Reactions to OUAT S6 Finale

1. “When Good and Evil both did the right thing, the Final Battle was won.”

Rumple and Emma were BOTH Saviors! They both needed to be in order to win the battle. I cannot express how much I loved this.

2. Rumple vs DarkImp/Clippy!Rumple

FINALLY!!! I have been waiting for this since season 5 (that one other time doesn’t count because Gold couldn’t see him and they weren’t in the same frame). I wish it was more involved, like the Regina / Evil Queen scenes, but I’ll take what I can get.

3. Baby Gideon

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This was the only way they could fix Rumbelle, honestly. I loved Giles in the finale, but this was beyond expected (plus, I had just said, “Wait, where did Gideon go?”).

4. Emma brought back the Happy Endings

All of them (see above). I’m happy nobody died (except Fiona, of course). This is quite possibly the best season-finale-that-could-have-been-a-series-finale that I’ve ever seen. They couldn’t have created a better contingency plan.

5. I’m excited for season 7

I loved the nostalgia, the new look on the old curse, and Adult Henry! I’m confused and intrigued by the scenes with Adult Henry and his daughter, both in the Enchanted Forest and in Boston (it was Boston, right? because parallels?). And I need to know who her mother is!

6. Mayor Fiona’s Demise

She reminded me so much of Cora more than Mayor Regina. Oh, but I’m so proud of Rumple for not trusting her. Also, her death was elegant and fitting. A nice parallel to Pan’s Underworld death. Did I mention I’m glad Rumple didn’t have to die again to save everyone? Oh, and did I mention how thrilled I am that Rumple killing the Black Fairy broke the curse??? He was a Savior after all! And he felt bad about killing her, which means (gasp!) he’s becoming a Hero!

7. Rumple got invited to the family dinner

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I can’t tell you how happy I was to see him there. And he looked so happy too! Also, the Last Supper set up was hilarious, but fitting for a show that’s been talking about Saviors for 6 seasons! I guess the Charmings finally got their Family Thanksgiving Dinner! Maybe it’s a new holiday celebrating the end of the Final Battle?

8. Beauty and the Beast

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So sweet and unexpected! (And Belle’s wearing her ring again!) I’d add a gif of their kiss if I could, but I can’t find one yet.

**Disclaimer** None of these points were in any particular order other than as they came to mind as I wrote. **

Father’s Day [Lin-Manuel Miranda X Reader]

Request: None!

Summary: Today would be unforgettable.

A/N: Happy Father’s Day! In honor of today, I had a fic about the Miranda household and Father’s Day news! Special thanks to Rissa( @linuelmirandaand Victoire ( @sunlighteliza)  for helping me prioritize and giving their opinions on the plot. Thank you so much!

Tags: @fan-this-spark-into-a-flame @followingnaturespath @nithsdalian @dreamingofmadison @kawaiinekodono @noellerhee @proud-shy-slytherin @that-gay-fangirl @bethbat

Word Count: 1,332

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anonymous asked:

If you haven't already done this.... how would the rfa + minor trio if you want react to an MC that has dyed her hair a rainbow color? (I just recently went rose gold/pink and it's the best decision I've ever made)

This is a super cute request from both of you anonnys! I bet rose gold and pink hair looks amazing, that sounds like such a pretty color for your hair! I’ve always wanted to try and dye my hair a different color but I’ll just stick with my dirt brown hair for now! Anyways, I hope that you all enjoy!! ^^


  • Yoosung absolutely adores your new unique hair color!
  • He’s the type of guy to never judge people based on their looks so he thinks that if dying your hair a unique color makes you happy, them so he’s happy too
  • This boy knows a thing or two about dying his own hair so Yoosung’s definitely willing to give you some tips and tricks on how to make your color last longer
  • He loves helping you decide what color to dye your hair next, it makes him feel warm and fuzzy on the inside knowing that you value his opinion
  • Yoosung totally shows you off to all of his friends, saying that you’re the coolest girlfriend ever for many reasons but one being how awesome your hair color is
  • He’s never really considered dyeing his own hair a crazy color and will most likely leave that to you
  • Yoosung basically loves you no matter what but having a super awesome dyed hair color makes him love you that much more!


