So the spoilers are freaking devastating! And I mean it, this just might be the saddest chapter of fairy tail for me in ever! (And I don’t say that lightly) Like. I’m panicking even more than I did with the whole Gajeel thing (and he is my favorite) but with the whole Gajeel thing I had a strong feeling that he would be okay. This time with Juvia I am not so sure for a few reasons.

1. I’m not sure how she will get out of this.. If she ends up being part of Gray, I can’t possibly think of a way for that to be undone. Unlike the whole gajevy thing where there was a countdown and ya kinda knew Eileen’s spell might somehow save Gajeel.(I was still worried though) This one doesn’t seem obvious to me. If anyone has thoughts on how it could, please share them to ease my mind !

2. Juvia saving Gray and being part of him seems so fitting for her. She lives for the one she loves, she stated that in the Tenrou arc. So risking herself to keep him alive, I mean gawd it’s a no brainier that, that is what she would do! Hell she risked herself to save Cana during the Phantom arc! So I have no doubt in my mind she would hurt herself before risking anyone else in the guild’s safety and Gray is in a class all of his own to her. He brought the sun to her in a lifetime of endless rain. He was the one who influenced her to want to join fairy tail, her home where they accept her. He means the world to her !

3. Juvia living in Gray like the water in his blood. Does anyone else think that is somewhat similar to Ur? Ur becoming one with the ice and then the water in the sea to save Gray? Juvia would be doing something similar ! And then Ultear as well! All these important women in his life making sacrifices for Gray, to keep him alive.. Sacrifices where they weren’t necessarily dead, but they are no longer present and/or the same. I don’t know about you, but I see a theme there with Gray. It has kinda become Grays story and it is so so freaking sad !!!! And this is what really makes me afraid that Juvia might really be gone!!!

4. It is almost too perfect. Gray finally tells Juvia what she has been waiting for. She has been so patient with him, always being there for him even at times when he didn’t want her around and more importantly, when he absolute needed her (aka his father). Her being part of him would bring them together forever and she now knows his feelings! We have all been waiting for that moment!! I mean Gray is the one who probably keeps himself the most guarded in fairy tail. Sure he shows his feelings sometimes, but he is somewhat of a brooder, which was how Juvia was opposite of him as she was always so open, once she joined fairy tail.

5. She gives him the power to beat Invel and more importantly to combat the darkness of his magic ! Her being within will provide him with new found strength, and I feel like it will be the key to keep him from being swayed to darkness as she loved him and fairy tail, the two of them together are so incredible as shown in their unison raids! It is beautiful really, and too good a plot point for Mashimina to pass up!! But do I want it to cost me Juvia !!!! FUCK NO!! So if this happens I am praying to the unholy gods that somehow, someway she will come back as herself like Gajeel did. Cause as amazing as a plot point this is (and I think it really is, like the best I’ve seen so far in Alvarez) if hurts a lot !!! And it makes me oh so sad !!!!!

I believe in happy endings and I trust Mashimina to find a way to make this work and not leave me a wreck forever over it! This is fairy tail and I want to see Gray and Juvia finally get what they deserve at the end all of this. Gray has had such a hard life full of loss and Juvia is such a beautiful person, who has also had her struggles before joining Fairy Tail.

However if for some reason this doesn’t work out I won’t fault Mashmina for it. Will I be heartbroken? Absolutely ! But this is his masterpiece and he will have my respect always, my love always, because I love these characters and the world he has created !

So to the next chapter *holds up a drink in preparation for the gawd awful feels* Bring it on! *tips it back*

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favorite thing about seb?

Oh man! I can’t really just pick one thing. 

I’ll tell you one of my favorite things about him is his respect. He doesn’t take advantage of anyone. He’s truly just so sincere and he has respect for everyone around him. He doesn’t talk rudely about anyone at all. He’s got this incredible respect for absolutely everyone. 

He respects his colleagues and his employers. A lot of actors will speak badly of their co-stars and directors/staff, but he is just really respectful towards all of them. 

This is only one of the many things I love about him, but I do really admire him for this. 

Thank you so much!! This is such a wonderful question! 

Bless you dearly, sweetheart! 💙


The types of people the world gives you (inspiration). 

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what is ur fav thing about marx tho. Is it his face? His bod? His huge dick? Come on spill it I wanna know why he's do damn fine.

[holds ur little grey sunglassed face]

a l l o f h i m

I love him from his perfectly coiffed hair to his clawed booted toes. I love his brown eyes and his worry lines. i wANT TO KISS HIS WORRY LINES. i love his purple crotch flap and his big dick and his killer bod and his good taste in armor and his clawed vambraces and his cute puppy frown and his iron circlet and the way his curl bounces in cutscenes and the way he speaks like he’s always hesitant to give his opinion but not necessarily frightened, just like there’s this huge weight on him at all times…. I love his huge sword and the fact that he can swing and even toss and catch said sword with one arm…. I love his iron blood and his glass heart i love his sentimental core and i love who he’s crafted himself to be….. I love how honest he is and how much he strives to balance protecting his family and his kingdom….

there is a whole bunch of shit i haven’t even listed especially about just. the complexity of his personality (and his very choice body parts) but i hope this somewhat conveys my love for him bc

i. l o v e. a l l. o f. h i m.


- Abeno-san, don’t act like this doesn’t concern you!! You’re a part of this love triangle now!
- What did I do in the two or three minutes since I got here?

Fukigen Na Mononokean  Episode 8

[get to know me meme: seiyuu edition] || {03/03} favourite seiyuu tv shows: eguchi takuya’s even we want to be healed!


Thank you again for the cute title suggestion!


austria canonically having a string of failed marriages is one of my favorite things. you would think he would have slowed his roll after france wrote a national anthem about watering his fields with austrian blood, but that asshole was planning his next marriage before he even officially divorced hungary.

germany doesn’t know how he got here but he brought it upon himself  

Celegorm is arguably my favorite Son of Fëanor


Of course it makes perfect sense that Caecilius has no trouble learning new words since as we know he already speaks

completely fluent Celtic!

(I think my favorite thing about this is that the Doctor and Caecilius are REALLY two Gallifreyans Scottish guys –  one with extra Italian flavoring obvs – using English accents while speaking “Latin” that is “Celtic” that is actually Wenglish.)