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What signs would you be able to provide that Caryl is romantic/going canon?

*soft voice* “we cut the son of a bitch open. Made sure”

*carol cries* *daryl gets up in the middle of the night to search for sophia*

“A flower?” “It’s a Cherokee rose” *tells a beautiful story to give her hope* *comments on how Sophia will like the trailer all clean *

*searches for Sophia until he almost dies. Then continues search because he took the responsibility for himself to find Carol’s daughter*

“You did more for my little girl than her own dad did his whole life” *literally puts Daryl in the position of a father on Sophia’s life.

“You’re every bit as good as them”

“I can’t lose you too”

*daryl fights with Carol, later brings her to the Cherokee Roses bushes, to apologize and stare at her the whole time * “Hey, I’m sorry about what happened this morning” *all of this while not giving 2 shits about apologizing to the rest of TF or treat anyone nicely*

“You’re afraid. You’re afraid cause you’re all alone. You have no husband, no daughter. You ain’t my problem. Sophia wasn’t mine” *deals with his pain by lashing out, not understanding why he puts himself in the position of protecting carol like Rick did with Lori and responsible for Sophia like a father is responsible for their kid*

*goes back the next day, listening to Carol’s advice and staying around the group cause she wasn’t going to let him pull away*

*Carol is definitely his “problem”, since he rescues her at the farm and always keep an eye on her, as we’ll see in the future*

*Massages Carol shoulder/suddenly the air shifts when he notices he is touching her and looks at her while doing it* pretty romantic. Screw around? *stops to make sure carol is really serious*
“I’ll go down first” “even better”

*Grieves at Carol being possible dead, can’t stand see a drawing with Sophia’s name, almost can’t stand the possibility of having to put her down if she is dead*

“What do you want us to tell Carol?” *even Glenn knew* “She’ll understand”

“Daryl’s gone? He left?” *cue to Carol trying to hold herself together at the realization Daryl left* “Daryl has his code, the world needs men like him ” *she understood*

“I’m glad you came back” *ten minutes of whispered conversation while eye fucking each other, and giggling at the end*

“Just so you know, I liked you first” “sorry pookie” *domestic Caryl cause why not*

*Michonne teased him, Daryl didn’t even bat an eye to that. Carol does, goes 10 shades of red in 2.5 seconds*

*rick banished her and ran away from seeing Daryl the best he could cause he knew he was fucked*

*Daryl finds out carol was banished, and wants to go find her, also almost hits Rick, also doesn’t care anymore about her being the killer, he knows her, knows she had a reason, wants to deal with ty, takes responsibility for what happened and for the kids too*

*almost cries*

*is dead inside while stuck with Beth*

*cant even believe when he finally has her back, hugs her in front of everyone, didn’t want to stop until Rick cockblocks him*

*carol was dead inside since she was banished/lost the girls, but Daryl makes her smile again*

*cant pretend that everything is ok next to him*

*carol almost leaves, he stops her*

*keep an eye on her the entire time*

*their bottle episode is dedicated to show how much they know each other and how he wants to start over with her, and how she just can’t bear to lose him, and how she’s scared of losing people specially him*

*his search for Beth goes to the background, his focus is carol*

*beth dies, Carol stops him for killing everyone*

*Carol swallows her pain to help daryl, because he is her priority*

*carols tell him to try even though she can’t*

*carol does everything to keep the group safe, specially Daryl as we’ll see in the future*

*carol avoids Daryl cause she knows she can’t fake nothing around him and he knows her better than anyone around*

*cant pretend she is ok when he asks her and hugs her*

*their life is completely messed up without the other’s presence*

*Daryl thinks about her when he is about to die*

*Carol admitis she is running away from love*

*Daryl is devastated when he hears she left*

*Daryl wants nothing more than revenge and praises Carol to everyone at how she would fucking end this shit if she was there*

*almost kills Richard for her and threatens even the weather if carol as much as has her hair wet because of the rain, in case she is upset by it*

