also known as “the jaia scene from 2x13 but with malec and it’s fluffier”

the force of being slammed against the wall of the loft was so great that magnus’ breath hitched but he didn’t have time to even think, to even get a good gulp of air into his lungs before alec was kissing him again, fierce and passionate and hungry like he was on the brink of death and magnus’ lips were his only salvation, his only chance at surviving whatever fate he was doomed for.

magnus was very familiar with intoxication and how it affected his body: blurry vision, shaky limbs, stumbling around and not being able to form proper thoughts. it took a lot to get magnus to this state, a lot of drinks and a lot of crap going on in his life, frankly, and when he finally drowned himself in so much alcohol he was sinking towards the depths below, it took multiple people to bring him back up to the surface.

but this, alec kissing him like this, his hands taking magnus’ wrists and pinning them above his head, was a new kind of intoxication that magnus hadn’t experienced in centuries. it left him wanting more, it was insatiable, a hunger that couldn’t be tamed. magnus drank alec up like champagne, knowing that his actions wouldn’t give him a hangover or fill him with regret, but further the butterflies in his stomach, the warm feeling in his bones, the blood roaring deliciously in his ears. the taste of alec on his tongue and his mouth was sweet like honey and just as addicting and didn’t burn or sting like whiskey. the feel of his shirt in his curled fingertips was soft and caused an itch to settle underneath his skin, the need to give in and scratch becoming more and more urgent with every kiss, every touch, every sound.

magnus decided right then and there that he could get drunk on alec taking his lower lip between his and tugging alone. who needed champagne, beer, whiskey, when alec lightwood, his hair wild and his pupils dilated and his lips shiny and swollen, was currently kissing up and down his neck, whimpering and pulling magnus flush against his chest as his nose brushed against his pulse point and magnus clung to him like a vice, his arms no longer held down, gasping when alec scraped the base of his throat with his teeth, fingers digging into his back.

“god i would die for you,” alec sighed against magnus’ ear after kissing a trail from his neck to the shell. magnus closed his eyes and swallowed because of the intensity of the words, the thought of alec dying for anything, the feel of alec on him and the air was thick and full of heat and magnus felt like he could fly in this moment and take alec with him. “i would do anything for you.” alec whispered, his voice husky and rough from kissing and magnus shuddered and he genuinely thought he was going to die, right here in alec’s arms, if he kept saying those words as sweet as roses and just as pretty.

and then alec slowed and his nose was almost touching his and his smile was as bright and beautiful as diamonds and he looked so gorgeous and content and magnus wanted to thank all the stars in the sky for that look, that ethereal, radiant look, to be aimed at him.

“i love you, magnus bane.” and that was it. magnus was gone, his brain short circuited, his heart leaped in his chest because he would never get sick of alec saying those words, never get sick of repeating them, never stop cherishing the feeling of being loved and to love back. magnus wrapped his arms around alec’s neck and inhaled, the smell of sweat and alec’s aftershave and fresh laundry so satisfying and comforting that magnus wanted to cry because he was so happy.

“i love you too, alexander lightwood.” magnus murmured, his breath warm against alec’s lips, a smile on his own, alec beamed at him in that way that showed he was bursting with happiness and that made magnus’ heart sing.

alec laughed a little and magnus laughed too, the laughter blooming in his chest and bubbling out of his lips before alec resumed kissing him and that, well, magnus couldn’t express how much he missed alec kissing him.

but then alec’s lips dragged away from his and he was pulling up his shirt and his cold hands were running over his warm skin and magnus stopped breathing altogether and he was trying to find something to hold onto and his head was against the wall and he honesty wouldn’t have been surprised if he had passed out right then and there.

and that’s when alec started pressing open mouthed kisses, kisses like sugar and fireworks, to his abs, his stomach, and magnus let out a strangled noise and everything was hazy and warm but intense and overwhelming as alec continued to kiss up and down, everywhere, thumbs tracing circles on his hip bones and magnus almost sobbed because of how gentle alec was being, how caring and loving he was and how much concentration he was putting into his actions in order to show magnus how much he loved him and how he wanted to make magnus feel good and the thought of that almost made magnus collapse.

