what nathan would be like during that time of the month
  • cuddles all of the time
  • nice soft tummy rubs when ur cramps act up
  • him being willing to cook u anything u want even if it’s ridiculous
    • “okay so i’ve never really made macaroons before… but how hard can it be?”
  • gives u space when u need it
  • randomly bringing u home little gifts to make u smile 
  • skips swim practice the first day so he can just lay in bed with u 
  • him going to the store to buy u tampons/pads and getting so proud of himself when he finally picks the right ones (after the 4th try) 
  • massages :) 
  • watches sappy romcoms with u and holds u when u randomly start to cry
    • “shhh it’s okay. It’s just a movie.” “but she’ll never know that HE wrote the song for her!”
  • he always makes sure u have some advil and a glass of water to wake up to in case cramps happen agAIN
  • having junk food with u even though he shouldn’t bc training
  • always asks u what he can do to make u feel better :’)

I’ve had several people send me kind messages while I was ill. This is for them <3


Roxy was always proud of being light on her feet but now as she bounded down the grey corridor, Eggsy could hear the stomping of her combat boots from a mile away but paid little attention to it and continued to read with JB slumped over his belly. 

“Eggsy!” Suddenly she was at the door to their sleeping quarters, smiling and breathless “Harry’s awake!” 

Eggsy forgot the next few moments. They were nothing but a blur as he sped through the elaborate mansion. Soon finding himself at the door to the same room he’d been sneaking in so many times before and for a moment he felt a pang of terror. It was one thing to visit Harry when he was unconscious. But now the thought of seeing those brown eyes again twisted Eggsy’s heart in a way he couldn’t quite make out. But Eggsy Unwin was not one for walking away when scared and opened the door. 

He would never get used to seeing Harry so unlike himself, his hair a mess and his face covered in a neglected beard, but as the man turned to face him he saw that same calm look he had grown to miss and Eggsy’s heart twisted once more.

“Eggsy” Harry propped himself on his bed but it didn’t take a genius to see how weak the man was. Even though he looked tired and haggard the shameless joy in seeing Eggsy lifted Harry’s spirits 

“Heard you were back in the land of the living” Eggsy smiled and edged himself closer to the narrow bed. Harry’s smile was warm and friendly, he would never admit it but he’d hoped that for a visit from the young man 

“I’m sorry Eggsy. I haven’t been much help to you during your training”

“I’m just happy you pulled through…” he realised how sentimental that was and added “loving the beard, by the way!”

Harry scratched his dark, hairy beard with an unamused sigh “I feel very unkept”

“I like it. Gentleman lumberjack.” Harry’s laugh was so candid and shameless that Eggsy found his cheeks flushing before he knew what to do. But Harry either didn’t notice the blushing or was too polite to say anything. 

“I’m a bit tired Eggsy, I think I might rest for a bit.” Harry hated how weak he felt. 

As he was about to leave, Eggsy heard Harry call out his name. 

“Thanks for the visit. Do stop by at any time” Harry realised how pathetic he might have sounded but Eggsy just smiled and nodded before closing the door behind him. Harry then realised how cold the room was. 


Eggsy visited Harry whenever he could, his company being a refreshing break from the rigorously cruel training. And after a full afternoon of having to put his gun together while blindfolded Eggsy decided to bring JB to meet his friend.

“And whose this?” Harry’s gaze fell upon Eggsy’s furry companion who stood there with a face that said ‘I’m just happy to be here’. The older man knelt down and reached out his hand. JB was quick to take the cue and lick the tip of his fingers. 

“JB” Eggsy’s heart did that thing again when he saw Harry’s hand give JB a thorough scratch of affection. 

“Hello, JB.” Harry seemed almost distracted by the small dog but soon got himself up (with difficulty, he wouldn’t admit it but there was still plenty of damage to recover from) and met Eggsy’s eye.

“Surely you have other things to do than to keep an old man company”

“Probably,” Eggsy shrugged “but I’d rather be here.” 


“He sounds like a right prick.” Harry popped another wine gum in his mouth “I had a Charlie when I was training. Ended up breaking his nose.”

“You? Starting a fight? Never!” Eggsy stole a sweet from the rustling plastic bag

“Cheeky.” But Harry couldn’t help but smile. 


“I thought we could watch a film.”

“Have you grown tired of our chats, Eggsy?” Harry was filled with instant regret when he saw the saddened look he’d caused in Eggsy’s face. 

“Sorry… I just. When I was sick I would watch this film all the time… I thought it would help you.”

“What film is it?”

“My Fair Lady” Eggsy couldn’t even meet his eye.

Harry instantly smiled. “Make yourself comfortable and I’ll dim the lights.” That brought back that glow in Eggsy’s face and it wasn’t long before Harry grew enamoured with his lack of self control when it came to singing along. he even found himself joining in a couple times, himself.


Eggsy’s training had taken a dramatic turn since Harry opened his eyes. Merlin could see it in the way the young man pushed himself with newfound drive and determination. He had an inkling but only Eggsy believed to know the truth. What greater goal could he have than to work side by side with a man who has a sweet tooth and knows the lyrics to My Fair Lady. 

And yet that feeling in his heart would not go away. But, Eggsy realised, he’s starting to like that feeling…