*still, in front of her, can’t hide how hurt he is by her decision of leave HIM*

*carol opens up to him even though she pushed everyone else away*

*cant contain herself in front of him*

*confesses to him she couldn’t lose him and that he was the main reason she left*

*Daryl, who wants nothing more than just win this war, knowing full well Carol is not only necessary, but maybe the person who could help them win this shit for real, lies to her to protect her and keep her safe, because between losing everyone and dying, or having Carol losing herself or hurting herself, there isn’t even a debate*

*almost can’t leave her, goes back to hug her and NUZZLES HER SHOULDER*

*carol nuzzles him as well I mean the fuck, they smelled each other*

*carol almost goes after him*

*its stated in canon by Morgan that the same way his philosophy is what keeps him grounded and who he is in this world, Carol is the reason why Daryl keeps holding on*

All of this with two characters that don’t behave like that with anyone else besides each other. What I see between them that it’s romantic? Let me ask you something back: how can you see them as anything but romantic?

There is some serious inverse dynamic here in this fandom. Carylers don’t have to prove a thing. Haters, on the other hand… 🤔🤔🤔

Coming Home

Dean finally gets up the courage to ask out the cute boy who works the reference desk in the library. When he’s rejected however, he assumes it’s because Castiel simply isn’t interested. Until they find each other in the middle of a blizzard, Dean learning that maybe Castiel’s rejection stems from something entirely different than disinterest.

Rated T for adult themes.

Dean supposed he was kind of cute.

Okay, maybe that was a lie. He was really cute. With the disheveled, dark brown hair, and those big, big blue eyes. There were slight bags beneath them, like the skin hooked up over his high cheeks bones, and his lips pulled into these delicate, pretty points. Yes, Dean had spent a considerable time watching the other boy, taking in such features. He spent a considerable amount of time at the library anyway, being an English major, and Castiel spent a considerable amount of time behind the reference desk, where he worked. It seemed only natural that they run into each rather often, or so Dean had reasoned upon realizing he saw Castiel almost every day.

He didn’t come to the library just to see those blue eyes however. That’d be ridiculous.

Biting his lip, he watched as Castiel ran someone through the computer, no doubt looking something up, his mouth muttering out an explanation as the clueless student asked more questions.

Dean sighed.

“Why don’t you just go talk to him?” Charlie muttered in his ear, Dean starting before turning to look at her. She was standing behind him, arms crossed over her chest as she cocked a knowing eyebrow.

“Yeah, okay,” Dean frowned, not appreciative of his friend’s suggestion. Charlie worked at the library too, at the front desk, and sometimes joined Dean after her shift ended, the two of them studying some before heading back to their respective dorms.

“I’m serious,” she persisted, flopping down in the chair beside him. “What’s the worst that could happen? All he can do is say ‘no.’”

“That is the worst that could happen,” Dean grumbled out, looking down at his textbook as his teeth ground together. The idea of talking to Castiel, or maybe even asking him out, not only put his heart a-flutter, but sent a kind of hesitant fear down through him. He didn’t want to be rejected, and would take silent watching over that any day.

“So you’re just going to stalk him for the rest of however long you’re both going here?” Charlie sighed. “Wow, what a trade-off.”

“I don’t even know if he likes guys, okay?!” Dean hissed rather violently. “I don’t know anything about him, actually.” This realization was a rather glum one – an inevitability of staying distant.

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I Won’t Say It

Part One

Part two of Blood Brothers. Now focused more on the second of the two prompts. Word count: 1500 ish

“Could you do a little drabble where the reader and Reid were best friends when they were little, but the reader then moved. But later on in life, the team has a case and they have to call in a forensic science team and the reader is on the team? Then the reader and Reid go get a coffee after the case is solved and there’s a lot of fluff and bubbly excitement? Sorry if that’s hard to understand.”


“Could you do a reader x Reid where they work together and Reid very obviously has a crush on the reader and he’s asked her out on multiple occasions and she’s turned him down every time for whatever reason but then one day he asks her out again and she finally says yes and they go and have a cute little first date and they both have a great time and just general fluffiness?”

