I have literally just returned from the new Power Rangers movie and.

Holy shit.

As someone who grew up watching Mighty Morphing Power Rangers, and just about all the other variations of Power Rangers beyond that, I 100% approve.

This movie was outstanding, I would go again it was fucking amazing, diverse, had WONDERFUL nods to the original series, including some of the old cast!!, and did an awesome job of bringing it into this generation. There is not a single thing that I disliked about this movie. Not one.


Today in 1997, Spice Girls hit No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 with “Wannabe.”

little-misss-muse  asked:

Dark narnia AU?!


(but first allow me to remind ya’ll that my english is super duper shitty - lil Frenchie over here - so it might not be amazingly clear but I do my best okaaaaay)

Also, I /love/ angsty stuff so get ready, it’s about to get dark and ugly.

What if, in order to defeat the White Witch, the Pevensies had to forget morals and righteousness, and started to fight a war, a desesperate war against the woman who’s holding their brother prisoner…?

  • Lucy comes first in Narnia and she meets Tumnus, who fails to drug and kidnap her
  • (woohooooo)
  • the Witch doesn’t tolerate failures
  • so when his spies tell her what happened she orders Grimmault to bring the faun to her
  • mr tumnus is tortured (because she wants answers, and because she’s angry about this lil human coming in /her/ kingdom)
  • she’s so angry she let Grimmault eat the poor faun
  • as a warning to the other creatures who’d might wanna follow his example and not follow her orders, what’s left of Tumnus’s head is nailed to the door of his cavern
  • anyway
  • (this is only the beginning i’m so sorry)
  • Edmund comes second in Narnia and doesn’t see much of it except snow… at first
  • he doesn’t know but someone’s watching him in the woods; Grimmault’s still here and he intends to catch this human
  • he starts to chase him, and plays with him, pleasing himself with the child’s fear
  • but the Witch stops him
  • she understands that there’s more than just Ed, and she knows she needs to kill them all
  • and Ed is so thin and so hungry because of the war’s privations
  • and he feels so lonely and the lady in white is so nice
  • so when he comes back, he’s so happy, he wants to tell his siblings he found food and someone as nice and caring as their mom
  • but Peter and Susan are listening to the radio
  • the news from the front are bad
  • so, so bad
  • they’re still in the middle of the Battle of England and V2s starts to strike London
  • Peter is so afraid at the idea they might not be safe here either
  • the elders are both so scared and helpless that when Ed comes with his bright smile, they just think he did an other prank
  • they don’t believe him, of course
  • don’t trust him
  • he insists, and insists and starts to get angry at Peter
  • but Peter’s angry and scared too
  • he lashes out and yells at his brother
  • the kids argue, Ed runs away
  • lucy tries to convince her elders but it doesn’t work more
  • let’s go a lil quicker now
  • lu goes back
  • sees what happened to mr tumnus
  • she runs back to the house, screaming and jumps into the arms of peter, with blood on her dress
  • they don’t understand where that blood comes from
  • then they discover that ed is missing
  • he went his the wardrobe
  • so peter and susan follows lucy in narnia
  • they discover the war, the prophecy, blah-blah-blah and everything
  • but it doesn’t end the same way
  • because jadis has edmund
  • she still needs him to lure the others to her
  • so she can’t kill him, but keeping him alive is still a risk that the prophecy becomes true, right?
  • so, well, she makes sure he’ll never be able to sit on Cair Paravel’s thrones
  • tortures him
  • to insanity
  • lucy and susan doesn’t know this, but peter understand this since oreius tells him all the rumours he can gather
  • and aslan?
  • oh, he’s here, and powerful
  • but susan can’t stand him, because he does nothing to help them, to rescue edmund or to help peter
  • so she trains
  • bow and arrow, for sure but not only
  • she talks with the naiads, the dryads, the old gods and the magical creatures, finds books about magic
  • she was defenseless when she arrived in narnia, lucy and peter are learning to fight with swords and those knights things
  • susan? susan learns magic
  • and she’s driven by anger and fear, which feeds her magic
  • she becomes powerful
  • aslan doesn’t like it, thinks it’s dangerous
  • oh he’s right, it is dangerous; but susan doesn’t care, she needs that power
  • and she knows where to find more power… aslan’s here, right? and he’s powerful
  • well
  • susan’s more vicious than the lion thought
  • and she has this hex, and she sets up this plot, and -let’s shorten here ‘kay, it’s super complex- she kills aslan
  • well, she sacrifices him
  • and takes his powers, his strength
  • susan becomes a sorcerer, a witch… and a powerful one, always carrying the Lion’s fangs with her
  • she’s the Tormenter
  • and with her magic and spells she protects her siblings, protect the armies
  • it needs a lot of blood tho to realize this spells
  • blood sheds aren’t really a problem for lucy actually
  • she lost something when she saw mr tumnus head
  • all that blood… she can’t forget it, so she kills, and kills, and kills
  • she’s a monster on the battlefield
  • she’s feared
  • she’s the Destroyer
  • and peter seconds her in this destruction
  • but he’s more of a tactician
  • lucy’s a fighter, a savage warrior
  • peter is more vicious, he always comes up with twisted plans
  • killing innocents? well
  • if it helps him, why wouldn’t he hesitate?
  • he wants to defeat the witch, sure
  • but he wants to make her pay for what she did
  • scare one to terrify a thousand, right? that’s exactly what peter does
  • he wants the witch to fear them
  • to know they’re coming for her
  • tadaaah
  • to sum up, i love creepy and angsty stuff
  • hehe
  • (not even sorry)
  • (okay just a little)

And the edits are coming tomorrow … !