“you good?” alec chuckled and magnus looked down at him. he was still squatting, hands still on magnus’ hips and pushing up his shirt, smiling that breathtaking smile. magnus grinned back at him and giggled too, leaning his head back against the wall to laugh fully, a laugh like sunsets and cotton candy and shooting stars.

” i’m absolutely wonderful, darling. you’re wonderful.” magnus sighed, almost dreamily and alec was now rising back to his full height. he cupped magnus’ face between his hands and kissed him sincerely.

“you’re wonderful, too.” alec replied, serious and adoration in his eyes and suddenly he had his hands on magnus’ thighs and was picking him up and magnus laughed as he wound his arms around alec’s neck.

” i’m so, completely in love with you.” alec shook his head in awe and him and magnus just stared at each other, smiles on their faces and noses brushing and magnus didn’t even need to say it back because alec knew, he just knew by the way magnus looking at him, and then they were kissing again and magnus had never felt more at home, in alec’s arms, his laughter against his mouth.


Chapter One
Björn Ironside X Reader

Your father, King Ecbert of Wessex, hadn’t told you about the arrival of the Viking Ragnar Lothbrok to the castle. But then again, he never told you anything, believing that you were as unimportant as the servants. He hadn’t cared for your mother either. Always more of a fan of your sister in law Judith, they’d lain together multiple times and you couldn’t understand how your brother was alright with it. But as soon as your mother died he payed less attention to you and didn’t even really acknowledge your existence. As soon as he started having meetings with Ragnar Lothbrok, he got Athelstan to teach you Norse, but no one told you why. If you had then you wouldn’t have done it. You learnt languages quickly because you had nothing else to do. So you were now fluent in Norse but had no idea what words were specific to their culture.

A few months after their first meetings, you were invited into the throne room. Greeted by the same bright blue eyes of the Viking. He looked at you carefully and now you could see a tall blonde man behind him, along with the usual entourage that came with him. Your father beckoned you over and after a side glare at him, you walked over to him.

“This is my daughter, Princess Y/n.” Your father smiled and you saw the blonde boy fidget slightly.

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The Tale of Nico and His Boyfriend - A Solangelo One-Shot

Nico di Angelo was fourteen when he became someone’s boyfriend for the first time.
He found it to be something equally pleasing and confusing at the same time.

Word Count: 4000 words || Read on AO3

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Reactions to OUAT S6 Finale

1. “When Good and Evil both did the right thing, the Final Battle was won.”

Rumple and Emma were BOTH Saviors! They both needed to be in order to win the battle. I cannot express how much I loved this.

2. Rumple vs DarkImp/Clippy!Rumple

FINALLY!!! I have been waiting for this since season 5 (that one other time doesn’t count because Gold couldn’t see him and they weren’t in the same frame). I wish it was more involved, like the Regina / Evil Queen scenes, but I’ll take what I can get.

3. Baby Gideon

Originally posted by fairytaleasoldastime

This was the only way they could fix Rumbelle, honestly. I loved Giles in the finale, but this was beyond expected (plus, I had just said, “Wait, where did Gideon go?”).

4. Emma brought back the Happy Endings

All of them (see above). I’m happy nobody died (except Fiona, of course). This is quite possibly the best season-finale-that-could-have-been-a-series-finale that I’ve ever seen. They couldn’t have created a better contingency plan.

5. I’m excited for season 7

I loved the nostalgia, the new look on the old curse, and Adult Henry! I’m confused and intrigued by the scenes with Adult Henry and his daughter, both in the Enchanted Forest and in Boston (it was Boston, right? because parallels?). And I need to know who her mother is!

6. Mayor Fiona’s Demise

She reminded me so much of Cora more than Mayor Regina. Oh, but I’m so proud of Rumple for not trusting her. Also, her death was elegant and fitting. A nice parallel to Pan’s Underworld death. Did I mention I’m glad Rumple didn’t have to die again to save everyone? Oh, and did I mention how thrilled I am that Rumple killing the Black Fairy broke the curse??? He was a Savior after all! And he felt bad about killing her, which means (gasp!) he’s becoming a Hero!

