Over the years I’ve compiled a substantial list of band names, some more serious than others. Sadly, I can’t make real bands out of all of them, so I’m going to sporadically design characters for some of them. Now, let me introduce the lead singer for ☠️⚡️LETHAL MAN BAT⚡️☠️ #bandofbradbands

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Sonic's Chilly Dog Throwdown
  • Sonic's Chilly Dog Throwdown
  • MetalBishop
  • DoD08-11: Sonic

TITLE: Sonic’s Chilly Dog Throwdown

ARTIST: MetalBishop

I decided to be creative with our usual New Month/Green Hill tradition. This has the Green Hill theme in it, but it also has a remix of the Sonic 1 title screen and boss theme. But it’s being featured today because it is VERY creative. It starts off as a story piece of someone just trying to buy a collection of classic Sonic games, and somehow the game has been remixed just like how the fans remix the music all the time!

The song itself is a very heavy metal piece, and the Green Hill portion has some vocals in it. They are gravely and hard to make out, and for the life of me I could not lyrics. There is also some electronic underpinnings to the music, but it’s all about that heavy metal here.

Download it here.

-Samurai Echidna.