I wish the fact that Jason was a street kid was more of an important fact in his character development, especially with how society is now a days. I wish Jason was used as a character to show the flaws in today’s justice system. If Jason went toe to toe with corrupted cops, if Jason was the robin that got more aggressive with criminals that attacked the underprivileged and other street kids, if Jason called Bruce on how he lives in a privilege bubble and that was something that separated them more, if Jason had a network of people that he was close with on the street, if some of them had gone bad over time and Jason has to face them as a crime fighter. If Jason’s character roots of being a street kid had been developed more into his character there is no way in hell that he would be seen as the “worst robin” 

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Could you pretty please write something where he comes home from work and he finds her in the living room with all three covers and shes reading through one of them and she has tears in her eyes cause shes so proud of him and she tells him that. ahh i wish i could tell him that :(((((

This is literally all I can think about right now so YES, I can!


When Harry came home to the sound of sniffling and hiccuped sobs, his heart dropped. You were alone in the house and he hadn’t been home since this morning. His entire body tensed as he dropped his stuff on the floor of the entry way and walked quickly toward the direction of the sounds.


When he finally rounded a corner and found you, he was met with the sight of your body curled up on the couch with three magazines sprawled out in front of you. He knew what they were immediately; these were his magazines. The full issue had come out today and he knew you had gone and bought copies as soon as you could.

“(Y/N)?” His voice was quieter this time, and he slowly walked over to where you were and sat down behind you on the couch, wrapping you up in his arms and pulling you back against his chest. “What’s wrong? Why you cryin’?”

You looked up, flashing him a tear-filled smile and nuzzling your head into his shoulder.

“I’m okay; they’re happy tears,” you promised,” It’s just…this is amazing, Harry. And I’m so, so, so proud of you, you have no idea.”

Harry smiled, kissing your forehead gently and taking one of the magazines from your hand.

“Thank you, baby.”

“I mean it,” you insisted, “I’ve always been proud of everything you’ve done but this, this is you. This is so you and you are unbelievably incredible.”

Harry watched as tears ran down your cheeks while you spoke and he could feel a bit of lump forming in his own throat. He pulled you tighter against him and rested his chin against the top of your head.

“I love you,” he murmured, “You’re the most important thing, yeah? More than any of this.”

“I love you, too.”

You peered at the image in the magazine that it had flopped open to and smiled, seeing a picture of your boyfriend lying in the grass and laughing with his eyes closed. This was your favorite picture because this was the Harry that you knew and loved and got to see every day. Not that the other images weren’t Harry, but this one was naturally Harry. You got to see that smile and hear that giggle and experience that side of him on a daily basis.

You were pretty sure that made you the luckiest girl in the world.

I completely forgot about Steven powers for the second time on 3 episodes. I really need to stop doing these right after getting destroyed by college.



For a second I thought to myself “Wait, does it work on humans?” and then I remembered Connie and how Steven accidentally healed her and interrupted their first kiss.

And now I’m mad again.

Oh what? Why did it fail?

I thought that Steven’s healing powers were something that was always on, since it seems weird that it’s something he has to actually activate, but I guess that’s what it is.

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Tale/Swap/Fell Sans reaction to astrology nerd s/o?


He’s pretty ecstatic. Astrology has always been an interest of his, & to find someone else who likes it too is…great. If you two start off on a specific topic, there’s a good chance Papyrus will find you both still talking about it hours later.


AAAAH, YOU SOUND LIKE HIS LAZYBONES OF A BROTHER!! Not that he has any problem with astrology–he thinks the stars are very cool, & he would love to meet the man that lives in the moon one day–he but does not know much about the super-smarty-pants sciencey-aspect of it.


What the hell are you blathering about? The stars–seriously? You wanna talk about something stupid like that? Fine, whatever. He’s actually very into astrology, but knows that he’d get absolutely wrecked if anyone found out about it, so he prefers to just act neutral to it & just let you talk.