7. Rumple got invited to the family dinner

Originally posted by midstorm

I can’t tell you how happy I was to see him there. And he looked so happy too! Also, the Last Supper set up was hilarious, but fitting for a show that’s been talking about Saviors for 6 seasons! I guess the Charmings finally got their Family Thanksgiving Dinner! Maybe it’s a new holiday celebrating the end of the Final Battle?

8. Beauty and the Beast

Originally posted by midstorm

So sweet and unexpected! (And Belle’s wearing her ring again!) I’d add a gif of their kiss if I could, but I can’t find one yet.

**Disclaimer** None of these points were in any particular order other than as they came to mind as I wrote. **


Pairing: Mark Tuan x Reader

Word Count: 2.5k

Rating: fluff 

Summary: “If, by chance, we both still don’t have anyone by the time we’re thirty-five…Promise me we’ll marry each other." 

You laid on your bed, wrapped up in your blankets so that only the top of your head was exposed. There were tissues messily laid out around you and by your head sat an empty tissue box. You stare up at the ceiling, glossy eyed and dazed, going over that day’s events.

April 15, 2007 - The day you got your heartbroken.

You were fourteen years old but you swore you were beyond your years. You decided a long time ago that you were in love with love. And god, how today sucked. You couldn’t stop thinking about the break up and you had cried your poor little heart out so much so that you were sure your body was shrinking from losing so much water.

You reach over to your night stand to check your brick of a Nokia phone for messages from your best friend but stop dead in your tracks when you see a picture of you and your boyfriend–ex boyfriend, prettily displayed as your home screen.

Your eyes well up again and you brace yourself for the inevitable tears. You reach for the tissues and finding that the box was empty, a loud sob escapes you and once again you lie there in your naive agony.

Mark runs frantically to your house after receiving your ’S.O.S’ text. He rings the doorbell furiously and is met with your mothers’ worried eyes.

"Y/N…sent S.O.S,” he wheezes as he tries to catch his breath. He’s bent over with his hands on his knees. “Is she….okay?”

Your mother looks at him endearingly. Mark was no stranger to your family. You two had been attached at the hip since you were born. She had found it adorable how he never failed to make it to you during your episodes of teenage angst.

She readily hands him a bottle of water before stepping out of the doorway to let him in.

“He broke up with her. She’s been crying for two hours, Mark. Two hours! Please help.” she implores, playing along with the heightened emotions of young heartbreak.

Mark was taken aback. “He broke up with her?! I’ll kill him.” he spits through his braces.

He runs up the stairs to your room hurriedly and your mother stifles a giggle, adoring how Mark cared for you.

These days, she tells you how she’s known all along.

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the saddest, most heart-wreching part of the novelization of Moana hands down:

After Lalotai, once Maui gets his hook working again, he turns to Moana to give her a fist bump and she just leaves him hanging

Father’s Day [Lin-Manuel Miranda X Reader]

Request: None!

Summary: Today would be unforgettable.

A/N: Happy Father’s Day! In honor of today, I had a fic about the Miranda household and Father’s Day news! Special thanks to Rissa( @linuelmirandaand Victoire ( @sunlighteliza)  for helping me prioritize and giving their opinions on the plot. Thank you so much!

Tags: @fan-this-spark-into-a-flame @followingnaturespath @nithsdalian @dreamingofmadison @kawaiinekodono @noellerhee @proud-shy-slytherin @that-gay-fangirl @bethbat

Word Count: 1,332

Request Here!


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anonymous asked:

I know I may sound childish but is there not any way to 'report' that article? Because its so obvious how mislesding that is. We can fill the comments section with positive things. Or start a twitter trend. I dunno if that helps. Its just that, I am tired of feeling so helpless and seeing him painted in such a bad light. I want to do something. And he is so happy now too because bty is doing well. My heart is breaking for him :(

Honestly, the best thing to do is to not give it much attention. Adding a lot of comments means giving it a lot of hits (which benefits Pink News and the person who wrote it) and starting a twitter trend means giving people the opportunity to find out about the article who would never have heard of it otherwise. My recommendations would be to express your frustration and sadness on Tumblr, tweet Louis some nice things about how you love him, give hits to positive articles about him, and help get Louis up on the charts with BTY.

I just love you too much! (Part 2)

Hello! Keith’s part is finally here, hope you like it!

