Tips for Writing Spamano

Considering how much Spamano I’ve written, I think I’m qualified to make this list, because I’ve made plenty of awful mistakes before. Here is how you can avoid them. This list will also cover AUs, side characters like the BTT, Ludwig and Feliciano, and may be updated whenever possible. Please be aware of trigger warnings for self-harm in this post, since I’ve seen too many spamano fics deal with this as well (and deal with it badly.)

Spamano: What’s wrong with it? 

I feel like Spamano is one of those pairings you can completely mess up. We’ve all seen it happen before. We have all done it ourselves. Consider this basic plotline: 

Lovino Vargas hates himself and compares himself to his perfect brother Feli. He probably self-harms. Antonio waltzes in. Lovino hates Antonio at first. Then Antonio saves him from himself. Everyone is happy. The end. 

The problem with Spamano is that most of the time, writers use Lovino’s apparent self-hate as a tool for romance. To put that another way, they portray Antonio as the only person who cares about Lovino, the only person who understands him, and the only person who gives him the time of day. 

Unless your plot specifically calls for this kind of relationship, don’t portray it like this. Self-hate isn’t cute. It isn’t romantic. Antonio does not exist purely to satisfy Lovino’s self-confidence problems. 

The most important thing is to portray Antonio and Lovino as two separate people, with their own personalities, their own dreams, their own fears, their own needs. Just like you. Just like me. They are people. Once you figure out their personalities, you can have endless fun writing extremely creative Spamano fics.  

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Dogi, i think i lost my best friend today. He asked me if I'd be his girlfriend with a fucking card trick and i said no because I don't have any romantic feelings towards him. And I broke his heart, he probably hates me now and I'm wondering if I should have forced myself into this relationship. And I think I'm kinda guilty for him falling for me and I feel so lonely now I'm sorry but I just had to vent

You should definitely not force yourself into a relationship because that’s not fair on either of you. Because you’ll be very unhappy and he’ll have the false hope which will make the inevitable break-up 10x worse.

What you did was brave and I know it must have been difficult knowing he’d feel heartbroken but it’s much better to do that instead of leading him on in a fake relationship.

He’ll need time to get over it and move forward, so if he doesn’t speak to you for a while then please respect his space for the time being, and also take care of yourself because you’ll also need time to make yourself feel better.

In time, you’ll hopefully be able to talk things through with him and possibly fix the friendship, but if not then you can go in different paths as civil people.

But you’ve done the right thing not forcing yourself in a relationship. Proud of you!


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Wait why would Alastor be a feminist at all? He died in an era when women had almost no power and were treated like shit. Same thing with the "anti racism" thing. He'd be racist as hell! A white man from the 30s would probably see anyone not white as trash. He'd probably hate Vaggie because she's mexican and a feminist. Did that anon not have any history classes lol?

You… don’t go to Viv’s streams, do you?

I would… understand what you’re trying to say IF quite a few things weren’t wrong and you didn’t sound like a stuck up prick.

First of all, Alastor is NOT white. Not fully. Viv stated that he’s MIXED and has close ties with the black community (Implying one of his parents were probably white and the other was black), and I believe she said he dislikes sexism and racism, even killing those who are sexist and racist.

He’s like Dexter, but instead of killing serial killers, he’d probably kill KKK members and such, but more specifically just anyone who screws him over, treats him badly, anything like that.

I believe Viv said something about it being unlikely he’d kill or harm a woman or child because he more often goes after sexist and racist people. Or maybe it was because men are probably more likely to piss him off. I have a bad memory, but I do remember that much.

In short- Alastor does seem to be fairly progressive considering the time period he came from. He’s not white, he’s actually mixed (which makes a LOT of sense considering he does voodoo, which is culturally African and such), and I can actually see him and Vaggie getting along pretty well.

She has a SJW personality, and he sort of does too. I mean, he literally KILLS people who treat him badly. I’d say that’s pretty extreme. I really doubt he’d hate her because of her views. Maybe find her annoying, stuck up, or childish, but not because she’s hispanic or a feminist.

binge-rabbit  asked:

-slides in- 15 to 19?