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I wonder what Neal would think if he could see Rumple now. There was only one thing I liked Neal for and that was how he wouldn't put up with Rumple's shit. He warned Rumple in 3A that he'd spend eternity in Pandora's box if Rumple betrayed him and now Rumple only does something for himself. He doesn't care who he has to hurt to get his way.

I would absolutely agree with all of this if Neal hadn’t been the one to resurrect his damn father. Like the only reason Rumple was able to come back and continue to dick around in everyone’s lives and screw things up was because of Neal. Rumple was gone. Not an issue anymore. And Neal undid all that, got himself killed for him, and then has no unfinished business (like the woman and son he supposedly loved so much, he was willing to bring back the very asshole who he supposed hated so much? Yeeeeah, okay…).

Neal ended up hurting a lot of people by bringing his father back because he didn’t care who got in his way when it came to getting Emma and Henry back… so apple doesn’t fall far from the tree there.

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How would our baby boys react to playing modern multiplayer games with Sole? I always thought they'd enjoy something like Rocket League or Minecraft.

hey dude i adore your connor icon he is my Babe i love him with all my heart and soul if id kiss him a Lot if i could,

hancock: this boy. plays minecraft. religiously. he has an entire empire built already. he’s probably internet famous. he probably has a youtube and shit for this. despite having an empire, he still calls himself mayor. he just likes that better. he has every right to call himself a damn king, but he just sticks with ‘mayor.’ sole has a small sand-built shed with a cow living in it. he finds it adorable and visits it frequently.

preston: okay. hear me out. overwatch, right? it’s a good game, fun to pass the time with. preston didn’t know quite how to play right, and his first game with actual people, he didn’t do so hot. maybe he got yelled at. but he swore he’d get better. 

he knew sole played it a lot, so he asked for help. and they helped him to the best of their abilities, too.

within about a week, preston was a god. specifically, genji. he has more than 100+ hours in on the green cyborg ninja, and pretty much gets play of the game every time he’s on. he goes support and loves being symmetra too, from time to time, if there’s already a genji. he’s got a bit of a following too. sole is super blown away, but is proud to be a part of his team.

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Ok, he's definitely an album ready. I'm not saying this in a bitter tone, but it's true: solo Harry is real

Actually, I seriously doubt he has any album ready, anon.

Do I think Harry is working on something? Yes, I really do. He’s been writing for a long time, he has wisely and smartly grown his contacts and reached out to numerous artists bts, all but made a mystery of his music interests as an individual for some time now. 

But Harry is finally going on a way more normal rate, he’s taking his time and actually enjoying the process of creating, as it should be. He’s been resting and getting ready for his role for months, never living Louis and keeping a low profile (I don’t care about haters barking about this, Harry did lie low, I’d like to show them what actively working on self promo looks like). He’s concentrated on that and saw to a beautifully arranged cover/interview. I’m sure he thought about music, because he loves music, but I really doubt he’s done much more than writing, coming up with general ideas and asking for opinions and sharing lyrics and melodies with trusted ones, maybe recording a demo or two.

I do think he’ll focus on this now that he has time. I don’t know if he intends to go for a full, proper album and tour, if he just wants to put something out with no particular pressure or expectations, if he’d like an EP or just writing for someone else. I do think we’ll hear from him in the music side of things sometime next year, but this has nothing to do with him leaving One Direction or with the shitty solo, snobbish role Syco is trying to push so hard on him. Therefore all the stories about Harry having an album ready as soon as last December, as many tried to spread in the fandom, about him already preparing his solo photoshoot to promote it, bullshit. 

Harry giving time to time and exploring his musical passion and doing something with it in the near future? Hell, yeah, I would have been surprised by the opposite!

