Sterek Reversebang 2017

More Than Forever by @stilesplusderekequalsterek

Stiles needs new kidney’s. Well that isn’t new news by a long shot. He knew the chances of him getting one after this long was slim to none. He had basically given up on life figuring it would be easier for him to just except his fate. Then Derek comes into the picture, even if Stiles still doesn’t have and hope of living at least now he has something to live for.

-My first entry into the Sterek Reversebang. And a huge thank you to SnazzyJazzyH who wrote this beautiful fic to my art work. I couldn’t be more happy. Everybody read it!!!

•neil used to write his name places back when he and his mom were on the run
•he would graffiti it on a wall or scratch it into a tree or rock
•always small and barely noticeable
•it was just the first couple of cities
•after that his mom noticed and she beat him for it so he never did it again
•but one day he wakes up gasping from a nightmare
•and andrew is there of course
•he makes hot chocolate and they sit on the couch in silence sipping the hot drinks
•andrew knows that drawing calms neil down ((there are so many beautiful headcanons about this i love))
•so he offers neil his arm and a pen
•and neil is like are you sure????
•andrew just glares at him
•but he doesn’t lower the pen so neil grabs it and starts doodling
•and hes spacing out but he jolts back to life when andrew yanks his arm back
•neil is unsure what happened but then he sees it
•he had written his name at the base of andrew’s wrist right above a sketch of a key
•and andrew’s just glaring at neil
•so neil is like shit im sorry i can wash it off
•andrew glares but he doesnt get up to wash it off
•he just leans back into the couch and tells neil his handwriting is shit
•so neil slowly relaxes
•and then they’re sitting in silence again
•until neil starts talking quietly
•he tells andrew about leaving his name in the cities he and his mom stayed in
•and andrew waits for him to elaborate
•so neil tells him why
•tells him that he wanted so bad to be real
•to be “a real boy” ((that one headcanon about andrew calling neil pinocchio because he wanted to be a real boy, i don’t remember who posted it but it was beautiful and i cried))
•to have a real life and a real name
•he left his mark places in an attempt to not just disappear
•to not just be forgotten as if he was never there
•he tells all this to andrew
•and andrew sits and listens but doesn’t speak
•his weight next to neil is enough
•the next day andrew disappears for a couple hours
•and because neil is an oblivious shit
•he thinks andrew is mad at him for writing his name on him???? or something?????
•so he goes up to the roof and waits
•andrew comes out eventually and sits down next to him, lighting two cigarettes
•and when he hands one to neil
•neil catches a glimpse of something dark on andrews sleeve
•andrew sees neil looking and sighs
•he rolls his armband up and holds his arm out for neil
•neil stares
•there on andrews wrist is a small N above the outline of a key
•it is clearly neil’s handwriting
•and too dark to be pen
•neil stares some more and then looks up at andrew
•"yes or no"
•later when their cigarettes are almost burned to the filter
•neils fingers hover over andrews wrist
•andrew glares but he just says “yes”
•neil looks up at him before slowly moving his fingers to trace the outline of the key
•his fingers slowly inch up to the N
•cue andrew: “it could stand for North you know”
•neil: “why the fuck would you tattoo North on your wrist”
•andrew just rolls his eyes and tilts his head back to look up at the sky
•they sit like that for a while
•neil slowly tracing the outlines of the tattoos
•and andrew looking up at the sky, taking drags from his cigarette
•neil doesn’t tell andrew how much this means
•how grateful he is that he has a real life
•a real name
•a family who love and care for him
•who would do anything for him
•he doesn’t tell andrew how grateful he is that he now has proof
•that here he is
•he’s alive
•he’s here
•he survived
•andrew knows 
•they sit on that roof, high above the campus, their shoulders touching and they watch the sun slowly dip below the horizon, the smoke from their cigarettes floating up into the night air
•its relaxed and calm
•its home 

•neil gets a matching key tattooed on his wrist the next day
•he traces the shape whenever he feels himself getting into his head
•he traces the outline of a key
•and remember what it means
•remembered what he’s been given
•a life
•a family
•a home

basically neil and andrew are little fucking shits who are so goddamn in love and they have matching tattoos and im going to fling myself into the sun
Cas did not choose Jack over Sam and Dean.

(I just wanted to log my opinion on this matter as it’s really bothering me to see Cas framed as bad if he was in any way making a choice here, that’s utterly not how I see it and not in keeping with the rest of season 12 or the last 9 years.)

IMO… In 12x19 Cas does not “choose” Jack over Dean and Sam because he boops them to sleep (if he is making the choice himself, this is a moot point obviously if not but just to be clear if he did make this choice, this is NOT what happened).

Originally posted by blurryfandoms

If he is in full control of his choices, this does NOT mean that he is choosing Jack over Dean and Sam and therefore goes against his character and makes him unsympathetic. He chose Jack FOR Sam and Dean.

He specifically told us, the audience and Kelvin in 12x19 that he stole the colt and wanted to kill Jack “so they don’t have to”. He calls them his family and wants to protect them. He makes this clear IN THIS EPISODE.

He then sees the vision and his motives remain the same. It’s just his MO that changes. He turns from believing (or being controlled to believe, whichever) that Jack is going to bring the world to it’s knees to believing he could raise it to it’s feet. Jack is going to create Paradise, but Sam and Dean want to STOP this. They try to step in and stop Cas from enabling this paradise to happen, they negotiate at first and Cas complies, then forcefully in the end try to tell Cas what to do ie. “that ain’t happening”. End of story. Done.

For Cas, Jack could bring them paradise and end their suffering, their need to hunt, their struggles. Jack could make his family HAPPY.  This is exactly what Mary, Cas’ mirror, thought she was doing by choosing to work against the boys with the BMoL. She tells us so in 12x14 “I’m doing this for you”, in between Cas’ declaration that he’d die for the boys in 12x10 and his extended leave until 12x19 and then she says it again in 12x22, in between 12x19-12x23 “I fought with you (BMoL) so that my boys could maybe live in a world without monsters.” Mary is making these points in exactly the relevant moments for us to be reminded of them as also Cas’ motivations in the season.

So Cas boops them to sleep (where nothing bad happens to them) to enable him to ensure this happens, to bring them paradise.


It was not because he was “choosing” Jack over them. For Cas, Jack was a tool to bring them paradise, happiness and peace. Something he has seen them live without for a decade and amidst his own suicidal depression hoped in the end he might be able to bring them even if it was through his own death.

He was willing to DIE to let this happen. 

He said he was willing to die for them in 12x10 and he said it again in 12x23 - where he said he would die for Jack, so that Jack can create paradise and peace for his family and for all humanity. Yet again Dean and humanity are linked. Cas always does what he does for humanity too but isn’t it always inexorably also linked to Dean (and also Sam but lbr, it’s mainly Dean).