What actually happened in Teiko Arc
  • Akashi: I need someone. *finds Kuroko* Good.
  • Aomine: Tetsu you my bruh
  • Kuroko: I will try my best to stay your bruh
  • Nijimura: I cannot captain. Akashi you captain.
  • Akashi: Ok.
  • Teiko team: We won again aaaaaaay
  • Murasakibara: Aka-chin weak
  • Akashi: Say that to my face you fucking tree
  • Aomine: Tetsu I'm too strong for you. We not bros no more.
  • Kuroko: ...bruh.
  • Akashi: Tetsuya. Shintarou. Daiki. Ryouta. Atsushi.
  • Ogiwara: Kurokooooo
  • Kuroko: Hello childhood friend. I wish to battle you.
  • Kuroko: *gets injured* Fuck.
  • Akashi: Don't worry Tetsuya, we will battle him for you.
  • Teiko team: 111-11
  • Kuroko: What...is victory..?
  • Akashi: We've already kicked too many asses. Lets split up into different teams so that we can kick each other's asses. How's that sound?
  • GoM: Cool.
Klance AU Fic Rec

(Alt title: a list of klance au fics that was asked for but probably is unnecessarily long)

For @awkpnguin

I went through like 10 pages of my klance au fics that I had bookmarked on ao3 and might have ended up rereading some of them (shhh I’m trash and I know it okay). Sorry for being slow with this ahah–

[Before you ask; no, this obviously isn’t all of my bookmarks considering that I only picked AU fics–]

SFW Fics that are on my A+ list (or are at least a decent read).

chasers of fate - freshia - 2/2
((Reincarnation + College AU. Side Shallura. This is definitely a fave!))

Reporting for Duty - cocoabeaniebag - 1/1
((Doctor Keith x Police Officer Lance. Modern AU. This is a personal fave, it has a lot of nice touches of realism!))

Kindergarten - MilkTeaMiku - 22/?
((It’s mainly focused on Shallura, but oh man kid klance??? That’s so???? Adorable??? I can’t- //clutches chest. It’s as the title suggests, it’s a Kindergarten AU. Shiro and Allura are teachers!))

Please, don’t bite - kagseyamas - 1/1
((Modern AU. One night stands on holidays; yes, this fic is SFW, don’t worry.))

Ocean Eyes - spacezuko - 1/1
((College + Swimming AU))

The Benefits of Afternoon Tea - WhirlyBot - 1/1
((Keith works at a Teahouse; it’s cute and short.))

Mr. and Mr. McKogane - bolbessa - 1/1
((Mr. and Mrs. Smith AU. I recommend reading this even if you haven’t watched the movie. I didn’t watch Mr. and Mrs. Smith, but this fic was beautifully written! This fic is also written for 2k16KlanceWeek so there’s also some more lovely fics written by bolbessa.))

Sight for Sore Eyes - writewild - 3/3
((Photographer Lance x Writer Keith. Modern AU.))

i am the opposite of amnesia - shizuoh - 1/1
((Hunger Games AU. I suggest reading shizuoh’s other works too!))

waiting for a sign - oathofsilence - 1/1
((Modern AU. Lance gets into a fight and Keith helps patch him up.))

Voltrain - arialsal - 1/1
((Pet Store AU.))

Roommates - manamune - 1/1
((Photographer Lance x Artist Keith. College AU. Roommates. This fic is another one of my faves!))

The Lion’s Den - Gigapoodle - 20/?
((Coffee Shop AU. Trans Keith.))

The Nuances of Color - DylanOhbrien - 1/1
((Modern AU. Keith has a sweet tooth.))

HEVAEN - spadesoface - 1/1
((College AU. Internalized Homophobia. This fic was written for 2k16KlanceWeek so there’s more klance fics written by spadesoface!))

call me, beep me - safra - 10/10
((Modern AU. Wrong Number AU. Minor Shallura. Like the chapters, I rate this fic a 10/10! I love Pidge and Keith’s friendship, and I love the conversations going on between Keith and Lance. Although the fanfic may be off putting since it’s mostly a text fic, but I highly recommend reading this fic if you haven’t! Note: It’s better to read this on desktop than on mobile because italics are used.))

Summer Storms - shaqfu - 1/1
((Magic AU. Modern AU. You should check out some of shaqfu’s other klance fics; there was one that I particularly love called “(Pre)teenagers Scare the Living Shit Out of Me” that hits close to home, not that I made Naruto OCs or fanfics because I was never really involved with that fandom, but definitely makes me remember my beautifully cringeworthy moments lmao.))

