Hoseok calls the cake “stone” because of how hard it was to cut lmaoo 

Ruki at the signing...

Before the signing session, they first talked for a while. When they started, Ruki was like“This chair is pretty high, isn’t it?” and lowered it a little. Thee guy who did the MC said “The staff actually did that on purpose, so the people in the back could see you as well”.. Ruki looked at the man with a slightly desperate face, decided that it couldn’t be helped and put it back to the way it was before…


hyungwon’s impressive english skills

You make me smile even when I find it hard to, I look at you and suddenly forget what sadness feels like. You are my strength, my happiness and my light. We have been through so much over the past year and we’ve certainly come a long way from where we started. I love my life and living ever moment with you by my side. nightskysareshootingstars

I love you xo