Yes of course it was short term stupid and appears to be against Sam and Dean, but it was to help them in the end and thus it was for the right reasons in his mind. 

He wasn’t choosing Jack over them, he was trying to protect them and bring them peace, even if it meant his own death.

He was stupid for the right reasons and doesn’t that 100% sound like Cas.

anonymous asked:

I love your writing! Could I request a fic please? Where McCree has a secret fiancé, living somewhere safe and reminding him that he has something to live for? But the remaining Deadlock members find her and kidnap her? And she's terrified when she realizes how much they hate Jesse and how they're willing to do anything to her in order to hurt him.

((A/N - I did this in Blackwatch era if that’s okay! It made more sense as Deadlock was more recent and oh my goodness gracious me I got so carried away with it I love writing McCree as a hero oosh. Might have to upload to AO3!))

“Please be safe.”
“I always am, doll.”

You stood on your toes to be able to press your lips against his. His rough, chapped lips that you were forever telling him to put lip balm on. You saw Jesse out the door, waving to him as set off down the road towards the Overwatch base. You twirled your engagement ring on your finger, a thin gold band that had a set of three diamonds with the middle one being slightly larger.

Jesse had proposed to you last year. You had known him since his days in the Deadlock gang, only because he used to frequent the diner you worked at. On more than one occasion he had bought you a strawberry milkshake or paid for your favourite song to be played on the jukebox. You were always careful though. You never became too close for the fear of doing something wrong which might anger him or the gang. You always accepted his compliments with a smile, and politely refused his requests to go dancing after work. It was only ever him that visited, saying what you had was a little secret, sealed with a wink.

Overwatch had then infiltrated Route 66, tearing apart the gang and luckily giving Jesse another chance at life to do good in the world. Knowing that neither of you were in any more danger, he proposed to you then and there. He constantly complimented you on your accent, your style, your pretty eyes. You had only moved to the little town a couple of years prior. He had of course sweetened you up and you accepted. You were his rock, and he was your charming cowboy.


“Honey, I’m home!” Jesse jokingly sang out as he sauntered through the front door.

You greeted him with a smile and a peck on the cheek. With what Jesse was earning working in the Blackwatch division under Overwatch, there was no need for you to carry on working at the diner. You had your own little ranch on the outskirts of town. You spent your days cleaning, cooking, sewing, ironing, being kept hidden..

“Did you tell them today, sweetie?” You held your hands in front of you, an expectant look on your face.

Jesse’s furrowed brow and sigh told you everything. Your engagement was a secret. A secret from your family, friends, and Overwatch.

“That’s.. fine.”
 You turned away from him, heading back into the kitchen to finish up the stew.

“Darlin’, it’s not fine.”
“So why can’t you tell them? Why can’t I tell them? Why can’t I tell anyone?”

You span on your heels to look at him and crossed your arms. Jesse’s eyes widened at your sudden anger. He understood your frustrations, he really did. It just seemed for however long you two has known each other everything between you had to be a secret.

“There are… Complications.”
“Such as?”

Jesse sighed and took his hat off, moving round to sit on the sofa and patting the seat next to him. You precariously followed suit, back stiff and perched on the edge of the seat.

“Yes? What about them?”
“With Overwatch being close by, they’re gettin’ a bit antsy. Since they, well, arrested half o’ their men they didn’t take too kindly to it. Doll, the base isn’t even the direction that I head off to in the morning. I have to do that in case I’m bein’ followed.”

Your shoulders tensed slightly.

“Being followed..?”
“They’re not the nicest o’ gangs and they try to keep tabs on people. Whether they know that I was given’ a second chance.. I don’t know.”

You looked at him. He was staring at the carpet, eyes drawn to a particular out of place thread. He fiddled with the hat in his hands.

“Which is why I have to keep us a secret.” Jesse slowly said.

You nodded, taking the hat from his hands and walking around the sofa to place it on a coathook. You hadn’t realised he was following you until you turned around and bumped into him.

“(Y/N), you are my home. You always have been. If anythin’ were t'happen’ to ya..”

You leant forwards onto his chest, him then covering you with his arms. He of course smelt like cigars, gunpowder and coffee. You were his home, and he was yours.

You pulled back slightly so you could look up into his chocolate eyes, etched with concern.

“I love you, Jesse McCree.”

He broke into a smile and picked you up, twirling you around.

“I love you too, (Y/N).”


The next day went off without a hitch, you said your farewells and began preparing food for dinner.

Knock. Knock.

You frowned. Wiping your hands clean on a teatowel you lightly stepped over to the front door, peering through the peephole. Two young men dressed in black stood cockishly on your porch. You weren’t supposed to have any visitors today. You weren’t supposed to have any visitors, full stop.

You hooked the metal chain onto the door, so when it opened there was only a tiny crack you could see through. Better to be safe than sorry.

“May I help you, at all?”

“Is McCree here?” The one on the right spat.

“Erm, who? I think you may have the wrong ranch.”

Your heart was racing. Jesse had prepared you for this, to feign ignorance if anyone came asking for him.

“Your fiancé?”

You blanched. You tried to slam the door closed but one put their foot in the way. You grunted, and ran towards where you kept your shotgun in the cupboard under the stairs. You’d never had to use it before, but being so far out in the open you constantly had wild beasts and trespassers roaming your lands, you had to threaten them somehow.

You aimed it at the door, preparing for the worst when a crack shot through the air and your front windows were shattered. You held your hand up to your face to shelter from the flying glass, a few shards managing to scrape across your palm.

“Don’t come any closer.” You threatened. You inwardly cursed yourself at how weak you sounded. You emphasised by jabbing the shotgun in the direction of the window.

“Why, miss, we don’t want to hurt you.”

The two intruders stepped through the shattered pane, pointing revolvers at you and grinning wolfishly. Your breathing quickened. Your eyes scanned around the room, while slowly stepping back. You needed an exit route, and you needed one now.

“Just tell us where McCree is and we won’t have to put a bullet between your pretty eyes.”

They were stalking towards you, every step you took back they took one forward. The gun in your hands was shaking. You cocked it and aimed at their feet, firing which sent a whirlwind of wood splinters into the air.

This gave you a few mere seconds to sprint out of the living room, into the kitchen and out the back door. You heard cursing from the strangers and then heavy footsteps of them chasing you. You rounded the corner and pressed your back against the warm wooden slats, gun poised to whack the butt into one of their heads as they came round.

They never came round. You were sure they were following you. You frowned, peeking out to see if they were still there. They weren’t.

Treading carefully and aiming your shotgun, you stepped around the corner to look by the back door.

“Checkmate, princess.”

Something cold and hard pressed against the back of your neck. You shuddered out a breath you hadn’t realised you’d been holding. You stared blankly ahead into the desert, dropping the gun on the ground and raising your open hands to shoulder height.

