Modern Mythology: Hermes

“We travel, some of us forever, to seek other states, other lives, other souls.”

A modern Hermes who has never been but sharp teeth and lies and waiting for the world to spin his way. He holds the world and its graves on his tongue and tells secrets as if they tasted of sugar. And how can one’s smile hold something of both sun and shadow and cruel desire for the unknown, as if it is the only place he truly belonged until he is only waiting for his heart to crack open and let the universe exhale through his lungs, like ash and wanting.

So this happened today

Seriously, the hardest thing ever would be trying to explain TID to someone. Trust me, I’ve tried. It was like “Tessa likes Will but she also likes Jem, but they both want to be with her but Will is “cursed” and Jem is dying. So in book two she almost sleeps with Jem but something happens, and a chapter or two later she has an intense scene with Will but blames she was “roofied” kind of, and then she gets engaged to Jem but in book three, after she thinks he’s dead, she sleeps with Will like hours after she finds out–I KNOW IT SOUNDS BAD BUT IT REALLY ISNT HANG ON–and Will and Jem are closer than brothers, but then she finds out Jem isn’t dead, but can’t be with her, so marries Will and has a family with him, and after Will dies, she marries Jem because he still lives and now he’s mortal again and–“

I think I may have scared my friend into never wanting to read this series. IT’S TOTALLY NORMAL, GUYS, I SWEAR!

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I'm curious, what do you think about Tailgate/Rung?

The same thing I think about pretty much every pairing with Rung: this is fucking cute, please tell me more.  

When I said I ship Rung with every non-human character, I was not kidding at all.

Can you imagine though? Tailgate being so fascinated by Rung because he’s smart and old and knows all these things Tailgate has never even heard about, and he visits him every day and asks him about anything he can think of, and Rung answers as good as he can, until one day, Tailgate runs out of things to ask, but by then, he has a mighty crush on Rung, so he just goes to his office one evening and asks if he’s ever heard about a very specific thing that doesn’t exist.

Rung is confused and admits that he’s never heard of that. So Tailgate just makes something up and is all like “Oh, it’s this creature that lives on planet Wharagoo” and Rung’s like “what’s Wharagoo?” and Tailgate keeps making shit up and Rung knows he’s lying, but he’s having fun listening to Tailgate’s bullshit, and they keep meeting and Tailgate keeps coming up with new places and heroes and whenever something doesn’t add up, Rung goes “don’t you mean this was like that?” and Tailgate is touched that Rung is actually keeping up with everything and they build this entire fantasy world together because Tailgate is in love with Rung and never wants to stop talking to him. Even though he wouldn’t need a “reason” to talk to him, but shh, Tailgate doesn’t know that.

Oh grandpa! something terrible has happened, or is going to happen! I don’t know!

Okay slow down, love. Tell me what’s happened

There was a man and he said a terrible illness killed almost everyone in the year 2050!

That was a long time ago. There’s no need to worry about that now.

But my friends! Absinthe and Milo, they live there! Are they going to die!? I don’t want them to die!

It’s okay darlin, don’t cry. I’m sure there is something we can do.

I’m so scared and there is no one else I can talk to! They’re always listening!

Shh shh now, we’ll think of something.

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Anders living with Hawke for a few months and he begins to feed any stray cats and one morning he leaves early to take care of something and nearly squashes twenty cats when they all swarm at his legs and demand breakfast. Anders wakes up to Hawke's panicked yells and finds him submerged in cats.

absolutely canon. i imagine once the charm has worn off hawke just walks outside to like 40 cats meowing at the front door and walks  through them. at least 5 of them follow him to wherever hes going. hawke feels bad and buys them some meat to snack on. some of the cats follow anders to his clinic too. 

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How do you think the boys would flirt with you?

luke- Hey, I like..your…elbow skin..or um, I mean it’s very tight, or oh uh. It’s very smooth you know, not like my grandma’s of anything that looks remotely close to beef jerky haha, no your is uh..ha, i have to use the bathroom very badly it’s been awhile my friend michael tells me there’s a monster in the toilet and i’m scared! haha.. i mean i thought they only lived in the toilet at my house but mikey says they’re here too…he also made me pay him 20 dollars for no reason..

calum- asl? tits orr v? show me something baby please my granny just died im sad. ill show you mine bb, and i’ll never treat u the way ur ex treated u he lost everything when u guys broke up haha, u know i listen to drake and stuff when im sad and uh, yeah, he speaks to me hes just a uhm, he’s a lyrical genius and..those degrassi episodes? wow, sheesh. and uh, i uh, i read cosmo sometimes no big deal or anything it’s just pretty normal for me when im lounging around.  so, titties?

