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Alright I think I have a headcannon. Ok so Evan, as a kid, his favorite character ever was Peter Pan just because of the fact that he never grew up, thus he didn't have to go through any of the problems which comes with age. It's still low-key his favorite character and he watches Peter Pan (along with documentaries about trees) whenever he's in a really glum mood.

Heidi and Evan are able to see Finding Neverland one year and both of them love it (Evan especially)

Support Heidi Glüm's Defense Fund

As many of you know Heidi Glüm, Sharon’s drag daughter and close friend of the Haus of Haunt was viciously attacked last week. Heidi is being prosecuted by the women who violently beat her and is now in need of a defense team to not only clear her name but to serve her the justice she deserves. Please look at these beautiful art pieces donated to the aer auction that’s proceeds will 100% go to Heidi’s defense fund and bid to own a fabulous art piece and to help a very deserving cause. Please reblog and spread the word! 


While I agree with the general opinion that RuPaul’s Drag Race has revolutionized the art of drag performance, I think that in many ways the full spectrum of the drag community is being overshadowed by the show. While it’s true that we wouldn’t know who most of our favorite drag queens are without the show, and far fewer people would be interested in drag without it, it is also true that there are RIDICULOUSLY talented drag queens who have not yet been on the show. All of these queens are wonderful, and they are just a tiny handful of the queens who have not appeared on the show, and who deserve to be just as well known as Jinkx Monsoon or RuPaul herself. I hope that some day all Drag Race fans will be able to identify top notch drag performers from around the country (and globe) not because they won or competed on a television show, but because they worked hard for years to create a career centered around a polished performance that entertains fans week after week. 

The above queens are:

Robbie Turner (Seattle, Washington) - [gif courtesy of morbidbirdy]
Porcelain (San Francisco, California)
Tandi Iman Dupree (rest in peace, boo boo <3 <3 <3 )
Heidi Glum (Washington, D.C.)
Maddelynn Hatter (New York, New York)
Barbie Breakout (Berlin, Germany)
Rhea Litre (Los Angeles, California)
Kasha Davis (Rochester, New York)
Dallas Dubois (New York, New York)