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First I gotta say: I absolutely love your blog and check for updates everyday. It's wonderful, so thank you so much for your sharing your talent. Second, I'd like to make a request, please! A while back, you did a list of bad impressions Kouen/Sinbad/Koumei could have with their future s/o. Might you do the same with Muu? Please and thank you!

Muu Alexius

  • Muu’s reputation preceded him. His introduction is air-tight, a perfect smile, perfect posture, he shakes hands firmly but not forcefully, he repeats everyone’s name. It does it all just right. Too right. He’s done this far too many times, and will still do it too many more. The practiced perfection of his introduction leaves the ever so subtle impression that he won’t remember this, that it was all for show. Muu leaves looking like a many trying too hard to look good, shallow and fake.

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I feel bad for Ksoo. Fans put so much pressure on idols to have stupid abs, it's fine if the idol wants it, but some don't feel comfortable stripping. Maybe some want to work more on other areas like singing or dancing not on their body.

To be honest, I’m all for self love and I’m so so so proud of Baekhyun and Chanyeol for building up that much confidence. Though, you have a very valid point Anon, if Kyungsoo doesn’t wanna show anything yet, then that’s his choice and we shouldn’t pressure him. We shouldn’t pressure anyone for that matter. 

Though, I think fans are just being fans and are just curious little nuggets.

Either way, I’m sure we all love Kyungsoo anyway because he’s the best person ever and I love him 🙌🏼

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listen my dude listen my guy broski chum my man lance tho? he ain't about that 'touching peeps wo consent' life and he asks keith beforehand and keith is very Red (tm) and is like "ya ok" but then regrets it cuz lance takes every opportunity 1/2

to slap his butt in front of the other paladins and has no shame. just be lying around and he’ll come over and slap those keithlicious honey buns like bongos it quickly loses the appeal esp after lance used his butt to sing We Will Rock You 2/2

????????????????????? he uses his butt to sing????  like does he?? like move his ass cheeks like it’s a mouth or does he sing……………. in to   it? does the booty activate that glee magic

Did I mention how much I loved that Steven was pushed away and could just watch cornered Lapis as she was making her decision? He supported her in every way he could, but in this exact moment he knew he couldn’t do anything more. The “yes” or “no” was something only Lapis could say - just like in real life abusive relationships. Steven helped, supported and loved, but he couldn’t make abused person’s decision about the relationship for them, no matter how much he probably wanted to in that scene.

Callout post for Jeremy Dooley Part 2

-still smol
-still swol
-accidentally took a dick pic
-almost posted said dick pic on twitter
-can’t listen for shit
-will murder
-tricked his dad into going on a rollercoaster as payback for scaring the shit out of him as a child
-has no regard for his own safety
-gay for ryan haywood
-is precious
-i still love him