Part 1
Ao3: Click here to read ♥  

Keith knows something is different.

It’s the way Shiro smiles, freely without worry as if the weight on his shoulder have being lifted.

It’s the way Hunk acts. More confident, more sure of himself. He laughs more and doesn’t look so anxious anymore.

It’s the way Pidge talks. Softer, and kind. She doesn’t look so stressed anymore. She stills works many hours to find her family, but she’s happier.

Keith doesn’t know what’s different, but he knows it’s related to Lance. Every time the boy enters the room, a big smile appears in everyone’s faces.

It odd, but he never question it. Everyone is happy, right? So he is happy too.

But it wasn’t normal.

Hunk hugs Lance more often and gives him little kisses on his cheek, and Pidge takes his hand whenever she can and sometimes she even sits on his lap. This was different, but he didn’t considerer it strange. But the Shiro joined to the love fest, and Keith got curious.

Before Voltron, before Kerberos, Shiro used to be a very affectionate person.  Shiro was never the same after the Galras, but now he was back to being touchy again.

He hugs everyone all the time, especially Lance. No, Keith was not jealous, he was actually very happy and relief. Shiro was acting more like himself again, and he was grateful to Lance for helping Shiro without realizing.

Still, curiosity was killing him.  And he couldn’t help but feel a little left out of that… Whatever amazing thing his friends had with Lance.

“Hey, mullet! What are you doing here? Thought you’d be in the training room.” Lance, of course.

Keith turns around and gives Lance a little smile. The boy smiles widely in return.

They talk a bit about nothing and everything but especially about their lions. It’s nice. Keith and Lance have improved a lot with time, and even when they still fought about silly things, Keith cherished the friendship they had.

But Keith is not stupid. There’s something off with Lance, he can tell. He looks nervous, uncomfortable even. He’s stuttering a lot and seems frustrated.

He sighs and feels a little disappointed. ‘I thought we were friends now… Maybe we aren’t?’



“Are you ok? You stopped listening…” Keith frowns and so does Lance. “Do you… Want me to go?”

“What? No! I was just… Thinking.”

“Oh… Can I just about what?” Keith takes a deep breath and nods.

“Are we friends, Lance?”

The boy blushes. “Why do you ask that?”

Keith drops his gaze. “I don’t know, I mean… I’ve seen you with the others. And you all guys seem to really get along. And it’s fantastic, you know? You aren’t only a team, you are friends and I just… I don’t know. Do I make you feel uncomfortable? I just, you seem a bit…  ” God, Keith was nervous. He lets out a sigh and just shrugs. “I think I’m rambling… I just… I want to let you know even if you don’t consider me as your friend, I do see you as one. I love you Lance, and I care about you. A lot. No matter how much we fight… I love you.”

Lance was staring at Keith with his eyes wide open and cheeks completely red. “Keith…” He whispers, and the red paladin slowly lifts his gaze. “I do care for you, you are my friend.” And his words are so soft and full of affection that Keith can’t help but blush too.

"But… But then why you’ve been–?”

“Nervous around you? Because I wanted to give you something.”

“What is it?”

“Just close your eyes.”  Keith raises an eyebrow, but does as he told.

It takes him just a few moments to realize what’s about to happen.

He hears Lance moving closer, he can feel his breath over his lips, his nose touches his. And for some reason, he doesn’t move away. He stays still, eyes closed, waiting.

Their lips finally touch. And it’s so kind, so slow at first. The both of them take their time to get used to this. Lance is hesitant. Kissing Keith is different, unique. And it’s nothing like he imagined. It’s better, but he is lost. Keith is in full control, and really, Lance doesn’t mind at all. They savor the moment, Keith bits Lance lower lip, he opens his mouth and the kiss intensifies.

One of Lance’s hand are on his hair, and the other one on his shoulder for support. Keith hands are on Lance’s hips. Pulling him closer, not leaving any space in between them.

Lance moans and Keith bits him again. This kiss is different, is not only love, but also its passion. It’s everything. And Keith loves it.

They broke apart, both panting. Their foreheads were touching, Lance cupped Keith’s face a give him little kisses on his lips.

The action is so sweet, so tender after what the shared few seconds ago and it makes Keith feel loved.

