Valentines sleepovers plans

Hello my darlings. So after review, the Valentine’s day sleepover I think will start with a movie and end with Cards Against Humanity. The movie I’m currently planning on is Last of the Mohicans unless anybody has a better one, and we can also watch more than one so feel free to send suggestions. I think we’ll start around 7 EST on the 14th and we’ll go as long as everyone is awake. This will be open to anyone who doesn’t have any better plans for Valentines, and drinking is allowed although since this might be all ages (at least early in the evening) try not to be super sloshed. Stock up on whatever your comfort foods are we can have a proper pajama party. See you then!

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“Allllllieee!” The male shouts throughout their home, stumbling through their front door and leaning against the wall for support. Obviously the ‘only one wouldn’t hurt’ thought was a lie. “Baby.” He groaned, his hand flying back to push the door shut before making his way down the foyer. He was already clumsy while sober, but a drunk Ashton was even worse which he proves as he staggers into the table, causing a crash and another groan to slip from his lips. Finger coming up to press to his plump lips as he shushed the furniture.