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Joe doesn’t deserve that pressure from us today. He really doesn’t. I’m so sad that this happened today. But now it’ s fine. He send a dm to that girl and say sorry. I’m so happy that he is so good to his fans. And he really loves us.

*breathes in and repeats*: “Anatol is credited on the next episode” “the gay angels are ok”  “Anatol is credited on the next episode” “the gay angels are ok”  “Anatol is credited on the next episode” “the gay angels are ok”  “Anatol is credited on the next episode” “the gay angels are ok”  “Anatol is credited on the next episode” “the gay angels are ok”

Frodo Baggins meme   Three emotions [1/3]

Fear | \ˈfir\ | noun

: an unpleasant often strong emotion caused by anticipation or awareness of danger

trickster-angel-of-healing  asked:

"Ah, speaking of physicals, need one from you as well, Gabriel, along with a thorough examination. And don't think you can get away from this."

(Considering his previous comment, Gab totally deserves this.)

Ah, shit…

He was quick to advert his gaze at the wall that had seemed to win his attention with bit of a forced smile, as he hated–no, loathed–physicals and examinations. His last one had been years ago, and none of them have been preformed by the Supreme Healer himself, as it was usually done by other medics.  

But he didn’t expect the healer to come himself so soon. He thought perhaps he would find a way to schedule something with him then to the Heavenly Scribe could call for a cancellation at the last minute since something would coincidentally ‘come up.’ 

And even though his friend said not to bother trying to get out of this, he was going to anyway. So he turned back to the other seraph with a small shrug and practiced smile. 

“Well, the thing is…it’s not in my schedule so I am not going to do it. I am actually rather busy at the moment.” 

raltimore  asked:

wait, I was only half paying attention but I just kind of assumed the angel hand was from the woman after them-they "killed" her several times and when the sheriff found her, her arms and legs had already been chopped off-they had to do something with the parts, right?? What am I missing, why does anyone think it's DeBlanc's?

cassidy chainsawed fiore and deblanc’s bodies into pieces and shoved them in the trunk and buried them under the tree in 1x02

which is the trunk he and jesse dig up and from whence he pulls a random hand out of in 1x09

we dunno where fiore, deblanc, and susan’s corpses from 1x06 are, or her disarticulated limbs, for that matter, but since the angels were the one who had to take care of it, they’re presumably not buried in the same spot as where cassidy buried the angels’ first iterations. susan’s hands are out there somewhere, but they’re not what cassidy dug up.