So I had the weirdest dream..

I was at some small markets and I see a market with a bunch of doll heads decorating the front and sides. The smells coming from it were like
pork and it honestly looked like this stall was selling pork crackling. Interested, I walk over and this old woman with grey, dead, hair is ringing a bell and calling out


So I’m like

“Woah? What? Baby necks?”

So she gives me some to try because I must of looked hella confused. So I take a bite and then I fall to my knees and begin throwing up.

I begin throwing up tiny baby doll heads. Yep.

So while I’m throwing up baby doll heads, Shane Dawson comes over and kinda goes


And he takes a photo.

And then I wake up…
Formal Address & Members of the LGBTQ Community

I’m having a terrible, horrible, no good rotten day/week at the office.

I would love some feedback from others.

I’m having difficulty wrapping my brain around this — and want to do the right things/be a decent human/be a decent ally.

What I do for a living involves a great deal of formal and informal contact with others.

One of the many things I am responsible for is the standardization of information in our database.

Because of the nature of our work, we often send formal correspondence.

In addition to following the rules set out by Emily Post and other etiquette experts — we try to be as inclusive as possible, and be welcoming to people for all parts of the community, other cultures etc.  Whenever someone makes a specific request, we honor their choice.  We read, research and try to keep up with ever evolving norms.)

Yet — we are still working with thousands and thousands of people – and a database.  We try to keep the options limited - but broad – and we make exceptions when needed.

For FORMAL correspondence we use the format:

Title First Name Last Name

If a Middle Name or Suffix is shared - we will use that as well.

Our drop down menus offer the most common titles:







For children we usually use Miss for those identified as girls and Mister for those identified as boys.  (We stopped using Master for boys….after research and much internal discussion.)  I’ve yet to hear of a gender neutral title for children — but if one comes into common use – we’ll add it.)

We added Mx. about 2 years ago — because we wanted to have a gender neutral title options – and Mx. was added to the OED…so it have become the most common option.

Other titles are sometimes requested and used including:




The Honorable


We haven’t received any requests for other gender neutral titles — but we would use them if asked.

Our policy is to address people as they request.  Always.  

Recently I’ve gotten considerable pushback on the use of formal titles from several LGBTQ co-workers in other depatments.  (But not from the public).  They insist that is is insulting to use formal titles and everyone should just be addressed informally:  Bob Smith.

I can’t have a big office debate about this.  BUT I just can’t wrap my head around this one either.  I truly want to understand.

Is this just push back against formality?  Or is it all wrapped up in gender/sexuality? Is it a new trend?  I’m so confused.

If anyone would like to share thoughts and opinions, I would welcome them.

(Please just don’t attack me – I, and my employer are committed to learning and changing and being welcoming and respectful.  )



Guys…I’m trying to fall back in love with writing again… so can someone send me a prompt or scenario (ANY) they’d like to see. It can be fluffy or angsty or funny (no smut..Not very good at it!)..I can do one from any of the following


Kdramas: Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, Emergency Couple, Suspicious Partner

TV Shows: Supernatural, Bones, Gilmore Girls, Sons of Anarchy

I just want to get back into it, but have no inspiration. I would like to get back into writing so I can finish my series I have started on this blog. So someone..please?! :)