i swear to god i get immense fruk feels when i go to wikipedia and read about anglo-french relations…

“Ties between France and the Kingdom of England have been intimate since the Norman Conquest,”

“French historian Fernand Braudel described England and France as a single unit”

throws galaxy cop headcanons and ideas at you all
  • gc and Benny cuddles in a blanket
  • gc/bc drools in their sleep and Benny finds it adorable
  • Benny likes to sneak up from behind and say “GUESS WHO? :D”
  • gc/bc holding benny’s hand as he flys and they talk about each other
  • sleepovers at gc/bc’s house or benny’s house
  • Benny and gcbc play arcade games like the claw, and benny wins most of the prizes
  • good night kisses after dates
  • staying at home dates where benny and gc/bc just chill in casual clothes or pajamas and watch movies and tv
  • au where the two go on a space adventure and fight monsters