Trust Fall

Langst/Klance short fic

Trust is a weird thing, isn’t it? It’s something people take so seriously, yet they also turned it into a game. Lance just falls, and sees what happens.



Lance made a grunt sound as he hit the ground in front of Pidge. Pidge shook her head slowly, gripping her laptop closer to her body.

“I trusted you.” Lance narrowed his eyes up to her. He laid there, arms splayed on his sides, a pout playing on his face. “I even gave you a warning.”

Pidge rolled her eyes in annoyance. “Do you think I’m just gonna drop my laptop to catch you for your dumb game? I’m sorry, Lance, but I’m really busy right now.”

Lance pout deepens, but nodded his head in understanding as Pidge lowered her face to give him a smile.

“Next time buddy, okay?”


Lance wanted to try it again, but this time it was with Hunk.

Lance walked a slow pace towards Hunk, humming innocently and tunefully, his arms at his sides until he was a close enough to Hunk for him to make the catch.

“Trust fall!” Lance shouted, turning his back and letting gravity take him down, falling, hoping a pair of arms would catch him.

Sadly, there weren’t.

“Oh, Lance!!” Hunk shouted in surprise, almost dropping, his plates, “Stop doing that! I can’t catch you with my hands full!!”

Hunk set the plates he was going to use for the food later down, holding out his hand for Lance to take, which he does.

“I trusted you.” Lance chuckled jokingly, narrowing his eyes as he did with Pidge. He grabbed the plates down and handed them back to Hunk.

“Sorry, dude,” Hunk frowned as soon as his hands was full of the plates again. He shifted his arms for a better position for the plates, and smiled. “Just kinda caught me off guard.”

“Ahh, don’t worry, it’s just fun and games,” Lance shrugged, “Don’t drop me next time, butterfingers.” He chuckled, and Hunk gave him a smile and shook his head, nudging Lance’s arm with his own.

“Next time, buddy, okay?”


Keith was next on his list.

It was after training of course. Lance had waited for Keith to be done with the bot, as it fell hard to the ground in pieces, Keith ended the session and moved out of the training area, where Lance waits for him near the entrance.

Lance was a little nervous for this one, considering that he would expect Keith to be the last person to catch him. But reality is, Lance doesn’t care if Keith catched him or not.

Because he already trusts Keith with his life.

Lance cracked a smirk, his arms ready to be stretched out, falling back on either against the cold floor of the castle, or the warmth of Keith’s arms and body.

He popped out, seeing the surprise in Keith’s purple eyes, and fell back.

“Trust fall!!!” He yelled.

Gravity took him, but instead of a pair of arms catching him, it was the whole body instead, taking both Keith and himself to the ground.


“Agh, LANCE!!” Keith groaned, “Get your dead weight off of me!!”

Lance laughed playfully, like a puppy looking for attention.

“Keeeeeith,” he pouted, sitting up and straddling his hips purposely, “I trusted you!”

Lance could’ve sworn he saw a quick pink flush on Keith’s cheeks, but he let that thought out of his mind.

Keith pursed his lips, not knowing what to do as if Lance straddling his hips was a once in a life kind of thing.

Keith gritted his teeth. “Get. Off.”

Lance would be hurt by this, but he caught the flicker of a smile on the corner of Keith’s mouth, knowing he was enjoying this as much as he was.

“I swear to God, LANCE!!” Keith whined, “You’re crushing me!!”

Lance grinned widely, and crossed his arms, a thought running across his mind.

“Promise me you’ll catch me next time, then.” Lance smirked.


Lance smiled again, taking his hands and tickling Keith’s sides, causing him to laugh uncontrollably. A laugh that could save his life, a sound that he finds the most comfort in when the days were dark.

Lance laughed wildly too. “Promise me!”

“I-haha!!-I-sTOP IT!!” Lance caught tears in Keith’s eyes from laughing too hard, clutching his sides and wiggling underneath Lance, his body warm from the contact.



Lance decided that his next target shall be Shiro.

But hey, what other ways can he spend his time around the castle without having a little fun for himself?

He peered around the corridor wher he saw Shiro talking to Allura about what move they shall proceed next with Zarkon and his army at hand on one of the screens, dragging their hands across it as they make the plans.

Lance wonders if even Shiro would drop everything just to catch him.

Lance made a small smile to himself, and walked in unnoticed, not listening to the talk exchanges between Shiro and Allura.

“Trust fall!!” Lance smiled widely, confident that maybe he would be caught.

Instead, he had his trust back on the floor.

Allura yelped in surprise and confusion, and Shiro just groaned with frustration.

“Ahh, Lance!” He raised his voice, “Not now!!”

Lance felt his heart break just a little, but it was alright. It was only fun and games, anyways.

