HE by Mango

My brother bought iced tea with mangoes at the bottom and this is a brief recording of his struggle:

1. *looking wistfully at the near empty bottle* “I’m only drinking this to get to them…”

2. *the bottle is empty, he struggles to get the mangoes to move* “Come on mangoes don’t do this.”

3. *he looks at me helplessly* “They won’t come out.”

4. *3 minutes later he’s still fighting with them* “HOW’D THEY EVEN GET THEM IN HERE.”

5. *he struggles for five more minutes, fishing them out with a fork repeating:* “Come ooooon mangooooes!!!!”

6. *he eats the last mango cube and leaves the room looking triumphant to tell our mother*

Yet Another ‘Feral Lives’ AU

What if he was a Rebel X-Wing Pilot? Omg that would be fantastic! 

Like, he’s there when Luke blows up the Death Star and defends Echo Base and works with the Ewoks and stuff?

Ohhh Feral you had so much potential! 

Seriously, wouldn’t he be a brilliant Rebellion hero?

Idk just a thought XP

I want to write a story where the Ghostwriter finds a stray cat in the human world and brings it back to the Ghost Zone for company.

He calls it “Mango” because it’s ginger and he found it roaming around a fruit shop trying to play with the mango display. It’s also a play-on-words with “mangy”. 

When Randy finds out, all he says is “Oh, so you named it after an orange fruit then?”

And now the name pisses the Ghostwriter off so much, but the cat’s gotten used to its name and refuses to answer to anything other than Mango, so he’s stuck with it.


Jackson consoling Jinyoung after his team loses: “But no matter is A or B we are Got7~”