ashton- god…you’re the definition of an angel. You’re absolutely monumentally exquisite from the skin of your toes to the peek of your crown. I am in love with you and your mind, the way you move is poetry and your ribs hold lyrics that could put me to bed every night. If I die today, I die happy. Thinking about every crevice and curve of your body, all the dips and thoughts and beauties of your mind. This is irrevocable love, ethereal and celestial. My heart beating with yours, I want to hold you. I wanna hold you again my bones in the middle of the night and know that I’m safe.

michael- hey im michael, you are? oh wow cool. So hey, you’re hot lets play arcade games and i’ll buy you a rootbeer or somethin

Do you think Dan occasionally wakes up in the night and remembers how far he’s come and that he’s living with his idol and like has to stop himself from fangirling so he doesn’t wake Phil but it doesn’t work sometimes and Phil runs in cause he was woken up by Dans squealing and thought there was something in his room but really it’s just Dan jumping up and down like a little girl?

my daddy dom of  5-6 years on and off wants to be with me forever and always until death takes my bones and flower bloom from my body, he told me this morning so sweetly and in his head “romantically” that he would like to create a family with me and a conversation must not slip from us as this is something he has been thinking of for a long time now… my head hurts, i hear funeral music for our relationship, his body parts hang around my neck now, everything must have been fabricated, this whole life of ours has been artificial…*rips hair our of roots*….i will never forget our love and i shall never let it die, i remember our words, morning vomiting and you combing my hair, the pain of living and you being there in bright colours but now you speak with such words NOT MEANT FOR ME…our life, our memories….but i must leave….i have a list of things i love….families being not one of them….where are you now, you lied to me and said you’d be here for me but i am ur breeding ground u sperm donor how dare you lie to me i told him from day one NO CHILDREN I AM DEAD INSIDE I HAVE GROWN FROM SADNESS AND VIOLENCE AND SEEN SUCH EVIL AND FELT SUCH HAND INSIDE OF ME I SHALL NOT BRING CHILDREN INTO THIS WORLD I KNOW NOW WHO I AM AND HAVE BEEN FIGHTING FOR LIFE SINCE BBY GIRL AND NOW HE WANTS A BBY TO SUCK IT ALL FROM ME HE TOOK MY WORDS AND ATE THEM AND SHAT THEM OUT AND NOW WANT ME TO GIVE MY LIFE UP TO MAKE HIS HAPPY WITH ANOTHER LITTLE ME RUNNING AROUND NO I AM FUCKING HAPPY ALONE GOODBYE IM SORRY 

If Ragnar dies in the finale without him or Lagertha showing any affection for each other, I will give up on life. I’m not shipping them cause hey they don’t have to be together but for the writers to pretend there was nothing between them this whole season and it pisses me off. Ragnar has been off his character this whole season and I’ve been waiting for the writers to prove me wrong, again and again I am disappointed.

I’m having some difficult daughter feelings. My mother and sisters were supposed to do the MS walk in Manhattan today, but yesterday she posted that they had to postpone a week and do the one in Rockland County instead. My dad just finished an at home 3 day IV steroid infusion the other day for his MS (he was diagnosed back in 1996/97 and I don’t think he’s been on a steroid treatment regimen since before the year 2000 - he’s been on virtually everything they make and almost universally has bad reactions after a time). In her note about postponing, my mom said something along the lines of “life with an MS patient.” Like, the level of impairment my dad is reaching is relatively new and obviously difficult for him and for my family, and his MRI results this winter were not good. 

Anyway, this is going on and I don’t know any of th details because I don’t talk to my family for months at a time and live 800 miles away. Meanwhile, I am actually considering not going home for a visit this summer because of trauma reasons. And like, I’m not even inclined to call and ask what’s up because, like, even beyond the stuff I’m working really hard to sort out right now, my dad was emotionally abusive to me and continues to take any jab he can get at my existence whenever I’m in the vicinity. Like, I feel like a terrible daughter that I don’t care enough to call and find out what’s going on, but I also know that these are all moves about self-preservation.

(Nevermind the fantasies of divorce I’ve harbored my whole life. Nevermind my current work in therapy where I’m maybe uncovering some very serious shit that, barring a divorce, I would disown my entire nuclear family to avoid more stress and trauma. Nevermind that my mother would probably never leave him now. I dunno, it’s hard to know that something is going wrong in my family and we are all continuing to keep our distance because that’s what we do, but also what I’ve kind of been taught by what was my very involved and very in touch extended family, what we don’t do.)

Based on this post, in which a lovely nonnie pointed out how awesome it would be if Sam Winchester and Matt Murdock were crime-fighting lawyers together. Please note that I’m only 6 episodes into Netflix’s Daredevil, but also that this is just painting the idea in broad strokes.