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Can I Hold Your Hand? - Ashton Irwin

AN: its currently 12 am. I didn’t proofread this so I’m sorry if it sucks or has any typos. I’m planning on doing things like this with starter sentences (that’s what’s in bold in this). I would ideally like them to be a little shorter but I got carried away with this one.

Your favorite band was in town, and you knew that going to this concert would be the only way you would get a chance to see them. The venue was small and tickets were all general admission, so they were cheaper than normal. You bought your ticket without a second thought, having no doubts about seeing the band you loved so much. Your best friend had also purchased a ticket, knowing that you would prefer to have someone there with you. She was also a pro when it came to general admission concerts, whereas you had never been to one before.

The day of the concert was warm and breezy, which only added to the excitement that rushed through your veins when you left work, ready to put on the outfit you chose special for the night. As you sat in your car, your phone rung with a call from your best friend. You answered excitedly, but your mood instantly changed as you heard her voice.

“Y/N. I’m really sorry, but I can’t go tonight. I’m at the hospital with a really bad stomach bug and they aren’t going to let me leave.” Your breath hitched in your throat and you were suddenly happy that you were still parked in the parking lot of your workplace.

“So…so what am I gonna do? I can’t do this alone!” You mumbled, feeling anxiety creep up into your body.

“You have to go. I sold my ticket to a guy from work. He’s really nice. His name is Ashton. He’s been to a million general admission concerts before, so he’ll know his way around. I’m gonna give you his number, he’s expecting a text from you.” You whined into the phone, stomping your feet in your car. Your best friend sighed, and you could sense her rolling her eyes. “Just trust me, Y/N. I love you.” She hung up the phone before you could protest any longer. Your phone was lit up with a text from the girl you had just gotten off the phone with, showing you the phone number of Ashton.

You decided to drive home before you got stuck in the afternoon traffic which would just add to the piles of nerves building up within you.  Once you arrived at your small apartment, you raced to your bedroom to get ready. Out of excitement you had laid your outfit for the night out on your bed before you left for work.

Once you were as ready as you could get, you timidly picked your phone up and added the new number to your contacts. You quickly texted the guy, introducing yourself in the least awkward way you could think of. After a few hours of correspondence, you felt fairly confident that you could deal with this guy for the few hours you’d be together at the concert. Right before you were leaving your house to drive to the venue, he sent you a selfie that caused a huge smile to spread on your face. You weren’t expecting him to be so handsome but as you studied the photo you felt yourself blush. You sent one in return after about 10 minutes of struggling with finding the right angle to send a presentable photo back to him. After quickly texting that you were on your way, you started up your car.

The venue was a local college, and the drive was only about 15 minutes long. A mix of excitement and nerves took over your body, causing your palms to sweat. After finding a good parking spot, you briskly walked to the meeting place that you and Ashton had decided on. You were happy that he was already there, leaning effortlessly on the brick wall. Your heart thudded faster the more that you looked at him. The photo he sent did no justice to how he looked in real life. He was dressed simply, in a tight black T-shirt and black jeans.

You had to mentally prepare yourself before walking up to him, thinking through the best way to start a conversation.

“Y/N!” He shouted, his eyes lighting up as he saw you. Timidly, you waved at him, trying to cover up just how awkward you felt. He giggled at your state, showing off a heavily dimpled smile and charmingly crooked teeth as he cracked a grin.

“Hi, Ashton.” He started to walk towards the growing line of people who were slowly filing into the small venue. The closer you got to the front of the line, the more your heart felt like it would fall out of your chest. By some miracle, you managed to keep up the small talk with Ashton as the two of you slowly crept through the line. It was nice that he stuck to the safe topics like school, work and the band you were waiting to see.

“I’m surprised I haven’t heard much about you from your friend. She’s so talkative but I don’t think I’ve ever heard her mention you.” Ashton commented as the like came to a total halt.

