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Sam rubs his hand over his face. What the hell just happened? How did he go from the one doing the dismissing to the one being dismissed? Sam’s not used to this. He knows how a mind works. He knows how to make sure he never has to be anyone but the one saying goodbye. What is it about this Bucky fucking Barnes that made him slip?

When Sam Wilson’s called to help solve a series of crimes in the small town of Brentonwood, Indiana (pop: 4,736) he expects to do what he’s done hundreds of times before: explore a new town, meet some new people and solve the case. What he gets when he meets Bucky Barnes is so much more than that.

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Hello my friends~!
I have this important issue…
Well a friend of mine is going to Japan on May and I asked her if it was possible for her to buy me a plushie of DL (more specifically a Laito, Subaru or a Shin) and/or the “Chaos linage: team violet” CD drama (if I’m not incorrect is coming out by then…)
However she asked me where are they being sold in Japan, because she’s only having a free time on Tokio 😭
If any of you know which store or where they are sold there I would be very grateful and if I’m not asking already to much… How much does each one of them cost? I need to know because I’m very poor and I need to start saving until her trip…
Thank you very much and please help me 🙏 (either here or on a private message)
Hola mis queridos amigos!
Necesito de su gran ayuda!
Resulta que tengo una amiga que se va a ir a Japón en mayo. Así que le pedí que si era posible que me comprará un plushie de DL (más específicamente el de Laito, Subaru o Shin). También es posible que para entonces ya haya salido el CD drama de “Chaos linage: team violet” así que igualmente quiero ver si me lo podría conseguir.
Sin embargo, me pidió exactamente en dónde de Japón los vendían. Esto se debe a que solo va a tener tiempo libre en Tokio 😭.
Si alguna/alguno de ustedes sabe en dónde está o cómo se llama la tienda en dónde los venden estaría muy agradecida 🙏
También (si no es mucho pedir)… ¿Cuánto costaría cada uno? Es que soy pobre y quiero ver si puedo ir ahorrando para cuando se vaya de viaje. (Ya sea aquí o vía mensaje privado)
Agradezco su ayuda de ante mano!

Too soon?

Space Dad and Smol Bird.

Pretty sure this is the relationship they have when they’re not fighting the Galra: Pidge the Pun-master and weary-but-amused Shiro who would probably win Gold at the eye-rolling Olympics.

Only truly great shows can inspire my lazy ass into making fan art and Voltron:Legendary Defender seems to have made the cut.

I was (and still am) having such severe withdrawal symptoms after S2 (wtf was that ending tho???!?!?!) so I went on a fan art binge which eventually inspired me to make this.

If you haven’t watched it yet, you’re missing out! The show would be vaguely summed up if you could imagine the people from Legend of Korra, with Power Ranger abilities, set in a Star Wars Universe.
It’s fantastic and I love every single one of the characters and augh, it makes me so happy T______T 

I hadn’t drawn digitally for ages, so this took embarrassingly long to complete.