*slams fists* the heathers musical is sooo good i’ve been listening to the recording for like the whole day IT’S SO GOOD

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Hello! My name is Victoria and I am a huge fan of the musical Heathers, as I assume you are too! I am planning on singing the ending of the song Beautiful at an audition here at my University! I was wondering if you have the instrumental for that song, and if you could share it with me! Thank you so so much!

Hey! I’m actually working on Beautiful and am about halfway done. Not sure when I’ll be fully finished because life is crazy. But it’ll be relatively soon…


Dead Girl Walking - Heathers: The Musical +LYRICS


Name in songs tag!

I was tagged by the lovely and wonderful books-are-my-escape thank you my dearest

A- Arms by Christina Perri
M- Meant To Be Yours from Heathers: The Musical
B- Boys in Books are Better by Carrie Hope Fletcher
E- Everything Ends from A Very Potter Senior Year
R- Riptide by Vance Joy

L- Legally Blonde from Legally Blonde The Musical
O- One Short Day from Wicked
U- Uptown Funk
I- It Wasn’t Me by Shaggy
S- Seventeen from Heathers: The Musical
E- Everything and More from Twisted

(Can you guys tell I like musicals?)

ACT I VS. ACT II — a musical theatre playlist for the emotional rollercoasters that are musicals [listen]

ACT I — humor and upbeat songs, colorful characters, laugher all around!

i. everybody say yeah - kinky boots // ii. dancing through life - wicked // iii. ready to play - side show // iv. carrying the banner - newsies // v. live in living color - catch me if you can // vi. moving too fast - the last five years // vii. so much better - legally blonde // viii. anything goes - anything goes // ix. beautiful - heathers: the musical // x. friend like me - aladdin // xi. you and me (but mostly me) - the book of mormon // xii. la vie boheme - rent // xiii. it’s possible - rodgers & hammerstein’s cinderella

ACT II — everything falls to shit, people are dying, hearts are breaking, abort the theatre!

i. i will never leave you - side show // ii. for good - wicked // iii. i am the one (reprise) - next to normal // iv. soul of a man - kinky boots // v. bring him home - les miserables // vi. i’ll cover you (reprise) - rent // vii. wishing you were somehow here again - the phantom of the opera // viii. letter from the refuge - newsies // ix. left behind - spring awakening // x. my house - matilda: the musical // xi. no one is alone - into the woods // xii. you should be loved - side show // xiii. hey #3/perfect for you (reprise) - next to normal

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20! (Oh, and kiwi :))

20. What is your favourite song at the moment?

Omg how could you ask me that! (ily) I don’t know but I’m currently listening to the soundtrack from Heathers: The Musical and I think that my favourite song on it might be Fight for Me but idk this is a really hard question cause I really love this soundtrack (and pretty much every other soundtrack I’ve ever heard) 

You’re so sweet :) 

Papaya: We used to talk but we don’t anymore and that makes me sad (by anymore I mean daily cause now we don’t have any classes together) :(

Can I do this? vs.  I Can do this!

I started week 3 full of self-doubt.  

 I thought week 2 had been going well until my daughter, Victoria, came home from Mexico and I started to work on her doing the vocals for my song.  She is 20 so very close to the 13-18 year old demographic.  She proclaimed that while it was a good song it was about 30 years too late. I had missed the mark and it was now too late to do anything about it.

 Time to start thinking about this week’s challenge issued by  Heather Gardner, Music Supervisor, Vapor Music. It is the music for an ad.

The spot features a child so we’re looking for something child-like, light and playful, fun, capturing the moment and that captures the spirit of a child. However, we don’t want to be emotional or heart-stringy — we’re looking for something that’s purely fun. You can definitely be somewhat quirky, while appealing to a mainstream TV audience.

I was drawn to the thought of the innocence of children…..how they look at life through a lens that has not been tainted by life’s experiences.  

 I spent some time listening to the songs which were referenced as examples of the feel being sought.  I loved The White Stripes’ “We Are Gonna Be Friends”

The first notes I wrote in my iphone were  “play time fun time  - I believe because I am a child -  have not become jaded, still believe in everything”

 I let that sit for a while and at some point picked up my note book.

My writing went toward things kids believe in.  My theme became “I believe in” followed by a list of things kids believe in.

I took my first couple of stanzas and sat with my guitar. Not my typical process as I default to the piano.  (Glad I did as this song feels best with a guitar.)   A melody over a very simple (typical) chord progression was where I landed. I think that simple works very well here in particular as it is from a child’s perspective.

 Once I had the first verse and some music I felt so much better. The down mood that had followed the end of week 2 was replaced with a very positive vibe.

 I also checked it out with Victoria.   When she smiled and said she really liked it, I felt I was on the right path.  

 I sat and made a list of some things kids believe in. I made a list and then looked for some rhymes.  My lyric  became:

I believe in,

bees and trees, chocolate chips  and fairies please

ah ha, ah ha

I believe in

flying kites , puppy dogs and riding bikes

ah ha , ah ha

 and I believe we all can see

that dreams come true, and

you love me

I believe in

Winnie the Pooh, jelly beans  and Tigger too

Ah ha, Ah ha

I believe in

Peter Pan, spinning tops and Superman

Ah ha, Ah ha

I believe in

Magic ways, Unicorns and sunny days

Ah ha, Ah ha

I believe in

Fairy tales , merry-go-round and giant snails

Ah ha, Ah ha

and I believe we all can see

that dreams come true, and

you love me

and I believe

you can see it to

take a breath

and just be you

The other requirement was that the music needed to fit a 60 second ad and also be broken down into 15 and 30 second spots.

 Fortunately my song fit nicely into that bucket. I wrote a song not just the 60 second piece.  I got challenged later in the week when I decided to change the tempo. I wanted to pick up the pace a little. That didn’t work so I had to pick it up a lot to then make it fit. It still worked.

 Still need to finish recording. At this time last week I also felt good.  Not sure I will post anything to the group prior to completion.  A little gun shy after last week.

 I am learning lots about my strengths and weaknesses. Perfect!