sunnyssims said: I so love how you balanced Jacklyn’s collected outward demeanor with her ever wounded real self. Poor Jacklyn. Then again, poor Nico. He has no idea how he missed that step there.

treason-and-plot said: wow gee pick your moment Jacklyn you self-absorbed jerk

I love you both for being so astute with your observations. Jacklyn is a walking wound, and her perpetual need to nurse herself blinds her to the very real harm she does to others. Her entire fling with Nico has been about what she needs, and she took him for granted in the worst way, never considering how he might be feeling about anything.

Nico has gotten a little too used to being treated as an object to protest. He just rolls with it.

Hacked by mr-resilient, I’m back once again.

Gracie no one has shit on you. My college educated, street smart, business owner, activist, choreographer, one half of an charitable organization, gorgeous queen. You did everything on your own all while staying humble, kind, generous, respectful, hilarious, and never have you thought you were better than anyone else.You’re rare. While some people are busy worrying about who dress basic, who is “bad”, keeping up with trends, having shallow self absorbed perspectives, or too afraid to be themselves, you’re busy taking over the world. I’m so proud of you. I’m happy to be apart of your life and watch you do your thing. I’m so proud of the person you are. I’m proud of how you truly made me an even better person lol. If your dad was alive he would be so overjoyed and proud of you too. I love you, I’m amazed by you, I’m thankful for you. I would get my heart broken over and over again since that’s what lead me to you, my best friend, my family, my diary, my business partner. You say that I set the standard for you, but that’s exactly what you’ve done for me. I love you, always.

I understood something today (or should I say, yesterday).

Lately I’ve been having huge anxiety attacks due to the fact I’m leaving my country in 3 weeks, so I’ve been crying a lot for hours thinking about time, how I can’t control this situation because I’m throwing myself into “the unknown” and also thinking about my crush (obviously he is not a crush anymore, I’m in love!).

I realized I’ve been -projecting- into him a lot of my fears and talking to a friend I had a different insight on his recent attitude towards me. He’s afraid just like me, but he is afraid of commitment because we are both leaving and we won’t see each other for almost a year. I’ve been so self absorbed thinking just about me that I’ve missed tiny things he’s been saying to me. And I feel so stupid. I’ve been crying for things I make up on my mind and that’s really fucked up and it took me some time to accept this. And to be honest it is quite scary. I can’t keep on doing this.

Also, I need to let go of things, I can’t control everything, I can’t predict the future and any possibility I think of will never be the one that will happen, that’s why I’m anxious all the time.

So now that I’ve acknowledge this, I need to work on it. I have to stop expecting so much from people or situations, and I don’t say this in a bad way. I have huge expectations, sometimes really hard to fulfill and when I expect nothing I get surprised and good things happen, so I just need to stop thinking so much, to focus on the important, in the present. Why the heck do I torture myself with useless and hurtful thoughts? I really need to change this.

It’s 2 am and I’ve been thinking things like these for almost a month now, it’s pretty tiring and now I just wanted to write them, perhaps as a reminder that I need to work on these horrible flaws and just worry less and stop trying to be in control of everything because that just leaves me frustrated and sad. Enough is enough!

dcstrider asked:

dc strider because im a self absorbed prick

dc strider

hes such a great guy what the fuck
im so glad i started talking to him because he never fails to lighten up my dash/day when he doesnt realize that hes doing so like today???
seeing him on my dash just made me really happy for some weird reason because were not THAT close of friends right?? id like to think that we are but shrug emote tbh

i really wanna get closer to him friend wise because hes so important and lovable (from what ive seen so far) and i just??? dc is so important and must be loved always and forever
anyone who disagrees on this can fight me

and like
im super excited to hang out with him here is hawaii sometime!!
itll be really cool and we can like!!!! hang out and get to know each other!!!!!! 

+ no matter what he says dc is NOT a self absorbed prick!!! everyone needs a bit of a self esteem boost and im glad to be able to dish it out 8)

dwarf inquisitor probably gonna be.. idk…… Sawjoy was all peace and love Adder is all vengeance but in a restrained manner where hes learning to be a good leader and not be so self-absorbed so i guess something i havent done yet is straight up make an angry hate filled inquisitor who cares about no one? but……. i dont wanna

Blue Jasmine (2013) - ****
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I love Woody Allen films and consider myself a big fan, although there is a lot of his works that I haven’t seen.  He has directed so many movies that there is no way I could absorb his whole library.  They tend to be hit or miss, so I save up my viewing experience with his films that seem to garner a lot of praise.  Cate Blanchett won a Best Actress Oscar for her role here in Blue Jasmine and she deserved every bit of it.  As a self-obsessed alcoholic, she perfectly embodies this new breed of women in society who are rich, spoiled and entitled.  When her world crashes in, she is forced to shack up with her artsy half-sister, and naturally, conflict ensues in which Allen always revels in.  Like many Woody Allen films, this film fuses comedy and relationship drama perfectly.  Underneath the surface, this is a movie that is very dark and doesn’t necessarily have a happy ending, but it’s very relatable because everybody in life has faced a deep crisis or has had to deal with a family member that is, in a sense, losing it.  Blanchett gets great support from Alec Baldwin, Sally Hawkins, Andrew Dice Clay (a great surprise), Bobby Cannavale and Peter Sarsgaard.  If you love Woody Allen films, you will feel very comfortable and familiar with this tale that is told in his unusual non-linear fashion.  But if you have always been afraid to dive into his work, I think Blue Jasmine would serve as a great entry point.  It fuses all the wit and layers that Allen is known for, and you will leave the film wondering why you haven’t seen more of his films.

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