Beautiful: These Students Leapt Into Action The Moment They Found Out Their Teacher’s Hogs Needed A Good Stackin’

English teacher Calvin Price has long been a favorite of his students at Oak Valley High School in West Chester, PA. But he was living with a devastating secret: His hogs were all over the place. Last week, his students found out about Mr. Price’s misfortune, and that’s when they did something that will put a smile on your face for the rest of the day: They immediately got to work and stacked his hogs right up.


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Foster Siblings Feuilly and Montparnasse
  • Feuilly is a few years older than Montparnasse, and has been living in the orphanage for as long as he can remember. He’s managed to channel that anger, jealousy, and sadness he used to feel into something positive
  • Montparnasse hasn’t
  • He’s just a kid who craves attention and care and reassurance
  • One day, Feuilly finds him crying alone in the bathroom, his knuckles blooded and his knees grazed, a little lost boy of 7. Some older kids say he looks too soft and needs to be roughened up. No matter how harshly Montparnasse tries to push Feuilly away, he collapses in Feuilly’s arms in tears
  • Feuilly patches up his scraped knees while Montparnasse is sitting on the cold and impersonal kitchen counter. Parnasse doesn’t say anything. He’s ashamed, for the most part. But grateful, too
  • Montparnasse does get rougher through the years. Better be on top of the foodchain than crying alone in a bathroom stall. No one makes comment on his soft face anymore.
  • But he does keep a soft spot for Feuilly. Montparnasse sometimes gives him stuff from his candy stash, while making other kids pay full price
  • Feuilly teaches Montparnasse things sometimes. Feuilly loves that, learning. He’s got a whole bunch of books under his bed and two library cards. Montparnasse, not so much. But he does like to listen
  • Feuilly being the closest thing to family Montparnasse has ever had
  • Feuilly having a fondness for that kid he won’t see as anything else than that seven year old he took under his wing

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But why do you like JJ so much, though? There are a bunch of characters who exhibit similar traits without being complete douchebags. (Honestly, though, what resonates? Are we missing something here? Because the part who doesn't wanna bash his face in wants to adopt him or some shit.)

i mean…… i just tend to like the more self-involved characters I guess? if anyone here is familiar with Love Live my fave girl from that is Nico who has a personality similar to JJ’s. i don’t really like characters who don’t have confidence unless there’s some other trait that endears me to them. i was actually a lil surprised Yuuri turned out to be my favorite character because of that!! (but i’m also really weak to dark-haired characters.)

i think it’s sweet that JJ cares so much about his fans when he could easily be like “i’m too good to notice you all” or something like that. and it’s not like anyone can say his confidence is misplaced when he has amazing skills. he just knows he’s good!!!

in general i think it has to do with the fact that confidence in general really attracts me about people so that carries over to fictional characters ahaha

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damian gets rlly sick and doesnt get out of bed much but when he does he just sort of wanders around all sleepily. its kinda cute. dick and tim are sitting in the living room talking about something and damian walks in and just sits on tim's lap. and tim doesn't know what to do because he has been Chosen but at the same time damian must be REALLY sick if he's willingly going near tim and not fighting him like???

Lol, Damian come and sitting on you is akin to a cat come and gracing you with it’s presence. So Tim has no choice to sit it out and not disturb Damian because it’s kinda cute and the boy is sick and also he’s got a good grip on Tim’s arm. Someone tosses Tim a surgical mask so he doesn’t catch Damian’s illness and he’ll need a long shower after but hey, he’ll let the kid sleep for now.

Damian is mortified upon awakening. He was tired and not really aware and he thought Tim was Grayson? They both have black messy hair?? That was good enough for him, so he just plopped down and was out. 2 hours and about 400 pictures later, he awakens and Tim is kind of sleeping on him too. Now Damian is feeling awkward because if he shifts Tim might wake up so he settles in and they both sleep together.