15: List 3 other ships that you like except your OTP.
so besiDES some good taki//aki, I love love love ari//kane, furu//eto, and shuu//neki

16: What are your top 3 BROTPs?
Uta and yoMO YO

touka and kaneki, tho i ship them romantically too a bit

kaneki and banjou ;;A;;

17: Tell us 3 headcanons about your favorite character(s) or ship/friendship.
all of these are gonna be takizawa lmao,,,

i have a headcanon that in his torture he tried to kill himself multiple times despite his wish of “i dont want to die” because he hates what he has become so much. takizawa probably hasn’t dated and while he always got defensive and said it was because work was too important, it was really jsut because he didnt want to realize he deep feelings for akira. i also kinda low key really like trans headcanon takizawa bc it fits into his ideas of hyper masculinity and insecurity about some stuff, idk i like it 

18: If you could meet your favorite character right now, what would you say to them? Write at least 5 sentences!

19: You’re in the Attack on Titan universe! (Surprise!) You get to have a team of 5 TG characters of your choice, who do you choose and why?
omg, Arima, Takizawa, Amon, Eto, Furuta bring on the crazy squad and then like Amon trying to keep everyone together omg poor guy would have heart failure 

i can’t take how in this scene the other four are glaring at each other but shiro’s looking down like he regrets every single decision in his life, number one being escaping from the galra prison


      he likes to watch her walk around. that’s weird, he is aware, but she moves in a deliberate kind of way which fascinates him; she’s hips and body, the kind you only find with soldiers, and even when she’s still it seems as though even the air around her vibrates (was it something to do with the kree?). they haven’t been alone together in a while - too long, maybe - so he’s happy to pretend he’s doing paperwork and watch her through the open door of his home office. 

So what’s up with tumblr’s really weird thing over hating on actors who don’t tweet to or about their co-stars when certain things happen? Like it’s actor A’s birthday and then actor B doesn’t tweet a happy birthday message to them. So then the fandom hates on actor b for not doing so? That’s really creepy and weird for people to do that? It’s not about the actor not sending them a tweet, it’s literally about people thinking actors owe the fandom these things when they don’t owe y’all shit lmao

i’m genuinely just so sick of the trope where two guy friends are in love with the same girl. and this past episode of the dr3 despair arc has me really nervous because it seems like that’s the direction things are going.

just please, if that’s going to be the way things are, please let juzo be gay.


I’m quite pleased with my outfit to dinner tonight 😊

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Haha... I have a challenge for you mods :3 For the eight royal siblings, what would be their Eeveelution and why?~

challenge accepted


Ryoma - Jolteon, of course. The lightning man needs his lightning companion, and they share that common trait of being fast enough to go in and utterly obliterate their opponents without so much as a scratch. Truly, Jolteon is the ideal companion for the Hoshidan murder machine prince.

Hinoka - Flareon. Firey, passionate, and powerful- of course Hinokas Eeveelution is Flareon. She probably trains with it whenever possible, and almost definitely uses her bare hands. The other soldiers just watch in awe. ‘Hinoka is so strong, she used a fighting type move on a ghost… and it worked.’ They whisper.

Takumi - Glaceon. The cold little brother gets the ice Eeveelution, of course. He probably searched out that one in particular, just to be dramatic. He was also probably hoping that his Glaceon would hate Corrin when they showed up. (Joke’s on him, though- the Glaceon absolutely adored them and would always follow them around, much to his embarrassment.)

Sakura - Vaporeon. A Vaporeon has that kind of relaxed, laid-back, calming vibe that Sakura needs. When she gets anxious around other people, her Vaporeon will always be right there to calm her down, and she cuddles with it on bad days. It’s nice and cool, too- perfect for using as a pillow when you’re tired. 


Xander - Espeon. Everyone knows that Nohr is a dark, sunless place- however, the Eeveelution that evolves in the daylight would be perfect for Xander, the prince who wishes to be the light in his country. Also, judging by the weird longeared cat he owns in the official artwork, Xander just has a thing for cute creatures with big ears.

Camilla - Umbreon. She isn’t quite the opposite of her older brother, but it’s pretty close. Camilla has never desired the throne, nor does she wish to be her country’s leading  light. She wants to protect it in the dark, as she always has- and if she uses darker methods to accomplish those ends, so be it. Her Umbreon is Espeons darker, but equally kind, counterpart.

Leo - Leafeon. Yeah, yeah, Brynhildr makes trees so Leo gets the leaf Eeveelution, I get it. But, did you consider- Nohr is described as a place without trees or much plant life, which is why a Leafeon would be an extreme rarity. Therefore, it’s best suited for the talented young prince- it marks him as something to be admired within his country. 

