Gwendolyn and Alkina began talking and had a deep conversation for the very first time as siblings. 

Gwendolyn: Happy Birthday, sister! It seems the stars have decided that this night shall be a very eventful one.
Alkina: I know, sister. I just want you to know that while I’ll be going to Cyra, I hope that you will keep up the fort. Keep an eye on Cato too.
Gwendolyn: Sure! He’s kinda cute anyway.
Alkina: C-cute?! You do know he follows ME around, right?
Gwendolyn: Well, it’s not like you like him back, right? You always reject him.
Alkina: …

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I made a sw side blog and in my about and like my first post i say I'm anti- krysalis rikes and yet he first person to follow me is a crylo fan like??? why??? I don't even cross tag like what did I do to deserve this

Well idk who this person who followed you is, so it might have a mistaken follow. But you may have run into one of the canon!Kylo fans on this site. They do exist and they’er as annoyed and fed up with the Kale Rubbage creature that fandom has created as the rest of us are, so some of them tend to go for anti-kylo blogs because that’s where they’re most likely to find content about the actual Kylo Ren, as contradictory as that may sound.

I can tell you it surprised the hell out of me the first time I got followed by a Kylo fan’s blog a while back. I completely expected that to not end well and just quietly prayed that they wouldn’t throw a tantrum when they left. Much to my surprise we actually shared a lot of opinions on Kylo.

I have become so used to Kylo “fans” just being Kale Rubbage stans that it genuinely surprised me that there are in fact people on this site that like the real canonical Kylo Ren for the villain that he is.

So it may be one of these rare people you’ve run into.

  • Dex:Well, Nursey, you're making me very angry.
  • Dex:And when I get angry, I get horny.

I just woke up from a dream that reminded me why I liked Undertale so much in the first place.

I couldn’t be more delighted.

Boy Who Might Be Into Me seriously doesnt take the goddamn hint. we had to make teams yesterday and i went to join some other guys i had been talking to earlier bc yay! new friends! and also cute nice boys who share my interests! but Boy still asked me, as if we were a pack, “oh, so we’re joining them?” and invited himself in. and today i saw he was already sitting down when i got to the classroom, so i made the extra effort of sitting on the opposite side of the classroom, and this Boy just goes, stands up, and sits next to me anyway 🙄

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Sans is so old I'm cryin I know he's weirdly middle aged but I always pictured it late 20s-early 30s, oh my gosh! This is priceless.

I always pictured him as older my gosh you should have heard the reactions on my @this-is-fine-just-swapped blog when I told them all US! Sans’ age.

yikes!!! in retrospect my most recent crush was kind of a self entitled douche!! i am better off not worrying abt what he thinks of me anymore

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enjolras' lil crush (?) on feuilly is literally the cutest thing ever

Enjolras: It’s not a crush! I just think he’s cool and I wanna spend a lot of time with him and be with him! …but it’s not a crush!

Combeferre: …..

Enjolras: It’s not!

Combeferre: I didn’t say it was.

when ppl let u be gay @ them