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Maybe there's a difference between a "theme song" and the, for lack of a better term, "heart song"? Papyrus has His Song, but he wants a Theme Song? Like his action figures have?

I can live with that explanation!

Like, he wants a *proper* theme song, like MTT’s probably got on his shows. One that says his name over and over. Something you can sing along to, and has lyrics about how great he is.

I can see him going to Undyne to help him come up with one. She bashes on keys for awhile trying to capture his ~essence~, but it’s not what he’s looking for.

Alphys watches a lot of shows with catchy theme songs, so they recruit her to help too. She comes up with some ideas, but almost all of them require some form of dancing and are in a funny language, so that’s a no-go.

Sans enters at some point with unhelpful trombone solos and music puns. DEFINITELY not what Paps wants, and frankly Sans you are ruining this creative atmosphere with your presence, so please play yourself out. *sad toots away*

Who else do they know that likes music? …Shyren! But she can’t handle all the attention (or how loud Papyrus is) and flees.

…Napstablook! They all badger Napstablook to write a theme song for Pap (because let’s be real, they’d all be the “draw me!” kind of people), and Napstablook caves (because of course they do). And what Blooky comes up with is a super great tune! It sounds amazing, this cool trip-hoppy kind of thing? …But it doesn’t suit Pap at all. No one wants to admit it, but this doesn’t scream “Papyrus” at all. 

They just about give up. But then Monster Kid approaches Papyrus with his own idea. A fan theme song for his favorite hero. And it’s basically what you’d expect a kid to come up with, not really that far from “Papyrus Papyrus He’s Our Man”, and kind of dorky and on-the-nose. …It’s perfect!!! It literally does scream “Papyrus”! Several times!!

They badger Blooky again and they make a sick remix out of it. You can bet it gets played at every one of Paps’ birthdays. And it’s his ringtone. And he blasts it during his training sessions. He’s thrilled, it’s the best day of his life.

And that’s how Papyrus gets a *real* theme song.

…And hopefully Napstablook gets paid.

Predictably, after the nation’s white people elected a man who campaigned on race-based appeals and promised race-based policies, the top priority of many white pundits was to defend their honor.

Not the election of a xenophobic klepto-fascist. Not the surge of race-based hate crimes after the election. Not the appointment of Steve Bannon, who has spent years mainstreaming white nationalism, to a key position in the next administration. Nothing is more maddening than having the innocence of white Americans besmirched.

There have been dozens of #NotAllTrumpSupporters tweets and posts and videos flying around since the election, urging us not to make the terrible mistake of holding Trump voters responsible for damage he will do to vulnerable lives. He might be a racist, they say, but his voters aren’t.

This is how discussions of racism in America get derailed. You start by conceiving of “racist” as a binary category, something one is or isn’t. Then you define racism as explicit belief that one race is superior to another. Only a small fringe has those self-identified racist beliefs, so, voila, there are hardly any racists! (You can play the same game with “sexist.”)

Meanwhile, studies show that “implicit bias” — subconscious negative stereotypes about particular races and genders — is ubiquitous, even among people who would never consciously espouse discrimination. And statistics show that outcomes are systematically biased against women and minorities, whether it’s housing, income, or the criminal justice system.

So racist and sexist biases are rampant in America. Racist and sexist outcomes are rampant in America. But apparently there are very few racists or sexists in America. We just perpetuate systemic racism and sexism by accident. Oops.

Women and minorities in America will find this a familiar story. Somehow, vouchsafing the innocence of white people takes precedence over holding them responsible or protecting those who will suffer as a result of their choices. Systemic discrimination becomes a crime with no criminals. (Tressie McMillan Cottom has a good piece on this.)

Put it this way: If you can elect an authoritarian who ran on racial resentment and have the nation’s elites respond with gushing displays of empathy … you may be white.

