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is there a gif set for her kiss with dominic in B&T? love your blog btw<3



There’s probably more out there, but that’s all I can find for now. And aw thank so much doll!

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what do you think about xander and harry?

Don’t know if there’s something but if he’s happy I’m happy too so I’m fine with that

ends in the ocean

“Huh,” Dipper says, turning to her. “So what’s that say about us?”

“Probably something deep and philosophical we’ll just forget.”

As another summer draws to a close, the Pines family takes a final trip to the beach - courtesy of Pacifica, who is not melancholy at all, thank you very much. She’s actually quite happy - having a family will do that to you.

(this is literally pure fluff that’s all it is)

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This is very random, but I love the fact that no Utapri character tells Natsuki that the things he cooks are horrible. They know it’s important to him, and that he’d be hurt if he knew. Syo only warns others when he’s not looking, and even though everyone knows he’s not good at it, they ask him to help with the food in the Christmas episode, since he loves it so much.

They probably won’t say a thing (actually, kinda encourage it) to make him practice more, so that one day he can get better. I will forever appreciate.


Hey guys, so I wanted to share this with everyone!

In my circle of friends, I’m known to have the BIGGEST crush on Mark Ruffalo! And who can blame me…I mean the guy is totally gorgeous! JUST LOOK AT HIM!!  

So, usually my friends allow me to gush over this man and even joke around with me! Well…this time one of my friends took advantage of the fact that I adore this man and pulled one of the sweetest, most hilarious prank ever~

So I’m studying as an interanational student in Canada (my second year in an animation program) and was expecting to come back to my dorm just as I left it…but when I came back something was off. It turns out, my summer roomate and good friend Wen took the time to print several pictures of Mark Ruffalo, cut them out individually and tape them all around my room and kitchen!  It was literally so funny, I was DYING!!! She placed him on my trashcan, light switch, keurig machine, makeup mirror, alarm clock, family photo and a bottle of liquor!  


And to be totally honest, she made me feel so good to be back in Canada.  It truly was a warm welcome. Thank you so so so much for making me feel good <3 

Oh and btw…I’m not removing them LOL!!!


There seems to be a lot of hate in the rvb13 tag right now over the most recent episode, specifically about how Locus and Felix were treated. But really… this didn’t bother me at all? It seemed like a realistic turn of events and nothing felt out of the blue what so ever.

This whole season we’ve been seeing growing tension between Felix and Locus. We’ve truly seen how they worked together, and yes at the beginning of the season they worked quite well as partners. It’s a change from how we saw them in the last two seasons because before now they were almost always playing the role of good guy for their side until the Reds and Blues showed them for what they were.

Things began getting tense after Santa’s tests for each of them and while we’ve known what Locus’s was for a while now we just finally learned what Felix’s was so lets look at each.

Locus’s was the point were he had to abandon his empathy and in a way humanity because of the war. He was faced with an enemy who he could tell was scared and he didn’t view it as a threat. But he was ordered to kill the enemy because it was a war, that in a war he’s just armor and a gun that follows orders. He followed through with that idea and it changed him in a drastic way from the drama. As present Locus watched his past shown to him again he reacted in a far more loud and violent way then we’ve seen before except when Wash made him snap at the end of season 12. Which we can assume is still bothering Locus but he’s keeping that feeling bottled, until he comes face to face with his past that did traumatize him in some way.

So after the failed test, there is no way for Locus to just forget that. He’s trying to find answers, still falling to the belief that he must be a ‘true solider and weapon’. So he turns to the counselor, the man who helped train those he views as the perfect soldiers. But now instead of his main focus being Wash, it’s Maine. But his believes are countered again when the councilor explains the Meta never wanted to be a weapon or a solider or anything like that. The Meta wanted to become human. Something that Locus has been trying to push away from himself, his humanity. Here we have more stress thrown onto Locus’s shoulders, more questioning about what he is and what he isn’t.

Now we get to the point where Wash is verbally jabbing him again and again with pointing out every flaw about what image Locus has created of himself. When Wash says ‘I’m the real solider. You’re just a monster.’ Here we have the next stresser. Seriously, every interaction Locus has this season makes him question more and more about what he’s been doing and if he really is a solider following orders, or something far beyond that.

Now Felix, we’ve learned what he’s afraid of. He’s afraid of Locus. Why? Well we don’t have exact details, but it seems to be because Locus is someone who can survive on his own, he doesn’t exactly need Felix. But Felix? He’s openly admitted him and Locus work so well together. They compliment each other in combat and together they can do things that alone Felix can’t do. This means for Felix, without Locus he can’t have the power and money that he wants. He can’t feel as big and better as everyone else without Locus there to back him up. 

Sure, he might see them as a team. But really? I don’t think Felix has the ability to view others as an equal. He’s a person who gets off with the power he has over others, the ability to manipulate them how ever he wants and use them for his own gain. This includes Locus I think. He views Locus on a higher level then others yes, I don’t think he puts Locus on his level though. When he says ‘partner’ towards Locus. It seems to often be a point where Locus is wavering in his belif, seems unsure. Felix uses that term to reel Locus back in, uses a term that Locus would probably view as equal/respect/team, but Felix probably sees the word as simply the most effective term to control Locus. Along with reminding him of their orders.

Felix knows just how to manipulate and control Locus because of the trauma he went through. Trauma Felix was a witness too and part of the event itself. He’s an actor who knows just what to say at the right time to make himself believable to anyone who listens. That includes Locus.

But in the most recent episodes, things just seem to be going wrong for these two. Armona gets blown up, taking away most of their men. They get defeated by Wash and Carolina. Remember last time they fought those two, the Freelancers lost BUT they were holding back. The two probably didn’t expect such a hard and exhausting fight this time around. Then their ship gets pulled into the planet, right on top of the tower they were gonna use to kill everyone else (another stress for Locus who knew they were going to kill their own men and he showed visible hesitation when this was pointed out). Everything has just got so wrong.

Now to the most recent episode. Felix has lost all patience. He’s exhausted, probably hurt, and very, VERY pissed. His emotions are taking full grip of him and all rational thought is gone. At this point he just wants to kill the Reds and Blues because they are the cause of all these plans going down. He doesn’t care about anything now but killing them and proving he’s better then them all. His charm is gone. His ability to easily charm others has been thrown to the side cause he’s too mad. So he snaps at Locus, he shows what he truly is to his ‘partner’ and how little he really cares. He doesn’t care about orders, he cares about himself.

For Locus, the previous defeats, all the doubt, regret and questioning finally boils over. When he learns from Santa that Felix’s fear is him, he understand fully. Felix didn’t see him as a partner, ever. Locus is done.

Then we see what finally happens. Locus gives up. He’s done with Chorus, and done with Felix.

When Felix witnesses this, he panics, once again tries to manipulate Locus to his side. But it’s too late for that to work. The partnership illusion was broken and he couldn’t fake things anymore. So he shows his next hand, realizes that if Locus isn’t useful then he needed to die.

We all know how this ends up for Felix, instead he is finished off by the Reds and Blues. Locus leaves with the others unable to follow where he went.

So yes. I get some people are mad about how this turned out. But really? I’m happy. This was a believable end for me. Sure I’m upset Felix is dead. But that’s because he was the most fascinating villain I’ve ever seen on this show. I would have loved for him to return as a villain later on but this end for him and his falling out with Locus. It was still an enjoyable ride.

when you’re lowkey really worried about dan