: [t h e l e a g u e o f n a t i o n s] whos mission statement is to try not to take over the world
ENTP: h o w b o u t i d o a n y w a y
ENFJ: and the united states started helping britain because they’re [g o o d f r i e n d s] and not helping japan because [t h e i r f r i e n d s a n d o u r f r i e n d s a r e n o t f r i e n d s]
INTJ: “and now i’m going to invade korea, and then hopefully china”, he said, and failed. and also died.

lunamoonartist  asked:

What about all might have a cute niece that comes to Japan to help take care of her uncle ( heal ability) and izuku get a crush on her?


Midoriya Izuku

  • It’s very likely that Midoriya developed a crush on All Might’s niece at first sight because she seems like a really nice person and looks really pretty and he wants to know more about her (more or less for the reason that she’s related to All Might). He tries to find any excuse to see her whenever he can, such as paying All Might a visit and hoping that she would be there with him, or intentionally giving himself a minor injury during training practice when he finds out that she’s helping recovery girl since she has a similar healing ability.
  • Whenever he unexpectedly runs into her, Midoriya becomes really nervous and flustered that he can’t look her in the eyes when he’s talking to her and there’s an evident blush slowly creeping to his cheeks. His heart is beating rapidly at this point and whenever she takes a step closer to him he really hopes that she can’t hear the sound of his heart pounding in his chest. He also can’t help but think how incredibly cute she looks during their small talk and that her smile is so gorgeous and breathtaking. Seriously, how can someone look so much like an angel?
  • Uncle All Might spies on Midoriya and his cute, little niece because he suspects that something is going on between the two and the more he follows them around he comes to the conclusion that they both like each other. All Might is protective of his niece and is wary of the boys that try to get close to her (especially those with bad intentions) but he finds himself rooting for Midoriya because he really is a good kid with a heart of gold and he definitely has his blessings. 

anonymous asked:

Hello, thank you for the wondeful inspiration on your blog! Did you ever come across any resources on how to repair kimonos? For example when you ripped a seam on a sleeve because it caught on a doorhandle.. (asking for a friend) Thanks and have a great day!

Oh thank you for your kind words! (doorshandles are the bane of kimono -_-)

It’s difficult to say for sure without picture of damage, but ripped seams should be quite easily repaired. Tucking in damage area is a classical operation your friend or a seamstress could do. It will only take in less than a cm/ ½ inch if tear is small ^^

I believe the best way to know how to repair a kimono is to understand how they are sewn. I have found those very nice videos showing how sleeves are built (3 videos):

And how they are attached to kimono body (4 videos):

Kimono are usually sewn by hand, using fine needles like those so you don’t damage silk. Stitch is quite simple (”point droit” in french), japanese only hold their needle a bit differently and use a very handy “3rd hand” tool called kakehari which hold fabric in place.

I hope it helps :3

nikkilaurinaitis  asked:

The ask where the guys find out their s/o is pregnant was so adorable! Im sorry but can I ask the same for France, England, China and Romano?

(You’re so sweet! And you don’t need to apologize)

France: You would choose to tell him during dinner. During the conversion you would subtly say something like “good thing you made so much food considering I’m eating for two now”. At first it would fly over his head and would think it was a complement but once he realized what you meant by it he nearly choked on his wine. He would hug you and ask you how long you’ve know, what you wanna name it, what color room, etc. He would tell England and this would probably be one of the few times they would be civil. 

England: You had been feeling sick lately and you didn’t know why so you decided to go to the doctors. You had been joking with England telling him it was probably because of his cooking but when the nurse said you were pregnant you had to tell him immediately. You called him when you left and apologized for dissing his cooking skills. He asked why you apologized and when he heard the news he went silent for a few moments then when you called to him he screamed out in joy and told you to come home right away. (Like think like high pitched screeching)

China: You knew you were pregnant. You hadn’t gotten the stomach flu since grade school and you didn’t have it now. You went to the store and got a home pregnancy test which turned out positive. You were so happy you started crying and China overheard while walking by and started banging in the door asking if you were okay. You opened the door with tears streaming down your face and showed him the test. He just stared at you then started to tear up himself. He would reassure you that he would be a great father since he had to help raise Japan and already was accustomed to it.

Romano: You broke him. He sat there in silence just staring. When you told him you expected a bigger reaction but he just looked and you and didn’t move a muscle. Italy walked in and asked what was wrong with him and you told him you were pregnant. He was super excited and you and him started discussing names and Romano silently walked up behind you and just hugged you silently. He began to whisper how shocked he was, how nervous but excited he was, how much he loved you, and how lucky he is that you love him.

