so, i see a lot of posts about pre 2000’s chb culture. but. what about chb in the late 2000’s? give me my horrendous jean skirts with leggings underneath wearing Aphrodite campers. give me my hermes kids trying to sneak in their motorola razors. what about the chb kids sneaking into chirons room to check their myspace? or the actual stab wound due to a ripoff silly band deal. even better, the homemade athena kids ‘greek sillyband’ edition (which they sell at owlgurl282@hotmail.com.) what about the apollo kids blaring “nobodys perfect” on their ipods? and the apollo cabin being SPLIT IN TWO about justin bieber and if he was good/his voice pitch? give me the lil demis pretending to be danny phantom, and screaming “im going ghost” before they ran at a training dummy. and the literal hoarding of japanese erasers. and bakugan (which, the hephaestus kids made real, terrifying ones to battle.) give me the jordan sparks “battlefield” request at the campfire. the smuggled in PS2, fully loaded with Spyro, sly copper, and gta vice city. give me the webkinz the younglings brought with them to cuddle, and the kids who wanted to be famous on youtube for 'scooter tricks’. the demeter kids and their scooby doo chia pets. just. just consider, late 2000’s chb.


— “Only couples and pigeons come to the park on a holiday!”

I have literally just returned from the new Power Rangers movie and.

Holy shit.

As someone who grew up watching Mighty Morphing Power Rangers, and just about all the other variations of Power Rangers beyond that, I 100% approve.

This movie was outstanding, I would go again it was fucking amazing, diverse, had WONDERFUL nods to the original series, including some of the old cast!!, and did an awesome job of bringing it into this generation. There is not a single thing that I disliked about this movie. Not one.

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You know what I loved this episode, Sam literally telling Dean to act how the bibros want him to. And Dean saying no I don't want that. It makes me so happy to have it cannon.

The thing is he did do it and it didn’t help, AT ALL. HE JUST FELT WORSE. he did it and afterwards was textually shown to be NOT FINE, “I’M PRETTY FAR FROM OK”, suicidal, empty.

The people who want him to do this and think he actually likes it are literally enforcing the toxic bull crap that Dean has been trying to get away from since the pilot and shown obviously (now textually instead of subtextually, where people with eyes noticed years ago but wtv I digress) to be bad and not helping at all and NOT WHAT HE ACTUALLY WANTS.

They’re enforcing what THEY want on him, not looking at what HE, DEAN, wants.

These people are John. John has been framed as a huge issue for Dean since the pilot but more blatantly /bad/ since he died, then shown as only bad because of his loss of Mary through the time travelling episode where we see this was not who he was at all, he was transformed into this /bad parent/ John through circumstance and specifically Mary’s death.

John is being addressed this season and Dean is tearing all that down, moving away from it. Most likely he’ll be forgiven but the things that are associated with him or at least what Dean has associated with him from his childhood (hello pb&j for HIMSELF in this episode too) are definitely going to be shown to be bad, ugly, not what Dean wants (check) torn down and replaced with something light, Angelic, emancipating and full of goodness that leads to him having a nice bright halo of happy light surrounding him as he grins and is happy…

*Insert repeated gifs of Dean letting his guard down and smiling fondly at Cas over the years and the promo pic from next week of Dean grinning after Cas returns backlit by a nice halo of light*


Today in 1997, Spice Girls hit No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 with “Wannabe.”