Gravelly footsteps made their way so the one that had originally spoken to you was standing in front of you.

“Wild one, she is.”
“No wonder McCree went for her.” The one behind you sniggered.

You narrowed your eyes at the one in front, who was now pointing his gun at your chest.

“Don’t try anythin’ funny, sweetheart.” He smiled sickly sweet at you, and then nodded at the one behind you.

A rag soaked in something sweet and alcoholic covered your nose and mouth, making you cry out. You scrabbled at the man’s hands by your face, hearing him wince from where you cut him with your nails. He was relentless. Trying to struggle made you breath in more sharply and quickly, which you didn’t realise was helping their cause. Your hands became fuzzy, knees weak and vision blurring.

“Sleep tight.” They chuckled.

Everything went black.


“Why ain’t she pickin’ up..”

Jesse scowled at his burner phone, the number he had been ringing going to voicemail. He wanted to let you know that he was going to be home early today, as he’d managed to get a half day off and he could help you cook dinner as an apology for yesterday.

He scuffed his way through the long grass, the heat forming sweat droplets on the back of his neck.

He frowned. Tyre tracks by the front of your ranch. You weren’t supposed to have visitors. Feeling uneasy, Jesse unholstered his peacekeeper. Before he had made it to the front of the house, he could see that the front window had been smashed in and the door was slightly ajar.

Oh no.

“(Y/N)? You home, doll?”

He peaked in through the window and saw glass everywhere. Two pairs of dusty footprints by window making their way towards- blood? He stepped through the wooden pane on high alert for any signs there’s someone still in the house. It was deathly silent.

Jesse crouched when he made it to the doorway to the kitchen, picking up a shard of glass that definitely had blood on it.

Well, shit.

He quickly put his earpiece in and channeled it to the base.

“McCree to Watchpoint 66.”
“McCree. Reyes here.”
“I need your help.”


Your head was pounding. Your palm stung. Your breathing was rattling, as though you were dehydrated. Your neck ached from where it was hanging awkwardly, a stray hair tickling your nose. You tried to reach up to brush it out of the way and scratch your nose. You tensed your arms when you realised you couldn’t, something rough had bound your wrists together behind your back. Your eyes shot open. Your vision was blurry, trying to adjust to the dim lit room. You looked down and realised you had been bound to a wooden chair. Trying to cry out for help, you realised a cloth of some sort was drawn tightly across your mouth. Glancing down, even your ankles were tied together from what you could see with rough hemp rope. You tried to regulate your breathing, air heavily leaving your nose.

Your head shot up when the rickety door swung open, a dark figure standing in the doorway.

“She’s awake.” The voice rumbled, nodding to someone else in the hallway.

The figure stepped over the threshold towards you. You tensed up, drawing in a sharp breath and head held high.

He wore dark leather trousers and a billowing cream top, almost like an old fashioned pirate. He grabbed your jaw with his calloused hand, forcing you to look up towards his shadowed face.

“So you’re the one that Jesse McCree has fallen for. A pretty lil’ thing, huh.”

He had the same southern accent as Jesse, albeit more menacing. He turned your head to the side, losing eye contact. Only spending a minute with this savage and he’s already made you feel like a piece of meat up for inspection. He leaned in close, lips hesitating over your ear.

“Do ya love him, sweetpea?”

You shut your eyes, tears squeezing out the corners and you drew in a shuddering breath.

Answer me.”

You nodded your head, him only being satisfied when he let his grip go off your face and moved back. You bowed your head, wondering how you got into this situation. Wondering what Jesse’s reaction would be when he saw how ransacked your house was. Wondering about Jesse.

“Don’t cry. I di'n’t mean to make ya cry.”

He gently wiped away a streaming tear, his touch as soft as a lover’s. You glanced at his tan hand that was so close to your cheek. He took his hand back and thwack. His right hand struck your cheek, snapping your head to the right and hair falling over your face. The pain brought a fresh batch of waterworks, sobs choking in your throat.

A dark chuckle escaped from your captor. He pulled up another wooden chair from the darkness and sat down.

“D'ya know how long we’ve been lookin’ for that mutt?”

You shook your head, learning quickly it’s better to play along.

Too long. After that darned Overwatch took half o’ my men we wanted to fight. Obviously we didn’t have enough manpower. When we learnt that ingrate was alive and workin’ for them? Hoo, that’s a whole ‘nother story.”

He leant back in the chair, his right ankle coming up to rest on his left knee.

“I had my men follow him. That Overwatch weren’t pretty smart to keep an ex-Deadlock member livin’ on Route 66 were they? He tried to be clever. Sent them on a fox hunt, he did. Until one day we finally caught him going back to ya nice lil’ ranch out back. Seein’ you greet him at the door warmed my heart, I must say.”

Your eyes widened.

“He had a lil’ missy and he was keepin’ her secret from the world. Well, I wonder why that is? That Jesse McCree had snagged himself somethin’ real nice and didn’t wanna share her. We thought we could do him the favor. We could let him know how much he hurt us, at the same time hurtin’ him.”

You frowned at this. They wanted to hurt him? By hurting you?

The stranger leant forwards placing a hand on your knee.

“Don’t worry, doll. We only want to let him know how big o’ a mistake he made when he betrayed us.“  He stood up, stalking around to the back of your chair and placed his hands heavily on your shoulders. "You are the key.”

You shuddered under his grasp, your entire body shivering at the thought of what they, or he, were going to do to you.


“Jesse, you need to calm-”
I am calm.” Jesse seethed.
“Well then get your hand off of my desk.”

Jesse looked down, his nails digging into the wood creating splints on Gabriel’s desk. He grunted, flumping himself into the chair opposite Reyes and hiding his dark eyes behind his hands.

“She’s out there somewhere and we’re sittin’ here doin’ nothin’. She could be hurt or dyin’ or-”
Don’t. Don’t you dare say it. Jesse, we will find her. I promise.”


You don’t know how long it had been. They would occasionally bring in water and sludge for what they called food. They had to feed you, this being the only time they would ungag you. Your wrists were chafed from being constantly bound, your ankles only released when you needed to relieve yourself. You had lost all energy to fight. It didn’t help that every now and then they would rough you up.

Your head ached, there was dried blood crackling by your nostril and you were sure your ribs were either cracked or majorly bruised. Breathing became a struggle, it was all you could focus on.

They didn’t seem to care about information about Jesse. All Deadlock wanted to do was hurt you. Hurt you so they could hurt him.

The door creaked open, you flinching at the light that shone through the doorway. You were tired and you wanted to give up. It was the man that you had first seen when you were taken.

“Looks like he’s given up lookin’ for ya, doll.” He smirked. “There’s been no word for.. Oh. Four days now.”

You stared blankly at the floor by his feet; you wouldn’t have given him a reaction even if you could. He walked over to you, holding something in his hand that glinted against the light.

