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Consider: on Halloween, Seán posts a video simply titled “Halloween.” You click on it. There’s a flash of red light, and then a dark screen. You hear the familiar voice of Anti say two words: "Hęłłõ, Šėáń.” And that’s it. That’s the entire video…except for the last five seconds, where all you hear is a scream. A green light winks in the final second, and the video ends.

Consider : I’m scared now

when you load up kingdom hearts and the title screen fades in and you can hear the ocean swooshing and dearly beloved starts playing and all of a sudden all life issues go away and all internal conflict is resolved and it doesnt matter who loves u and u feel eternal

There’s really nothing quite like when you go to the cinema to see a new Star Wars film, and there’s that moment when the STAR WARS title comes up on the screen and you hear the first notes of the theme.

There truly are no words to describe that feeling.

Some Highlights from “The Music of Rogue One” Panel at SWCO17 (aka the panel that blew my mind)

So since I can’t find any filmed version of the “Music of Rogue One” panel with David W. Collins I’ll post some of the highlights here. I’m a music theory nerd myself but I was surrounded by people who have never paid attention to music analysis and were still moved to tears so I encourage everyone to check this out (and watch the panel please if it’s ever made available.)

  • the Panel began with Collins discussing the legacy of John Williams and the Star Wars main theme specifically. He discussed how it was originally meant to be Luke Skywalker’s theme, and how that interpretation can still hold true considering Star Wars is the Skywalker Saga
  • The coolest thing pointed out re the main theme is that it’s musical construction mirrors the structure of the Hero’s Journey, the monomyth structure that all of Star Wars revolves around. It rises suddenly with the call to adventure, then builds with the journey, drops during the abyss, is reborn with another musical rise, then returns to the beginning. Collins emphasized that Williams is without a doubt a musical genius and that Michael Giacchino had a big challenge in making a score that lived up to William’s legacy while standing on it’s own. This was a challenge he more than met, as this panel made clear.
  • Now moving on to Rogue One, Collin’s discussed the title theme “Hope.” This theme is clearly heard over the title of the film, during Jyn’s big speech to the Rebellion, and throughout the film.
  • Collins pointed out that, like the main Star Wars theme, “Hope” echos the structure of the film itself. There are heroic major key moments in the theme, but it ends in a melancholy way that almost sounds unfinished. It represents the sacrifice at the center of the film. This is a story of incredible heroism that merely paves the way for others to finish the journey. 
  • Collins moved on to discuss the musical themes for each character in Rogue One, with a lot of focus on Jyn’s theme. Jyn’s theme is the most frequently heard piece along with “Hope” in the film. In fact, we hear it three times in the film’s prologue alone.
  • The fascinating thing Collins pointed out is Giacchino’s use of Dies Irae throughout the score. Dies Irae, or Day of Wrath, is the medieval hym describing the end of the world. It is sung during funeral masses and musically is quoted widely to represent death
  • Giacchino was signaling from the beginning that this is a story about death. He wrote the sacrifice of these characters right into their themes.
  • A notable use of Dies Irae beyond character themes is it’s repetition as Cassian and Jyn begin to climb the tower in the archive during the climax. The first two notes of Dies Irae are repeated as they do so. When Krennic walks down the hallway with his Death Troopers, all three notes play (death literally chasing them). And when Jyn almost drops, than catches the data tapes, Dies Irae is replaced by “Hope”
  • Jyn’s theme in particular is a melancholy theme centered on Dies Irae, but with a lovely, lullaby like feeling. It tells you from the beginning that Jyn’s is a story of hope and inspiration but also death and sacrifice.
  • An interesting use of Jyn’s theme and “Hope” together is during Jyn’s speech to the Rebellion. First we here “Hope” swell as Jyn speaks to the Rebels. Then when her speech is shot down, the theme drops, replaced by Jyn’s theme. This represents that it is Jyn herself who inspires the sacrifice that will eventually bring on the Hope. Jyn is the hope.
  • Another mind blowing moment was a musical parallel that Collins pointed out with the character of Bodhi Rook. In the scene where he recalls his mission, repeating “I’m the pilot, I brought the message,” listen for the flutes. That exact same flute theme plays in A New Hope when Luke discovers Leia’s message hidden in R2. By doing this,  Giacchino is directly mapping the journey of “the message.” Bodhi receives the message of the Death Star and how it can be destroyed from Galen, he brings it to Jyn, who with Rogue One, transmit the message, which ends up in the hands of Leia, then to R2, then to Luke, who must return it to the Rebellion. Those flutes represent the origin of the message with Bodhi through to A New Hope.
  • This panel was full of mind blowing moments, but the most mind blowing moment by far was another musical connection to A New Hope. After we had become very familiar with Jyn’s theme over the course of the panel, Collin’s played a scene from A New Hope for us. It was the moment when Obi-Wan asks Luke to come with him to Alderaan and Luke resists. When Obi-Wan says he’s getting too old for this sort of thing, Jyn’s theme plays clearly under Luke’s hesitation. In the original context, a hint of Dies Irae was WIlliam’s way of foreshadowing Obi-Wan’s death, but after Giacchino used that musical queue to build Jyn’s theme, it suddenly has deeper meaning. It’s Jyn’s sacrifice calling to Luke, compelling him to be the hope she fought for. And it is connecting Obi-Wan’s eventual sacrifice with that of Jyn and her comrades.  
  • Collins also highlighted how Giacchino’s score for the final moments of the film, from Jyn’s confrontation with Krennic through the arrival of Vader and the death of Jyn and Cassian, is unconventional and incredibly effective. Jyn’s confrontation with Krennic is silent, no music, unexpected for such a key moment. Only when Cassian appears does the music return. And throughout the final sequence, as we witness horrifying destruction, death. the arrival of the Death Star and Vader’s Star Destroyer, the score stays distant, gentle, melancholy. It does not highlight the horror. It steps back and mourns over it, like the eyes of history or the Force itself, honoring the sacrifice. 
  • So yeah Giacchino’s score for Rogue One is brilliant, Williams’ music for Star Wars is brilliant, this panel was brilliant, and I can never get enough of analyzing Star Wars scores.
How I proposed to my girlfriend through dnd