  • Zen already has his own unique silver hair color so when you walk into the room with a crazy new hair color, he’s in love!
  • He’ll gush over how beautiful your new hair color looks, constantly running his fingers through it as he admires your work
  • Zen takes you to one of his rehearsals one day and everyone asks if you’re wearing a wig to which Zen proudly responds that you dyed your hair yourself
  • Now every one of Zen’s cast mates wants you to dye their hair thanks to Zen
  • Even though he’s really into the idea of dyeing his own hair pink, Zen’s not sure if he’s willing to commit so he leaves the cool hair dying to you
  • He really enjoys helping you pick out which hair dye you should use next and gives you awesome advice based on your personality and natural looks
  • Zen loves the fact that you’re so willing to express yourself through your hair color and will always admire you because of it!


  • Jaehee is pretty surprised when she sees you with a new unique hair color
  • She’s a bit skeptical at first, asking if the brand of hair dye you used was safe, if you dyed your hair properly, if it’ll last forever, and so on
  • This girl will come off as a worrier, asking if it was really the wisest decision to dye your hair a crazy color
  • But deep down Jaehee really admires you for breaking the status quo and being true to yourself
  • She ends up helping you decide what to dye your hair color next because she says she’ll help you make the best choice
  • Plus she adores looking through all of the pretty colors and helping you decide which hair color is best makes Jaehee so happy
  • No way this woman will let you dye her hair any color different from her own, but she’s honestly super honored that you asked
  • Jaehee may seem like she disapproves of you dyeing your hair but in all actuality she becomes excited to see what hair color you’ll have next!


  • Jumin does a double take when he sees you walk into the room with a unique hair color
  • He’s immediately on the phone with the company that sells the type of shampoo you use since he thinks that this is their product’s doing
  • After telling Jumin that you purposely dyed your hair this color, he asks why
  • With some explaining, Jumin understands and says that he thinks that the color suits you and wants to help next time you dye your hair
  • He becomes paranoid that some hair dye will get onto Elizabeth the Third’s fur so you have to be careful
  • Jumin gives you some surprisingly good advice on what hair dye colors would look best on you
  • You teasingly suggest that he dyes his hair as well and he just nods
  • The next day you see Jumin with bright green hair, he asks you how it looks but you couldn’t stop laughing to answer
  • Luckily Jumin used a hair dye that only lasted until the next shower but you got lots of photos of his green locks
  • Jumin starts to enjoy hair dyeing and often asks if he can help you because that means spending more time with you!


  • Seven is amazed at how awesome your new hair color is and how good it looks on you
  • He’s always wanted to dye his hair a crazy color but you tell him he’s insane enough, plus red hair suits him well
  • Instead, Seven becomes your new hair stylist, even wearing some cosplay to help look the part
  • This boy is an amazing hair stylist and perfectly dyes your hair every time, claiming that he’s a natural
  • Seven’ll sometimes put random colored streaks in the back of your hair where you can’t see it, snickering the entire time
  • He likes the fact that you aren’t afraid to dye your hair crazy colors and he really looks up to you because of it
  • Seven almost cries when you walk in one day with your hair dyed the same bright red as his
  • He calls you, himself, and Saeran the tomato triplets, Saeran promptly asks you to dye your hair another color
  • Seven’ll sometimes randomly pet your hair because of how pretty your hair is since it’s one of the many reasons why he adores you!


  • V’s always playing with your hair in general so he notices right away that it’s dyed a new unique color
  • And honestly, V loves it
  • But really, what would he have to judge you anyway, this boy’s got pastel cotton candy blue hair
  • So V truly doesn’t mind what hair color you’ve dyed your hair because in his opinion, you look beautiful no matter what
  • He tries his best to help you, he really does, when it comes to assisting your re-dyeing your hair
  • V helps you look up some recipes to create a more safe and natural hair dye to help you keep your healthy hair plus it means he can help you make it
  • He also has a keen eye for picking out what color would look best on you, V will just have to stand really close to you to see you good enough to do so
  • The two of you are dubbed ‘the cool hair colored couple’ by Seven and Yoosung - To V, dyeing your hair a new color makes you defined yourself in your own way and even more picture perfect then you already are!