There’s no need for words anymore. Keith had always being a person of actions, si this is perfect.

He knew now that Lance loves him as much as he loves him, and that was everything he could ask for.


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“Trick Or Treat!” (Inktober Day 2: Children)

Title: Trick Or Treat!

Author: VampAmber

Pairing: Dean/Cas

Summary:  After getting hit with a witch’s curse that causes de-aging, what Dean wants to do more than anything is go trick or treating. He wants Cas to go with him too, of course, because he just knows Cas is going to love it. And since Castiel can’t say no to Dean, no matter his age, he’s stuck wearing fake wings and a halo. Good thing it’s only treats tonight, the one at the end probably being the best.

Word Count: 1872

AO3 Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/12247962

“We should be focusing on reversing whatever spell that witch cast, not goofing off,” Sam complained as he poured through yet another book of lore from the bunker’s vast library.

“I agree,” Castiel said as scanned the pages of a different tome. “But he is being rather insistent, and it’s becoming somewhat distracting.”

“I wanna go trick or treating, Sammy!” Yelled Dean as he ran into the room, his four year old body full of far too much energy. “I wanna costume, and I wanna get candy, and I wanna do it now!” They’d been dealing with this for over an hour already.

“Dean, we need to be fixing what the witch did,” Castiel scolded him.

“You’re not the boss of me, Cas,” Dean pouted. “You’re the same age as me, so you can’t be.” The freckle faced child stuck out his tongue at the angel before running back off again. Castiel just sighed and turned the page, his legs dangling in the air because they weren’t long enough to touch the floor now.

Whatever the spell was that had hit Dean and Castiel, causing them to de-age, had also apparently worked on their mental ages as well. The angel was quite certain that Jimmy, were he still in this vessel, would probably have been acting the same as Dean right now.

“Maybe we should just take him?” Sam suggested, closing his book. “We’re obviously not getting anywhere right now, and I doubt taking a break for a few hours would really affect this one way or the other. Besides, he didn’t get that much of a childhood, since everything started around this age. Maybe this is a temporary good thing?”

Castiel closed his book as well. “I didn’t think of it that way, Sam,” he said, still not used to hearing his voice come out so high pitched. This wasn’t the first time he was in a child’s body, but Claire hadn’t been quite this young for the short amount of time he used her body, so this was all quite new to him. “Dean could certainly use more happy memories.”

“So, to the store then?” Sam asked, and Castiel nodded. “Hopefully there are some costumes left still,” he muttered before calling to Dean.

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Imagine being in a relationship with Shannon and Jared having feelings for you.

Originally posted by leto-madness

“You’ll all excuse me for a second-” you said breathlessly after you finished your first song with Jared, it was always such a pleasure to surprise the fans with you appearing on their concerts “I just need to greet my handsome drummer!” you said with a big grin as Jared let his hand fall from your side, you already making your way enthusiastically to his brother, not even missing a chance to break free from the younger Leto’s arms.

He chuckled as he saw you giggle when the entire crowd went crazy. As much as it hurt he knew he had to force a smile on his lips. Not only because many people were watching him but also, and above all, because he had to be happy for his best friend and brother. Even if this relationship tore him apart on the inside.

“Don’t you just love it when he plays the drums all sweaty and shirtless?” you said into the microphone, looking back at the crowd with a smirk and mostly the girls that were there went crazy; screaming and eliciting a blush from your boyfriend.

You giggled, turning to look at him nuzzling your nose with his as he grinned at you; already making your heart to flip flops. He didn’t need to say a word to make you melt right into his arms. Said firm arms that he wrapped around you and pressed your body flushed to his, making you squeak and laugh like a teen girl. He chuckled as he pressed his lips to yours, making you still smile into the kiss that he had a hard time from deepening but still was enough to have the crowdscreaming for the two of you. You’ve been together for so long, you couldn’t even remember, yet you had come out to the public for only a few months and he fans just didn’t seem to get enough of it. Especially since you had been a great friend with Jared for quiet some time and starred in many movies with him.

