Thestrals [Newt x Reader]

Newt x Reader Imagine: Thestrals


Warnings: very vague mentions of death/bullying/abuse

Summary: My first Newt x Reader imagine in which the reader comes across Newt caring for the thestrals in the Forbidden Forest, they learn a few things about each other, and share some moments. Just a thing I thought would be cute and that was supposed to be a lot shorter but to be honest I just kind of ended up going to town. Please let me know how/if you like it. I would adore feedback :) Also, I’m new! Send me requests! Follow me! Read my stuff! Boost and reblog it if you like! It would mean the world to me.

Word Count: 2852

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Tears stung your eyes as you hurried away from the Slytherin Common Room.

Your book bag was slung over your shoulder and full of the tattered books that you had borrowed from the library and recently gathered up from the Common Room floor. Books that you had hurriedly gathered from the pool of ink after someone across the room had jinxed you, sending you tripping and your ink bottle and the books flying from your hand.

Laughs had echoed across the room. You didn’t let them see your face screw up or the tears that had begun to well up underneath your eyelids; you didn’t let them see how important those books were to you, that you would have to pay the librarian a fee that you couldn’t afford and she would lecture you again for being clumsy. You had gathered them up and stuffed them in your bag, dripping with ink, and practically ran from the room before they had a chance to see any of those things play out across your face.

It would only make everything worse if they all saw it and you wanted no one to have that power over you anyway.

You reached up to your eyes, quickly, discreetly, to wipe away a few stray tears that had fallen as you hurried through the Great Hall. You kept your head down for fear of people seeing you, for fear of hearing more of the familiar calls that were ringing through your head from just a few minutes before: “Slytherin Squibby, Slytherin Squibby…”

You exited the gigantic doors that led out of the Great Hall and walked purposefully across the grounds. Your feet often carried you to the exact same place when you were seeking alone time or refuge, sometimes without input from your brain. By this point, your fourth year in Hogwarts, it was almost an automatic reaction to head where you were going.

Lost in your thoughts as your feet practically ran across the sloping grass on the grounds, you had to admit that your taunters had a bit of a point in the nickname that seemed to follow you everywhere. You sometimes wondered what you were doing in Slytherin or in Hogwarts at all. Magic had not come as easily or as naturally to you as it had to many of your classmates, and neither did social interaction. You kept to yourself, mostly, and were much more inclined to other areas of your magical education, areas that did not involve as much spell work: Herbology, Care of Magical Creatures, Potions, Astronomy. Anything else, however, came with quite a bit of difficulty to you. You were able to pass your classes, but just barely. Especially Transfiguration. You hated Transfiguration and you were glad that the teacher, Professor Dumbledore, was more patient with you than some of the others. You certainly needed it.

You had also taken Muggle Studies, but more for the ease with which you knew you could pass the class. You had grown up with a Muggle mother and now had a Muggle stepfather, something that many in your House had also been quick to realize was something that they could add to their list of insults.


That part wasn’t actually factual, but you hadn’t ever had the energy to speak up and correct them. You father had been a wizard, so you were actually a Half-Blood.

But he was gone now. It was only your mother, you, and Joseph.


Your heart clenched and sped up at the same time just thinking the name. Even when he was hundreds of miles away with water separating you, you felt fear. Like you could never get away quick enough or be far enough away.

You had reached the tree line to the Forbidden Forest. You were never afraid to enter, not anymore. The first few times you had been. You still avoided the place at night, and didn’t go in too far. You weren’t an idiot.

But now you had done this many times. You were practically an expert. You always knew how to find them, and you always knew how to get there. It was something that always soothed you. So, brain still partially on autopilot, you let your feet carry you to a very familiar clearing. After about ten minutes of this you knew you were getting close and so you slowed down, breath hitching as you tried to get it under control. You hadn’t realized just how fast you had been walking the entire time; so desperate to get away.

There was another surprise for you in store when you reached the clearing, however. The thestrals were there just as always - four or five of them, trotting around the clearing. People thought they were ugly and creepy: reptilian, skeletal and fleshless, their black coats sticking persistently to every bone in their body. Their black wings were giant, leathery, black, and had no feathers. You actually found them quite endearing. The first time you had seen them you had been shocked, it was true. But something had endeared you to these strange creatures. You had suspected, quite correctly, that they were just misunderstood.

And perhaps that’s why you liked them so much.

The surprise for you was in the form of another person already in the clearing, a boy clad in a long white-sleeve shirt, tan pants, and with tousled dirty blonde hair that hung over his forehead.

