Charlie Gard: Mother's full statement - 'we are so sorry that we couldn't save you'

I have no sympathy for idiots who continue to perpetuate some bs about America’s healthcare system being the worst in the world and single-payer being heaven.

America could stand some improvement, but England’s medical system neglected a disabled child to the point of death on a whim, simply because they hated him for being weak.

It is the lowest a society could be, to refuse to treat a baby because he’s “too expensive” or there’s “no point.” Just let him lie and rot away in a hospital bed without ANY attempt to help him when there are literally wealthy people and Presidents, for crying out loud, offering to help him and his parents begging desperately just for a second opinion and willing to pay for one. By the time they let them have a second opinion, it was too late.

I can’t imagine how furious and heartbroken his poor parents must be.


As of Sunday 7/23, the Senate’s health care bill appears destined to die, but we know we can’t take anything for granted in the Trump Era! The Senate is likely to vote Tuesday, but it remains unclear whether they will vote on the House version of the bill, one of the revised versions, or a straight repeal option. It’s our job to step up and speak up to remind them that NONE OF THESE OPTIONS IS ACCEPTABLE.

Though we don’t know what version of the bill they’ll vote on, we do know that we don’t want a bill that:

  • Guts Medicaid, leaving millions of Americans without access to care.
  • Reduces or eliminates subsidies for premiums, leaving millions of Americans unable to afford insurance.
  • Eliminates ACA protections for the elderly or people with pre-existing conditions and/or guts essential health benefits.
  • Gifts the rich will billions of dollars in tax cuts.

Call your senators and SHUT. THIS. ISH. DOWN. Let them know we want them to drop the repeal agenda and instead focus on bipartisan efforts to improve the ACA, making health care affordable for all Americans.

*Look up the name of your GOP senator’s health care legislative assistant here and save it in your phone or write it down for quick reference throughout the week. If you don’t see one listed for your senator, simply ask when you call.
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The Remote Area Medical Expedition drew more than 2,000 people when it set up its free clinic at a county fairground in Appalachia.
By Trip Gabriel

tomorrow john mccain will return from cancer treatment to presumably vote in favor of taking away millions of people’s healthcare. heres an example of what happens to those people who will lose or already dont have access healthcare

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I wonder how many children have grown up in abusive homes with abusive parents simply because their parent did not have the right to abort.

Or how many people have died from back alley abortions, or how many children have starved to death or been denied healthcare/education/food, etc….It’s so sad to think about



The Republicans’ “repeal-only” bill would kick 32 million people off their health insurance

  • The Congressional Budget Office released their analysis on Wednesday of the GOP plan to pass a bill that would repeal the Affordable Care Actwithout any replacement.
  • The report finds that if the bill were to pass, 17 million people would lose health insurance in 2018. That number would rise to 27 million by 2020 and then to 32 million by 2026.
  • The CBO’s report comes as Republican senators are holding a last-minute meeting to try and muster support for a new plan to repeal the ACA. Read more (7/19/17)

Handmaids are outside the U.S. Capitol today, making a chilling statement about the GOP healthcare bill’s attacks on women’s reproductive health and bodily autonomy.

The bill not only defunds Planned Parenthood, but BANS abortion coverage in all plans offered in state health insurance exchanges.