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#I still can’t believe Jeff didn’t see that Annie was going to annihilate him #at this point in their acquaintance Annie had: #attack kissed him in front of a crowd - causing him to drop a paraplegic man - to prove that man is evil and win a debate #slammed his head against a table #informed the dean about Chang’s faking his knowledge of Spanish in an attempt to force the entire group to take Spanish again #gave Jeff a bloody nose when she found out he’d had sex with Britta during paintball before he kissed her at the Transfer Dance #broke into Alan’s office to steal an email and then chloroformed an innocent janitor TWICE #sold Greendale out to City College #created an elaborate con to teach Jeff a lesson about slacking off #effortlessly pulled off roleplaying as Hector the Well Endowed #I MEAN REALLY #WHAT DID YOU THINK SHE WAS GOING TO DO JEFF #ROLL OVER AND ADMIT YOU WERE RIGHT!? (x)

Abed, as DM: You start to see something odd. The flame on the torches freeze suddenly in place and the cobblestones that comprise the walls and the floor, they start to flicker almost like they’re glitching out.
Britta: You all see this too, right?
Hector the Well-Endowed: Yup.
Britta: I just thought it was just kicking in, you know? I took a bunch of ecstasy before this.

  • [The Fukurodani and Nekoma teams are playing dungeons & dragons]
  • Kuroo: Yaku, what do you want to do?
  • Kenma: I’d like to introduce myself. Hello, I am a dwarf named zippity-doo..
  • Kuroo: Ok im not the best at making up names
  • Akaashi: Okay. I’m Marrrrrrrr. Boy you weren’t kidding.
  • Bokuto: Hello, Marrrrrrrr. My name is bing bong the archer, I’m an archer, and such.
  • Yaku: I’m.. Ew! Hector the well-endowed? Kuroo-
  • Kuroo: I didn’t know you just grabbed a character sheet at random, I made that one with Bokuto in mind
  • [Kuroo and Bokuto fist bump]
  • Kenma: Yeah I bet you did.

[Jason and Percy arrange a dungeon and dragons game to cheer Nico up.]

Jason: I understand Nico has his character Ducane who he’s playing as for years. So I made these for you guys. Take your time choose your character carefully they each come with their own strength and weaknesses.

[The seven all grab random sheets]

Percy: Shouldn’t there be a board or some pieces or something to Jenga? 

Jason: No this is a roleplaying game.

Will: Ooooh Nico! *nudges Nico* 

Jason: Frank it’s your move how do you wish to proceed? 

Frank: Ummmm….

Jason: You’re slowing this down, Hazel? 

Hazel: I would like to introduce myself my name is Zippadidoo.

Jason: Yeah I’m not good at making up names.

Annabeth: Oh hey I’m Maaar…wow you weren’t kidding.

Percy: Hello Maaar, my name is Bing-Bong the archer, I’m an archer and such.

Piper: I’m ewww Hector the well endowed!

Jason: I didn’t know you’d just grab one at random I made that character with Percy in mind

[Percy & Jason fist bump]

Hazel: Yeah I bet you did…