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Jack always had a problem with his eye ever since he was young. His eye was the color green, the iris a bright shade of blue. Jack didn’t mind this problem with his eye, he even gave himself a nickname ‘Jacksepticeye’! In school, many kids teased him or feared him but still he didn’t mind. In fact he couldn’t have cared less what the kids thought of him, and he didn’t mind if the kids feared him It just didn’t matter! He was happy in life and didn’t want to let these bullies get him down..but little did he know that this issue with his eye would transform him into a beast unlike any kind..a demon, as most people would call it.

As Jack got older he had more and more issues with his eye..in fact it seemed to be affecting his entire body. He somehow managed to keep it under control, but it felt as if there was something very wrong nonetheless. His thoughts changed from sweet and positive, to gruesome and horrifying.

Jack was now growing more and more paranoid as the years passed and he grew even older, he now had a literal demon to deal with and it was making his mind weak, it was draining him completely. A few months now passed and it was getting close to Halloween, Jack’s favorite holiday too! But this year..it was not harmless fun, it was actually very terrifying. The thing that was now affecting Jack’s every day life was now taking absolute control of him and it drained him til’ he had nothing left..he even stopped making videos for his subscribers.

There was nothing he could do anymore, this creature, this thing had power beyond anything..

Halloween finally came and Jack was seemingly non-existent as he felt what he now called “Antisepticeye” take control of him. He couldn’t fight back, he was simply broken down from trying to fight Anti for all this time.

A few moments passed and Anti finally appeared, he then vanished out of Jack’s home and into the outside world to find potential victims..

Inktober Day 22:Small

Before the finale there was a joke theory going around that when they defeated cipher he’d get all small like and they’d keep him in a jar for the mystery shack.
I honestly wish that happened

Forgive my nostalgia

One year ago today these two little devils crashed their way into my life, and surprisingly changed it. I’ve met amazing people I would never have known if it weren’t for this game, and now I finally feel a part of something. So thank you Jacob and Evie Frye. Evie, thank you for proving that women are just as badass as men. Jacob, thank you for making me smile and…well…other things 😜

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God you guys so tonight it was affirmed that it’s not just in my head that the majority of people at my school hate me and usually nothing gets to me but I’m a little drunk and this is terrible

so after the fight with Lucas, Mike obviously still expected Eleven to come back to his house. Did he just sit up all night in his basement waiting for her? Did he fall asleep down there waiting? Did he go to bed, wake up early, come down to talk to her and realize she never came back? Did El notice that her tent had been torn down? What was her reaction to that? These are questions I need answers to. 

action movies are all about having the Token Female be a tough, capable, take-no-shit woman because it makes them Progressive™ but they balk at actually giving her a chance to use those qualities and become the Action Hero herself