“I think it’s time to.. Up the pace. Don’t you think, sweetheart?”

Only then did you look at him properly, studying what he had in his hand. A knife. You tried to shrink into your chair, worried eyes passing between the knife and his shadowed face. A swift strike and the blade was plunged into your thigh, blood seeping out from around the edges. You shut your eyes and let out a muffled cry, pain blinding your vision.

“Good girl. I made sure t'record that one. I’ll send it to ya fiancé and let him know how ya doin’.”

You breathed in deeply through your nose, tears now running freely down your cheeks and you trying to hold back sobs. You’d never known pain like this before.

He pulled the knife from its warm confines to wipe on his trousers, your blood running down onto the floorboards. He twirled the knife in his hands, looking like a predator wondering where he was going to make his next strike. You pleaded with your eyes as much as you could, you couldn’t take much more. You’d fantasized about being back at home, in your bed, with Jesse.

You didn’t know how strong your threshold was for pain but you knew you weren’t going to last long if they started torturing you for the hell of it.

“Com'ere, doll.” He grabbed your throat, leaning in dangerously close.

He passed the blade down the side of your face, making a deep cut down your cheekbone. You could feel blood trickling down, just adding to the list of injuries you had. He tightened his grip around your neck, digging his fingers in which would no doubt leave some lovely purple splotches.

An earthy rumble echoed through the building. Your captor looked at you in concern then span around to face the doorway. He moved around you, behind your chair and pulled your hair so your neck was on show. A loud crash and then suddenly there were three people all in dark clothing looking through the doorway where a rickety door has once stood.

“Long time, no see, McCree.” The man said, now pushing the blade against your bare throat.

“Get your dirty hands off of her, Max.”


You whimpered, struggling in your bounds on the chair. The grip in your hair tightened, making you take a short breath and changing your view so all you could see was the ceiling.

“You ain’t in a position to tell me what to do, Jesse. Unless you want your sweetheart’s blood spewin’ everywhere. Say, how does it feel? To have somethin’ you love taken away from ya?”

“Let her go.” A voice you didn’t recognise said.

“Uh uh. Not until the lil’ rat here understand what Overwatch did to my gang. And how betrayed I felt when I learnt he’d gone off gallavantin’ with ya.”

You could feel the blade dig in deeper, droplets beginning to form. The pain in your leg was excruciating.

“She’s got nothin’ to do with that.”

Your breathing was becoming heavier, the tightness by your throat and the general aches and pains from your leg, ribs, cheek and hair were becoming too much for you. The room became incredibly warm, your hands and feet becoming tingly and limp and eyes drifting shut.

“Looks like she’s already given’ up, Jesse. You’re too late.”

You heard a muffled crack in the air before you let yourself drift off.



You leaned into the touch of someone stroking your hair back from your face. You stirred, eyes shooting open and breathing increasing from what you last remembered.

“(Y/N), it’s okay. You’re safe.”

You quickly scanned the area and all you could see was white. White ceiling, white walls, white bed. Bed. You turned to where the voice came from and there was Jesse. Your Jesse that had come to save you, perched on the edge of the chair waiting anxiously. You leaned back onto the cushy pillows and let out a sigh. You glanced him over. His beard was more scraggly and under his eyes were dark. You held out your hand towards him, him instantly taking it in his grasp and holding you tightly. His thumb rubbed over your engagement ring.

“Jesse..” You croaked.
“Stop. (Y/N), I’m so sorry.” His voice sounded gravelly, broken. “I thought I could protect you.”

You squeezed his hand in reply, trying not to say anything which could damage your throat.

“I should'a been more careful. I should'a done what you said and told them about us. They could’ve protected you more than what I could.”

You frowned at this.

“No, Jesse-”
“I did this to ya. I wouldn’t be surprised if you up and left me.” He covered his face with his free hand, rubbing his forehead.

You retreated your hand slightly before slapping him on the wrist.

“Don’t you dare. You rescued me. What’s done is done but we’re here now. Safe.”

He peeked at you through his fingers, brown eyes meeting yours. A small smile formed on his lips before darting around your face and taking in what Deadlock had really done to you. It faded.

“Wounds heal, Jesse.” You reassured, catching on to what he was looking at. “I never doubted for a second you wouldn’t come for me.”

“Could'n'ta done it without Reyes.”
“I’m sure he’s lovely.”
“He’s the one that took me in after Deadlock.”
“Even more so.”

Jesse relaxed a bit, glad to see that you had woken up and hadn’t changed a bit.

“So I’m guessing Overwatch know about us then, huh?”

He nodded.

“I had to.”
“Not under the best circumstances.”
“I wish it could’ve been better.”

You turned your head towards him so you were facing him fully. You grabbed his hand that was still laying on your pristine sheets with both hands, bringing it up to kiss his knuckles. You hesitantly glanced down at your wrists, ropeburn clearly showing.

“I love you, Jesse McCree. Don’t you ever forget or think that anything will come in between that.”

“I love you too, (Y/N).”

I honestly needed a break from all of the marvel characters and wanted to do a video game character instead.
Hopefully this goes well.

Link headcannons:

-A very calm but adventurous relationship.

-Link knows all the best places in hyrule, so you better love traveling because he definitely wants you to experience the places he loves too.

-He’s always been a quiet character, so I hope you enjoy silence, because there’s probably going to be A LOT of it.

-But if there’s been something said, make sure you soak up EVERY word he says, because it’s probably going to be the last for a while.

-You have to understand that it’s his job to protect the princess, so you can’t be jealous of him always visiting her to make sure she’s safe.

-Link has large walls that he’s never broken down. So you’ll be the first of the first to do so.

-He’s a romantic, but kinda awkward when it comes to being romantically involved with someone.

-You need to understand that link will 70% of the time not be home. He’s the hero of hyrule. It’s his job to protect.

-Nothing will ever come between the two of you, he’s SO protective it’s scary.

-It may not seem like it, but he truly does love you. He just doesn’t really know how to express it.

-Will let you wear his hat, it makes him feel fuzzy inside to see you in something of his.

-Loves eating your home cooked meals, it makes him feel like he has something to live for.

-100% sure he’d be down to start a family with you.

-If you guys do have a family together, you’d probably move to a new location or a new home, because walking up and down a ladder every morning/night while pregnant is rather exhausting and annoying.

-Will want Zeldas blessings.

-She’s like a sister he’s never had, so having her blessings are really comforting to him.

-When you guys actually do have children, he’ll be so anxious to teach the little squirt every thing he knows about using a sword and fighting so they can protect themselves when he’s not able to.

-Low key the fun dad, probably does things you told him not to do and does them anyways.

-Your child probably tells you.

-Hope Link likes sleeping on a couch for a while, because guess where he’ll be sleeping for the next week.