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If anyone is going to have a crush on any of your OCs it's should be Dust because he is a living beanbag cushion; fluffy, warm and will bring you hot chocolate on cold nights


DUST is a four legged 5-foot tall tender-loving teddy bear and no one can argue with loving something like that!!!! NO ONE I say!!!!!!!
(Day dreams about burying face in his poof hair)

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I don't get how people are reading that quote as anything other than harry saying the band is over? He's basically saying that they would all rather do their own thing but if it happens it happens like this interview just confirms that they're done

Yeah there have been a lot of things said and done that makes it feel like they are done and maybe they are. Maybe they are done for now. Maybe they are all doing their own things so they can come back together and do something completely different from before since they’ve all had a chance to live on their own at that point. All I know is Simon still has or had some form of grip on them so I’m waiting until it is made abundantly clear that he and others have no say or control over the boys and their images and see what is said and done then. That being said, even if they are done, what does that have to do with anything? Yes, I loved the band and their chemistry together is what brought me here and I did fall in love with their music later, but what I’m truly here for is actually the love I believe there to truly be between Harry and Louis and that doesn’t change if the band isn’t together anymore…

Great new podcast up.
It’s said that we live in a secular age.

But what does that mean? Is it simply that people are less religious or is it something more?

Philosophy professor Charles Taylor wrote a 900-page tome called A Secular Age in which he argues that secularity has more to do with a feeling of uncertainty about truth that pervades a culture in which all ideas are contested and contestable.
My guest today on the show wrote a reader’s guide to Taylor’s epic work. His name is James K. A. Smith. He’s a Professor of Philosophy at Calvin College and his book is called How (Not) to Be Secular. Today on the show, Jamie and I discuss what it means to live in a secular age, how we got here, and why it creates so much anxiety. Whether you’re a believer, agnostic, or atheist, you’re going to find some fascinating insights about today’s culture.

Jamie and I also discuss his latest book called You Are What You Love: The Spiritual Power of Habit in which he argues that our lives are filled with “liturgies” whether we know it or not, and how not being mindful of these liturgies can result in living a life you’re not wholly satisfied with.
Click the link in the profile to listen. Subscribe while you’re at it! via Instagram http://ift.tt/2ds0k6J

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do you think dylann will cry during his trial?

Well, thinking of all what I know about the case and his life, yes I do. I can see it happening for two obvious reasons: 1. If sentenced to the death penalty being a young man who has a lot to live and a lot to lose especially now that he is figuring out who he is and knowing that now he has all these people writing him and having some kind of interest in him which is probably something new to his life and maybe the regret, not that I think he regrets his crime now, but the regret of what he has done with his own life and if it was worth wasting it over nothing and 2. The “relief” if sentenced to life imprisonment because I really think he doesn’t want to die at this point.

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Hi! So tell how did Juzo got safe after all that he did x3

Juzo: “Uh.. that’s actually a long story. But I don’t remember much of it though. But from what Munakata told me, they were able to carry me to an ambulance nearby that one of Makoto Naegi’s friends sent. They were able to do something to my hand–well, the place where my hand should have been – and I got better with blood transfusion.Still, it sucks to not have one of your hands, y’know–?”

Munakata: “You should be thankful for at least have the chance to live.”

Juzo: “Whatever. It’s not you who has to live without a part of your body.”

Munakata: “… 
 Excuse me? Did you even bother to look at my face.”

You know what makes Percy’s death particularly scary?
That it’s Taliesin who plays him. Had it been literally any of the others, we wouldn’t be doubting whether they would bring their characters  back. Had it been any of the others, they wouldn’t know how to deal with character death like that, but Taliesin has played D&D for years and years, he definitely knows how to deal with character death, and how to move on, something the others have yet to experience. 
Liam would always bring back Vax, given the chance, if Vex is still alive, and vise versa. Sam seems to really enjoy playing Scanlan, same with Travis, Ashley and Marisha. And it’s not that Taliesin doesn’t enjoy playing Percy, he clearly does, but he is much more of a writer than the rest of them, living on the story as a whole more than on personal character progression, and he has probably realized that there won’t come a more perfect time to let Percy go, than now. 