Counting in Code - DLanaDHZ - 1/1
((Military AU. A+++++ one of my favorite AUs and a favorite fic of mine with Sniper Lance. This fic was inspired by Lowaharts’ Military AU.))

all i know is we said hello - rire - 1/1
((Childhood Friends AU. Modern AU.))

Barbie Girl - shipstiel - 1/1
((Soulmate AU. Modern AU. Another fic written for the glorious 2k16KlanceWeek! There’s more klance fics written by shipstiel, including Lance’s POV of this Soulmate AU.))

Certified Matchmaker - aestover - 1/1
((Coffee Shop AU. Matchmaker Hunay. Hunk attempts to get klance to be canon. There’s more fics written by aestover!))

when i’m without you (i’m something weak) - jojotxt - 1/1
((Diner AU. Keith works at a diner and Lance is an annoying customer. It’s beautiful okay– //whispers jojtxt also has more klance fics.))

Marked - lissa_molloy - 1/1
((Soulmate AU. There’s more klance fics written by lissa!))

This Time Don’t Make Me Leave - Qpenguin98 - 1/1
 ((High School AU. Trans Keith. I love Qpenguin’s Trans Keith fics okay–))

and i’ll keep you a daydream away - ashtxns - 1/1
((Office / Parks and Rec AU. If you’ve never seen Parks and Rec, then don’t worry because I haven’t either rip. //whispers you should also check out ashtxns’ other vld fics.))

You’re my head (you’re my heart) - Talinor - 1/1
((Final Battle. Established relationship. I really like Talinor’s writing, and they’ve written other klance fics too! I’d also suggest An Alternate Solution which is a Dragon Age Origins AU which is kinda spoilerish combined with a Trans Keith.))

of florists and tennis shoes - venpast - 11/11
((Flower Shop AU. College AU. Coffee Shop AU. Similar to The Lion’s Den, I went through an emotional rollercoaster through this beautiful fic. It might also be because I’m a sucker for flower meanings and klance fics in general.))

try if you can - aknightley - 1/1
((College AU. There’s more klance fics written by aknightley and I think I’ve said this before by this person is seriously my favorite writer on ao3.))

NSFW fics that are on my A+ list (or are at least a decent read).

Young Lovers - Fanhag102 - 1/1
((Smut. High School Klance in a small town. Secretly Dating. I really love this fic, NSFW content aside, because it gives a lot of realism. The setting is somewhat unique, granted that it’s a HS AU, but isn’t entirely focused on the high school aspect asides for Klance being in their final year of high school.))

I didn’t really bother much with the nsfw content. Although I’d like to say that as a reminder, not every explicit content is smut, considering that I do have some gorey fics bookmarked.

Anyways, for now, that’s pretty much all of my favorite klance au fics!

Blue. Phanfic.

Summary:  In the year 2003, fifteen five year old’s disappeared across the country, baffling police with no leads. At eight years old Phil Lester was supposed to be one of them, but he was spared for reasons unknown. As he grows up, the faces and names of the missing kids haunt him, until he turns sixteen when a boy with blue hair appears on his doorstep out of nowhere. The boy seems remarkably familiar, and Phil comes to realize he has more in common with the stranger than he thought.

 Words: 9K

Thank you to @bringonthephandom for being my beta! :D 

Part: 1/?


9th November, 2003.

He knew the parents were downstairs. Because Jennifer Lester’s house had been under surveillance for quite some time. The mother and father never checked up on little Phil Lester after 8pm. He was usually asleep, cuddling his most trusted teddy bear and a pretty battered copy of Flat Stanley. The operation was simple, and it couldn’t go wrong. The windows were easy to break and it was an easy job: just straight in, grab the child, and then back out into the getaway car. He had done it a million times and tonight was no exception.

Except this time he didn’t break the window. Not after last time. It was his what, third kidnapping? Well, he wouldn’t call it a kidnapping. When these kids were older they’d thank the organisation for this opportunity. But at five years old, you can imagine a little kid’s reaction when a man is smashing through your bedroom window and climbing through. It doesn’t matter how many times he shushed the screaming kid or once or twice swore at it; because this one kid would not shut up. It turned out hissing, “Shut the fuck up you little brat!” didn’t work, and he had to actually use human emotions he hadn’t used in a very long time. Such as hugging the kid to his chest and murmuring that everything was going to be alright.

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Childhood Promise

Hello! It’s finally time for Hoseok to join the party with having a scenario. I really hope you enjoy this short drabble thing. 


Genre: Fluff

Member: Jung Hoseok

Word Count: 920

Originally posted by hob-e

You were a young child, playing in the park with your little pigtails bouncing up and down as you ran around with the other children. Though, none wanted to befriend you. You never questioned it since you were fine alone, but it did become quite lonely.

“Ya!” You heard a young boy calling out to you. You turned to the voice seeing a boy with a large grin and black hair. Blinking in confusion, you pointed to yourself in question. He ran up to you, panting as he rested his hands on his knees. “What’s your name?” He asked.

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