They all heard her coming; the thestrals’ completely white pupil less eyes shone at her from where they were standing, and a few of them paced with their hooves and gave soft whinnies, as if to say hello. Your eyes slid from them to the boy, who had turned to stare at you as you approached the clearing. His eyes were wide with surprise, something you were sure mirrored your own face. You noted two buckets next to him, and some chunks of some type of red meat on the ground.

You had seen him around a few times but didn’t know his name. You knew he wasn’t in Slytherin, though, and you suddenly felt very self-conscious of the green and silver scarf around your neck. Those outside of Slytherin House rarely wanted anything to do with your house.

After a few more moments of simply staring, the boy cleared his throat. “Erm-hello,” he said a bit nervously. His eyes flicked around everywhere; the ground, the trees, around the clearing. The only landed upon you every once in a while.

You became even more self-conscious of the Slytherin scarf around your neck.

You allowed the heavy book bag to slide off your arm and it hit the ground with a soft thump. “H-hello,” you answered, uncertain what to do next so you just stood there a bit awkwardly.

One of the younger thestrals let out a soft neigh and trotted over to you. It recognized you and was happy that you were here. It stopped in front of you, staring down at you with its white eyes, and then leaned forward and nudged its head against yours slightly as if to let you know that it deserved a hello, too.

You giggled, a soft, exuberant sound. This was why you came to the clearing. “Hello to you too,” you murmured, very softly running your hand across its long snout. Satisfied, it loped back over to some of the meat that was still peppering the ground and began nibbling at it.

The boy was staring at you, wide-eyed, and you felt your cheeks heat up. Was he going to make fun of you?

He cleared his throat, his cheeks also slightly tinged pink. “S-so sorry,” he said finally, “but…can you actually see them?”

You raised your eyebrows. “Yes.” You watched him carefully as his gaze wandered longingly to where the thestrals were, and you saw it for the first time. He couldn’t see them. His eyes weren’t trained directly on them, though he was close. He watched full of fascination as the meat on the ground was being eaten, but his eyes were not on the beasts doing the actual eating. “Who are you?” you blurted out.

He turned to look at you again. “Newt Scamander,” he answered. His eyes swept over you again, confused, calculating. But you didn’t feel as if it was judgmental; just curious. That was new for you. “What’s your name?”

“Y/N. Y/N Y/L/N.”

He nodded, quiet and thoughtful again.

You had to know more about this strange boy who came to spend his time with creatures that were classified as dangerous. Creatures that he couldn’t even see. “You can’t see them, then?” you confirmed quietly.

His brow furrowed. “No,” he said. “I would say that I wish to, because I do, but I also don’t, you know…” He shuffled his feet uncomfortably and his gaze peeked up at you from the ground. He didn’t seem to know what to say.

You certainly did know. He didn’t need to tell you twice.

You smiled at him, a small, encouraging smile, and changing the subject. “Most people think they’re ugly,” you told him. “But really, I think they’re quite lovely. Friendly, even.”

“I’ve seen pictures,” he said enthusiastically, his eyes shining suddenly. “I’ve read all about them. They’re very intelligent and loyal. They have this amazing sense of direction and if they trust you enough they let you ride them. You can train them to take you where you need to go, anywhere…” he trailed off, his cheeks slowly turning a very heated shade of red again. He seemed to think he had said too much and his gaze shifted down to the ground again, awkward once more. “Well anyway,” he muttered, “I thought I would…come see them. Well, not actually see. But…” He trailed off and gestured behind him.

“Is this your first time here?” you ask him curiously.

He shook his head. “I’ve been here once before. You?”

You smiled widely. “No. I come here all the time.”

He nodded. “I thought so. They seemed to know you pretty well. When you came in, they made noise. Thestrals do that when they like and trust you.” His cheeks were still pink.

You walked forward, into the clearing and toward the thestrals, heart expanding. “You know a lot about them.” You stretched your arm out toward one that was close by and it came walking over, nudging your hand affectionately. “And you’re quite brave, you know,” you said, your back to him. “Coming here like this when you can’t even see them.”

When you turned back around to face him, his entire face was red again at your compliment. “It’s nothing,” he mumbled. “People always think creatures are worse than they actually are.”

“Have you been able to touch one?” you asked.

He shook his head quickly, though his eyes were full of longing and fascination. “No,” he answered. “I wanted to let them get used to me. Bring them food, get them to trust me first…”

A thestral was walking by extremely close to him and he jumped, suddenly hearing it breathe so close by. He hadn’t’ realized it was there. You giggled a little. “I think they already do,” you pointed out.

He gave you a smile that made your heart suddenly skip a beat. This boy, Newt Scamander - he was quite cute. Kind, too. You had never had anyone be this kind to you, or held up such a nice conversation with someone. You didn’t quite know how to react.