- Mod Z

Character Profiles

Superhero AU

Originally posted by okyanuskokulubulut


  • Name: Guardian
  • Powers: flight/wings, super strength, telekinesis
  • Emblem: none
  • Suit: black wings; sleeveless black and cobalt blue suit; black and gold arm sleeves; no mask (wears glasses as a civilian); wears a gold band/crown, with blue gem in center, on brow/along hairline
  • Bio: a test subject in the same place as Tae because they both have wings; she also had super strength already when she first arrived, but experimental testing unlocked her hidden telekinesis powers; she escaped one day with Tae and ran into Jungkook by accident and they all became close friends, as well as formed a small superhero team; has a sibling relationship with Tae, they call each other brother and sister

Originally posted by vminv


  • Hero Name: Terra Hawk
  • Powers: wings/flight, control over nature, communicate with animals 
  • Emblem: the stylistic black raven shape on his chest; on the body of the bird is a capital H with a capital T right above it (vertical line of T is resting in top of H)
  • Suit: dark brown hawk-like wings; cobalt blue suit, fading to white at the wrist, ankles, and neckline; artistic black bird symbol on chest; eyes glow yellow when powers are used, black feathery domino mask; natural brown hair with green streaks in the front
  • Bio: was a test subject at the same underground lab as Y/N because of their wings; also had the power over nature and his eyes changed when using said power, but testing unlocked his ability to talk to animals; he escaped one day with Y/N and they ran into Jungkook and became great friends/heroes; has a sibling relationship with Y/N, call each other brother and sister; has a brotherly relationship with jungkook as well

Originally posted by jeonbase


  • Hero Name: Golden Boy
  • Powers: super strength, invulnerability, martial arts training, laser vision
  • Emblem: gold letters “G.B” on his chest; inside a gold diamond outline
  • Suit: black short sleeved suit; a black domino mask; gold-colored, metal wristguards; light brown hair with blonde streaks; gold and black belt with black (simple) diamond shaped belt buckle
  • Bio: mutant, born with his powers; left home young due to discrimination; lived on the streets and quietly helped people whenever he could; ended up running into Y/N and Tae right after they escaped a lab; became the best of friends and eventually a star hero team with their own secret base; Tae and Y/N teased him for basically being “knock off brand superman” so out of spite/humor he picked the most pretentious name he could

Originally posted by mewchim


  • Name: Shadow
  • Powers: martial arts training, acrobatic, teleportation, invisibility/shadow control
  • Emblem: none
  • Suit: traditional black ninja uniform; black mask covering lower half of face (nose and down); concealed weapons, prefers these and his own skills to a traditional sword or larger weapon; eye black (sometimes); black hair
  • Bio: a lone wolf character for the most part, but has nothing against working with others if he needs to; had left his home in Busan to train in a place in Japan to help control his unpredictable power of teleportation; ended up learning and becoming highly skilled in martial arts and his teleportation, as well as gaining the powers of invisibility and shadow control through further training and meditation; came back home after nearly 8 years; was immediately resolved once gaining his powers that he’d use them to help others; ran into Jin once on a mission, and while they don’t remain together indefinitely, they have become great friends and often work together due to their powers working fairly in sync with each other; similar case happened with Yoongi as well, Jimin needed something from Yoongi’s shop, and they became close friends after a while, also teaming up on missions when need be (yoongi likes to magically change his hair colors while he’s sleeping just to mess with him, like to bright pink or blonde)

Originally posted by kookies-for-taehyung


  • Name: Crimson Ghost
  • Powers: super speed, pyrokinesis, acrobatic/dancer
  • Emblem: stylistic flame symbol made of reds and golds; with a capital C in the middle, with a capital G inside the C  in black
  • Suit: black sleeveless suit; red leather jacket; black belt with gold flame insignia/buckle; red calf-high boots; red-brown hair; sometimes a black/red snapback; all specially made, friction/heat-resistant clothing, thanks to Yoongi’s spellwork
  • Bio: was a talented dancer before discovering powers during a practice session; he was dancing by himself in the studio when his feet started lightly go aflame while he was moving, same for his hands when he moved them, and after that noticed he had started to move way faster than was normal; panicked at first and ran out the back door, running into Yoongi, who then helped him understand his powers; teamed up with Yoongi and Namjoon later; still does dancing in his off time, as well as competitions

Originally posted by yukidinme


  • Name: Dream Bane
  • Powers: magic/spellwork, shapeshifting, dream control
  • Emblem: either none or he’ll magically make one on whatever he’s wearing (back of jacket or front of shirt, just depends); looks like spiky black letters, a backwards D and correct-way B; doesn’t use it often
  • Suit: usually just his street clothes; but makes sure when he actively goes out to fight crime that he wears a big baggy, dark colored jacket with a big hood and black pants; wears a black cap low over his eyes; sometimes a face mask, but it usually gets bypassed because it muffles his spell casting, causing problems; wears multiple (magic) rings on his fingers; puts black grease paint around his eyes; uses his magic to change his hair color, so its not usually consistent
  • Bio: found an ancient spell book in an old bookstore; learned and mastered the full book fairly quickly was an underground rapper at the time, so his quick skills in linguistics allow him to chant spells much quicker; travels/lives on his own mostly; met Namjoon mostly by accident because he needed special help restoring something he accidentally nearly destroyed with his powers; teamed up with Namjoon afterward; met Hoseok later just bumping into him on the street; they make up another team of three