Saddle Up, Cowboy: 13x06 Viewing Notes

Long post ahead! Focused mostly on the destiel moments, because have you met me? I got to watch live tonight (yay!) so I actually had some time to type stuff up…


Dean standing there completely and utterly frozen like if he blinks or breathes, Cas is going to disappear. Cas looking everywhere but at Dean.

“I don’t even know what to say,” says Sam.

“I do,” Dean says, as he walks slowly towards Cas, a cross lit up behind him, and romantic music swelling in the background. The same music that changes tone for the Sam/Cas hug because something is different. It’s maybe even a little ominous sounding for the Sam/Cas hug. Foreshadowing perhaps?

“Welcome home, pal.”  Pal? Really, Dean? REALLY?! *eyeroll*

THE HUG. Dean’s grimace, and that little smile. Cas’s slow double blink as Dean hugs him. Misha’s no Jensen, but he’s quite good with micro-expressions too, because that blink Cas does? I’ve seen that before.

Compare this (from idjitlovespie):

With this (from canon spn gifs):

It’s Cas’s tell when he’s feeling a strong emotion, or startled, or can’t quite believe something’s happening and fuck am I here for it.

“Too damn long,” says Dean, with actual tears in his eyes.

Yes, yes, YES!!!! says me. 

(Also, I’m a little confused, because I thought Cas wasn’t supposed to remember The Empty. My 13x05 coda for last week specifically addressed this after it was brought to my attention. Nobody listen to Misha ever, he’s a lying liar :P )


THREE different hugs for Cas in one episode is still not enough. Hug him always. Please.

“Watch this! I can move the pencil.” He’s so CUTE. ARRGH. Jack is adorable and precious and I can’t take it. I CAN’T TAKE IT.

Dodge City. Dean’s a dork. And Cas know’s all about it with that knowing look.

Two salty hunters, one half-angel kid, and a dude who just came back from the dead again. Team Free Will 2.0. HERE WE GO.


They brought costumes… and Dean has a hat box!

The Wild Bill Suite! Dean, you gigantic bisexual dork, checking out all the cowboys on the wall. Hey-oh!

“He really likes cowboys”
“Yes, yes he does.”
Cas could not be more the long-suffering spouse in this instant if he tried.

Aw, look at my boys, bonding over their lack of sleep.

Sam spotting that Dean’s in a good mood now all of a sudden. The unspoken implication there is of course, that their mom is still missing. Curious, isn’t it, Sam?

Cas = A pretty damn big win. Oh look, he spelled it out with his words in actual text. What the hell is happening right now?!

Cas and Jack bonding is so perfect. They’re both so good and pure!

Look at Dean all soft and snoring and perfectly relaxed and OH NO GUN!
Coffee first. And then the glare Cas gives Dean? HA. 
“I told you, he’s an angry sleeper. Like a bear.”

Okay, let’s break this down. We know canonically that Cas has watched Dean sleep. What we’ve now had confirmed, is that he’s also woken Dean up from sleeping. And if he knows that Dean wakes up like a grumpy old bear when he’s startled, how many times has he done this? And with that knowledge, how does Cas wake Dean up? I have a mighty need to see soft and gentle good morning murmurs between these two.

Also! Cas plunking his ass back down to wait for Dean to finish his coffee with no words exchanged. Gah. Give me all the domestic destiel. All of it. 


I laughed so hard on first watch of this I had to go back because I didn’t even catch any of the dialogue. Dorky, bickering hunter husbands. Yes please! 

I don’t have a lot of notes for this scene, even on a second watch, because it was still just too much to take in. So I’m just going to sit here and think about Dean and Cas watching movies together, Cas giving in and watching the bad ones because they make Dean happy. Dean being happy that Cas is back, not because he can zap them places, or bring a man back from the dead, but because he’s the weird, dorky little angel he loves who watches stupid movies, deadpans the lines, and still doesn’t blend in, but goes along with the costumes all the same, because Dean asked him to.


The undertaker is pretty… Sam thinks so too. Aww, and you just know that if Jack hadn’t been there they would have talked and bonded over Amanda Palmer. 

Her boyfriend is a colossal, abusive dick though. Blech.


Poor Jack. Why can’t Cas bring the bank guy back? I’m confused…

Can everyone stop almost hitting Dean with cars while he’s trying to chase bad guys? That’d be great.


Dean: “Aw hell.” I laughed so fucking hard at this. “Mnh- nope. I don’t wanna.”

Dean going headfirst down a dirty hole, grunting and sputtering…


Baby has gone with Sam, and Cas, and Jack. Which is probably for the best, because a few scenes back, Dean just left her parked in the middle of the goddamned road. I was horribly offended for her.

Cas: “It’s a mistake. That doesn’t mean that you can’t be better. Do better. I believe that. I have to believe that.” OOF.


I find it interesting that last episode Dean was ready to die and ready to pull the trigger himself. This episode? At gunpoint? Dean’s doing everything he can to draw attention from the innocent in the room, but he’s also plotting, and planning, and doing everything he can to live. Because, oh hey, he has something to live for again.

There’s also a marked difference between how Dean talks to the deputy here and how he talks to Sheriff Barker in 13x01. Here, Dean’s trying to preserve some of the illusion. With Sheriff Barker he was absolutely all out of fucks, and it was so atypical for Dean to just blurt everything out like that.


While hilarious and awesome, I think it’s really telling that Cas has as much insight into Dean as he does, and much of it without words. How much Dean loves cowboys, how he sleeps, how he wakes up, how much coffee he needs. All of this contrasted with last episode and Sam’s misguided insight into his brother that we saw was painfully off the mark at times. Curious…

Endless List of FIc Ideas I’ll Never Get To:

When the Walls Come Down 

An Olicity Bratva/Helix AU

He’s a Russian mobster, trying to make amends for his sins. For as long as he can remember his world has been nothing but darkness, a darkness that he nurtured until the day it stole his family from him. Now he lives his life buried in guilt and regret, trying to fix what he knows can never be fixed. That is until his new executive assistant walks into his life. Felicity Smoak is nothing like anyone he’s ever known. She shines light into the darkest parts of his shadowed soul, and before he knows what’s happening, he starts to smile more, to look forward to getting up in the morning, to see the world in a new way. He suddenly has something to live for again. Someone. As he falls in love with her, he thinks there might be more than the ugliness around him, that maybe there’s hope for him after all.

She’s a Helix hacker, sent in to take the notorious Bratva Captain down from the inside. But nothing is what it seems. There’s a darkness inside Oliver Queen, but he doesn’t use it against others, only himself. She does her job, and she does it well, but the more she gets to know her mark, the more she starts to question the purpose behind her assigned task. With each day that passes - each day she spends with Oliver - she finds herself putting just as much effort into making him smile as she does chipping away at the Bratva’s impressive internal network. When she learns the truth about Oliver’s past and what he’s doing to make amends, she realizes she’s falling in love with him… and that she wants to help.