A gentle female that you were quite partial to was coming near you to greet you, having busied herself with Newt’s treats already. You reached out and patted her on the nose carefully, and you could feel Newt’s eyes on you.

Your eyes suddenly dart over to his and he flushes and looks away again. “Do you want to come pet her?” you ask him.

His eyes get wide and he stares back at you. “Um…yes. Yes, of course.” He walks toward you and the female thestral, hand outstretched and shaking ever so slightly, eyes full of excited anticipation and just a hint of nervousness. The thestral watched his arm but did not make a move to go toward it. She did not seem aggressive; just a bit confused at this strange, gentle boy and why his arm was completely missing her head.

You giggled yet again, a real smile bubbling up onto your face, as if coming from deep inside your chest. It felt amazing. “Here.”

You reached out and wrapped your hand around his wrist, guiding him to the spot where the thestral’s head was. He jumped slightly at the sudden contact when his hand met the thestral’s nose, but he did not pull back. You backed away, allowing him to pet her. His eyes were full of wonder, like a child in a candy store. His excitement was contagious - you grinned widely as you watched the thestral push her nose against his hand.

“The skin,” he breathed. “It’s very much like I imagined from the pictures. Like…a snake, maybe. And I think she likes me!” he exclaimed, feeling her nudge him back.

“I think so too,” you told him happily. “She’s a very sweet one. I call her Bonnie.”

He looked around at you in amazement, and you felt suddenly embarrassed. “I know it seems a bit stupid-”

“It’s wonderful.” He cut you off, smiling. Bonnie the thestral gave a soft whinny, gave Newt’s hand one more nudge, and then trotted off to be near the others, leaving his arm outstretched. He dropped it and turned to look at you.

Your heart fluttered again; some new, strange emotion that you had never experienced before and didn’t recognize. You very much enjoyed being around Newt Scamander, and you had entirely forgotten your troubles from earlier.

They were brought suddenly back, however, when Newt asked, pointing to the ground next to you, “Why do you have your book bag with you? It looks pretty full. Kind of heavy to carry all the way out here.” He was grinning at you, but the smile faded from your face and the joy was melting out of you just as quickly as you had begun to feel it.

“Oh. Well…” you trailed off, not wanting to discuss it. Your eyes peeked up at him to see that he was frowning, brow furrowed, clearly waiting for your answer. He had noticed your instant change in demeanor. “It’s nothing really,” you mumbled. “Some people just kind of…ruined my library books so I just grabbed them all and…and left without thinking,” you finished in a rushed voice, rather lamely, eyes looking everywhere but at Newt.

His voice sounded a bit hard. “Why would they do that?”

You shrugged, still staring at the ground, suddenly miserable and unwilling to look at him. Your face was starting to burn and you wanted nothing more than to run from the clearing.

After a few moments, you heard his gentle voice. “Can I look at them?” Shocked at the close proximity of it, you looked up. He had moved to stand right in front of you, and he was smiling very kindly. “I can try and fix them.”

Your breath had caught short and you nodded, a bit stupidly. He bent down, carefully picked up your school bag off the ground, and pulled out a few books one by one. His frown grew deeper, more pronounced, as he looked at them, still covered in semi-fresh ink.

“I had just gotten them,” you found yourself confessing, the irritating tears prickling your eyes once more. You saw him looking up at you from his position kneeling on the forest floor. His eyes were filled with something like anger, as well as sympathy. You looked away, ashamed.

Tergeo.” You heard his voice and looked back, seeing that he was pointing his wand at one of your books. To your surprise and your delight, the ink was slowly but surely siphoning off of one of your books, revealing the title: Muggle and Wizarding Relations Throughout The 1800′s.

He kept doing it, murmuring the spell, causing more and more ink to disappear. When he was finished, he moved onto the next book and the next, until every single one was clean. You watched, stunned and entirely overwhelmed. When he was finished, he looked up at you beaming, proud of what he had accomplished. “I had never tried that spell before now,” he confessed with a smile, straightening up from the ground.

“Th-thank you,” you choked out, a bit overcome with emotion. It was stupid, you knew that. But no one had ever done anything like this for you before.

“It was nothing,” he answered you, eyes darting around again as he rubbed the back of his neck. But he seemed pleased. He peeked up at you, very quickly, furtively. You noted that his eyes were a very pretty green. “For the record,” he said to the ground, “I…well, I think you seem brilliant.”

The compliment made your cheeks warm up - how many times had that happened already? And as you stood there smiling shyly at each other, you felt a warm feeling spreading through your fluttering chest.

You felt hopeful. Because in that moment, you knew that you had found someone who was actually kind and easy to talk to. And you thought maybe, just maybe, you had made your first friend at Hogwarts.