“I trusted you.” Lance pouted, chuckling again. His arms at his sides, his head tilted up to look at Shiro and Allura, who both towered over him like his parents would when he was about to get -dun dun dun- la chancla.

Lance’s chuckle turned more into a light hearted laugh. It was enough for Shiro to lower his gaze to a more calm expression, cracking a small smile as he helped Lance back up.

Allura raised an eyebrow, still confused. “Is this ‘trust fall’ an earth thing?”

“Kind of,” Shiro chucked, “Hey, Lance, maybe you should stop doing this to everyone. We’re not always gonna be prepared, you’re always catching us off guard.”

Lance felt a small frown forming on his mouth when looked down, staring the ground where he was just laying. He felt a little guilty annoying everyone.

That “trust fall” thing was only something that he would do with his siblings, who no matter what they were doing or how annoyed they were, they would drop everything just to catch the boy in their arms.

It was all just fun and games, right?

“Sorry, Shiro,” Lance chuckled sheepishly, “I was just trying to pass the time.”

Allura grinned, “Well, you’re in luck Lance. Shiro and I have just finished our plan for when we infiltrate the Galra. Get the others, too. Are you ready?”

Lance’s eyes went up, a small smile finding its way back on his face.


He decided to do it just one last time.




That’s all that came to his mind. That’s all he wanted to do. But he didn’t. He couldn’t.

Lance was the one who drew the attention. He drew the attention away from Shiro and Pidge, so that they could get closer to what they needed.

Lance felt himself cornered, surrounded by the Galra.

He lifted his gun, ready to fire when they did.

And when they did, he just wasn’t quick enough to avoid all four guns aiming and firing him.

He remembers hearing the blast ricochet from all four.

He remembers their taunting words, how -useless- he was and how -irritating- he must be for his teammates to leave him all alone.

He remembers the aching pain from his chest to his leg, a burning sensation that his grandchildren could’ve felt.

He remembers seeing the Galra fall back, leading themselves to believe that they have killed one.

He remembers standing on his two, thinking of the first time he walked his first steps towards his older brother, now thinking of how these were him possibly taking his last few steps.

He remembers hearing echoes of voices and blasts coming from the end of the corridor of the Galra ship.

He remembers hearing Keith’s shouts stand out from the rest.

He remembers Keith’s laugh and his smile, which urges him forward.

Holding his sides, cracking his smile possibly for the last time, he takes bigger steps to get closer to Keith, who was crouching down behind a busted machine, a good hideaway from the Galra’s blasts.

As Lance got closer, he took smaller steps, croaking out his next words.

“Trust fall.”

Although, instead of falling back, he fell forward, gravity pulling him down, expecting to feel the cold ground of the Galra ship.

Instead he felt a pair of arms in front of him, and when he looked up, he saw a sight of someone, an expression he hopes to never see on his face again. The expression of pain and concern, eyes wide in panic. Brows furrowed worriedly, and mouth tightened as if trying to hold in the sobs. He saw the tears prickling his face.

Lance didn’t want to see that. He didn’t want to see Keith like that ever again.

“I trust you,” Lance chuckled, feeling Keith adjusting him in his arms, cradling him close to his own body, despite the fact that he was being drenched in Lance’s blood.

“S-Shut up, Lance, j-just-shut-,” Keith choked, trying to get a hold of himself. “You’re gonna be alright, you’re gonna-you have to-”

Lance lifted his hand and tangled it in Keith’s hair. He just wanted to see Keith smile one more time. He saw Keith shout something into his intercom of his helmet frantically.

Lance felt Keith tighten his grip on him when he felt himself drift away, as if he believes that the tighter he held on, the longer Lance will stay.

“I’m..not going a-anywhere Keith, but you..don’t n-need me,” Lance just laughed, “I’m just the s-seventh wheel.”

Lance was so close to Keith that he could hear the breath caught in Keith’s mouth.

“No, y-you’re not, you idiot,” Keith’s tears rolled down his cheeks, “Y-You weren’t supposed to go out like this. You -aren’t- supposed to–We were just getting-,” he sniffled, laughing like him crying was so stupid, “getting started.”

Lance laughed, and hugged himself closer to Keith, taking in his scent, even if his blood spilled over him.

Finally, he heard other voices, other hands trying to help him up. But all he did was held onto Keith tighter.

All Lance wanted to do was just lay there, knowing that his silly little trust fall wasn’t all stupid. He wanted to lay there, with Keith holding him close as if he was precious cargo. The longer Keith held on, the longer Lance will hold on.

Trust is a precious cargo that Lance likes to hold on. It’s funny, you know. The way it’s been made into a kind of game he held on as a kid? The way he trusts Keith with his own life. The kind of trust that turns a certain bond into something more than one person hoping the other will catch them.