  • Saeran loves the fact that you changed your hair color to something new and crazy!
  • This boy is basically the king of hair dyeing so having his advice and assistance is extremely helpful
  • He’ll give you lots of tips and let you know the best hair dye brands, how to properly dye your roots, how to make it last as long as possible, and so on
  • When picking out what color to dye your hair, Saeran will study each color, holding it up to your hair to see which color looks best
  • He’s basically taken the role of your new hair stylist and hair dyer, Saeran takes his new role very seriously bless his heart
  • Saeran also in general loves playing with your hair so he now has a viable excuse to do so making him lowkey super happy
  • But there’s no way he’d ever dye his hair again, he doesn’t want to bring up bad memories from his past
  • So he’ll just stick to helping you with your hair dyeing, something that the two of you can agree on
  • Saeran is incredibly supportive of you dyeing your hair and you’ll definitely start to receive more compliments from him!


  • Vanderwood doesn’t even bat an eye when you walk past him with your newly dyed hair
  • So you walk past him again, and again… and again
  • Frustration starts to well up inside of you, you know this man can be thick but this is ridiculous for Vanderwood standards
  • So you decide to put in some hair dye in his shampoo, maybe he’ll notice then
  • Vanderwood comes out of the shower screaming why his hair is bright red and you tell him that it’s because he was ignoring you and your awesome newly dyed hair
  • He sighs and crosses his arms saying that you looked beautiful to him no matter what, even if you change your hair color he finds you gorgeous
  • Leave it to Vanderwood to be such a romantic man who always leaves you flustered
  • You tell him that the hair dye will be out in a week or so but he’s more upset that you picked bright red, the same as an idiot that he knows
  • From then on, Vanderwood always makes sure to point out how cool your new hair color is since he genuinely likes it!

Chapter One
Björn Ironside X Reader

Your father, King Ecbert of Wessex, hadn’t told you about the arrival of the Viking Ragnar Lothbrok to the castle. But then again, he never told you anything, believing that you were as unimportant as the servants. He hadn’t cared for your mother either. Always more of a fan of your sister in law Judith, they’d lain together multiple times and you couldn’t understand how your brother was alright with it. But as soon as your mother died he payed less attention to you and didn’t even really acknowledge your existence. As soon as he started having meetings with Ragnar Lothbrok, he got Athelstan to teach you Norse, but no one told you why. If you had then you wouldn’t have done it. You learnt languages quickly because you had nothing else to do. So you were now fluent in Norse but had no idea what words were specific to their culture.

A few months after their first meetings, you were invited into the throne room. Greeted by the same bright blue eyes of the Viking. He looked at you carefully and now you could see a tall blonde man behind him, along with the usual entourage that came with him. Your father beckoned you over and after a side glare at him, you walked over to him.

“This is my daughter, Princess Y/n.” Your father smiled and you saw the blonde boy fidget slightly.

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Sebastian Stan Imagine

Flashing lights and loud yells. And all that was heard, seen even when the doors were still closed. You watched as everyone from the cast of Avengers got ready. Laughing, taking pictures, you were so cough up in this sweet moment that didn’t even notice Sebastian had come up to you and was now hugging you, with your back to his chest. 

“What are you thinking about?” he pulled me out of my thoughts. 

“Just how happy your guys are and how proud I am of everyone and “ you turned around placing your hands on his cheeks “how proud I am of you” gave him a kiss. A voice was heard behind your two. 

“Okay everyone you are going to leave one by one in one minute” hearing this you started to make way toward the other door that lead you around paparazzi and fans. You were not planing on going out with them. 

“Where are you going?” Sebastian said holding your arm and not letting go. 

“I’m going around.” You pointed the way you were planing to go. Sebastian laughed, pulled you back into his arms. 

“You’re coming with me.” without words coming out of your mouth, you shaked your head telling him now. Sebastian laughed at you reactions, to him it was one of the cutest things he has ever seen. “Yes you are. You were with me while filming, you were there for me when things were bad and good. And now i want to walk the carpet with you, so everyone knows who is the reason I made it this far.” his words shocked you, before you could react someone else did. 