Elise - Sylveon, naturally. It’s cute, pink, fairylike, and has ribbons- whats not to love? Much like its owner, Sylveon is the type of pokemon to light up the place wherever it goes, and it makes you feel happier just by standing near it. A bright, cheery pokemon to go with a bright, cheery princess is just what the doctor ordered.

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If mikosaru were in a relationship, wouldn't that mean Mikoto would have to ask for Munakata's blessing? XD

I can’t imagine that one going well XD Fushimi probably wouldn’t give a crap and neither would Mikoto, Munakata would be the problem since he’s probably not thrilled about the Red King dating his precious Fushimi-kun. Maybe one day Mikoto’s just hanging around outside Scepter 4 headquarters smoking and waiting for Fushimi to show up when Munakata walks out, noting that some barbarian seems to be loitering outside the building and scaring his troops. Mikoto just shrugs and Munakata notes that Mikoto is waiting for Fushimi, is he not. Mikoto’s like ‘yeah, got a problem with that’ and Munakata smiles politely as he says of course not, he’s simply worried for the sake of his precious clansman the same way a parent would worry for their child who is dating an uncouth brute. Mikoto smirks a little and is like ‘is that so?’ Munakata states that as Fushimi’s guardian he is would like to know what Mikoto’s intentions are towards his precious child, Mikoto probably just makes things worse by like saying he figured they’d go out to a bar and then Mikoto would take him home and fuck him. Munakata’s like 'how crude’ as he starts to give Mikoto the third degree like the overprotective parent he is. Fushimi walks out ten minutes later to find Munakata still grilling Mikoto about his intentions and is probably ready to just turn around and disown them both when Mikoto walks over and drags him off by the collar, much to Munakata’s displeasure.

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hey lis! what's the "quid est, catalina?" story? i'm v interested but know nothing abt the classics and suck at google (i swear i tried)

alright lmao so, catilina was basically the person cicero hated the most in the entire ancient roman world, ok? he fucking hated him, we are still unsure why. yes, catilina is famous to be the miley of the republic era (while nero is the miley of the imperial period lmao), he’s remembered to be this depraved, idiotic, shameless, stupid guy that with his total anti-state behavior nearly costed rome its glory - and its senate -, but you have to understand the greatest source we have about catilina’s character is actually cicero lmao so we cannot know if this is the actual truth, or all this was just the greatest exaggeration he invented because.. yes, he just hated catilina. he is probably most famous for his plot against rome and the senate, right? but he was also accused of incest and cannibalism and murder and many many many other horrible things, probably all untrue.

anyways, to answer your question, you have to imagine that one day cicero actually found out catilina was actually about to fuck everyone up and destroy the republic in rome or put something on fire or kill many great roman politicians (again, we don’t know for sure not even nowadays). so, what did this intelligent, chill, super pretentious man cicero was when he did found out catilina was about to set the world on fire? did he go the guards and have him arrested? did he tell any authority? nope. he wrote a speech, got dressed nicely and went to this most solemn gathering of the senate in some super fancy marble palazzo, where everyone, even catilina, was attending that morning. he said hi to everyone, took the microphone, thanked the audience and the gods, smiled a lot and then went “and NOW BACK TO THAT BITCH THAT HAD A LOT TO SAY ABOUT ME THE OTHER DAY AT THE TEMPLE, QUID EST CATILINA???” and started one of his most famous orations, the “in catilinam” - “against catilina” that i think went on and on for several hours lmao.

now, idk if you are familiar with cicero’s writing or not, but he kinda liked to structure his speeches in a recurrent way, so if he chose a grammar structure, he was more likely to follow and repeat it in the whole work. so, he basically started, in the WHOLE speech, every paragraph saying “QUID EST, CATILINA?????!!!!!”, which means more or less “what is it, catilina?? have you lost your tongue??” or something like that, basically the “miley what’s good” of our days lmao

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I'd like to request a newly married AU for Taegi where it was an arranged marriage..

Yoongi wanted to be a bit more angry. He didn’t want to be born in his crappy family. He never asked to be their only son, didn’t ask to be the “only way” the company would survive. And yet no one cared. He was forced into a marriage he had no interest in. 

On the other side, there was Taehyung. He probably hated his parents as much as the elder did, though he hid it a bit better. And, Yoongi mused, that was probably because he wasn’t theirs by blood. 

They had both been used by their parents as a tool to unite two companies. As if they couldn’t have done it through a paperwork. As if, in this day and age, there weren’t other ways than to force your kids to elope. Fucking bullshit.