This happened on April 7th, 2018.  I am the DM, the player of the Necromancer Jada is my gf. the party is 6 people who have been tasked with defeating an evil necromancer who is making an artifact to amply his power is some way. they have just defeated him.

DM: as the necromancer dies you hear a (closes ring box behind screen for sound effect) as the ball of stone and energy he was focused on is locked into a pedestal radiating a small amount of necromantic energy. the Horde of zombie that had been protecting him crumble to dust. What do you do?

gnome wizard: I want to loot his body!

Jada: I too will loot his body

aarakocra fighter: i want to take the bad guys head and sit in a corner

most of the rest of the party: we are moving away from the alter.

DM: Ok would anyone like to deal with the pedestal?

aarakocra fighter: Yeah is anyone going to go for the pedestal? I’m happy with just the necromancer’s head.

Jada: I’ll touch the artifact/pedestal

DM: Ok Guys….


DM: ok as you touch the pedestal you feel a little bit of necromantic energy drain from you. it opens and there is a burst of air on the air you hear some faint whispers “Becky (Jada’s player) will you marry me?” *pulls box out and opens it to reveal the engagement ring*

Jada (ooc): covers her mouth in surprise then gets up and come and hugs me then puts on the ring saying yes

rest of party (ooc); laughing clapping “Success!” (they all knew this was happening before the session started)

Random excerpts from The Dragon Prince commentary stream:
  • Callum has a photographic memory, which is why he’s so good at magic. If you mess the runes up even a little bit, they can blow up in your face.
  • Viren and Harrow have known each other for a long time, possibly since they were kids.(So odds are low that Viren is the original dark mage from the intro)
  • Callum’s glowy cube thing being found in a box of keys is definitely important. (“Interesting that the cube would be in a box of keys, isn’t it? Wonder what Harrow was thinking?”)
  • The place that has Sarai’s statue is called “The Valley of Graves” and it’s full of the graves of dead kings and queens
  • Sarai was a warrior, like Amaya
  • Amaya’s right pauldron is bigger than the left so that her shield-bashing arm has more mobility
  • Viren does favor Claudia over Soren, which Soren has lowkey picked up on. It’s given him a little bit of an inferiority complex, which might explain why he’s a bit of a bully toward Callum.
  • The sunfire sword in the end credits is distinct from the dagger we see, and seems like it might be important.
  • They have a bit of an in-joke about the vet in The Dagger and the Wolf in that THREE separate times he says there’s nothing he can do to help a given animal. He’s just the worst vet ever.
  • Claudia’s hand light is a cantrip, that’s why she doesn’t need runes or magical creatures
  • Callum perceives himself and others as anime protagonists, basically. Much cooler than they are in real life. 
  • Runaan is named after one of the writer’s night elf hunter from WoW 
  • The way Viren behaves when he’s in the dungeon is a more accurate picture of who he is since he’s not putting on a performance for anyone.
  • Elf horns do not grow back. 
  • The giant leech is an illusion too. There was originally a scene where Rayla slid down its back but they cut it because that wouldn’t have worked.
  • Elves “don’t really understand the concept of money." 
  • Rayla has an easier time opening up to Ezran because Ez has been very open with her and has trusted her, while Callum has been suspicious and they’ve gotten into a lot of arguments
  • "pay close attention to the music you hear when the mirror is on screen” WHAT DOES THIS MEAN
  • One of the pins on Ezran’s backpack is Amaya’s symbol
  • The VA who plays the Moon Elf at the nexus(Lujanne) does the voices for all the illusions
  • She’s also manually piloting the illusions that whole time, like she has a CCTV camera and everything
  • Rayla and Lujanne will have an interesting relationship (IF WE GET MORE EPISODES, C’MON @netflix)
Face-timing with Peter Parker would include..