“She hasn’t talked to me about you either.” Now that you thought about it, through all of her crazy work stories, Ashton was never mentioned once.

“Well at least we get to meet now.” His bubbly personality shined through as the like began to move again and you approached the ticket check. Your heart was thudding in your ears as the temperature and sound increased around you. Ashton stayed behind you, always towering over you as the two of you worked your way into the venue. When you got to where everyone was fighting to get closer to the stage, you froze in your tracks.

The sudden stop caused Ashton to run into your back. He grabbed your waist out of instinct. “Are you okay?” He asked, raising his voice to be sure you heard over everyone talking around you. All you could think to do was shake your head as you felt hot tears gather in the corners of your eyes as people pushed their way past you.

“You’re alright, I promise,” he told you, gently pushing on your waist to get you moving again. Your heart started to race as the lights went out and everyone rushed closer to the stage. The presence of so many people around you caused panic to wash over your senses. Without even noticing you started to shake, pressing yourself back into Ashton as he kept his stance behind you. His chest and stomach were firm and warm, partly due to the heightened temperature. 

“Y/N? What’s wrong?” He asked, sounding unsure of what to do to help.

“Just anxious, I think,” you explained, feeling bad for making this poor guy you just met feel so bad on a night that was supposed to be fun.

“Can I do anything to help?” His voice was clearer now due to how he had lowered his mouth to be closer to your ear. The caused his breath to fan over your skin and cause  chills to run down your spine.

“Can I hold your hand?“ The question tumbled out of your mouth before you could stop yourself. Instant regret was the first thing you felt, the second being Ashton’s hand finding yours and lacing his fingers through yours. You felt yourself blush at the contact, suddenly realizing how intimate your current position was. Despite the butterflies in your stomach from his touch being intensified, your nerves ebbed away quickly.

"Thank you,” you shouted, doing your best to be heard over the roaring crowd. A small squeeze to your hand solidified that he had heard your thanks as the music started to play. It didn’t take long for the two of you to become engulfed in the music filling the room. By some miracle, having Ashton’s hand wrapped up in your own started feeling normal by the time the concert was halfway done.

As all concerts do, it ended way too fast, and everyone made a mad dash to get out of the small space. There were significantly less people around you when Ashton started to talk to you again.

“Did you enjoy it?” His eyed were sparkling as he asked, and it was the most genuine look of interest you had seen in a long time.

“I loved it. Thank you for, ya know, holding my hand the whole time. You really didn’t have to.” A shy smile presented itself on your face. The two of you started to walk out along with the rest of the crowd.

“Its no problem, really. We should probably just keep hold of each other as we try to get out of here.” He said as he edged ahead of you, apologizing as he weaved through people, pulling you behind him gently. The night air was cool and refreshing as you got outside and started the walk to your cars. You carefully slid your hand away from Ashton’s and he smiled at you as you did so.

“I’ll walk you to your car,” he offered, staying in stride next to you despite his legs being much longer than yours.

“You really don’t have to. I’ll be fine,” heat rose up your face again as you remembered just how nice he was to look at.

“No, I insist. It feels wrong for me to just walk away from you.” Deciding there was no reason to argue, you nodded at him. It only took a few more minutes to reach your car. Stopping unceremoniously next to the drivers side door, Ashton grinned at you again. Returning the gesture, you felt an overwhelming want to hug him.

“Is it weird if I hug you?” You asked, once again asking a question before you had time to register how awkward it could make your situation. Luckily, Ashton was one of the most carefree and laid back guys you had ever met, so he just wrapped you in his muscular arms. It felt so normal to be hugging him, you didn’t even stop to think how weird it was to be leaning your head on his chest.

“Well I’m glad you enjoyed your first GA concert.” Ashton shoved his hands into the front pockets of his jeans, and it was the first time you had seen him look mildly uncomfortable all night.

“Everything okay?” You chuckled, digging around to find your keys in your small cross body purse. 

“Is it weird that I want us to hang out again?” The words out of Ashton’s mouth were rushed, and he looked panicked as you made eye contact with him after.