But there’s only so long the walls between her lives can stand under the pressure before they start to crumble.

What would happen if Helix found out what she was doing?

Or worse… Oliver?


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Magnus Bane loves having the ability to do magic. He really does.

Nothing beats being able to get the remote from the coffee table after he’s sat down and forgotten it or being able to fix a last-minute eyeliner mishap with just a flick of his fingers.

(Not to mention, Alec gets this look in his eye whenever he does magic and when that happens, Magnus knows there isn’t going to be much talking between them for the next few hours.)

(At least not the sweet, innocent kind.)

So yes, Magnus loves being able to solve life’s greatest crises (and turning on his boyfriend) with only a small gesture.

He loves having a job where he literally gets paid just to cast a few spells.

But Magnus Bane loathes the paperwork involved.

Everything will be going swimmingly, and he’ll be going about his job, content and happy as ever, when this one customer shows up and throws a wrench in this wheel of satisfaction.

It’s happened without fail, repeatedly, from when Magnus first set up shop (figuratively, because that sounds like a super tacky thing to do and Magnus Bane is by no means tacky.)

That one person will pitch a favour at him and Magnus will agree to help even if he can’t recollect exactly how to do it at the moment; there’s no way in hell he’s turning something down because he can’t do it. He’ll figure it out, thank you very much.

Except, the figuring out bit is always harder than it seems.

The nights he spends poring over his spell books and consulting with Ragnor and Catarina see him cursing himself for ever taking up the job because What on earth is this?

This then gradually leads to him spending an increasing number of hours indoors which makes him cranky.

However, Magnus Bane never gives up.

How many ever cases like this he’s faced, he’s never not solved the problem. He’ll either find the bloody solution or he’ll die trying.

(Or, you know, he’ll fall asleep on his desk without removing his make-up which is almost as disastrous as death.)

(Plus, he has something to live for now apart from his fellow downworlder friends.)

Which is why Tuesday night sees him on his work-table, frustrated (not the good kind) and sleep-deprived (not for the good reasons).

He’s clueless, glitter-less and Alec-less and the three are a bitch of an issue to deal with separately, let alone together.

He vows to himself that once he’s done with this crap (whenever that is) he’s going to treat himself to a spa day because he deserves it, goddammit.

It’s close to the time when Magnus turns in, but he catches something out of the corner of his eye on the page which looks useful and this leads him on this whole other chase, flipping from book to book, referring to past notes and relevant facts.

His eyes are droopy and his head keeps lolling in front, but he can’t stop now, okay?

This is most solid lead he’s had in days and he’s so close and the thought of being done with this infernal crap is just so appealing and he just wants to get it over with.

He fights to stay awake but slowly, slowly his head dips and he’s struggling to keep his eyes open.

It’s a losing battle and soon, in the warm golden haze of the lights and to the calm silence of the apartment, Magnus lets his head hit the top of the book on the desk with a thud, asleep even before he can make it all the way.


The constant sounds of the city that never sleeps accompany Alec on his late-night journey from the Institute to the loft.

He’s just about done with Valentine’s bullshit and he can’t take another second at a place where there’s this constant speculation and doubt and this air of trepidation hanging around.

He just needs to get away.

Alec has a few places he goes to when he needs to crash for a break, but the loft has become his favourite safe-house to sleep in.

(Or not sleep in, whatever. It’s all quite splitting hairs at this point.)

He sees Magnus’s building and the sight instantly relaxes him.

He climbs up the flights of stairs and keys open the door.

The vision he’s greeted with makes him stop breathing for a second.

There, at the centre of his desk, lies Magnus’s head in the middle of this apparent hurricane of books and paper.

His eyes are closed and his hair’s fallen onto the table, hiding the top of his forehead.

His face is bare and he lets out soft noises as he breathes in his sleep.

Alec knows he’s been working on a particularly difficult case and he’s come to the loft at nights to see Magnus working hard, but he’s never seen him asleep at his desk.

The whole setting is so peaceful and serene and the lights throw this aura of warmness over Magnus and Alec is sorely tempted to take a picture.

(He does.)

He ends up just standing there for close to a minute, just looking at his boyfriend, before he snaps out of it.

He walks towards the sleeping warlock and gently picks him up with both hands, bridal style.

(His heart warms just a bit when Magnus nuzzles his head onto his chest.)

Alec carries him to the room and lays him on the bed. He climbs in behind him and together, they lie down, one asleep,the other almost there.

A shadowhunter and a warlock.

One hundreds of years old and the other barely at 20.

Both tangled together, pressed so close, you can hardly make out where one begins and the other ends.

They’re wrapped around each other’s bodies, unconsciously curling into each other.

Alec lets Magnus’s comforting warmth lull him to sleep and as he’s about to drop off, he hears a muffled I love you and all he can do is tighten his arms around the man, pull him impossibly closer and hum in response.

anonymous asked:

Idea based on Teen Titans episode 'Troq' basically the paladins meet this stranded alien guy, whose part of this secret resistance and hey their the paladins we should totally work together. Then he finds out that Keith is part Galra, and starts being pretty racist towards him. He even calls Keith a slur meant for Galras infront of the others who have no idea what it means. Then one of them (probably Lance or Hunk) accidentally calls Keith the slur because they don't know better and think its a


(This is post Galra reveal for Keith)

-It begins with a distress beacon that goes off, bringing Allura to stop the ship at a seemingly deserted planet only to find there is another individual already there fighting a mass of Galran drones that had followed him through space. 

-It is quite the impressive battle, and when it finally comes to an end all the paladins immediately go up to him and start asking questions, of which Allura and Coran encourage because it shows they are eager to learn. 

-So this individual, I’m going to call him Val Yor (since that’s the name from TT) has been fighting the Galra for years and has become quite accustomed to their ways, so learning that Voltron is free and active once more he instantly teams up with them.

-He tells them there is a local planet that hosts one of Zarkon’s larger drone armies, and he has a bomb that could completely wipe them out. 

-It’s as soon as Val Yor enters the ship as they take off that someone mentions that Keith is part Galra. They all miss it except Keith when Val Yor turns to give him a disgusted glare.

-Val Yor is complimenting by the thousands everyone on the ship, Pidge’s tech skills, Allura’s leadership, Shiro’s bond with his lion, Hunk’s strength and engineering and Lance’s aim.

-But he makes absolutely no comment towards Keith direction, he doesn’t even acknowledge his presence. 

-On the way to the planet they get bombarded with more Galra ships, and Val Yor takes command, issuing everyone jobs except Keith. But Keith, obviously just wants to help, goes after them. Only to accidentally push a Galra drone into the bomb nearly activating it when trying to step in. 

-Val Yor is livid and calls Keith a very derogatory slur. No one blinks twice, but Keith is very aware of the term, having been called the term before and he shuts down immediately. 