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  • Name: Captain Desctruct
  • Powers: destruction/decomposition through physical contact, psychic, astral projection
  • Emblem: diamond shape on back of jacket, with angular C and D in the center, put together so the letters almost for a diamond as well
  • Suit: white blonde hair; black studded leather jacket; instead of a mask, he wears bright yellow tinted sunglasses; black leather pants (with the zips and textures) and combat boots; white t-shirt, sometimes also with his emblem
  • Bio: he was usually clumsy in his younger years, and always seemed in tune with others feelings/emotions, and this later grew into his powers during adolescence; around 18 he touched his laptop to slam it closed while in a fit of anger, and it immediately started to deconstruct and he panicked; he had heard of Yoongi and went to him for help: became great friends; after a few months he expanded his powers to being psychic and doing astral projection; very leader material, and most others agree, but if he’s ever teamed up with the 7 others, Y/N is his co-captain, so to speak

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  • Name: Mirage
  • Powers: telekinesis, healing powers, mirror manipulation/illusions, invisibility, eyes turn completely white/iridescent when using powers
  • Emblem: on the back of his jacket, the iridescent embroidery forms a capital M in the middle of his back (not solid)
  • Suit: soft pink hair; white t shirt; black pants; unbuttoned black suit jacket with geometric designs in iridescent thread; black shoes; black artistic/stylistic mask just covering his eyes
  • Bio: discovered his multiple powers on more than one occasion in his teen years (18); his dog was limping after taking a small tumble, and when jin touched him, the dog perked up almost instantly as his leg stretched back out and he ran off perfectly okay; jin found out about the mirrors and illusions when one morning when he was brushing his teeth, he saw cracks start to spread across his face, and panicked but after touching the mirror the image faded away, leaving his real reflection, and it changed his eyes as well (they faded back to normal fast too); had heard about yoongi and his “specialities”; went to him for help, and got trained how to control his powers, and after a brief denial stage, decided to use his powers for good; became best friends with Namjoon (also helped Joon through his fears about his powers) and Yoongi, and then Hoseok as well
Yuri on Ice: On “Love” and what it means.

So, I’d like to take some time to address how Yuri on Ice handles the concept of “love” within the context of the characters’ interactions, mainly Yuuri and Victor, but also in regard to everyone else. It seems like ever since episode 4 when Victor proclaimed that being tough on Yuuri was “how he showed his love”, the word “love” has been thrown around left and right without a second thought. So when Yuuri refers to “Victor’s love” or Victor refers to “showing his love”, what exactly does it mean? Is it romantic love? Sexual love? Friend love? Familial love? Love of the sport shared by coach and pupil? I think it’s both a combination of all and none of those at the same time. It’s something wholly unique that is actually really difficult to pin down. Let’s start at the beginning. 

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i need some fair opinions pls :/

So, as some of you may know, I’ve been uploading a few performances from the new Cosmic Explorer BluRay. Personally, I know that there is a demand, and most of my Western viewers are really enjoying the uploads!

But on the contrary, the Japanese fans are seriously angered at me right now. Here is one surprising comment I got (translated):

prfm-uk has no manners or morals as a fan.
He can not understand that what he is doing is an act of harassing the three members of Perfume.

Despite being scolded by Perfume Official (when did this happen lol) at the time of sale of TOKYO GIRL, he scattered the sound source of the instrumental and Houseki no Ame and repeatedly troubles Perfume and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu this time as well.

I think that he is no longer a Perfume fan, but rather an anti-fan; harassing Perfume members and enjoying annoying and vandalising behavior.
I have reported him to Perfume Official and fan club PTA, so I hope that the officials will come on Monday and give prfm-uk severe punishment.

And the YouTube world is not sweet.
I have seen a lot of uploaders who repeat such acts and that can not understand manners, but these kinds of people will sooner or later be subject to punishment and disappear from the world of YouTube.

If prfm-uk wishes to act as a fan for a long time, he should keep good manners and rules on YouTube, but I do not think that this person can understand it.

- fan service sweet fan service bitter

Yeah, people aren’t happy :0

I have two main lines of argument here:

  1. Amuse has monetised my videos, meaning that they get all of the money from the adverts on my videos. They haven’t blocked them, meaning that they are fine with the actual uploads.
  2. If you are a true fan as dedicated as you say, then you would have bought the DVD/BluRay regardless, and many people have already pre-ordered it.
  3. Me uploading clips from the DVD evens out the playing field in terms of people saying “I’ve bought more Perfume stuff, so I’m a better fan!” so people who can afford it will still buy the DVD, while others can enjoy snippets of it online so they know whether or not to save their money up for it.

But I’m not gonna go ahead and say that I’m right and everyone else is wrong. I’d really like some opinions on what to do here. Thank you! prfm-uk out <3