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Lin-Manuel Miranda Oscar 2017 Red Carpet Interview with Robin Roberts

Lin talks his favourite Oscar moments and Dr Luz Towns-Miranda embarrasses her son by gushing about him. It’s very adorable.

“From the time he was tiny, we would sit up and watch the Oscars. And we said: ‘when he goes’ - not if, when he goes, I was going with him.”

83line Facts and Quotes pt.3

-Leeteuk said that Heechul is the member he really likes because he listens to him well.

-Heechul said he will only listen to Teukie, in no matter what condition or situation, because he trust him so much.

-Heechul said if he switch place with Teuk , he will make Teuk go outside, drinking and making friends with everyone since Leeteuk is introvert.

-Leeteuk once gives Heechul a bag, red bag, really red, and Heechul always wore that bag everytime they go overseas.

-Heechul promises him, he will buy Nike shoes for Teukie but he didn’t because it’s too expensive.

-Heechul acts as Princess Hwang Jinni while Teuk is the prince in Goong T parody.

-Heechul once protests when he and Gunhee have the same hairstyle and same clothes, but never protest when he and Teukie do it.

-Leeteuk said when he was trainee, Heechul always ask him to go to amusement park with him… to find pretty nunna :v

-Leeteuk and Hechul both like SMAP (Japan group).

-Yesung about Heeteuk: “They both are scary hyung”

-Leeteuk once ask Heechul to eat in ramen restaurant in front of Teuk apartment, Hee’s response are, “There’s a ramen restaurant near your apartment? Why you never told me?” (IG)

- Heechul always told teuk about everything he does, because he doesn’t want teuk to become worried.

-When Heechul & Mithra will hang out with eachother, Hee will lie to Teuk and tell him He’s going to his parent’s House instead.

- Heechul: “You (Leeteuk) treat me like a kid, it very weird, I became weak in front of Leeteuk” (Sucamp Macau)

-Leeteuk: “Heechul’s eomma can’t come today, her son never invite her…” (Sushow)

-Heechul: “Donghae-ya,Leeteuk is a scary guy” (KTR)

-Leeteuk: “Kim Heechul? I really can’t read whats on his mind” (Starking)

-Leeteuk: “Heechul fashion style is really different than me, so that friend helps me to involve and seeing the difference in many style, thank you Heechul-ah”

-Heechul: “It’s Leeteuk… The one who is kind and generous” (KnowingBros)

-Leeteuk: “In this Super Show Heechul will cross-dressing as Elsa” | Heechul: “Huh? I what?”

-Heechul: “Why you let me talk alone?” | Leeteuk: “Because the question is for you and me”

-Leeteuk: “…HBD…” | Heechul: “…eung…”

-Leeteuk: “You’ve worked hard!”|Heechul: “Why are you suddenly send me a cheesy word like this?”

-Heechul: “You’ve worked hard! “| Leeteuk: “This kid is making me cry….thank you friend”