“If you’re not going I am. Because that was fucking beautiful” Chris said and as you turning your head you noticed rest of the cast looking at the two of you, and wipe their fake tears away. 

“No need. I’ll go” you looked back at Sebastian and kissed him right before the doors opened and your eyes met with lights and cameras. 

The first few steps you took were shaky, but when Sebastian pulled you closer, your nerves calmed down. People were calling his name and even sometimes your.  big yell came behind you and Sebastian, when looking back you saw so many fans. Fans that you used to be a part of and still are. Some of them had posters some, had dressed up as their favorite character.  It was a beautiful sight to see. 

“You should go to them?” you whispered into Sebastians ear and he turned around to see all his fans. He gave you an are-you-sure, look to which you nodded turning around. He ran up to all the screaming fans, he looked so happy and they too. Sebastian signed some posters then jumped around lifting his hands in the air

“(Y/N) look” he yelled with a smile on his lips. He was like a little kid who has got his first bike. So happy, jumping around and laughing. At moments like this, were you could see him be happy and enjoy the fruits of his work, to be able to talk to people that have supported him for years, you feel blessed you have met him. And get a chance to be by his side. 


Dear Diary:

iggy… iggy woke us up so early 。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。

and he wouldn’t even let us get ready properly i had to do my hair in the car and it looks horrible and (;へ:)

but… it’s… it’s nice to have everyone back together again o((*^▽^*))o

i… i just wish gladio would talk about what happened…

that scar… it looks really nasty… (。ŏ﹏ŏ)

a-anyway! we still have another pylon to get to… maybe i’ll… take a nap… i can’t stop yawning ヽ( ´O`)ゞ

even though sleeping in the car always makes my neck really sore 。゚・(>﹏<)・゚。

and… i feel bad for poor iggy, having to stay awake while we can all sleep a little more… (・:゚д゚:・)

at least noct always remembers to give him coffee, right~? 。(*^▽^*)ゞ  

he always looks so happy drinking it, too… (*゚ー゚)ゞ

anonymous asked:

Could we get the DR1 boys reacting to their s/o saying "I love you" for the first time?

Here you go anon~

DR1 Boys & S/O first time they said ‘I love you’

Makoto Naegi

  • You two were cuddling on the sofa together
  • His arm was around you and his chin resting on your head
  • You nuzzled at his neck and he kissed your head lightly
  • “I love you,”
  • You can hear his heart rate increase against your chest
  • He just leans down
  • Kisses your temple
  • Then whispers in your ear
  • “I love you too Y/N,”
  • He pulls you to him closer and buries his head in your neck, kissing your skin repeatedly
  • Ends up cuddling you like a teddy bear the rest of the evening

Byakuya Togami

  • He saw you sat on his desk and stopped
  • “You want something Y/N?”
  • He stepped closer to you and you cocked your head and smiled
  • “I’ve just got something to tell you,”
  • He folds his arms
  • “And what would that be?”
  • You stick your tongue out
  • “That I love you,”
  • He’s silent for a while
  • He hadn’t been expecting that
  • Then he laughs
  • “You sure about that Y/N?”
  • “You want me to say it again?”
  • He steps closer and smiles
  • “Just to be sure,”
  • So you say it, and he closes the distance and kisses you

Mondo Owada

  • He intended to say it first
  • He didn’t know when, but he had wanted to be the one to say it
  • He takes you out on the bike one night
  • You have your arms wrapped around his waist, as cities fly by
  • You reach a secluded spot that had a view over most of the area around
  • Sitting together, you just looked over the lights below
  • You leaned against his shoulder
  • “There’s something I gotta tell ya,”
  • He just looked down at you
  • “I love you,”
  • He scratches the back of his head, blushing very lightly
  • “Dammit, you stole my line Y/N,”
  • He’s quiet for a while before putting his arm around you and pulling you close
  • “I love you too,”
  • He kisses you on the head, then neck and finally lips before
  • Mostly because he’s embarrassed that he didn’t say it first and can’t find the words to tell you how warm and fuzzy you’ve made him feel

