How I Describe Musicals
  • Little Shop of Horrors:A man kills people and feeds them to a plant so he can become famous and get the girl of his dreams. Surprisingly, it doesn't work out.
  • Les Miserables:It's sad, the songs are sad, everyone is sad in the beginning and dead in the end.
  • Phantom of the Opera:A man stalks a singer who feels somewhat attracted to him but also thinks he is the ghost o her father, while she is also in love with her childhood friend. This makes her stalker jealous and goes on a killing spree.
  • Wicked:Musical fanfiction of the Wizard of Oz.
  • Heathers:Teenagers learn that everything will turn out fine in the end, even if you accidentally murder the most popular girl in school.
  • RENT:Everyone has AIDS and Mark is alone.
the signs as awesome female characters: broadway edition
  • aries: veronica sawyer
  • taurus: eponine  
  • gemini: nina rosario  
  • cancer: mimi marquez 
  • leo: elle woods 
  • virgo: katherine plumber 
  • libra: matilda 
  • scorpio: the witch  
  • sagittarius: natalie goodman
  • capricorn: elphaba
  • aquarius: liz/beth  
  • pisces: annie