Tumblr Community, If i ever needed your support it would be right now!

Native hawaiians are PEACEFULLY protesting the building of yet ANOTHER telescope on the summit of one of Hawaii’s most sacred and beautiful mountains. Our connection to the land is strong and we will do as much as we can to protect it and keep it as close to the way that nature intended it to be.

“A $1.4 billion project to erect a 30 meter telescope on the summit of Mauna Kea has been faced by 300 plus protesters against the project. 12 people were arrested on Tuesday including Hawaii pro surfer Dustin Barca.”


Please, even if you do not sympathize with native hawaiian beliefs, at least show your respect to the lands that have provided us with so much. Again, this is a movement rooted in love, and I hope this community can help us in our endeavors. I urge you to look into this, please, save a culture. 


Hey Lovely followers of mine, 

Tumblr has been the best thing in my life so far. I feel your love every day, and it helped me so much in the past year. I also met some pretty amazing people on here! People I can call true friends :)

There is just one big problem: we all live on this planet called earth, and we all know that this planet is BIG! For example, Maddie (here’s her blog) and I are super good friends, but she lives in Australia and I live in Belgium. Alia (here’s her blog) and I are also really good friends, but she lives in Malaysia, and like I said, I live in Belgium.

Last night, while I was studying, I realised that I could do something about that! I haven’t told you guys this, but in april I’m going to NYC! And this is where I need your help: Alia, Maddie and I are clearly born in the wrong countries, so we need to be brought together! I decided to work more to earn more money, but that won’t be enough to buy them tickets to come to NYC with me. 

That’s why I decided to make a donation page, a place where you guys could donate some money to bring us together! I’m not asking for each of you to donate €100, but like if all of you could donate €1, that would be amazing! If you feel like donating more, you can always do that :)

I’m begging you, like literally, if you have the chance to help us out, It would mean the world to us! We’ll work our asses off to earn money, but you guys could help us so much!

Bless your beautiful soul if you decide to help us out, bless you so so much.

Thank you for reading this, we really appreciate it!

Love you all,
Alia, Maddie and Zowie

Friends, we need your help. NPR’s Melissa Block recently interviewed musician Passenger (Mike Rosenberg) and he shared a story about a chance encounter with a stranger who had a profound impact on his life. We want to find that stranger.

Here’s the deal: Last year during a tour stop in Minneapolis, Rosenberg made a late-night gas station trip to buy cigarettes. He struck up a conversation with an older man who was smoking outside next to his motorcycle. He learned that this gentlemen had been diagnosed with lung cancer and was midway through a cross-country road trip to see his family in New York, where he planned to spend the rest of his days. 

Rosenberg never got the man’s name, but the experience affected him deeply. He quit smoking and wrote the song “Riding to New York.”  

We’d love to reach this man or his family. If you think you might know who he is, please email nprcrowdsource@npr.org

Please reshare this. I know we can track this guy down. (We did it once before.) 

Update #1, 12:21 PM:  He met the man on Tues. July 30th, 2013 in Minneapolis.