- his phone lagging for like 2 minutes

- “hello .. hello (y/n) .. (y/n) are you there??”

- its his first smartphone ever you cant blame the kid

- him not knowing the difference between facetime video and facetime audio

- waking up for school and seeing that he called you at 3 am 

- him blowing into the microphone when you pick up

- him yelling at you when you pause



- peter drops his phone alot

- he’s just rambling to himself half the time

- the type to facetime you when he’s stopping criminals

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i took my brother (who stutters) to go watch IT and he forgot that Bill stutters but right when he heard it, he turned to look at me with a huge smile on his face

What MRA’s think will happen at the Women-Only Wonder Woman Screenings

We at the Alamo Drafthouse would like to officially apologize for our role in the end of mankind as we knew it, and the ascendant Gynocracy that followed. We didn’t know our women-only screening of Wonder Woman would result in the overthrow of all world governments and the total subjugation of men, but in hindsight we probably should have seen it coming.

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How to “read” YouTube videos

Hey, friends, we know that a lot of spoonies have trouble with videos, due to a combination of vision problems, hearing issues, and/or brain-fog-shortened attention span. Luckily, there’s an easy way to get the content out of a video without watching it!

This tutorial will work with any video that has automatic or specifically-written captioning. It only works on desktop mode, but we hope that YouTube will add it to their app ASAP.

So let’s dive in, using one of our favorite viral videos*:

First, find the [More] button below the video. It’s next to the [Share] button, if you need guidance.

This will pop open a little menu, where you should find a [Transcript] option. Click this, and a transcript panel will open up below the video!

Now go forth and consume some media! ⏯

*Yes, this was staged, so you can laugh at it. Yes, there is a perfect, extremely catchy autotuned version, for those to whom music and/or videos are accessible.


So in IT (2017), Pennywise is literally in the television several times. You can hear him at Bev’s house, and obviously he’s on the screen when Henry kills his dad.

With the next movie being modern, that means Pennywise could probably show up on phone screens, in those dumb chain emails, on social media.

Imagine scrolling through tumblr, clicking on a video, and its Pennywise addressing you, calling you by name.

RIP our losers they’re so screwed man

I noticed this thing the second time I watched IW, and I’ve been trying to find the scenes with captions and I finally did today.

What’s happening here is that Tony just told Bruce that Vision turned off his transponder. And Bruce goes “You lost another superbot?!” And Tony replies “He’s more than that, he’s evolving.” The next two lines are exchanged between Stephen and Tony. Stephen asks Tony who can find him.

And Tony replies.

And Stephen says this. He says “Oh, great.” And goes off screen and I can hear the eye roll he’s giving. It’s clear he’s not happy hearing that. God, I wish we could have videos. You could hear the deprecation oozing off him with the tone and the way he walks off screen.

The point of this is: Stephen Strange dislikes this mention of Steve Rogers.

Make of this what you will, but because I’m complete Ironstrange trash, I will interpret this piece information as all the Stephen roasting Steve headcanons are canon and completely valid. In conclusion of my essay, thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.

EDIT: For Stony shippers: 1. Please block the ironstrange tag.

2. Get your heads out of your asses while you’re at it.

3. Stop taking crack posts seriously.


this is a thing that’s happening now right