83line Facts and Quotes

This is going to be a long post :v

  • Heechul and Leeteuk both born in the same year (1983), it makes them same-age friend
  • They both born in july, with 9 days difference.
  • When they were trainees, Leeteuk said he is awkward with Heechul because he is the only one that have the same age as him
  • They stopped being awkward because they play game together, and suddenly they became close like friends for 20 years
  • They both good at play game called Street Fighters
  • Heechul thought Leeteuk seemed too easy to bully when he first came. But now it’s Shindong that’s much better to bully.
  • They’re both polar opposites
  • Heechul likes red, Leeteuk likes white
  • Leeteuk’s life has been panned, while Heechul life freely
  • Leeteuk talk smoothly, while Heechul is straightforward
  • Leeteuk loves white color, but he doesn’t do laundry at all till he was with Heechul in hotel (for SS3)
  • Leeteuk Disney’s nickname by Heechul is Peterpan, Because Teuki doesn’t want to grow up
  • They have fight called “Incheon Battle” and ith happened because Heechul doesn’t talk to Leeteuk about having military enlisment
  • Heechul used to share rooms with Leeteuk, but because of Leeteuk’s weird sleeping habits, he got his own room.
  • Although Heechul and Leeteuk used to share rooms, they rarely saw each other
  • In Bonamana Era, Leeteuk and Heechul share room again, but they’re getting busier so they‘re only see each other on weekend
  • They’re TV buddies
  • They always keep in contact with each other while in army
  • While Leeteuk and Heechul sharing rooms, they both make it half-red and half-white, the members look at it and they tought they’re in between heaven and hell
  • Leeteuk comment on Heechul’s red side : “I think I just burn my eyes”
  • Heechul comment on Leeteuk’s white side: “Just by looking at it, it think I’m going crazy”
  • Heechul and Leeteuk have same taste of music, they both thinks Jay Park’s voice is amazing.
  • He stayed in the dorm together with Leeteuk, Donghae and Ryeowook just to get closer with them.
  • They both have 1 older sister who are born in the same year (Heechul-Heejin, Leeteuk-Inyoung)
  • dongsaengs said that they both have sharp tongue 
  • Leeteuk is always the first one to cheer Heechul
  • They made agreement, Leeteuk is going to be MC in Heechul’s sister wedding if Heechul is going to be MC in Leeteuk’s sister wedding
  • Heechul only listen to Teuk when it comes to hairsyle
  • Leeteuk only act childish when he’s with Heechul
  • Leeteuk always say to ELF’s that He and Heechul are going to have subunit like D&E
  • Heechul make a fanfiction about him and leeteuk on instagram
  • Also, they’re both loves to bully dongsaeng together because they’re good at lying
  • Heechul only pick Leeteuk when it comes to pepero games
  • Leeteuk: “Heechul-ah, actually  you are my only chingu”
  • Heechul called Leeteuk, GaeTeuk which is short for Gaegireum Leeteuk(개기름이특) which means ‘Oily-faced Leeteuk’. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ(Note:In one of Radio Show Translation it says 개특(GaeTeuk) which means DogTeuk. But its’ actually a shortcut name which says Gaegireum Leeteuk)·         
  • Leeteuk is the one who take care of Heebum (Heechul’s cat) while Heechul is busy·         
  • Leeteuk: “I think Heebum likes me more than you!”·         
  • They’re both hold grudges for long time 
  • Q: ” Which one of you is more popular? (Leeteuk or Heechul) Heechul: We’re both well-known. We’re both really popular.
  • Heechul: We (with Leeteuk) don’t fight that often. If we did, it’d be bad. If we fight, that will uproot the pillars of Super Junior. NO ONE CAN STOP US.
  • Heechul: Although I’m same age as Teukie, he’s really a very good leader! There’s nothing he can’t do well.Despite the hard times, thank you for smiling always. 
  • Heechul: Although Teukie and I always complained ‘ah, I’m dying, I’m dying’ when we’re dancing, it’s really interesting!
  • Leeteuk: Thank you Heechul for being our Super Junior’s member, saranghae.~
  • Heechul: I’m always on Leeteuk side no matter what!
  • Leeteuk: The day I get my wings back, is the day I have to go back. Heechul: Maybe you were a chicken in your past life..
  • Heechul: Leeteuk is like the roof that covers us through rain or snow. He’s a good leader & protects us through everything..
  • Heechul and Leeteuk: “We’re getting old…” 
  • ELF: What is Oppas doing? Heechul: Going to slog(work hard) with Leeteuk — – Leeteuk: Going to slog(work hard) with Heechul ~ ^ ^
  • Leeteuk: He really likes girls. Eunhyuk: He can’t live without them.
  • Leeteuk on Heechul dating “Heechul has an eerie charm. He has a dangerous charm where people who fall for him can never come back out… If I was a woman, I’d be suffering”
  • Leeteuk:”When Heechul told me to tighten my seatbelt that day, i started crying”
  • Leeteuk: “Heechul’s favorite number is number 4, so let’s go with number 4!”
  • Leeteuk: “Later on the future, I’ll always ask Heechul to come and play because i enjoyed playing with him”
  • Heechul (defending Leeteuk): “Hey don’t you dare do that to my friend!”
  • Heechul: “In Super Junior i like Leeteuk-hyung the most, because he teach me about friendship”
  • Heechul (Supercamp): “Jungsu-yah, let’s  be together forever…really, you and me, friend of 83, saranghae you brat!”
  • Leeteuk (Supercamp): “This friend had been growing up little by little and always making me proud”

oh hey, it’s-a one more commission!
This is a sketchpage commission I did for @kittysfigurines24 on the usual theme she chooses - lil old Fix it Felix being down with a cold, and Sergeant Calhoun helping to take care of him! this time around she wanted a bedtime theme.

drawing this made me realize how difficult it must be for Cal to sleep over in Niceland. xDthanks for commissioning me, Kitty!

(psssst commissions post here)