Jared took a sip of his water, trying not to let it show how his face fell when he saw his brother kiss you with all the love he… so much wanted to shower you with. He set his bottle aside, only looking up for a second to see a serious look on Tomo’s face. He tried to offer him a reassuring smile, he tried really he did, but the smile didn’t reach his eyes and he knew Tomo could see right through him. Especially when it came to you, so instead he only shook his head at his friend and looked away.

How had all of this started he couldn’t even remember. He had met you when in an interview on Ellen. You were there to sing and from the moment he heard you he knew he was swept away. When you’d later joined them he couldn’t keep his eyes off you, but it wasn’t just your voice or the looks that drew him in. The more he got to learn about you the more interested he got and he knew that he probably wasn’t thinking straight but for some reason he didn’t care.

He didn’t miss the chance to talk to you once the interview was over – alright maybe it took him quiet a while preparing every possible conversation in his mind – but when in the very end he found the courage to speak to you he didn’t regret it in the least bit. HE felt relaxed with you, the both of you fell into a comfortable conversation talking about anything and anyone. And as much as it surprised him, considering he was acting like a total shy teen in front of you, he had managed to ask you out. Time after time actually. From coffee, to dinner, to hiking and mountain climbing that as you told him you always wanted to try but were too scared. IT wasn’t romantic, he hadn’t made it that way and despite the small flirtycomments it as all the two of you hanging out. And that was all that mattered to Jared: to spend time with you. Being around you had become a daily thing, and something he sought after quiet often. So he did try it.

You’d even worked on a couple songs together, and were there to help him with getting into the role of the Joker when he needed you. It was easy to say that from the very first moments you spent together you weren’t just his best friend… you were his soulmate. But up to then he had not made a real move, he couldn’t believe it but even he felt intimidated to do something more. It was actually the first time he ever felt like that but maybe he realized it was because it was the first time he really felt this way for you.

But until then he didn’t know one thing. One thing that would change everything and would probably make his entire world crumble down.

You had become so important to him that he couldn’t imagine a life without you, so he decided to take it slow. He took it seriously, so he didn’t flirt the way he usually did. Nor tried to win you the way he had done with numerous women before. It was all a slow burn and he wanted this to be perfect, he knew you deserved the best anyway.That plus- he was a little scared, maybe for the first time in his life but the prospect of losing you drove him insane.

If only he knew it had already happened.

He still remembered, he was at his mother’s place waiting for Shannon and his girlfriend to come. He hadn’t known of her existence for some time, Shannon kept it almost a secret even from him. Up to that day he didn’t even have a name but as long as he knew that she made his brother happy it was enough for him. So he too was happy and content. He’d have asked you to be there with him, you had come that close, but you’d said you were busy. He didn’t know what at first but the moment he opened the door and saw you there with his brother he realized exactly what.

“Jared” Tomo’s voice was still heard, breaking the blue-eyed man from his trail of thoughts. He shook his head, not looking at him and preferring to look anywhere- but the oh so happy couple anyway.

“Hey kids-” he forced a smile on his lips “Either keep it PG rated or break apart, this is a concert you know.” he said through the microphone and you pulled away from your boyfriend who was chuckling at his brother’s behavior.

“Look who’s talking!” you exclaimed as you left Shannon and walked towards your best friend “Do you really want me to make a video of all the things you have done on stage that are not so PG rated?” you raised an eyebrow at him and he laughed, shaking his head.

“Don’t think I’d want to see that no.”

“Oh of course you don’t! Careful Leto, I am your best friend I know all of your dirty secrets, don’t make me use them against you!” you grinned mischievously and he couldn’t help the laugh as he threw an arm over your shoulders hugging you close to himself.

“I know I’m gonna regret it one day but I wouldn’t have it any other way!” he kissed the top of your head as you giggled in his arms, wrapping your own around his waist. What a big lie that was.

“Yall I wish you could get yourself a Jared Leto, he’s the bestest best friend anyone could ask for! Heck, I got to understand the definition of soulmate with this man!” you grinned and Jared’s smile flattered for a moment. Because as much as he loved hearing it he still knew that you only meant it in a friendly way. There was no way you’d see him any different.

Or at least that’s what he thought and knew.

“Aw baby that’s so sweet-” he made a face, when he couldn’t hide his emotions better turn it all into a joke “But not while my brother is here, maybe when it’s the two of us.” he winked at you and you giggled, burying your face in his chest.