-Throughout the debriefing mission, he gives the other paladins nicknames further making it harder for the others to realize he’s calling Keith a slur. But Coran gets suspicious, he’s almost certain he’s heard the word before. 

-Lance keeps trying to joke, cause he can tell something’s up with Keith but he doesn’t know what, and therefore making the situation worse. 

-They finally arrive at the planet but there is Galra tech everywhere and Val Yor practically snaps at Keith he’s finally useful and to go out there and get them in. 

-Keith manages it, but when he gets back Hunk smacks him hard on the back and calls him the slur and Keith freezes, turning to him not only angry but hurt. And very quietly tells Hunk that it’s not a fun nickname, it’s a horrible term that basically calls him a mutt or a half breed. 

-Hunk is pure rage and wants to confront the guy immediately, but Keith just shakes his head saying getting angry would only prove to him that he’s no better than what Val Yor thinks. 

-Hunk goes to Coran who had figured it out and slowly and quietly they go around to the other paladins to tell them what’s going on, and Keith can literally watch the anger rise in their eyes.

-They end up going on the mission and Keith stubbornly follows Val Yor, against his wishes and ends up helping him set the bomb. Accept Val Yor gets trapped and Keith risks his life to go in and help him out through the Galra tech. 

-When they finally return, Allura and Shiro immediately turn cold on Val Yor and force him to thank Keith for saving his life and to apologize for how he has treated Keith.

-Except Val Yor just keeps finding round about ways to still insert backhanded insults and at this point Lance and Pidge snap at him to leave because his words still sound derogatory. 

-Keith is grateful, but he explains to them that it’s going to be something he has to live with, but that doesn’t mean he’s taking these words to heart, cause their opinions mean more to him than the others. 


This is such an important Teen Titan episode and I love the message, I’m so glad you asked for this anon. Voltron has the potential to address these kinds of issues too and I really hope they continue to do so!!

pomrania  asked:

AU where Vader and Padme happen to be in the same medical facility or something; Padme still dies (explicitly killed by Sidious using Force-stuff), but Vader finds that HE HAS TWINS AND THUS SOMETHING TO LIVE FOR and immediately kills Sidious. Now he has two babies, no wife, no mentor/slavemaster, no friends, and an Empire.

The life-support armor he had meticulously designed was on Coruscant, at the Grand Republic Medical Facility - that name would have to change, now - but Lord Vader would not have made the trip; instead they flew the short distance to Polis Massa, a barren little planetoid whose medical center would have to do for now.

Padmé Amidala’s presence had been unexpected, but welcome, even though he knew Kenobi was likely skulking about as well, hiding his Force signature; but he couldn’t hide Padmé, or protect her as Sidious reached out and began to unravel the fitful, flickering thread of Life inside her, taking it apart strand by strand and wrapping each glowing filament around Vader’s own frayed thread, bolstering him and lending him strength stolen from his now-dying wife - oh the delicious irony of it -

A siren blared, and a voice shouted over the intercom, “OB-GYNs and diagnostic droids to delivery room 2-L, we have a postpartum patient fading fast, cause unknown!”

Vader’s eyes snapped open, blue and bright, and he rasped, “Padmé?”

“No, Lord Vader, she is not here, you must rest -” But he had sensed her presence, and was already fighting the restraints and the medical droids. “Padmé! Padmé!” He turned to Sidious, gold creeping across his irises as his ruined face twisted in hate; he sensed what Sidious had done as well,

Then he froze. It was too late. Padmé was dead.

And in the empty, quiet void where she had once been, two small, strong beacons of light cried out in unison.

Vader screamed back. “BABIES!”

Sidious hit the wall with a force no human body, not even that of Sith Lord, could survive, and survive it he did not.

get rekt Sidious

you can see how at first I really tried to keep this three sentences, but then I just gave up after the second paragraph. but it’s not like I’m going to get any complaints, so

I’ll write you three-sentence fic!

Captain Amerikids

When Steve and Sharon decide to start trying for children, Steve goes in to see a doctor. He’s unique, after all, and so they both agree: he needs to get checked out. Will the super-soldier serum harm the child? Will the child inherit Steve’s abilities? Or worse, his pre-serum health problems?

It’s the first option that scares Steve the most, but he has to admit that the third one weighs greatly on his mind as well.

Neither one of them considered a fourth option, and both of them are shocked when the doctor returns and informs them that Steve Rogers was forcibly sterilized without his knowledge during a doctor’s visit in 1932. Because some group of eugenicists decided that the world would be better off if Steven Grant Rogers was not allowed to reproduce.

The procedure is unreversable. Captain America will never have children.

Though they are, of course, unaccountably furious, secretly, he and Sharon are both a little bit relieved. The anger can’t root anywhere in particular, because everyone who was responsible for the decision is long dead. But - though they’d have loved whatever child they’d borne - there was no denying that raising a superpowered kid would be difficult.

Tony flips out, retreats to his lab, starts working on a genetic recombination machine that will allow Steve and Sharon to actually have kids. Bucky brings up sperm donation - he’s been doing a lot of weird research lately, to catch up on the modern world (Clint should never have introduced him to Wikipedia) - and offers the names of a few places that might be good sources of donors. Natasha only offers her sympathies; she knows what it’s like to have that kind of decision stripped away from you, to have your autonomy violated and be stripped of a chance to make a legacy.

It’s Sam who provides the solution. It’s Sam who takes Steve and Sharon aside and quietly mentions a child he knows who needs a family.

Steve and Sharon Rogers quickly come to terms with the fact that there will never be a James Samuel Rogers or a Margaret Natasha Rogers. But they decide almost as quickly that Cameron and Melody are more than enough. Captain America adopts a young black girl and a Korean boy, and treats them no differently than he would his own. Because they’re family. His risk taking dies down, because his death wish is gone. With children to look after, he finally has something to live for.

As time goes on and the children grow, Melody becomes interested in Uncle Stephen’s magic, and her skill with sorcery grows as rapidly as Strange’s did in his early days. Cameron practices with his father’s shield and his uncle Clint’s bow day and night, and soon, both of them are called upon to join the Avengers.

Steve retires and becomes an art teacher at NYU, though Sharon remains in the field - spycraft is in her bones, and she can’t quite let it go. She drops in on her children from time to time, reminding them that they are loved, that they have family, no matter how far across space and time they may roam.

And the man who once became Captain America, the man who didn’t expect to live past 25, the man who enlisted because he wanted his death to be worth something - gets something he never imagined possible. He gets a legacy.

Captain America dies of old age, surrounded by a new generation of heroes: the grandchildren that the government once tried to deny him.