—  David Roberts

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“Happy Birthday To Me…” Oswald hummed merrily waiting on his other self’s bed with legs spread wide and invitingly. There was a barely decent strip of cloth covering his bits and he was sure that his other self would simply berate him for all this. Especially the whip that curled over his shoulders, whose tip he was playing with coyly as he waited for other Oswald.

Yes… happy birthday to me indeed.

The sight in front of him was UNPLEASANT, never has he felt more uncomfortable and rather confused. It was still hard for him to grasp the concept of living with himself, a REAL person. A hallucination he would be able to deal with, but not with him. 

M-my birthday is next Friday, and you acting like that will
   only get you KILLED. You could have at least tried something better.

How Anthony Fantano, Aka The Needle Drop, Became Today’s Most Successful Music Critic | SPIN
Music criticism isn’t much of a job for those who seek the celebrity that comes with being instantly recognizable. Long gone are the days where a critic might gain the kind of fame that would beget Philip Seymour Hoffman playing them in a movie, or appearances to quip about ‘80s ephemera on VH1 talk shows. In the current media environment, a critic's visibility takes another form—Twitter followers, bylines, masthead associations. Most music critics are writers, and by nature, writing is a private profession done best behind the privacy of a computer screen—no face required. That is, unless you're a vlogger. A new era of music critics has mostly given up writing about the art form to put their faces front and center on YouTube. Among this burgeoning scene, a handful of stars have begun to emerge. BIG QUINT INDEED is an excitable Californian who shakes with glee as he sinks into a song he loves; Dead End Hip-Hop is a roundtable of five wizened rap heads whose tastes play to the Whatever

In October, I went to Connecticut to spend some time with Anthony Fantano, aka the Needle Drop, a wildly popular if somewhat controversial YouTube personality who I believe is the most successful music critic to emerge online within the last 10 years. Almost everyone I know in the industry has an opinion on his work, and his fanbase stretches into the millions and millions; his ability to thrive says something about The State Of Media, not to exaggerate, which I tried to dig into. In my experience, professional music critics have a very difficult time being self-aware about the value of the work they’re doing—it has spiritual and intellectual value, occasionally, but we live in a society where those qualities aren’t necessarily rewarded in a way that allows people to live well. I wish it was another way—I really do—but for the moment, it’s the system we have. Fantano is someone who figured it out—he managed to leverage his skills into making a comfortable living by reaching an incredible amount of people while doing something he loves, which ultimately I respect, even if his work isn’t necessarily for me. (I like to read, not watch; I can’t even listen to podcasts.) If that makes me a cynical capitalist dog, well: woof, woof, bark, bark. 

The last few weeks have sucked in many brutal ways that I and the people I know are still processing, and I don’t necessarily know what this story would’ve looked like had I pitched it post-election, but I’m proud of it. If anyone following me on this relic of a website is interested in getting into music writing, or in thinking about where music writing might be going, I think it’s a worthy read.

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Can you or your readers please help me find a Jensen fic where he and the reader are a couple and at a panel she snaps at a destiel question and leaves him but they get back together when she finds out sge is pregnant and then she helps find out that one of Jared's son has cancer. I think it's called ruined or something but I can't find it anymore. Pretty please I am dying to see if she updated it. P.S I live your work. Soft hair and single is in my heart 😘

i’ve literally never heard of this before (and it doesn’t sound like my kinda thing i’m afraid) but if anyone who sees this knows of it, help a sister out

Has anyone else watched the debate between Trevor Noah and Tomi Lahren? And am I the only one that doesn’t think Tomi got completely roasted? Trevor continuously avoided answering her questions. Whenever she would cite a real statistic he would shove it aside and find a way to call her a racist. When she said, “I don’t look down on people based on their skin color, I don’t see color.”, his audience sounded like a group of exasperated seals, as if she said something horribly offensive. But of course they’re going to cheer for him, it’s his show.

so the racist bald egg that is our president elect wants to have his family remain in nyc, meaning that secret service has to be paid to remain out of the white house. except he’s not using his “billions” of money; he wants new york taxpayers (and most likely all citizens) to cover this cost of $1,000,000+ per day.

obviously this is really shitty but maybe the nyc mayor and ny governor might be able to do something if we show that this isn’t right. so pleas help sign and spread this petition


Inspired by this post, just putting a copy in my archive for future appreciation.

