I’ve been feeling rather melancholy lately.

[Side note: Isn’t melancholy too beautiful a word for such an unsettling state?]

The thought of packing up my swimsuits and bringing out my sweaters almost brings me to tears.

Usually I can recognize the real problem; the ‘I know I’m upset about x, which I manifest by freaking out over y.’

This time I can’t put my finger on it. Which is why I desperately need some alone time this weekend.

Heal Thyself // Elusivenumberthirteen

It’d been a long time for him - a very long time. He hadn’t seen Thirteen in months and he missed her. He missed long talks and Shakespeare and baths and toasted cheese sandwiches. So he went to her TARDIS, slipped inside, running his hands along the console and feeling the familiar thrill run through him.

     –except there was something else, too.

              {Be  c a r e f u l  Thief} 

His brow furrowed at that, but he continued on, following a now-familiar path to her bedroom. He pushed the door open and smiled when he saw her form huddled on the bed. Good, at least one of them was able to rest.

Eleven slipped up onto the bed, slid in beside her, and pressed a soft kiss to her shoulder. 


Sitting here quietly sobbing in my room at the M*A*S*H episode called “Heal Thyself”. A visiting surgeon named Newsome breaks down, and BJ says “ He was as strong as any of us.” And Hawk replies, “That’s what scares me.” The foreshadowing in that tiny bit of dialogue, I swear! I’m still crying right now though :P I can’t seem to stop thinking about all of the guys that this happened to, and how almost no one received help during Vietnam or Korea. Hell, not even now. Excuse my rant though, loves.

Herb of the Week

Mullein Leaf

Tobacco-like Plant (Mullein) is one of the oldest herbs, and some healers recommend inhaling the smoke from smoldering mullein roots and leaves to soothe asthma attacks and chest congestion.

The roots can be made into a warm decoction for soaking swollen feet or reducing swelling in joints.

It also reduces swelling from inflammation and soothes painful, irritated tissue.

It is particularly useful to the mucous membranes.

A tea can be made from the flowers for a mild sedative.