“No, uh. No. Not weird. I would love that,” you scowled at yourself as you stumbled over your words.

“Great. Great! Okay um, I’ll text you?” He questioned, letting out a small breath.

“Yeah that works. Goodnight, Ashton.” You smiled, waving at him as you unlocked your car and swung the door open.

“Goodnight!” He smiled, stumbling over his own two feet as he walked away to his car.

Help part 2

Peter x reader
Prompt: “Fine, leave see if I care!” & “Wait a minute are you jealous?”
N/A- I love this character so much. Also Civil war isnt happening in this so they are all together in one big odd family.

Warning- cursing, alcohol

Part 1


It been awhile since I’ve seen Spider-ass, it was my personal favorite nickname so far. I kind of missed the like asshole, not that he actually was an asshole, he’s actually so nice it could make you vomit. That night was a cluster-fuck but I’d do it again to see that arthropod. I hated the way he made me feel, it was a damn clitché and I cant deal with it. My older sister, whom I live with, is constantly picking on my little “superhero crush” on him. She also picked on me when she found out I had a crush on Peter Parker, a boy in my Physics class. My response was just a fuck off, normally my response to a lot of what she says but in a joking and loving way. That is until she told me she got a call from Tony Stark, that gave me a shock. I honestly didnt believe her. I had heard about Spider- Boy getting a call but I didnt realize I would too. I called Tony Stark the next day, it was summer so I didnt have to worry about school. My sister, Kate, knows about my abilities so it made it easier for me not having to lie about going to the Avenger Tower for a few days to get a feel of the place and Tony offered me a new suit, which I am very thankful for. The car would be there in an hour to get me which led to me rushing around like a mad woman, throwing random bits in a floral backpack. I freshen up, running my fingers through my hair, fixing my makeup, I felt oddly nervous which never happened. I could be held at gunpoint and not even flinch an inch. I dont know if thats just me being cocky, which it probably is but I’m never nervous nor awkward not since I got my powers.

I say goodbye to Kate, she looks nervous, probably because this is my first time away for awhile without her since our parents died. I see a sadness in her eyes causing me to hug her a put a flower in her hair, its the only way I say goodbye, thats what flowers signify to me now. I mean, think of what you put on a grave. Kate starts to cry and thats when I leave, I cant deal with crying or maybe just sadness in general.

The driver is a tall man, like bigfoot tall. He is also wearing a uniform that sports the Avenger logo. He opens the door for me and takes my bag, I tell him its fine next to me but he insists. The ride there is quiet until I decide I cant stay quiet anymore.

“So, How are you?” I say just trying to make conversation. He looks in the mirror and smiles. 

“I’m good, thank you Ms.” After that I give up trying to be friendly, I’ll save all my energy for the team. That is until he carries on the conversation so by the time we are at the tower I know his name is Franklin and he has a wonderful wife, they just celebrated their 41st anniversary and they have a daughter and son, both who are in college. When he opens the door for me he hands me my bag and smiles at me. I wave my hand in an weird way which causes Franklin to look at me oddly. A bright blue carnation pops up from the crack in the cement, I pick it and hand it to Franklin. Goodbye. I make my way into the lobby, my fingers are shaking so much they may fall off. I talk to the receptionist and after a few minutes she points me in the direction of the elevators and tells me a floor number. I was expecting someone to at least be there waiting, that would have calmed me a tad. 

“You’re great, you have powers people wished they had. You are great.” I say to myself and then taking a deep breathe, composing myself. Im starting to feel my normal assholey self, Im cool. The elevator doors open and all the Avengers are standing and some sitting. I walk out, a huge smile on my face. 

“Everyone, This is Rose.” They all wave, Natasha is first to shake my hand then Steve, wow, his eyes are blue. Then Sam and Vision. Wanda gives me a hug and thanks god that there is someone around her age there thats not Parker. Parker? That name sounds familiar but I ignore it.

