By far my favourite interview that I’ve seen and I really don’t know why but I can’t stop watching it…sooo addictive!

Please check out this link! Calling out to all my empathic fellow human beings. So I didn’t plan on falling in love with this little guy, but I did and I’m so determined to take him off the shelf and create an amazing,loving bond with him! Unfortunately our little buddy comes with a big price that with your help I can reach! With all assests to take care of him ready, all that’s missing is HIM! PLEASE HELP A FELLOW BIRD LOVER!

Public Service Announcement

Do not browse the Yuri on Ice tag at work. Just…don’t. The level of embarrassment you will feel when your boss walks in to you smiling like a fool at gorgeous fan art of these two beautiful gay figure skaters kissing is just…it’s not worth it, guys. Don’t make my mistakes. SAVE YOURSELF.

Boyfriend Jeno pt.3

Part 1 and 2 [X] [X]

  • him wearing his glasses for you
  • cause you asked him too
  • One piece marathon
  • he’ll be your Luffy
  • protecting you from everything
  • Is Luffy even his favorite in the show? …I don’t know
  • Naruto everyday too
  • he’ll also be your Naruto
  • Cherry Blossoms!!
  • he’ll take you to a cherry blossom tree
  • and kiss you under the beautiful flowers
  • winter is coming
  • you know what that means
  • Jeno would be outside though
  • Hot chocolate with marshmallows
  • cause marshmallows are as sweet as Jeno
  • Movie marathon right after
  • Disney movies to be exact
  • he’ll end up sleeping half way
  • which means enjoying his beauty
  • you’ll end up taking a picture of him
  • he wakes up to the flash
  • takes your phone and brings you into his arms
  • thanks to Jeno
  • he will make you food
  • does he even know how to cook?
  • he will even bake
  • cupcakes, cakes, anything…
  • will make jokes along the way
  • you’ll laugh to them
  • smiles - eye smiles -
  • did I say eye smiles before
  • well eye smiles for days
  • so many I Love You’s
  • he means them all
  • he loves you so much

I’m gonna make a part 4 cause I got more ideas… 

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Shower anon--he can ABSOLUTELY HAVE LONG HAIR. It's all soaked and dark and plastered around his shoulders and neck, soaking up the moisture and dripping droplets onto his feet. The steam is so thick now cause he's teasing himself, taking longer, slower, deliberate pumps. His face though? Mouth slightly open, jaw slack, eyes screwed shut, panting barely hear over his rainfall shower. Maybe his head tilts back, he lets out a small whimper. White fist against the tiles, clambering for leverage....

And the way his breathing suddenly becomes harsh, sucking, desperate, and quick in time with those clenches in his abdomen… and how he holds his breath just for a second before he’s making a mess that is washed away before he can blink the stars from his eyes while his knees tremble and lips tingle. He’s gotta unclench his hand before passing it over his sopping hair and blinking dazedly.


Okay, so I have to do this thing for p.e. where I have to come up with different workouts that you can do with stuff you have at home (like doing curls with sack of potatoes, dips on a chair, etc.) and I’m drawing a blank. Anyone have any ideas? I would be eternally grateful. ❤