HE by Mango

So I just saw the Bvlgari Omnia Paraiba perfume that Jungkook wears and I decided hey, might as well see what it smells like. And oh my god, I am in love. It’s fruity floral and the scent of passion fruit is the strongest. It’s pretty tropical and sweet smelling so now I know why everybody says he smells good and Hoseok couldn’t stop sniffing him. Like wow, it’s rather nice. I thought Kookie would wear something lighter, but it’s actually quite strong and fragrant. Anyways, if you have the chance you should go try it out yourself and see if you like it.

pun-ishment888  asked:

WAIT if Reggie was panicking because his paw was stuck in the dough does that mean dough is Reggie's kryptonite? He can get stuck in it and he panicked because of it!!!

Mango: No silly ^.^ He was panicking because he was trying to do something nice for me and it went horribly wrong hahahahaha


Jackson consoling Jinyoung after his team loses: “But no matter is A or B we are Got7~”