“A sylvari in blue and white armor was standing nearby, so I made myself ask for directions. He was huge, but he had a kindly face. Better yet, there was a little animal poking its whiskery nose over his shoulder. When I giggled, it darted into the sylvari’s bag.
“He introduced himself as Issandür.”
Vikki, Tyrian Travels Chapter 5

I JUST SAW THIS UPDATE AND I YELLED I WAS SO EXCITED! I’m so honored @guildwars2 liked my sweet blue baby (and Maimu, his ermine) enough to sneak them into Tyrian Travels!

things have been going so well between me and my boyfriend lately oh my god… I saw him again today (twice in one week!). we took a long ass nap tbh cause he had just gotten back from work and we’re both sick but it was really nice I like cuddling and I like how he’ll pull me closer in his sleep or how if I roll over (cause I move a lot in my sleep) he’ll roll over with me. we got into a teeny argument but that’s just cause I’m stressed out tbh overall really good day. he was also stressed out tho so it was a pretty chill day we just like got fast food and hung out talking and watching videos in his car. he was sweet tho like he teases me a lot but he also said some sweet stuff like he said he was trying to make me laugh cause he likes when I laugh and he said he really likes that I like can think of jokes on the spot idk I just like hearing specific things he likes about me. like apparently he was telling some coworker about me and just aww lol. and I like how comforting he is like ugh I got overwhelmed and cried a little which was so embarrassing but he was chill about it and talked to me about it and hugged me and just yeah I was embarrassed but I didn’t even have to be. just good day good day

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AHHHHH Ginta is back!!!!!!!! I was SO EXCITED when I saw his name on the Tumblr post. I may have shrieked out loud very quietly (or not so quietly) a few times. Ginta was one of my absolute favorite characters in Fallen Leaves and I'm so so happy that he'll be appearing in Legacy too! I love the interactions with Team 6, and seeing them and Ginta in a different context as professionals working together. Also, this thread is officially the coolest thing ever I'm on the edge of my seat

Aaaaah, he is!!!!!! And I’m so excited that you’re so excited! I loved writing Ginta in Leaves, and was a little sad that the way we’d structured the story of Legacy didn’t really leave room for him. I did try to drop the occasional Easter egg reference to him, and always considered that he was in ANBU as an officer on another team, even if he wasn’t on screen. When we started discussing this mission and the ways we might structure it, it became clear that this would be a great place for Ginta to enter the story. 

He’s a little older, a little steadier, and a little more focused than his Leaves counterpart, which I think is all to the good. I’ve made some changes to his backstory, too — nothing too drastic, he still lives with his grandparents and Chihiro as just as much a force in his life here as she was in Leaves — which I’m working on writing. 

But fundamentally he’s still Sakamoto Ginta, sparkly and deadly as ever.

Thank you so much for this ask. I wasn’t entirely sure how well-remembered or well-liked Ginta was, but reader reaction has more than proved it was the right decision to bring him back. And as his creator, I couldn’t possibly be happier!

Super glad you’re liking the thread, too!

<3 Nezu



Congratulations to David Tennant for getting a Special Recognition Award at the NTAs. Doctor Who didn’t win for Most Popular Drama, but all of the Doctor Who love for David made us very happy Whovians!


I was rewatching the first episode of Haikyuu and I realized something.

The first two screencaps above are the building where Hinata and Kageyama had their Junior High tournament in the first episode. The next two screencaps are where Kageyama went in season 2 episode 6 and ended up running into Oikawa. There was never a shot in this scene of the whole building, but you can see upon comparison that the stair railing and the columns are the same as the tournament building. Where Kageyama and Oikawa met was the same place where Hinata had his first and last Jr High tournament.

Conclusion: After their fight, Kageyama returned to the place where he met Hinata for the first time.


Precious Kaneki Ken (๑´•ω • `๑)


when Haru meets her Jiyong oppa ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