 “Dinner will be done in an hour. Wanda can you show her to her room please?” She nods and takes my hand, taking me to the elevators. When we reach the floor it opens up to a common room

 “Tony decorated your room so if you don’t like it, blame him. Also Peter is on this floor as well, he stays in his room a lot either doing homework or something.“ Her accent is thick, it makes it harder to read her.

 The room is the same green as my suit with a balcony thats covered in plants. Wanda leaves me to unpack and settle in which I’m thankful for. I turn on some music on my phone as I put my clothes into the dresser and closet since I will be here for a week. My music is interrupted by a knock at the door, I lower the music just in case thats what they came to complain about. I walk to the door and open is quickly.

 It was Peter. Peter Parker. The boy I have had a crush on since the 6th grade. He looks shocked to see me, probably more than I am. I furrow my brows and awkwardly look at him. Hes probably yet to notice hes staring.

 “Earth to Parker.” I say and wave my hands in front of his face. He snaps out of it, a blush spreads across his face. “Y/N? W-What are you doing here?” He tries to lower his voice as to act calm. I smirk at him, I want to joke with him a bit.

 “Well, I figured, Peter Parker of all people can get a nice deal here so why cant I?“ He looked a bit frustrated, it’s adorable. I smile at his frustration.

 “But, why are you here? Like in a room? Not in a lab?” The smirk returns to my face once more. I only send him a wink and walk back into my room, shutting the door behind me. I turn my music back up, drowning out all outside noise.

 “Mrs. Y/L/N, Mr. Stark wishes to see you in his Lab.” The AI system says, nearly scaring me to death, I turn my music off and shut the dresser drawer I was putting things in.

 “Please call me Rose, Mr. Or Mrs. AI system.” I says while walking into the hallway. I pass a room, which has music playing from it too, surprisingly good music. I peek in and notice Peter tinkering with something, he’s using the wrong screwdriver for the screw head. I can tell by the way he’s pushing it.

 “Keep doing that and you’ll strip the screw, you’d be better off using scissors.” I say causing him to jump, I walk away and stroll down to Tonys Lab where I lightly knock on the door frame since the door was already open.

 “You needed me Tin-Can?” 

 “Ah yes, finally you’re here, didnt think it would have taken that long.”

 “Got curious.” I shrug, sitting in a rolly chair across from his work space. 

“Curiosity killed the cat.” He so sarcastic, it will be fun to bounce sarcasm off one another. 

 “Well, then, good thing I’m not T'Challa.” He chuckles, not looking at me too invested in his work. “I need you to come tomorrow and do some measurements and answer some questions for your suit, the whole all black and halloween mask thing just its working for you anymore.” I gasp dramatically and put my hand over my mouth, acting offended.

 “I think it suits me really well.” He rolls his eyes at my pun, he’s just jealous. 

 “Mr. Stark, Ms. Rose, Dinner is ready. The rest of the team is already there.” Tony walks over the to door holding it open for me, I thank him and we make our way to the dining room. The whole team is sitting at the table, Wanda motions me to sit by her. Peter is sitting on the other side of me. Great. 

“Why are you here?” Peter whispers, I chuckle, scooping mashed potatoes onto my plate. I honestly don’t know why he’s here either but I ignore it. 

 “Wow, I’d hope you’d be happier to see me.” I look at him, a sliver of plaid fabric catching my eye, his fly was down.

 “Looks like you might be happier than I thought.” I chuckle, He looks down instantly flustered. Nat over hears to conversation and begins to laugh and soon the whole table knows of what just happened. 

 “Spiderling, Keep your pants on. I understand she is pretty and all but we can’t have you scaring her off with your Ironman underwear.” Tony says making Peter blush even more if possible

. “Actually, then are plaid. But Spiderling?” I look at him confused. Is he Spiderman? Fan-fucking-tastic. The irony is honestly great, has to be my third favorite type of humor after sarcasm and puns.

 “It’s Spiderman.”