It’s funny, the way he believes that falling is just like flying, except there’s a more permanent destination. Whether it’s the cold floor of a castle or a ship, or the warmth of someone who cares about him.

It all was just fun and games, right?

i just read this poem and went “lmao dexnursey”

For Nikki - Clementine von Radics

I know
you and I
are not about poems or 
other sentimental bullshit
but I have to tell you
even the way
you drink your coffee
knocks me the fuck out. 

Also in relation to the wedding dress thing, there are a lot of ways whatever went down could’ve happened, but can we all take a sec to appreciate how ironic it would be if Juno was left at the altar?

Greed, your master passion
I feed the mouth that bites me
Mammon, opiate of the masses
The reek of your lies draws flies

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ruff-boi-magnus  asked:

A visiting artist came to my school today named Conrad Bakker, and one of his projects was he would buy products from different stores, replicate them with carved wood and oil paints, then go back to the store and put his sculpture in its place, then he'd just leave. He said he couldn't do Target that much since security/workers would catch him and he'd have to abort the mission. If he managed to get one in your store, how do you think you and your coworkers would react?

Frankly I would become his apprentice

greaselungs  asked:

steals all the stables for his face , hides them until he buys her pizza.

❝     MALLORY,     ❞      he spits her name a little bit.     His face is clutched quite literally in his hand now.     As horrifying as a boy with no face is to most people,   it’s the draft of air that bothers him.     ❝     Where are the staples?     ❞

Me: I’ve been seeing James pretty frequently lately and should probably not go over.
Also me: “hey want some bread from 85 today?”
Him: “sure hunny”

Inspired by @linddzz’s adorably chaotic fic: http://linddzz.tumblr.com/post/154043407348/man-i-hope-you-werent-hoping-for-newt-sitting in which Newt, our blessed protagonist who does not, and never will truly understand self-preservation, tries to fly on something that is not a fantastic beast. Credence must, as always, protect this man from himself.

Okay, so I’ve seen quite a bit of posts talking about how Haru would hate The Little Mermaid because of Ariel giving up the ocean

well, I like to think that, yeah Haru really didn’t like that movie at first and he spent a lot of time angrily confused about how she could possibly give up something as amazing as getting to be in the water all day every day. she had everything and then she just gave it up for no reason

but then one day, he looks at Makoto and it all clicks

she gave up the water for her true love

and Haru finally understands

n-trace  asked:

Sorry if you're already getting too many asks, but I thought this would be interesting. How would it turn out if somehow Yata and Fushimi switched body's (or personality's) for a day?

Lots of ways to go with this one, so I’ll just pick one and run with it. 

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okay but I can just imagine magnus walking around for the whole of october with cat ears on because it’s halloween.

elemental-flame  asked:

Okay on scale of 1-10 how possessive would Saru be is he was in a romantic relationship with Misaki? Say that some random guy starts flirting with Misaki (Misaki is oblivious of course) What would Saruhiko do?

I’m thinking something slightly more than midway, like maybe a 6 or a 7? I don’t think he’s the creepy super-possessive 10 that he tends to get mischaracterized as so often but I do think he’d be more likely to be a bit more on the possessive and clingy side, just because with his insecurities he never feels quite completely sure that Yata will always pick him over any other available alternatives. I don’t think he’d be so possessive as to like refuse to let Yata associate with anyone else – he probably knows full well how futile it would be to tell him not to go to Homra anymore, for example – but he’d definitely get irritated if Yata started spending more time with someone else than with him. He’d probably be less likely to forbid Yata from doing things though, I think he’d just sulk a lot and start being extra snippy with Yata, glaring at him when he mentions where he’s been and kicking Yata out of the bed without explanation because stupid Misaki can figure it out for himself. Of course actually he’d be quietly stewing in his own nervousness because he’d probably assume that if Yata’s spending more time with someone else it probably means that Yata likes that person better because of course he won’t pick Fushimi even now and then Yata has to eventually reassure him that he’s Yata’s number one always. If some random guy started flirting with an oblivious Yata Fushimi would probably just insert himself right between Yata and the guy and be like ‘Misaki, we’re leaving now.’ Yata’s all confused because wait we’re leaving already, the random guy tries to object and tell Fushimi to get lost and for his trouble is glared at. Fushimi possibly physically turns Yata away just a bit as he raises one hand just out of Yata’s line of sight and lets the random guy get a nice good look at the knives held between Fushimi’s fingers. If the guy’s really persistent and Yata’s still complaining Fushimi possibly shuts them both up by giving Yata a nice, long, public kiss. Yata’s a little dumbfounded afterward – not that he doesn’t like Fushimi-kisses, of course, just he wasn’t quite expecting that –- Fushimi gives the random guy a smirk and then steers Yata right out of there. Yata’s just like ‘so what was that about’ and Fushimi’s like 'nothing.’