I wake up at noon and most days don’t even leave the house, all the while thinking of how much my life sucks. I can’t get back in school and I’m too anxious and scared to even apply for a job as expenses keep piling up. Money is getting tight and I fear that I’ll soon be too overwhelmed to even function. I can only hope that I can soon find the courage to make a better life for myself.

If only a shower was enough to wash off the things you did and said, but it’s stuck to me like a layer of skin.

God, I hate you for this.

—  Nicole Torres // what a dirty way to feel
Hi Everyone, I need your help!

I don’t ask for much, and I have been going through a hard time all summer.

This week, I got a full time job that pays bonuses, has benefits, and has unlimited overtime!

I have to drive an hour each way, but I have a good car to do it in.

Why do I need your help? My first paycheck isn’t coming until Sept 16th. I am the best money stretcher you have ever met, but even I can’t stretch it this thin.

I haven’t asked for anything at all, just good vibes. Now, and I hate to do it, I need your help.

I’m going to be offering $1/card readings through PayPal.

I’ll be using Oracle decks and Tarot Cards only for this.

Send me a message/ask and I’ll be happy to give you the email address or .me page.

I’ve done 15 card spreads, there isn’t a limit, I just need your help right now. I wouldn’t ask if it wasn’t important.

On the 16th, I have plans to make it up to everyone who donates/helps!!

i was gonna make an emotional post abt Tim and Bruce and the relationship they used to have, how it wasn’t perfect or anything but Bruce was trying and Tim was forgiving and they worked and how Bruce rly loved his son despite promising himself he wouldn’t after Jason and how Tim rly loved his dad despite all the shit Bruce has pulled but it’s midnight aka too late to be thinking about things like this


Seriously, his whole crotch area is like a goddamn disaster waiting to happen to my eyes. How do women control themselves who are actually in the same vicinity as him? How does he make it through one single day unmolested? I would go DIVING for it. I would throw children into the street to get to it. There would be a path of destruction left in my midst. The police would be called. It would be worth it.