• Diamond: Imagine if someone handed you a box full of all the items you have lost throughout your life.
  • Silver: It would be nice to get my sense of purpose back.
  • Ruby: Oh wow, my childhood innocence! Thank you for finding this.
  • X: My will to live! I haven’t seen this in 15 years!
  • Gold: I knew I lost that potential somewhere!
  • Black: Mental stability, my old friend!
  • Red: Kids, could you lighten up a little?


Caroline Penvenen convinced her parents to let her postpone an engagement so that she could attend university like she’d always dreamed. As her time at university is coming to an end and she’s even more unsure of her pending engagement, she meets and falls in love with one of her young professors, Dwight Enys.

Dr. Enys has avoided dating after the disastrous end to his previous relationship but something about Caroline draws him to her. He wants to explore more of it and risks his heart again.

When Caroline’s father finds out about Dr. Enys, he knows Dwight is a serious threat to his plans to merge two powerful business families. What lengths will her father go to in order to ensure the future he envisions? Will Caroline end the relationship with Dwight in order to protect him from her ruthless father?

83line Facts and Quotes pt.3

-Leeteuk said that Heechul is the member he really likes because he listens to him well.

-Heechul said he will only listen to Teukie, in no matter what condition or situation, because he trust him so much.

-Heechul said if he switch place with Teuk , he will make Teuk go outside, drinking and making friends with everyone since Leeteuk is introvert.

-Leeteuk once gives Heechul a bag, red bag, really red, and Heechul always wore that bag everytime they go overseas.

-Heechul promises him, he will buy Nike shoes for Teukie but he didn’t because it’s too expensive.

-Heechul acts as Princess Hwang Jinni while Teuk is the prince in Goong T parody.

-Heechul once protests when he and Gunhee have the same hairstyle and same clothes, but never protest when he and Teukie do it.

-Leeteuk said when he was trainee, Heechul always ask him to go to amusement park with him… to find pretty nunna :v

-Leeteuk and Hechul both like SMAP (Japan group).

-Yesung about Heeteuk: “They both are scary hyung”

-Leeteuk once ask Heechul to eat in ramen restaurant in front of Teuk apartment, Hee’s response are, “There’s a ramen restaurant near your apartment? Why you never told me?” (IG)

- Heechul always told teuk about everything he does, because he doesn’t want teuk to become worried.

-When Heechul & Mithra will hang out with eachother, Hee will lie to Teuk and tell him He’s going to his parent’s House instead.

- Heechul: “You (Leeteuk) treat me like a kid, it very weird, I became weak in front of Leeteuk” (Sucamp Macau)

-Leeteuk: “Heechul’s eomma can’t come today, her son never invite her…” (Sushow)

-Heechul: “Donghae-ya,Leeteuk is a scary guy” (KTR)

-Leeteuk: “Kim Heechul? I really can’t read whats on his mind” (Starking)

-Leeteuk: “Heechul fashion style is really different than me, so that friend helps me to involve and seeing the difference in many style, thank you Heechul-ah”

-Heechul: “It’s Leeteuk… The one who is kind and generous” (KnowingBros)

-Leeteuk: “In this Super Show Heechul will cross-dressing as Elsa” | Heechul: “Huh? I what?”

-Heechul: “Why you let me talk alone?” | Leeteuk: “Because the question is for you and me”

-Leeteuk: “…HBD…” | Heechul: “…eung…”

-Leeteuk: “You’ve worked hard!”|Heechul: “Why are you suddenly send me a cheesy word like this?”

-Heechul: “You’ve worked hard! “| Leeteuk: “This kid is making me cry….thank you friend”