 “Yeah, I know Spiderass.” I lean back in my chair, scooping mashed potatoes into my mouth. A gush of realization sweeps over his face, the nickname, it was his favorite.


 “In the flesh, oh dammit. My secret identity is out! Someone alert the press.” I state, sarcasm seeping from my words. Tony chuckles, it did sound like something he would say.

 “So Rose is Y/n?” Peter says almost as if he is trying to sort out his thoughts. 

“More like Y/n is Rose but I get where you’re coming from.” I scoop more potatoes into my mouth, god they are good.

 “Wow, I’ve always thought you were cool but now you’re even better, if possible.” Peter rambles with a blush tinting his cheeks. Tony coughs interrupting the moment, I could punch him for it. 

 “wait, Spiderling and Venus fly trap are friends?” Tony scoffs, his head in his hands, rubbing his eyes in frustration. 

“We had Physics together last year.” I state with a shrug and a slight smile. I dont know if we are friends or not, sure we have talked but not That much but the times I told Flash to cut his shit and to lay off Peter. I really dont want to scare him off.

 "Yeah, I always thought she was bad ass and pretty but now I know shes bad ass and still pretty as always.“

 "Nope, Spider-ling you have to quit flirting! Your awkwardness is going to scare her off.” Tony jokingly yells from across the table. By this time I have finished my potatoes and I lean over and try and start to Wanda as the conversation shifts away from Peter and I. “I’m sorry if I made you uncomfortable.” Peter whispers, I can see the redness in his cheeks and the worry in his eyes. I grab his hand which is under the table trying to reassure him that he is fine, honestly I feel like I’m on cloud nine.

“Bugboy has a liking for Lady Y/N. How nice.” Thor says with a smile, which you happily return while squeezing Peters hand a bit and rubbing my thumb against the back of his hand. His cheeks heat up because of your actions but he’s doing the same as you look at his nice face. 


Once dinner was over with you all some how ended up playing Never have I ever with the team, it was Tony’s idea, You thought it was funny because Steve put up a fight thinking Tony wanted you and Peter to drink. You ended up with apple juice in place of alcohol with no complainants, it was Nat’s idea. 

“Never have I ever colored my hair.” You say with a smirk making direct eye with Tony which makes him roll his eyes as majority of the team doesn’t even move the slightest as Tony drinks resulting in the rest of the team laughing.

“It was one time!” Tony yells in defense, crossing his arms over his chest with a pout placed upon his lips. 

“Well, Know at least we know what to get Tony for Christmas.” You reply, stifling a laugh. “What color are you? Just so I know for sure.” Something flashes across Tonys face, an idea.

“My turn!” He announces, smirking at you now, you can almost hear him thinking, Oh how the tables have turned. You try to ignore it and put up a strong front. “Never have I ever had a crush on someone in this room.” 

You were tempted to lie and drink but look over at Peter and he doesn’t move.You can feel the tension as you and Peter nervously stare at one another. Tony mischievously smiled like the Cheshire cat and spun the glass of alcohol against the floor, looking between you and Peter. Nat is glaring at Tony while Thor just looks kind of confused. 

“Fine! I give! I like Rose and Y/N. A lot.” Peter caves making you grin and scoot closer to him slowly.

“Really? Even my sarcastic and idiotic ways?” You were talking about how you acted as Rose. You wanted to say how much of an asshole you actually are but then realize that Peter knows first hand. You still wanted to apologize for that.

“I like every part of you, especially the sarcasm and I see no idiotic.” He smiles shyly as you grab his hand holding it in yours. You can feel everyone eyes on you and it makes you second guess you actions but Peter leans in and you cant help but do you same. His lips are soft and slightly chapped, it was a quick but amazing kiss but it ended as soon as the teams started to Aw. 

“Please tell me you feel the same because if not this will be very awkward.” He chuckles lightly, your faces still close enough you can feel his breath on your cheek.

“Wow, Parker I thought you’d be able to tell by the kiss but yes you dork. Of course I do.” 

“Thank God but maybe I still need some reassurance.”