Baby Niffie gets upset over something that’s too huge to be stuffed into his pouch, so Newt makes him a promise that he’ll hold onto it until Niffie grows up. Thus Newt and the niffler form a routine where niffie checks each night to make sure Newt still has his shiny treasure. 

(Because when he is unable to put his treasure in his pouch, niffie lives in the insecurity that one day if he needs to pack up and run for his life, he wouldn’t be able to bring it. Mummy holding on to his precious is a huge reassurance.)

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Ben Tallmadge needs to be slapped imo

He does. He really does. Unfortunately I’m not great a great purveyor of slaps and most of the slaps I do have in me are to His Excellency’s own face. (He needs slapping, too.) 

Hmmm, is there a way I wonder, where Ben could work things juuuuuust in the right way to give George top drop. Like be just the right combo of insolent and obedient, work over George’s vanity in just the right way that Mr. Lives By The Rules would break and do something as starkly disciplinary, as dismissive of Ben’s manhood, as a slap to the face. 

I bet he could. I bet Ben has that in him to get a few good slaps.

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Idk what that Harry stan is talking about. Every time Harry's had a something released it was overshadowed by something else. The only people that were talking about his magazine cover were the 1d stans. H's hype was built up so high that he'll never be able to live up to it, and it has died down. Outside of fandom he's not talked about as obsessively as Zayn is. Besides if anyone has 'won the game' it's Zayn without the cushion of white privilege and mediocrity.

its just the sheer delusion thats getting to me like do they really think harry is this beyonce like figure who has the power to overshadow everyone else it’s just funny bc it’s so delusional lmao. like him or not zayn is pretty controversial and has been one of the most talked about celebrities pretty much since the moment he left that group. wtf has harry done? 

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hello baku! i am a long time follower and i would like some advice. so my partner of a few months has admitted to me that he wants to transition one day and be a girl (he asked me to use he him pronouns for now) but he thinks it will never happen and that he should just live with being male and try to forget about his daily struggle with gender. it's something that makes him literally suicidal. i'm extremely worried and don't know how to help him. i constantly assure him i'll continue to (1/2)

support and love him no matter if he transitions or not, but i fear if he doesn’t transition, he may never be happy with himself or his life. as a cis person i’m not sure if i should continue to encourage him to transition or not, or if it’s doing more harm. he still seems so resentful of himself for being trans and acts like he’s sick. how should i help him? (2/2)

hey nonny. first of all, thank you for reaching out for some help with this issue. you’re a good person, and don’t worry, you’re not being transphobic or insensitive. if you are, i would tell you, but you’re good.

my main advice for you in order to help your partner is to help him reach out trans communities in his area, or to find a trans-friendly doctor or therapist who can offer him some specialised help. as a cis person, unfortunately you will not be able to properly relate and understand how your partner is feeling, and the best thing for your partner is to get him some contact and some personal advice and guidance from other trans people.

the feeling that transitioning is pointless is something that most trans people feel. being trans is difficult. dealing with trying to pass, dealing with the financial side, dealing with taking hormones, dealing with the daily misgendering and the transphobia.. it is not an easy path, and i think most people at some point wonder if it is even worth it.. but as someone who has personally begun to transition (even if im agender, rather than binary trans) it is worth it. its difficult, its hard, and its painful.. but when you get closer and closer to the body you’ve always wanted, the body and soul you have always deserved, it brings a peace that is hard to describe.

find some places in your area that offer help for trans people. if you find that difficult, try to find some place online, preferably a trans-friendly professional service. you can even try to reach out to some local trans charities if you have any. your partner needs to have the chance to talk to other trans people, so he doesn’t feel so alone. 