Imagine Jess lived and Sam stayed in school, but instead of going to Stanford Law, he went to Columbia instead. He and Jess are engaged by then, so she moves to New York with him, gets a job at an art gallery.

And at Columbia, he meets Matt Murdock and Foggy Nelson, and they become the best of friends. He’s there with them, through school and their internship, and rejecting the job offers that big fancy firm gave them because they want to help people, make a difference. They were groomsmen in Sam and Jess’ wedding.

Sam and Matt know there’s something up with each other, but they both decide to live and let live, to not mention their awareness that the other has physical training and skills a bit out of the ordinary.

And this is a world where Tony Stark is Iron Man, the God of Thunder is a good guy, and Loki and a bunch of aliens wrecked New York. So Sam’s not so afraid of his abilities, hones them even. The telekinesis thing could definitely come in handy; the ability to exorcise demons he discovered totally by accident, but that’s handy, too.

While Matt fights the human monsters preying on Hell’s Kitchen, Sam can’t help but notice the literal ones that are also taking advantage of the situation, the vampire nests and vengeful spirits, kitsune and vetala, even demons, though those are mostly there to watch the fun.

Matt and Sam recognize each other’s injuries, and they wonder, but still they don’t say anything.

In the mean time, Jess and Karen became friends as soon as Karen entered all their lives. Sam told Jess about monsters years ago, and she knows what he does at night. And Karen describes the masked man who saved to her Jess a little more thoroughly than she did to Foggy, and Jess tells Sam, and Sam figures it out.

So he and Matt have a nice long, honest talk, Matt introduces Sam and Jess to Claire, and then they go on with what they’re doing.

After all, they’ve got a city to protect.

I think  one of the reasons (if not the MAIN) reason I despise Elena Gilbert’s character, is because she is so inconsistant,

Elena the first 3 Seasons: “I can’t be a vampire Stefan, I never wanted to be one.”

Yet, when Stefan sees how miserable vamp! Elena is in the first couple episodes of season 4, he does everything in his power to reverse what is causing her pain, This is what really pissed me off about Elena’s “I make him sad, he sees me as a broken toy” speech to Rebekah,. Stefan never saw Elena as something that needed to be fixed- He saw that she was suffering while living life as a vampire, and wanted to restore her humanity, because he genuinely believed this  was what would make her happy.

Stefan has only ever wanted Elena to be HAPPY; He gave up his own chance at being human so that she could live the life she so desperately wanted, but Elena never took the cure when it was offered to her at the end of S4. Nope.. Instead, she shoved it down Katherine’s throat. Jeremy DIED so that Elena could find the cure, and Bonnie died bringing him back, but Elena decided late s4 that being a vampire wasn’t so bad, thus making their efforts all for nothing.

And Elena in s5 was all “vampirism is awesome”, only to somehow change her mind again in season 6?? This girl is literally so indecisive. “Stefan or Damon?” “Human or vampire?”

Make up your damn mind Elena, rather than causing the people around you grief.

NEAT?! uggghhhhhhh; a mix for our favorite pining Night Vale radio host.

  1. Poor Little Fool - Ricky Nelson
  2. Dancing with Myself - Nouvelle Vague
  3. Dude’s Got a Tender Heart - The Fresh & Onlys
  4. My Moon My Man - Feist
  5. You Can’t Hurry Love - The Supremes
  6. Hold It In - Jukebox the Ghost
  7. Hopelessly Devoted to You - Olivia Newton-John
  8. Young and Beautiful (Jazz Version) - The Bryan Ferry Band
  9. I’ve Got You Under My Skin - Frank Sinatra
  10. Love’s a Bitch - Pierre Adenot
  11. La Vie en Rose - Louis Armstrong
  12. Vibrate - Rufus Wainwright
  13. Too Good to Be True - Dinah Shore with the Disney Chorus
  14. Close to You - Josefine Cronholm with Ian Bellamy
  15. Make Someone Happy - Jimmy Durante

    listen // download

The Tony Stark from his world is dead. This one isn’t.

Happy Birthday, Rin. ♥

words for the harry potter houses to live by
  • gryffindor:"i learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it." - nelson mandela
  • ravenclaw:"it takes something more than intelligence to act intelligently" - fyodor dostoyevski
  • slytherin:"he who wishes to be obeyed must know how to command" - niccolo machiavelli
  • hufflepuff:"quiet people have the loudest minds" - stephen hawking

somewhere in the future in the catloaf (ereri neighbors) au, where levi finds himself hanging out at eren’s apartment more and vice versa.

i accidentally left my kotatsu on the whole day. sigh. at least it inspired this.