All POC Heathers Cast

made by @nb-partypoison and me!! inspired by this post

Chandler: Keke Palmer 

McNamara: Phillipa Soo 

Duke: Alice Lee 

Veronica: Brennyn Lark

Martha: Amber Riley 

JD: Jordan Fisher 

Kurt: Elijah Kelly 

Ram: Dan Domenech 

Kurt and Ram’s dads: Norm Lewis, Lin Manuel Miranda

Ms. Fleming: Queen Latifah

I really love the fact that Heather Duke is the only one without a primary color. Veronica, Heather M, and Heather C are all one of a kind (whether or not that’s a good thing) But all Heather Duke can do is imitate her surroundings. She’s so lost, she doesn’t even realize she’s been running on autopilot with a synthetic personality forged by someone else. What happened to the funny chubby girl she was in middle school? When did she stop caring about real things? Red, Yellow, and Blue just are. But green? Green has to be created. 

my hobbies include

  • listening to heathers and crying
  • listening to carrie and crying
  • listening to fun home and crying
  • listening to hamilton and crying
  • listening to spelling bee and crying
  • listening to spring awakening and crying
  • listening to matilda and crying
  • listening to annie and crying
  • listening to next to normal and crying
  • listening to showtunes
  • and crying
what the signs really want
  • Aries:for "heathers the musical" to go to broadway
  • Taurus:for "heathers the musical" to go to broadway
  • Gemini:for "heathers the musical" to go to broadway
  • Cancer:for "heathers the musical" to go to broadway
  • Leo:for "heathers the musical" to go to broadway
  • Virgo:for "heathers the musical" to go to broadway
  • Libra:for "heathers the musical" to go to broadway
  • Scorpio:for "heathers the musical" to go to broadway
  • Sagittarius:for "heathers the musical" to go to broadway
  • Capricorn:for "heathers the musical" to go to broadway
  • Aquarius:for "heathers the musical" to go to broadway
  • Pisces:for "heathers the musical" to go to broadway
Heathers: The Musical – a summery
  • Beautiful:& they said high school was fun
  • Candy Store:who needs GOOD FRIENDS when you can have LIP GLOSS?
  • Fight For Me:the new kid can punch also hot dAMN
  • Freeze Your Brain:drugs aren't cool try slurpees
  • Big Fun:go home you're drunk
  • Dead Girl Walking:I'm angry take your pants off
  • The Me Inside of Me:Heather's dead we have to like her now
  • Blue:friends help friends get raped
  • Our Love Is God:killing our classmates = best first date ever
  • My Dead Gay Son:our sons killed themselves for being gay but GUESS WHAT WE'RE GAY TOO
  • Seventeen:reallyy not into that anymore
  • Shine a Light:get your shit together Ms. Fleming
  • Lifeboat:surprise I'm a cinnamon roll love me
  • Kindergarten Boyfriend:you really need to get over him
  • Yo Girl:you fucked up
  • Meant To Be Yours:I was too nervous to ask you to prom so let's blow up the school instead
  • Dead Girl Walking (reprise):FIGHT ME
  • I Am Damaged:how to go out with a bang 101
  • Seventeen (reprise):was that supposed to be a happy ending or