But even before the wedding, Taehyung tried. He came to visit the Min residence and have tea with Yoongi and chat. And even when the elder did nothing but glare at his cup, Tae just talked and talked and made stupid jokes until Yoongi just couldn’t hold back and started laughing. He came over on Yoongi’s birthday and only introduced himself as a friend, because he didn’t want to make the elder uncomfortable. And Yoongi watched and threw one last glare at his parents before snaking an arm around the younger’s waist and instead introducing him as his fiance. 

Even as the wedding came, he still told himself it was all for shit. And he knew it too. But for Taehyung’s sake, he threw on a pleasant smile and went through with everything. The kiss wasn’t half bad either.

Of course they both completely ignored their parents’ expectations regarding their honeymoon and even though they slept in the same bed, they didn’t touch each other at all. Except for that one time when Yoongi woke up with Tae all curled up against him, but that doesn’t count)

With the companies merged, the parents mostly left the two alone. And it was nice. Without anyone around, they could actually get to properly know each other. And Yoongi hated to admit it, but compared to his initial thoughts, he couldn’t find that many flaws with his, now, husband.

Taehyung was nice and caring and he tried his best to make the entire situation more pleasant for both of them and, if the blushes and shy glances were anything to go by, he did actually harbor some feelings for the elder.

And Yoongi maybe, maybe shared those feelings.

So one afternoon, when Tae was about to do as usual and go sleep in the guestroom, Yoongi gently pulled him back and told him to start using the main bed. Only the main bed. 

And slowly, they started cuddling every night. They started waking up in each others arms and wasting ten more minutes just murmuring to each other.

And then they started holding hands just because.

They started smiling more and making fun of each other and enjoying each other’s company.

And one day, they decided they actually really liked kissing. A lot.

Send me a pairing and an AU and I’ll write you a short fic

it is literally 4 in the morning and i don’t even care but i just found out that ryan choi is back in dc’s rebirth and i can’t believe no one told me and i am so so happy to know that they brought him back cause i didn’t think i’d ever see him again

i don’t even know if they’re going to be good to him but at this point just seeing him again makes it all worth it and i really need to sleep so i’m going to stop now

edit: uploaded a pic without the super gross lighting bc even i couldn’t stand it LAUGHS

Eartha (Bruce Wayne x Reader)

Prompt:  “He’s pretty sure you’ve adopted Satan’s cat.”

A/N: Just a little oneshot before I start cracking into requests/between ships!

Warnings: probably swearing tbh.

Bruce has a problem. He hates your cat with a deep, burning passion.

To be fair, your cat doesn’t seem to like him much, either. He hadn’t even anticipated the cat until he got the phone call.  

“Bruce?” Your voice sang through the phone, and he immediately recognized the tone; sweet talk ahead.

“Yes, dear?” He hesitantly responded as his secretary piled folders and reports on his desk to take home and review. He nodded a goodbye as she departed to her desk.

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Shots-fucking-Fired, amirite?

( @nikkigrand so sorry, dude)

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dude have u seen scarces video? apparently pokemon kid had to cancel events because of the hate hes getting :/ i feel so bad for him getting hate over something he was probably told to do. its so shitty by his parents or whoever runs his channel to make content like that and basically put his face out there so hes the only one recieving hate. poor kid. also the fans that are angry at him are ridiculous lol. leafy has made way meaner videos, and also calls people cancer all the time..

honestly, I feel bad for pokemon kid. shit, I think even Leafy feels bad for pokemon kid. like he’s gotta be in what, elementary school, and I swear he’s going to get bullied for life bc of his idiot parents. Jacob Sartorius is old enough to comprehend what he’s doing, and he has millions of fangirls after him. pokemon kid’s song was too stupid, plus he’s a child, plus he called out several huge “savage” YouTubers with giant fanbases, and he hasn’t got the fangirls and Musical.ly money to help.

honestly, this may be a bit of a stretch, and I hope this doesn’t offend anyone, but if this is his parent’s doing (which I 100% believe it is), I consider that child abuse. it’s not beating, name-calling, abuse, etc. but they’ve publicly embarrassed their child, exposed him to hateful people on the internet, and made him look like a national joke. thanks to his fucking parents, this kid’s legacy will be “stupid pokemon kid”. A+++++ parenting. I hope they know they’re the reason their school-aged child is being nationally bullied.