Kiyotaka Ishimaru

  • He’s more the type to show you he loves you than say it
  • So in a way he’s already told you he loves you with unspoken words
  • He’s kissing you tenderly, hands just softly roaming your body
  • It’s not heated, more slow and loving
  • When you pull away he’s just smiling ever so slightly
  • “I love you Taka,”
  • Now he’s blushing
  • He just looks down and can’t wipe a little grin off of his lips
  • He pulls you back to him and kisses you again
  • As his lips move against yours he repeats your words
  • It’s barely audible, almost as if he exhaled the phrase
  • “And I’ll continue to love you again and again…”
  • He’s mostly kissing you to hide his blush

Chihiro Fujisaki

  • God bless
  • He wanted to show you how much he loved you most of the time anyway
  • But he’d been too shy to actually vocalise it
  • He was continually getting you little gifts
  • Flowers, rings, the sort
  • With the latest bouquet you smiled and leant down
  • “I love you,”
  • He’s bright red
  • Doesn’t know what to do with himself
  • Kinda wants to go and hide and fangirl
  • His entire face lights up and he just runs and hugs you
  • “I love you toooooo~”

Leon Kuwata

  • He’s the sort to have his arm around you or hold your hand everywhere you go
  • Little displays of affection
  • He’d come close to saying it to you on multiple occasions
  • But each time he was worried you weren’t going to say it back
  • Or that maybe it was too soon to say it
  • He ended up kind of hoping you would say it first
  • So when you whispered it in his ear one morning he was so happy
  • “I love you too,”
  • Starts to kiss you
  • Between each kiss he says it again and again
  • *Kiss*
  • “I love you”
  • *Kiss*
  • Ends up making you giggle and he’s just laughing with you and continuing to pepper you with little kisses

Hifumi Yamada

  • His attention is so divided
  • He’s only ever focussing on one thing at once
  • And when it comes around to trying to say he loves you he ends up mumbling or messing his words up
  • But one day you get the hint he wants to say something
  • So you hold his hand and just tell him
  • “I love you, you know?”
  • He’s a mumbling mess now
  • Bright red
  • Twitching and trying to come up with an appropriate response
  • Pushes his glasses up
  • “Well of course! And I love you very much too!”

Yasuhiro Hagakure

  • He’s ugh
  • Well you don’t really know
  • He’s just sat smack in the middle of the lounge
  • “Uh, you okay?”
  • “Of course Y/N-chi!”
  • He turns around with a glitter beard
  • You’re sat beside him laughing and stroking it
  • “I love you, you’re so odd,”
  • “It’s because I’m unique, that’s why you love me,”
  • Takes him a minute to register what you said
  • “Wait did you just say you love me! Awwwww Y/N-chi! I love you too~”

“Don’t wait too long, now,” she remarks, “Better do it before somebody else whisks her away.”

“Yes ma'am.” Harry squeaks, while Y/N leans into his shoulder, nuzzling at him and giving a soft hum before peeking her eyes up, “I want 7 karats.” she whispers, and Harry feels his cheeks pinked even more than he’s sure they already had.


Y/N still takes Harry’s yoga class and Harry still blushes a lot

part 1

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“’And so the night sets upon me again,’

“the Host hums, stretching his arms as he sits up in his chair. ‘I had a lovely day today, answering your questions. I am very happy that I now have 102 of my lovely Readers here with me. I never thought this many people would care about what I had to say, but here all of you are, proving me wrong. I’m glad you’re all here, and I’m glad I started talking to you all. I hope you all have lovely nights/days. And with that said, I must say goodnight, dear Readers. Goodnight.’“

i just went to an lgbtq youth summit and almost cried bc i met other trans poc for the first time irl ever in my life and now imm think abt trans sam meeting other lgbtq black ppl and crying bc he’s so happy too woW

KageHina Reminder

I’ll never get over the fact that first season opening gives us Hinata’s “tall, tall wall” speech

and you see all the other Karasuno members joining him on the court and it’s a really great emotional moment with the musical cues and everything

and then the second season comes rolling around and we get the same speech music and all and it’s so incredibly hearbreaking because of the flashback so emotional

but this time when we zoom in on the Karasuno gym court…

it’s just Kageyama.


Just. Kageyama.

illuminated by the fucking sun and everything like he’s a fucking angel or something wtf


Priorities, anyone??