“Hey!” Shannon exclaimed behind the two of you, and later Jared huffed as the older Leto had thrown him a drumstick. You giggled and Jared let a soft laugh when he saw that luckily his brother had not realized a thing, much like everybody else and was also joking.

“Hands off lil bro!”

Jared chuckled, although this one was more forced “Shannon will probably fight me on this but- (Y/n)’s the best thing to happen to me. She is truly a blessing and I love this woman so fucking much.” he squeezed you in his arms as you gave him a big grin.

“Aw you know I love you too-” you pretended to cry “But come on, no more chick flicks!” you grinned as the crowd cheered “Let’s continue this concert and give everyone the time of their lives!” you smiled widely and Jared couldn’t help a smile as he kissed the top of your head, only one memory in his mind.

You love him” he breathed out as the two of you sat on the living room but your eyes were on Shannon for some time.

Your head snapped to him, a shy smile on your face as you giggled and tucked a few strands of hair behind your ear the way you’d done the first time you two met.

I-” you bit your lip “I really do, J. He’s everything to me.” you said sincerely, pure love written all over your face as you talked about his brother.

anonymous asked:

Could we get the DR1 boys reacting to their s/o saying "I love you" for the first time?

Here you go anon~

DR1 Boys & S/O first time they said ‘I love you’

Makoto Naegi

  • You two were cuddling on the sofa together
  • His arm was around you and his chin resting on your head
  • You nuzzled at his neck and he kissed your head lightly
  • “I love you,”
  • You can hear his heart rate increase against your chest
  • He just leans down
  • Kisses your temple
  • Then whispers in your ear
  • “I love you too Y/N,”
  • He pulls you to him closer and buries his head in your neck, kissing your skin repeatedly
  • Ends up cuddling you like a teddy bear the rest of the evening

Byakuya Togami

  • He saw you sat on his desk and stopped
  • “You want something Y/N?”
  • He stepped closer to you and you cocked your head and smiled
  • “I’ve just got something to tell you,”
  • He folds his arms
  • “And what would that be?”
  • You stick your tongue out
  • “That I love you,”
  • He’s silent for a while
  • He hadn’t been expecting that
  • Then he laughs
  • “You sure about that Y/N?”
  • “You want me to say it again?”
  • He steps closer and smiles
  • “Just to be sure,”
  • So you say it, and he closes the distance and kisses you

Mondo Owada

  • He intended to say it first
  • He didn’t know when, but he had wanted to be the one to say it
  • He takes you out on the bike one night
  • You have your arms wrapped around his waist, as cities fly by
  • You reach a secluded spot that had a view over most of the area around
  • Sitting together, you just looked over the lights below
  • You leaned against his shoulder
  • “There’s something I gotta tell ya,”
  • He just looked down at you
  • “I love you,”
  • He scratches the back of his head, blushing very lightly
  • “Dammit, you stole my line Y/N,”
  • He’s quiet for a while before putting his arm around you and pulling you close
  • “I love you too,”
  • He kisses you on the head, then neck and finally lips before
  • Mostly because he’s embarrassed that he didn’t say it first and can’t find the words to tell you how warm and fuzzy you’ve made him feel

Kiyotaka Ishimaru

  • He’s more the type to show you he loves you than say it
  • So in a way he’s already told you he loves you with unspoken words
  • He’s kissing you tenderly, hands just softly roaming your body
  • It’s not heated, more slow and loving
  • When you pull away he’s just smiling ever so slightly
  • “I love you Taka,”
  • Now he’s blushing
  • He just looks down and can’t wipe a little grin off of his lips
  • He pulls you back to him and kisses you again
  • As his lips move against yours he repeats your words
  • It’s barely audible, almost as if he exhaled the phrase
  • “And I’ll continue to love you again and again…”
  • He’s mostly kissing you to hide his blush

Chihiro Fujisaki

  • God bless
  • He wanted to show you how much he loved you most of the time anyway
  • But he’d been too shy to actually vocalise it
  • He was continually getting you little gifts
  • Flowers, rings, the sort
  • With the latest bouquet you smiled and leant down
  • “I love you,”
  • He’s bright red
  • Doesn’t know what to do with himself
  • Kinda wants to go and hide and fangirl
  • His entire face lights up and he just runs and hugs you
  • “I love you toooooo~”