the best thing you can do apart from that is be there for him as much as you can. comfort him and support him and let him know that you’re ready to help him as much as you possibly can. you can even offer to help him try out new pronouns. you can gently offer and say ‘would you like me to use she/her for you, just in private between me and you, to see how you feel about it?’ when i changed my pronouns, i had a few close friends use he/him for me to see how i felt. i was initially terrified, but after hearing my new pronouns, i grew so comfortable with them. 

i hope this helped. please, keep in touch, nonny, and let me know how things go. i’ll always be here to help you both out, i promise. 


I’m just done. Absolutely fucking done. The police executed another Black man tonight in Minnesota, as he attempted to comply with orders to produce an ID. He told officers that he had both a gun and conceal carry permit, but that he was reaching solely for his wallet. 

Philando Castile had a clean record according to his girlfriend, and worked in the public school system. He was murdered by police as his 4-year old daughter sat in the back seat. His courageous girlfriend did something I don’t have words for–she filmed the scene as Phil Castile bled out, while the pig did nothing to save the man he just shot point blank. The video streamed live on Facebook, but has since been taken down. It is still circulating on social media, however I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND watching it. It’s very graphic and triggering.

We didn’t even get a full 24-hours to mourn Alton Sterling before the murderous thugs stole another life. It’s beyond Black Lives Matter now. We need a revolution, we need liberation, by any means necessary. #farfromover

this isn’t a happy post :(

hey guys, im sure you’ve all heard about the ‘creepy clown’ trend across the country. a lot of people assume that it’s all fake and a lot of things are fake. however, not all of them are. 

this was a huge thing in the 80s but there has been the occasional instance until now when its booming around America. for example, November 2015, really close to where i live, a girl was waiting at the bus stop and a clown chased her with a knife. also, clowns chased two teenage girls into their home and waited for them outside. i think there was even something about a lady’s cat’s paws getting mutilated. 

theres a video that really scared me, a guy was playing football with his friends and his dog in a field. there was woods behind it and he accidentally threw the ball in it. he went looking for the ball and there was a clown. the cops got involved but they couldn’t find the clown. not being able to find any clowns seems like a trend. the clowns pop up but disappear without a trace. the clown in South Carolina is looking to kidnap/lure kids into the woods and has been reported banging on the parent’s doors with chains. wrinkles the clown is spotted in south Florida stalking kids.

my school and a lot of schools near me where threatened with Facebook and instagram posts threatening to kill the teachers, kidnap the kids, or bomb the school. a lot of people automatically assumed it was fake and even though nothing major happened at our school that day, i know this is not over. we saw what we saw. multiple people made photoshopped pictures to scare people, but a good group of people saw suspicious activity that day. we reported them to our school and they couldn’t find proof to back us up, so everyone went on assuming it was fake.

later that day, my friend was out walking her dog in a wooded area heading towards a small path, as she gets closer she sees a guy sprint inside his house that looks into the woods. she looked there and there was a clown coming at her. she sprinted back home and the police got involved but once again they couldn’t find a trace. 

I’m making this post as a warning since i know some people aren’t aware. all behavior has a pattern and after looking at all the sightings and reports, there is a strong pattern. creepy clowns are usually lurking in the south/midwest, in rural/suburban areas in the woods especially at night. there is of course the random ones in plain sight in the middle of the day, but 9 times out of 10 they’re at night in the woods.

i dont care if it’s a joke and they’re all just loser teenage boys looking to prank us, it’s disturbing and creepy regardless. the ‘real’ creepy clowns are looking to kidnap, kill, attack, chase, and mutilate people. i dont care if this is all a joke, you never know how far they will take the joke… it could end in someone actually getting hurt, which will further spike copycats and creeps around the country.