So, as fans of Percy, we have to hope that Taliesin has more he wants Percy to do, and experience. 

I don’t doubt that we will love whatever new character he decides to throw at us, if that is his decision. But that character just won’t be Percy.

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so i found a thing on tumblr that was apparently one of dans tweets. dan had tweeted "yesterday I was randomly thing 'aw kids are cute i want to adopt one' then i went home and watched orphan and was like nope." he could have said MAKE babies or something but no he said 'adopt'

he always say adopt. in 2013 someone asked him on a live show if he wanted to have kids and he said ‘yes! i want two or three children and i will be the best parent that has ever existed! who wants me to adopt them? yeah!.. im joking. im way too busy these days, but in 10 years..” 

he said that as if he already had/has an established relationship. the only problem he stated was: busy. (maybe young) which is true.

Last night I dreamed they released a new Shameless promo where Ian begs Frank for “something ” to be returned to him because it’s all he has left (dream me inferred it was about Mickey’s clothes) and when dream me went onto my dream Instagram account to check if it really happened and I wasn’t just dreaming, there was a ten minute clip of Carl lying on the living room floor having some kind of episode while Debbie looked on from a hospital bed set up where the couch should be, and Carl called her Emma. Dream me was like, seriously, they didn’t catch that in editing? And I turned to my old neighbor from back in undergrad and he just shrugged. And then I went to a burger joint with black haired Mandy (she ordered a chicken sandwich and I was hoping for a soft pretzel before my alarm went off).

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And No Birds Sing by Omi_Ohmy

Word Count: 34,782 / Rating: Mature

Summary: Merlin has been cursed and lives as a hermit, knowing he has lost something, although he cannot remember what. One day he finds a knight, weak and injured, by the lakeside.

Comment: I don’t want to give spoilers away, but the reason there is so little description in the summary and the beginning of the story is because Merlin doesn’t remember what happened, and that’s why this fic is such a mysterious read. But in addition to that, let me be real for a sec. This fic is so fucking emotional. Like, you have to read it because it is so beautifully written, the plot is interesting but elusive, and the characters are perfectly depicted, but I warned you: it packs a punch. You will feel emotions all over the place.

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6, 20, 50 pretty please ^-^

1 I love Halloween but I hate that it has become into something pretty comercial. I think people forget about the real meaning and now is just all about money.

2 Actually I do. The house i live in is very old and before it was for rent. It was a little funeral service place :3

3 Yeah. More than once actually. I did not like it to be honest. I always saw a shadow in my room. He or she. Whatever… always did say things to my ear from one moment to the other. That thing is the reason why i sleep with something on my ears.
Now is gone. Since a long time i haven’t see it and i hope it stays that way.

First houses/apartments

Just some more headcanons about the Hux clones that no one asked for ;)

The first place Caleb lived on his own looked a little something like this. Not quite fancy enough to be shielded from the rain in one of Arkanis’ domed cities, but nevertheless a very nice place to live - stylish, yet cosy. A few months after Bill left Lucy here, she and Rosy moved in. Narue visited frequently, and is currently house-sitting.

Tim’s first place was an open plan apartment, not too far from work, and it took him a while to get used to actually having his own personal space (having grown up with several siblings). He kept it pretty tidy…though on days off, he has been known to get back into bed after he made himself breakfast. Meaning crumbs.

I’ve mentioned Seth and Roslin’s teeny tiny apartment before. It had just the bare essentials - a bed, bathroom, very small galley kitchen and a toilet/shower room. Thankfully they didn’t have a lot of personal possessions when they lived here, but it could still be slightly claustrophobic at times.

Back in the day, Bill lived with his family (i.e. Rosy and Lucy) in a lovely little cottage in the Hosnian system. He wasn’t too great at doing chores, but at least he didn’t make too much mess. He and Rosy were both pretty good at DIY, which was something they did together - and with Lucy when she was old enough. Rosy also did crafts, making her own cushions and stuff. Naturally…none of that is there anymore.