My life

*sets alarm for 6am*

Me: okay time to get to sleep, I have to wake up early for tomorrow

Also me: *scrolls through tumblr for otp posts until 4am*

-The next day at school-

Friend: Hey! How you- oh geez what happened to you

Me: *eye twitches* i don’t know.

Need help! Trans-mom of 3 in dire circumstance

Good day wonderful souls ❤ let me explain my situation. I’ve got 3 daughters who live with my ex. I used to make alot of money at a job I can no longer do due to medical issues. As such, my child support is far more than I can afford. The job I have(/had?) Has not given me a shift in 2 months, and the labour board won’t help me. I’ve taken up sex work to pay my dues, but due to a screwed up situation with one of my roomies, I can’t do incalls, which would earn me more clients, also, the last few clients I had, their payment was cash in my purse, which this roomie stole the other day.. several hundreds in cash, my wallet, which I just replaced from being stolen 2 months ago, my hormones and my anti depressants among other things. Oh, and my laptop. So the biggest problem is I’m behind on my child support already and care too much about my girls to not pay. Also, my ex says they will take legal action if I am not caught up by April 1st. I owe her 1275 on that day, and am trying to fight my anxiety and withdrawals from my meds to work, but also, due to my lack of money, can’t promote my sex work ad, and thus am not getting much for calls.
Please! I need help.
My PayPal is
Anything helps! And you’ll have my eternal gratitude
Please reblog of you can’t donate ❤
Much love

Now that you’ve answered our summons, Lotor
Things should start going our way
Ev'ryone here’s counting on you, Lotor
That’s what I’m trying to say
There’s no Galra quite as admired as you
You’ve something that we can’t deny
Ev'ryone’s awed and inspired by you
And it’s not very hard to see why

No… one’s… sly as Lotor
No one’s spry as Lotor
No one’s hair’s as incredibly fly as Lotor’s
For there’s no other we’d call our hero
Perfect, our king’s favorite son!
You can ask any Keith, Lance, or Shiro
And they’ll tell you whose bad side they’d hate to be on!

Galra Chorus:
No… one’s… swole like Lotor
Turns the heads like Lotor

No one’s got such a chance at romance like Lotor!

Prince Lotor:
As a space-a-man, yes, I’m intimidating!

Galra Chorus:
My what a guy, that Lotor!

Killer by the ready set fits Demon!Dean so much…And like….Destiel…But Demon!Dean and Lucifer!Cas. And Their relationship is love hate, one moment its all fluffy and good. The next minute, knives and objects are being thrown every direction.. Insults and curses, then they all stop as Dean would look lucifer in the eye. And Luci would drop everything, and just melt under the gaze of the Demon that he has fallen for…

REAAAALLLYYYY want to make a layton ask account… but i feel like im really unfamiliar with most of the characters (which is why im replaying all of the games). i feel like i wouldnt do them revenge justice if i just didn’t replay! aaaa but if i had to do a character it would probably be clive or froshellllll aaaaa idk….??