I swear to the yellow diamond I can’t get this ship out of my head. t’s everything I want in a ship. Big tall stoic dork with tiny actor dork. They are my fave polly ship and I just want Garnet to act like she dosen’t give a shit while Jamie just flips shit over her holding his hand. Look at him! He looks like a kid who wants to keep a puppy he just found! Background was my wallpaper on my laptop for so long, it belongs to the show sadly I can’t find a proper source.

happilyshanghaied asked:

RE: your drinking game You forgot Charles awkwardly hitting on women & using the word groovy while referencing mutations. ❌ Also, Charles mentioning he needs a drink (or profusely thanking somebody for anticipating his need for one. Or Charles just generally being a drunk.🍺 Charles crying beautifully about something Erik-related. Because he cries so damn much in FC and DOFP, and the more accurate fics reflect this 😥 And Hank mentioning how much he wants to kick Erik's ass. Repeatedly. 😡

HAHA YES! I can’t believe I forgot the groovy mutation pickup lines! That needs to go on the list! (I especially love it when Erik totally falls for Charles’ crappy pickup lines : D) 

Charles drinking and being a drunk is also a good one, and very much canon, so it definitely belongs.

As for Charles crying, isn’t it amazing how he’s on the edge of tears all throughout DOFP? Like, the ENTIRE movie he looks like a kicked puppy. Someone please hug him.

And if we’re talking about characters that want to kick Erik’s ass, it definitely doesn’t stop at Hank. There are so many! (Logan is definitely in line for that)


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