Accidental essay time again: I was thinking about my characterisations of Feanor and Celebrimbor and their differences, and started writing this out to help myself think it through, and it got substantial enough to seem worth posting. I reserve the right to change my mind about any or all of this as I go on, though :)

(did I mean to be working on fic instead? oh well)

So -

Where I start from is: Feanor and Celebrimbor have a lot of the same basic traits, but expressed very differently. Feanor grew up - kind of isolated, without any family except Finwe and Finwe’s complicated feelings of love and grief and guilt; whereas Celebrimbor grew up as the baby of a large family of intelligent quarrelsome personalities who loved him and were interested in him but did not necessarily always have much time for him.

Finwe loved his son deeply but did not, I think, always understand him very well. Feanor’s fundamental assumption tends to be that he is on his own and cannot rely on other people (they might go away and never come back and you might never know what you did wrong, why you weren’t good enough).

Feanor also - not entirely unjustifiably - tends to assume that he is more intelligent than the people around him and that when they disagree with him it is because they do not understand him. (This is not helped by the fact that he is not very good at explaining himself, tbh - he makes a lot of intuitive leaps that he thinks of as obvious when they are really not.)

Celebrimbor, on the other hand, has always had to accommodate himself to other people in a way that Feanor has not. He has things that are important to him but he is capable of letting things go in a way that Feanor has trouble with - if he really disagrees with someone he is liable to go quiet and sarcastic about it rather than getting into a fight with them. Which is to say, he has also managed to surprise people by being pleasant and easygoing right up until they run into an issue he really cares about, at which point he turns into a brick wall of “no”. :)

This is the way I think of it:

Keep reading

Aaron Dingle has come so far from that shadowed, scared, suicidal, self harming, deeply closeted and resented young, fragile boy and the fact he’s felt the personal progress he’s made over the years with his sexuality, the one aspect of life that he’s fought against and won the war with has to be erased for his own safety is just brutally heartbreaking.

I can’t imagine what must have been running through his head as he ticked that box, took off his ring and made the conscious yet agonisingly tough decision to not reveal his true self, to force himself to hide behind a false facade and go back to square one, at a loss of his former self. He’s just married the love of his life, something he never thought would be possible back in those dark times of denying himself yet now he’s the one denying himself of the connection he shares with Robert and letting go of the memories attached to that.

It absolutely rips my heart to shreds to think this is still happening in today’s day and age, that a man can’t declare his identity and the happiness he’s left behind without feeling frantically fearful of what’s to follow just because the journey he’s been on doesn’t fit in with the illiberal, outrageous and damn right disgusting beliefs of prison inmates holding this cowardly thuggish image that doesn’t let human beings be human and certainly doesn’t make them higher on the hierarchy… but then it also gives me hope because Aaron is putting himself first and has considered the best option for his well being. There was once a time where he didn’t care about the direction his life went in but you can tell he truly has something to live for with how afraid and careful he is.

It was torture seeing Aaron physically clench up at the mere mention of the cliched masculinity and the homophobic bullying towards one of the guys on the forefront of the abuse Aaron wants, needs to avoid at all costs. It took every bit of resilience and every bit of power to hold back and not express his inner rage to the full extreme but he still deplored his defensive word because he couldn’t bear to see this happening. Aaron knows the consequences, he knows he’s at risk of exposing himself but he also knows to stand up for what’s right. 

There’s no one on this planet as awe-inspiring as Aaron Dingle and the love I have for him runs so deep. He’s always looking out for other people, and he’ll forever justify unethical actions. He’s just a morally good person with a pure heart of gold and it both fills my heart with pride and makes me gulp with fear. That instant regretful flinch imposed on his entire reaction as he told them to stop it shows that premonition; he doesn’t want the same to happen to him. It makes me so nervous, I’m so scared of the inevitable and I want him out of there as soon as possible to protect the man that deserves better with every bone in my body but it’s also so important. It’s gonna be hard hitting, it’s gonna be upsetting but it’s also going to tackle a topic that isn’t talked about enough and which Emmerdale are once again brave enough to take on and for that I’m 100% in support

anonymous asked:

Hi do you think that Yana will introduce an older sister figure to OurCiel who will lecture him about the importance of life and cherish every precious moment and the people who cares for him. I was wondering about this because Prince Soma was his older brother figure before RealCiel makes his return but failed to understand OurCiel's cold outlook in life so I was wondering if such female character will exist in the future chapters.

Haha I hope not! I think we have enough major characters, a lot of new ones (Sieglinde, Wolfram, Ludger, Othello, Bravat, Sascha, Pit) were brought forwards in the last couple years and have yet to be used heavily. Though that is to be expected in a long-running manga, I’d still prefer to see a heavier focus being put towards the main plot but new characters tend to distract from that.

It’s also pretty late in the game! Things are getting intense (the reveal of OC’s identity, reemergence of RC, Lizzy’s leave from home, the death of Agni and subsequent shift in Soma) and that seems to indicate that we’re drawing closer to the manga’s climax, so I’m not sure there is much time for distractions.

Though in terms of positive development for OC, I’d consider it far more meaningful if the consolidation towards his self-worth came from people who already knew him, preferably people who knew his brother too… so the Midfords are a good candidate. That way, they’re showing him what he has to live for whilst knowing who he truly is/was. 

However, I’m not sure any person could teach OC about the importance of life! Even if they did it’d be a bit redundant since he’s sworn his life away to a demon.

It’s nice to hope that OC could develop a more healthy world-outlook, but when you think about the situation he’s in it’s hard to not believe that he’s better off seeing things as he does. It’s probably a coping mechanism? There’s nothing he can do to escape an early death–Sebastian literally follows him around as a constant reminder too–and trying to run away/be scared/feel like he has something to live for would make it infinitely more painful.

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He does not look tired or fed up? He's almost never smiling in fan pics recently. Stop projecting. He has to stunt once a month. It is what it is and he's also participating. We've no clue how difficult it is for him. Cause well we don't know him?! Stop.

Anon…i almost said something very rude to you. So you really think that none of this affects him? It’s been fucking years!!! Let me repeat this. It’s been YEARS!! It is not just once a month stunt. It is something he has to live with daily. You really don’t comprehend this, so you. He doesn’t just do a pap walk and/or “accidentally meet fans while out with his beard” and go home, that’s it, stunt over. Every day, he has to deal with with Jungwirths posting pics, with radio djs and media talking about his girlfriend and how much his son looks like him…Daily!! He can’t escape any of this. And as for smiling…he smiles plenty in fan pics. He doesn’t smile when these fan pics are while he is stunting. And seriously. You look at this pic of him and you think he looks fine? Fair enough. Have this opinion, but do not darken my ask box again, please. This kind of wilful ignorance and flippancy just pisses me off.

Sam x Reader

Summary: Sam’s having a reoccurring dirty dream about you. 

Warnings: Sex, self touching and dirty talk.   Word Count: 460

Sam would never tell you, but he’s had the same dirty dream about you three nights in a row. The details change, but the plot remains the same: you need him. 

No, really, you need him.

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