even just the threats, scared half of my grade to stay home from school. this is terrifying. my house is backed up to the woods and im scared to let my dog out at night. whats scarier, i was outside alone in the woods with my friends two nights ago right before my school was threatened, and we kept hearing loud noises following us but there was no reflecting eyes (animals have reflecting eyes) and we couldn’t see anything. it was obviously human sounds too. i may just be paranoid, but i could’ve been seriously hurt or traumatized.

so the point is, STAY SAFE!! AND WATCH OUT!! this is no joke! i’m making this post so everyone is aware, do not go out at night, especially near wooded areas. lock your doors and be cautious. dont be too scared of the hype, but halloween is getting closer and the closer we get, especially that weekend, i fear that they will all come out of hiding. look up the sightings and reports in your area and please please just be cautious. even if 99% are fake, you never know when it will be real.

- blessed be -

161109 BTS JAPAN OFFICIAL FANMEETING VOL.3 in Fukuoka - Quiz Game

1. Q: What makes Jungkook think he has really grown up? (500 points)

Taehyung: Carrier billing
Namjoon: Body
Yoongi: Age
Jimin: Driver lisence

Hint: Something changed about it

Jimin: Physically growing up
Jimin: Mentally growing up

2. Q: If Jungkook were an ARMY, whose fan would he be? Why? (5,000 points)

Jimin: It has to be me right?
Yoongi: J~~~~Hooopeee~~
Taehyung: Can I answer it? It’s V.
Jimin: It’s Rapmon-hyung, because he’s smart. 

Namjoon said he would be Jungkook’s fan too.

3. Q: The most embarrassing moment of Jungkook this year? (50,000 points)

Yoongi: Falling down while riding a scooter in front of our house?

Hint: During live performance

Yoongi: Drooling while perfoming live?
Taehyung: Having stomachache while perfoming live
Hoseok: Pants ripped
Jimin: Dropping his mic

Hint: During live perfomance, something happened and the two got something

Jimin: This one surely is V
Seokjin: During ‘BS&T’ pre-recording, I blew hand kisses to ARMYs
Taehyung: During ‘BS&T’ pre-recording, Jin-hyung…
Jimin: Laughing when seeing Jin-hyung’s dance?
Yoongi: Jin-hyung really can’t dance!
Seokjin: Before the pre-recording, while positioning, I touched Jungkook’s butt
Jimin: Jungkook farted when Jin-hyung touch his butt?
Taehyung: Jin-hyung messed around with Jungkook during the pre-recording? 

Correct answer: During the performance, Jin-hyung messed around with Jungkook and both got scolded

Seokjin: Ah… Yeah
MC: You don’t remember it at all.
Jimin, Taehyung: I do remember.
MC: How was the situation like?
Jimin: I scolded them.
MC: Jimin-ssi scolded them? For messing around?
Jimin: They kept hitting each other… I told them to stop..
MC: That’s really cool.

4. Q: What’s the first thing Jungkook do after waking up in the morning? (60,000 points)

Hoseok: Hope! Going to the bathroom
Jimin: Opening the fridge
Seokjin: Drinking water
Jimin: Getting off the bed
Yoongi: Honestly…
Namjoon: (Doing the) laundry
Hoseok: (making stretching sound)
Taehyung: Corn Frost (cereal)
Hoseok: Thinking about ARMY?
Seokjin: Drinking milk
Jimin: It’s a thing he really does.
MC: What is it?
Jimin: Opening the fridge. It’s true. I see him do that everyday.
Yoongi: First thing after waking up, going back to sleep.

Correct answer: Finding something to eat

(giving out the Jungkook Master award)

Taehyung: I present this certificate to Jimin for his vast knowledge of Jungkook.
MC: Jimin-ssi, please tell us how you feel.
Jimin: Jungkook-ssi, please look after me in the future as well.
MC: Jungkook-ssi, Jimin-ssi won 1st place.
Jungkook: Jimin-hyung really knows me well. And I want to say thank you to our ARMYs for answering many questions too.

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