Leon Kuwata

  • He’s the sort to have his arm around you or hold your hand everywhere you go
  • Little displays of affection
  • He’d come close to saying it to you on multiple occasions
  • But each time he was worried you weren’t going to say it back
  • Or that maybe it was too soon to say it
  • He ended up kind of hoping you would say it first
  • So when you whispered it in his ear one morning he was so happy
  • “I love you too,”
  • Starts to kiss you
  • Between each kiss he says it again and again
  • *Kiss*
  • “I love you”
  • *Kiss*
  • Ends up making you giggle and he’s just laughing with you and continuing to pepper you with little kisses

Hifumi Yamada

  • His attention is so divided
  • He’s only ever focussing on one thing at once
  • And when it comes around to trying to say he loves you he ends up mumbling or messing his words up
  • But one day you get the hint he wants to say something
  • So you hold his hand and just tell him
  • “I love you, you know?”
  • He’s a mumbling mess now
  • Bright red
  • Twitching and trying to come up with an appropriate response
  • Pushes his glasses up
  • “Well of course! And I love you very much too!”

Yasuhiro Hagakure

  • He’s ugh
  • Well you don’t really know
  • He’s just sat smack in the middle of the lounge
  • “Uh, you okay?”
  • “Of course Y/N-chi!”
  • He turns around with a glitter beard
  • You’re sat beside him laughing and stroking it
  • “I love you, you’re so odd,”
  • “It’s because I’m unique, that’s why you love me,”
  • Takes him a minute to register what you said
  • “Wait did you just say you love me! Awwwww Y/N-chi! I love you too~”
Sebastian Stan Imagine

Flashing lights and loud yells. And all that was heard, seen even when the doors were still closed. You watched as everyone from the cast of Avengers got ready. Laughing, taking pictures, you were so cough up in this sweet moment that didn’t even notice Sebastian had come up to you and was now hugging you, with your back to his chest. 

“What are you thinking about?” he pulled me out of my thoughts. 

“Just how happy your guys are and how proud I am of everyone and “ you turned around placing your hands on his cheeks “how proud I am of you” gave him a kiss. A voice was heard behind your two. 

“Okay everyone you are going to leave one by one in one minute” hearing this you started to make way toward the other door that lead you around paparazzi and fans. You were not planing on going out with them. 

“Where are you going?” Sebastian said holding your arm and not letting go. 

“I’m going around.” You pointed the way you were planing to go. Sebastian laughed, pulled you back into his arms. 

“You’re coming with me.” without words coming out of your mouth, you shaked your head telling him now. Sebastian laughed at you reactions, to him it was one of the cutest things he has ever seen. “Yes you are. You were with me while filming, you were there for me when things were bad and good. And now i want to walk the carpet with you, so everyone knows who is the reason I made it this far.” his words shocked you, before you could react someone else did. 

“If you’re not going I am. Because that was fucking beautiful” Chris said and as you turning your head you noticed rest of the cast looking at the two of you, and wipe their fake tears away. 

“No need. I’ll go” you looked back at Sebastian and kissed him right before the doors opened and your eyes met with lights and cameras. 

The first few steps you took were shaky, but when Sebastian pulled you closer, your nerves calmed down. People were calling his name and even sometimes your.  big yell came behind you and Sebastian, when looking back you saw so many fans. Fans that you used to be a part of and still are. Some of them had posters some, had dressed up as their favorite character.  It was a beautiful sight to see. 

“You should go to them?” you whispered into Sebastians ear and he turned around to see all his fans. He gave you an are-you-sure, look to which you nodded turning around. He ran up to all the screaming fans, he looked so happy and they too. Sebastian signed some posters then jumped around lifting his hands in the air

“(Y/N) look” he yelled with a smile on his lips. He was like a little kid who has got his first bike. So happy, jumping around and laughing. At moments like this, were you could see him be happy and enjoy the fruits of his work, to be able to talk to people that have supported him for years, you feel blessed you have met him. And get a chance to be by his side.