Original SF plan was to see Hedwig once, on the Friday night however I couldn’t pass up the chance to win a meet and greet after Sunday’s matinee. Didn’t win but my friend, who knows nothing of Darren except my ramblings, said yeah, you know what, lets go to the show anyway!

We ended up with decent orchestra tickets and the show was, as always, spectacular. I wasn’t sure if this would be my friend’s cup of tea but her take on it: amazing and heartbreaking. She felt herself tearing up in a few spots. It was pretty awesome to see somebody discover it for the first time. My friend, truly too good to me, even stayed with me at the stage door. She asked me what she should say to him, and I told her she could say as much or as little as she wanted and he would likely follow her cues. “Knowing me I’ll just blurt out that you dragged me here but I did enjoy the show”. I told her that he would probably love that and lo and behold, that’s the approach she took. We just just just caught him ( we needed to head off to catch our boat to Alcatraz) and insert sweet and charming as always Darren. Was the most normal and relaxed interaction I’ve had with him and it was so lovely.

My friend’s initial take on him : “he is so nice… and so small! I mean you can see all his muscles on stage so I wasn’t expecting that”. I think she was charmed and so, obviously, was I. So, so glad we went to the show, was the cherry on top of an already great trip.


NEW VIDEO: “The 7 Second Challenge” ft. Dan Howell

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Haikyuu!! AU - Daisuga Florist AU

Sawamura Daichi’s first visit to the “Karasuno Flower Shop” ended with him leaving the store with a beautiful flower arrangement for his mother and a massive crush on Sugawara Koushi, the store’s owner and primary florist. Ever since their first meeting, Daichi has found himself going to the quaint little flower shop on a regular basis, buying flowers left and right until his home is overflowing with plant life. It isn’t until he goes home with a bouquet of purple lilacs that Sugawara had given to him free of charge that he notices the small card with a note attached to it. A phone number and a simple “Call me” are enough for him to go back to the flower shop and ask the beautiful florist working there for an arrangement that would be perfect for a first date


happy birthday, naruto! [10/10] || for pam. ♥


Beth & Daryl + differences

Are you that interested? In my brother's old regimen.


Friendly reminder that Nanase Haruka actually got out of a pool and spent who knows how long staring at a piece of paper just because it was written by Rin.


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i feel like it’s unfair to hate brendon for not deciding to continue to work with dallon anymore and making him only a touring member of the band. if two people do not work creatively well together, then it just doesn’t work. this isn’t anyone’s fault. i doubt it’s bad blood that’s keeping brendon from working with dallon. it is most likely the simple fact that brendon clearly just doesn’t work best with others. whether this stems from just his personal opinion or from having many issues with creative control with ryan or jon (or even spencer) when the band wasn’t split, it doesn’t matter. if brendon wants to work alone, he’s allowed to chose that. and for people who think this is should be a solo album and he shouldn’t be using the band name, please understand that brendon is still a member of this band, and although the “everyone left me” bit is getting old, it’s not untrue. and if brendon is still committed to putting out music under that name, he’s allowed to. and for those who think that he shouldn’t be allowed to even say he’s the only member left because “he didn’t start the band, spencer and ryan did” you’re wrong. the band was pet salamander until trevor left and they needed a new guitarist. it wasn’t named panic! at the disco until brendon joined the band. they chose that name together. 

one of my favourite things about The Kiss™ is that magnus literally has no idea that alec is going to kiss him right up until the second their mouths meet like. alec has him by the lapels and he still looks uncertain and confused, can u imagine what’s going through his mind like ‘what’s he doing? he’s coming this way??? oh god, is he going to headbutt me? surely there are more efficient ways t-OH


…so a while ago I had a dream that Niantic revealed that Spark was actually blind! And his saying “trust your instincts” took on a completely different meaning. Furthermore, the reason he specializes in egg-hatching is because he feels like he can get a closer bond with hearing, touch, etc. And why’s he so enthusiastic about every Pokemon? Because he CAN’T SEE he’s just happy to have caught something and have another friend. PLS SAVE SPARK

tbh the dream made me kinda sad but now I’m like rlly on board??


a series of unlikely crossovers: