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i didnt know jimin had to apologize for losing his abs when did that happen??

I believe it was within this week at a fanmeet (not sure which fanmeet though some people say it’s a fansign)

some bts “fans” are just trash tbh there has been an instance where a “”“fan”“” approached jimin and told him to lose weight to look presentable and apparently that he’s “too fat to look handsome” at a fansign ugh disgusTING IM LITERALLY GONNA THROW UP OVER THESE LIL SHITS



shane’s video was so important and i am so proud of him. i see a lot of people saying bisexuality isn’t a thing. a lot of the time on social media i see people say these people are fake and are looking for attention. they say, you’re either gay or you’re not. which isn’t true. what shane said about the spectrum is very important, you don’t have to fall on either side. you don’t have to label yourself. be open to love. i feel like his video is going to help a lot of confused people. it was so down to earth and just wow. i’m just really happy and proud of shane. 

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“Dean” Sam elbowed his older brother, “Can you lay off?”

Your ex stuck out his hand and you watched Dean slowly raise his own to shake it. “Yeah, uh, the Winchester brothers right? The whole apocalypse thing?” he said and you dropped your face into your hand.

“Yeah, that.” Sam said. You could tell he was only being polite for your own sake.

“Can I talk to you for a minute?” you grabbed his arm and pulled him away, leaving Sam and Dean to talk on their own. 

“What are you doing?” Sam turned to his older brother. “You aren’t even dating her, you can’t go around scaring everyone else off!”

Dean clenched his jaw and crossed his arms, “I can scare off sleaze balls” he said and swung open the bar door before disappearing into the mess of people.

(Full one-shot coming soon!)

You Don’t Believe Me (p. 4)

PART FOUR – You Don’t Believe Me

Request: Yes

  • I feel like michael actually cares about her, who she is is. Michael can take care of her, and make her feel special. Luke saying those thing, you cant never look at someone the same way. He called her a liar, and said horrible things. I just feel like her and Michael are meant for each other and belong together. Btw im obsessed with your blog 
  • Part 4 please OMG I’m a true mikey girl and you gotta stay with mikey they perfect because Luke is a dick so team mikey all the way hahaha 
  • okay but part 4 of you don’t believe me please and thank you lovely 
  • PART FOUR PART FOUR PART FOUR LIKE HOLY COW IT IS SO GOOD. I CAN’T WAIT TO READ MORE! Take your time, but for real, I’m hooked. 😁 
  • Please do You Don’t Believe Me: Part 4! 
  • Can yoiu do a You don’t believe me part 3 please! 💜👍 I really love it!
  • Can you do a part three to the Luke’s Girlfriend Hates you imagine because I really need that in my life rn😂
  • I’m gonna ask this like a civilized person. PART 4 PLEASE IM GONNA FUCKING DIE I LOVE MICHAEL BUT IT H A S TO BE LUKE
  • you need to do a part four!! if you don’t I will die literally! please do a part four?!
  • Tbh I’m praying that Michael ends up getting the girl because he’s a sweet adorable hot dog and they seem like a really cute couple and uGH FEELS. And like stfu Lulu I don’t give a rats ass about your dumb as shit girlfriend so you can go shove a spatula down your throat:) Love the story so far!
  • Part 4! I hope i can read 4 before I go to sleep. It’s already midnight… Lol
  • Is there gonna be ‘You don’t believe me part 4’ anytime soon? Other parts were so freakin’ awesome! I hope you have a good day <3

Plot Line: After the dinner Luke comes to a realisation but he might be just a tad too late.

Smut: Implied more so than actual smut

I hope you enjoy this! Don’t forget to request for more parts of this, or even for a future imagine/series ect! My requests are open! And I look forward to seeing what you guys come up with.

Part One // Part Two // Part Three

Luke’s POV

The morning leaked through the curtain as a loud sigh which turned into a groan sounded from me as I rolled on my side to see Callie’s body wasn’t there. Last night hadn’t exactly gone the way I’d planned. Reaching out to the made side of the bed where a body used to lie I shook my head before rolling onto my stomach and burying my head into the pillow.

“I’m such a dick” I groaned into the pillow.

After a few minutes had passed I rolled over to my front and sat up staring around the half tidy half messy room that I had created last night in my moment of madness. What had come over me last night?

Callie sat opposite me as she chatted about the new clothes she’d brought, as she always did. I was watching nodding along as if I was actually interested. In fact I think I spent most of my time pretending to be interested in a conversation with Callie; there was never a real connection there. That’s why any time Y/N would come around my eyes would light up at the sight of her– happy to know there would be someone who got me, someone who could keep me entertained. I sat at the table listening when I heard a laugh; her laugh. My eyes snapped up and when they landed on her I couldn’t help but feel my breath lodge in my throat. Fuck. I’d never seen Y/N look like that in her entire life. In that moment I wanted to tell her how beautiful she was, but I couldn’t. I saw who was sat opposite her and it made me feel sick.

Looking between the two of them I hadn’t realised Callie had stopped talking and followed my gaze to the  beautiful girl, and my best friend.

“Could you for once pay attention to me when she’s around” Callie spoke quietly and exasperatedly.

“W-What?” I asked as my head snapped back to my girl friend, Callie was beautiful with long white blonde hair with hints of ash. Callie’s skin was always tinted brown and she was flawless when it came to her looks. But her personality? For me there were too many flaws too count. Not that I’d ever tell her that…but it made me sick to think she’d tell Y/N that.

Today was mine and Callie’s anniversary and as much as I was supposed to be celebrating with her, all my mind could focus on and think about was Y/N across the room. I just wanted to push her up against a wall and tell her I loved her.

After the incident with Y/N outside the bathroom I’d sulked my way back to dinner only to be created with blazing eyes from Callie. I’m guessing from that look she’d seen mine and Y/N’s reaction because I saw her lip tremble. Most guys would have been comforting their girl friend. But I didn’t want too because I’d be lying if I said I didn’t love Y/N. Because I truly fucking did, and I know I sound like a dick that it took me until now to realise, especially when she’s seeing Michael but I couldn’t believe that she could move on that quick, not when I was now feeling partially something she must have been feeling for six years. Before I could even stop myself the words fell out of my mouth.

“Callie this isn’t working for me any more” I said with no emotion as I eyed my hardly touched dinner plate. I could feel the burning gaze on me, as I peeked a look.

“L-Luke it’s our anniversary, are you seriously breaking up with me In the middle of our anniversary meal?” Callie asked, I could tell she was sad but it was coming out angry; and when Callie was angry it kind of scared me a little. I just gulped and nodded.

“It’s because of Y/N isn’t it?” Callie barked, earning a looking from the table next to us.

“I could lie to you and say no, I could lie to you…but I won’t do that. I think you deserve better than that.”

“I deserve better than you Luke, fuck, Jesus I should have know. I always knew! I just pretended that I didn’t notice because I actually liked you. I might be a little shallow but I deserve better than fucking this.” Callie exclaimed picking up the napkin as she dapped at the corner of her lips. Throwing it down on her plate hastily she pushed her chair away from the table grabbing her purse.

“I’m heading to the bathroom, and then I’m leaving. Have a nice meal Luke” Callie stated loud enough for even more people to hear; I was glad Y/N hadn’t returned to her seat yet as I raised my hand asking for the check.

It took a good twenty minutes for the waiter to get around to me, and by the time he had Callie had left and I could see a seemingly drunk Michael and Y/N walking hand in hand giggling together making my stomach drop even more. I was single and the girl I loved was not. I had just broken up with my girl friend on our anniversary and now I was alone, and my best friend currently hated me and my heart was breaking. Fuck. I had fucked up big time, well done buddy.

That’s when it hit me like a ton of bricks, I needed to go and see Y/N right now because I had to tell her everything, If I didn’t I’d fall apart and I didn’t want to back out because I had to win her heart. Y/N had managed to captivate mine I just hadn’t realised it till now, I’d been in love with her since the day I met her outside of her house those six long amazing years ago.

Fumbling and falling out of bed I yelped at the coldness finding my shirt and skinny jeans that were strewn on the floor. I didn’t even bother fixing my hair as I chucked a beanie over the flat mess and ran to the bathroom to clean my teeth.

In about five minutes I was running across my front yard over to her; I couldn’t waste any more time. I needed to make sure Y/N knew everything, because If I lost her to Michael I don’t know what I’d do.

Y/N and I had a habit of just going in the house, as I twisted the door it opened; one step closer. A grin spread across my face even though I was extremely nervous. I ran to the stairs taking two at a time– I knew her mother was away for a while meaning we wouldn’t get interrupted mid conversation.

It didn’t even register in my mind that noises were coming from her room, as I pushed it open. I’d seen Y/N naked a few times– we’d grown up together and she’d shown me her boobs to ask if they were too big one time when we were fourteen– I almost died over over-enjoyment and a boner.

I stood there feeling completely sick as I saw Y/N straddling Michael as she called out in his name in a moment of passion. Y/N was moving on top of him at a fast speed, and their moans were in sync. I couldn’t look away at how beautiful she looked. She wasn’t a virgin any more.. she’d always said she wanted to wait till she was in love. Was she in love with Michael? I let out a gasp and saw their heads snap towards me. Michael yanked a blanket up over her body as Y/N covered her face in embarrassment.

“I-Oh fuck” I said unsure how to put my words together as I walked out of there fast. I could here Y/N calling my name and scrambling so I stopped at the top of the stairs and turned when I heard her approach wrapped in her bed comforter. Y/N had sex hair, smudged make up and she still looked breath taking.

“What are you doing here Luke?” Y/N asked sweetly though I could see the red flush of embarrassment on her cheeks.

“I came to talk..I broke up with Callie” I whispered, wondering if now I’d be alone for a while seeing as both the girls I’d had in my life were gone. I saw her eyes go wide as she looked over her shoulder to the door where her and Michael only a few moments ago had been doing what looked like Making Love.


“I realised I loved you more than I could ever love her” I breathed out the last bit, I wanted to cry. I wanted to cry so badly but I needed to be strong, and I needed to keep myself together; if not for myself, then for Y/N.

“Oh god, this is one big mess..” Y/N said and I could tell the broken tone in her voice meant she was torn. I was no longer torn, I knew who I wanted. Y/N was now in the position I had been in and I could see it was already eating her alive.

“When did you lose your virginity…I thought you would have told me” I asked, we usually told each other this stuff. I needed to know, because I had this nagging feeling in my head that I wanted to go away.

“L-Last night”  Y/N whispered and the nagging feeling in my head was confirmed as I placed a hand over my mouth to stop the sob that was bubbling at the back of my throat. I shook my head as the tears sprang free and I turned my back to her.

“He got the thing that I wanted.” I said a little too loudly as I heard Michael grunt from down the hall and resisted the urge to roll my eyes. I don’t even think me and Michael are friends any more. I know I  won’t be able to look at him properly knowing he stole Y/N’s virginity.

“It’s too late Luke, it’s done. And I need to get back to Michael.” Y/N took a step back from me and I just nodded still not looking at her. I took the first step before stealing one last beautiful glance of her– wishing this would be how she’d wake up next to me.

“I’ll see you at school?” I whispered with hopeful eyes.

“Yeah..I guess” Y/N mumbled, and the way she said it made my heart drop. I don’t even remember much after that before I’d bolted out of the house and back into my own.

The tears started, and they never stopped.

Later That Evening

I hadn’t stopped crying and even when Ashton had called me and I had cried down the phone to him repeatedly, Ashton had insisted he came over. So now that Ashton was sat beside me shaking his head and running frustrated hands through his hair I just wanted him to go so I could cry in peace.

“It makes no sense Luke!” Ashton exclaimed for the third time in the last three minutes, I didn’t even know what the fuck he was talking about.

“What doesn’t?!” I exclaimed.

“Y/N & Michael. They weren’t anything at all and then bam one day they are all over each other. I-I just… it makes no fucking sense Luke.” Ashton groaned as he stood up and began pacing.

“It’s not their fault eiher way Ashton, I was the dick here” I complained in a whiny voice.

“Yeah I know.” Ashton agreed, causing me to raise my head,

“HEY! You are supposed to comfort me” I groaned and dropped my head back onto the pillow.

“Shut up a second. I am going to help you figure out how and what exactly happened for Michael and Y/N to get together”

“Why?” I asked annoyed.

“Because last week Michael was like always talking about this other girl, and then the next minute it’s Y/N? I don’t know something doesn’t feel right to me.” Ashton was yelling causing me to roll my eyes.

“Fine. What ever” I gave up and just listened to him rant for the rest of the night.


Disconnected - Chapter Twenty-One

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“Harry,” I sighed, “you really need to go home.”

“Can’t,” he said — or at least I thought he said — through a thick sob. “Need t’- need to make things better first.”

“You can’t.” The way the words came out made everything sound final, and I knew by the way Harry looked up at me with surprised eyes and a tremble in his chin that he hadn’t expected it, his hair now sticking across the right side of his forehead. He was fast losing faith, losing faith in whatever glimmer of hope he’d had been holding onto. It had given him the courage to come here and try and fix things — fix us, but now it was gone.

Protective or Possessive

A/N: Title from Nick Jonas’ Jealous. This is just a little something for trespast because they demanded, and surprise prompts are pretty much my favorite. Hope you dig it. Sorry it took me so long.

Prompt: Val’s feeling some kind of way about all of these boys in Z’s feed


Honestly, normally, these kinds of things…they don’t bother him much. Most of the time they go right over his head. All perception to the contrary, Val does actually have shit to do, and he’s not online all of the time, he can’t be. He makes it a point to be on when she is, though, and to check in via instagram and twitter both for his fans’ sake and his own morbid sense of curiosity.

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Girls Like You (Luke Imagine) Part Six

In case you missed any! Here is Part One, Part two, Part three, Part four & Part five  

Walking home after your encounter with Luke seemed like the most intense moment you had ever experienced. You felt all of his words rush over you all at once, with a mixture of emotion. Still unable to process what just happened. Luke may of said all of those things, but how were you to know that it was all true? Words don’t mean a thing unless they’re proven. 

Unlocking your front door, your mind began to wander. Freezing on the spot, you sat down on your porch step, with your hands rubbing your knees, you looked out to the open street. Thought’s wandering back to Luke, you began to over think everything. 

What if you’re not good enough.

What if he didn’t mean those things he said.

What happens when he finds someone better.

There is someone better.

Staring at your phone, you ended up on Luke’s profile. Scrolling through the pictures of him and his friends. Coming across a picture of him with a girl…

His ex.

You had always compared yourself to her. She had everything you didn’t. She was exactly the type of girl Luke would go for. 

Looking through her pictures, you felt yourself become more and more insecure. 

This was ridiculous. You’re a beautiful girl. With so much more to offer the world, than you could even begin to imagine.

The sooner you learn that. The better you’ll feel.

As you sat on your bed, with your laptop, flicking through the TV guide looking for a distraction. Your mind started to wander to Luke, his smile burning in the back of your mind. The smile that could light up an entire football pitch. Smiling to yourself as you thought about him.

He had such a hold over you, there was no going back. 

“Hello, sweetie! I didn’t know you were home.” 

As you looked up, you saw your mother standing there, all happy and cheery as always. 

Smiling back at her, you got up to hug her. 

“Hi mum.” 

You knew how your parents felt about Luke, so telling them wasn’t the best idea right now. You wanted to make them happy, even if it meant your happiness wasn’t always a priority. 

“So, I heard something funny today. About you and that Luke boy.”

Your head perked up as you released your mother from the hug.


“Yeah. You never told me you were tutoring him? In my opinion, it will take more than tutoring to change him. You know how I feel about boys like him. They’re nothing but-”

“Nothing but trouble, I know mum.” 

Looking down to your hands,  you began to play around with a piece of lose thread on your shirt. Biting your lip, feeling the nerves take over. You knew you could never tell her about Luke. But, you couldn’t keep it a secret either.

As you watched your mum leave the room, you couldn’t help but feel as though you were betraying her. Your mum trusted you, you told her everything. If you were to tell her about Luke, who’s to say how she would react. The last thing you want is a row with your parents. 

It wasn’t worth the hassle. 

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Monday morning you walked to school, the rain poured down, splashing off of your umbrella. The sound soothed you, you had always loved the sound of the rain. You described it as White Noise. Because, there’s sound, yet it’s quiet. One of the things no one knew about you, just how much you enjoyed the silence, yet wanted there to be so much noise. 

As you got to school, you spotted Luke standing at his locker. He was very focused on a piece of paper he held in his hand. 

That’s when you remembered..

He took his Chemistry exam. They must have been his results. 

As you lightly walked over to him, he looked up from the paper and smiled at you. 



Luke handed you the paper, closing his locker he stared at you whilst you read the paper that was so little yet meant so much.

“Luke…You passed! I’m so proud!”

Jumping up, you hugged him, wrapping your arms around his neck. You felt him smile against your neck, as he took you into his embrace. 

Mumbling into your neck, you released him from the hug.

“All thanks to you.”

Smiling up at him, you felt your stomach swarm with butterflies. Luke had been apart of your life for such a small time, yet it was as though you knew him so well…

Well, until his friends turned up.

“Hey, pal!” You turned around to see Calum approaching you and Luke. 

As he got nearer, Luke seemed to have lost his smile. You turned back to him, and smiled sheepishly. Realising that just like you with your parents. Luke hand’t told his friends.

“So this is tutor girl?” 

Glaring at Calum, you felt the urge to say something but stopped as Luke gently pushed past you to get to Calum.

“Uh, yeah. This is Y/n.”

Not even looking at you, he laughed and joked with his friends. Luke had all of a sudden changed from the guy who was not just long ago declaring his feelings for you, to someone you knew him as all along ago. 

The Luke everyone knew him as.

Feeling agitated, you walked away. Leaving him to be with his friends where he clearly belonged. He will always be the same Luke he had always been. Too big to be apart of your world. 

School was over, and you couldn’t have been more happier to leave. You just wanted today to be over.

Luke had spent the whole day not even acknowledging you. His friends were a top priority, whereas you were just ‘tutor girl’. The girl who got him to pass his exam. The girl who pretty much meant nothing to him. 

As you picked up your bag, ready to leave, Luke stopped in front of you. 

Looking up at him, you saw his blue eyes shine in the light from the room. Looking away, you tried to push past him. Right now,  you just wanted to get home. Not have to listen to more of his excuses. 

“Hey, hey! What’s wrong?”

Rolling your eyes, you scoffed. His lack of compassion never really surprised you.

“Nothing, Luke. I’m fine. I need to get home.”

Walking out of the classroom, you ignored him calling out to you. Instead you just walked away. Leaving him in the dust, confused and desperate for answers.

Answers that you also wanted. 

Luke must have called you about 10 times. Letting each call go to voicemail, clearly sensing that something was wrong he began to text you. Throwing your phone into your bag, you ignored his pleading. 

As you reached your garden, you recognised a familiar figure sitting on your front porch. In the rain.

It was Luke. 

How he got there before you, you’ll never know. 

“Luke? What are you doing here?”

“You wasn’t answering my phone calls, so I figured I’d wait for you at the one place you’d be.”

“What… My home? Well yes.”

Rolling his eyes, he got up to step closer to you.

“Look, I don’t know what I did wrong. But-”

You cut him off before he had the chance to explain anything.

“Why do you only act nice to me when we’re alone?”

Taken back, Luke gazed at you. Unable to answer probably the most simple of questions he’ll ever receive. 

“I, I don’t know.”

Rolling your eyes, you rubbed your head. 

“Right. Well when you figure out why, please let me know. Because right now, I just don’t have the time.”

Pushing past him, you felt his hand grab your wrist. Stopping you in your tracks, you turned on your heel and looked into his eyes.

“Luke. It’s raining, it’s cold. I’m tired. I just want to go inside.”

“Not, until you let me explain.”

Motioning for him to speak, you took a step under your porch to block out the rain,

“You know, I’m not good at this sort of thing. I’ve never had to deal with stuff like this before.”

“Right? What do you mean by that?”

Becoming frustrated, he started to fidget on the spot. 

“With all of this. With you. I’ve never had to do anything like this before. With other girls it’s so much easier. But you’re not like other girls.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

You glared at him, not fully understanding just exactly what he was trying to get at.

“I mean it as.. You’re different Y/n. I don’t have to show off, I don’t have to act like the big man to get you to like me. You just like me for the real me. I don’t want to be that kind of guy who has all the girls falling for him.”

“Well, who do you want to be, Luke?”

Stepping closer to you, he placed his hands on yours.

“I want to be the guy who’s good enough for you.”

Pulling your hands away from his, you looked him square in the eyes.

“Luke. There’s nothing you can do that will surprise me anymore. You can’t even tell your friends that we’re together. How am I supposed to believe a thing you say?”

Luke watched your lips carefully, as though he was admiring a piece of artwork.

Smiling to himself, he pulled you into his arms and placed his lips onto yours.

The rain poured down, splashing onto your cheeks as you embraced Luke into your arms. Feeling his soft lips crash against yours. Passion, and tension flowed through you.

Pulling away from him, your lips still perked. You smiled..

“Except for that.”

You watched as he smiled once more, before you pulled him back into your arms. Kissing him with more passion. 

Kissing in the rain… A lot colder than you think.

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Hellooooo! So, so, so. Here is part six. I’m sorry it took longer to post. I had a few distractions pop up. But here it is. 

I hope you enjoy it as much as the others. 

Let me know what you all think.

Have a beautiful day, you all deserve it!

Thanks for reading xoxo

TBH the latest addition to that 9x06 post just made me realise if all those headcanons add up, we can carry on to assume Cas probably lost his job after that, which was why he was free to go around investigating dead angels by 9x09 and never ever mentioned how getting his grace back affected his career as a sales associate.

I mean yeah the end of 9x06 sort of implies he wants to get back out there and help anyway but I’m just saying, he might have been given a nudge out the door to get back in the game. :P

Are sins ever forgiven?

“Juliette! Honey, I haven’t seen you in a minute. Charlie, it’s Juliette. Whip her up the usual, out it on the tab.” The woman came around the counter and hugged the brunette with a loving squeeze. It had been forever since she’d last seen her, only knowing that Jace had told them the girl had gone on vacation for a while. “He just left, actually. Said he had some things to take care of back home. The poor boy, he looked horrible. I know he’s been working a lot lately, so it’s probably just the stress. Then again…he’s been at this for a while…and I’ve never seen him like this before.”

He was cleaning out the guns and packing things he knew he’d need for later on that night. Jace wasn’t expecting her to answer, he wasn’t expecting her to come back, and neither was he expecting to ever have the luxury of seeing her again in his life. “You loved her,” the older woman’s voice came in through the door as she emerged from the darkness of the hallway. That made Jace stop for a second, but he continued moving his things just as he’d been doing before. “Admit it, sweetheart. There’s nothing wrong–” “I never said there was, Simone.” He growled, slightly looking over his shoulder at her before rising to his feet and making his way over. Jace was taller than his housekeeper, but that didn’t make any different to her seeing as she still made him feel like a child when scolding him in moments she needed to. “You still love her, and it hurts. I know for a fact, Jace. This wasn’t what you were expecting to happen, but you allowed it. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t have, but this is what you should have seen coming. She’s afraid, and that’s natural.” “She shouldn’t be afield of me…but I have her a reason to be. I showed her what a real monster looked like that day…” He scoffed at himself and scratched the back of his head with a long, heavy sigh.

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"I may have accidentally sort of adopted five cats." + malec ? xx

Thank you for the prompt! 

“I thought I was the one who was supposed to do crazy impulsive things.” Magnus said wonderingly. He looked over at Jace, who seemed minutely frustrated by whatever Alec had done that warranted a call to his boyfriend. At first Magnus had panicked when he saw Jace’s name on his phone. Then Jace had informed him that Alec had “done something so unbelievably insane and you need to come over here and talk him out of it, Bane, I’m begging you.”

So Magnus made his way to the Institute, and he was a bit excited to see what Alec had done to piss Jace off this much.

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2044 presidential campaign attack ads: Many people would consider my opponent their fave. But are you aware of some of the problematic things he’s said? Have a look at these receipts

anonymous asked:

Update: pregnant anon. I peed on two sticks and they're both positive, I'm just hoping they're dodgy, I have to wait a couple of weeks until I can go and see my usual doc to be 100% but I called up the ex, bless him he said "anything you need/want." This wasn't supposed to happen, we were safe and smart about everything.I'm just a kid and I don't know what to do and I CAN NOT tell my parents unless I want of be disowned and I'm scared and I can't stop crying. I'm sorry for bothering you

Do not be sorry for bothering me, anon.

I’m sorry I’m not there to give you a big hug, because this is scary, especially when you feel like you’re on your own. I’m so glad your ex said those things, that he’s showing his support. Do you have some friends about that you can lean on, someone to talk to, to at least give you a darn hug - I’m sending you so many hugs you can’t breathe.

Take it one day at a time, anon, until you get the final confirmation from your doctor, and then take it one day at a time after that. You do have options, anon, although I understand that it depends a great deal on exactly what country you reside in.

If anyone has any advice for her, please speak up, and please feel free to come off anon and send me a message, I’m always here.

Bill Cosby admits to "Accusations"

“This newly released testimony, clearly, doesn’t address each one of the accusers’ claims. But it puts an end to the idea that such claims were motivated by a desire to boost the accusers’ own profiles, or to take down a comedy hero, because Cosby reportedly admits culpability in his own words. Bill Cosby is, in fact, the sort of person who would do such a thing; he said so himself, in testimony he presumed would remain sealed post-settlement and that only became public through dogged reporting”…. Shoutout to all the assholes who dragged these people for filth and then turned around and defending this man with their soul. These rumors didn’t last all these years just to be “rumors”.


“ we shouldn’t be doing this.” She whispered under her breath.

“ I don’t care. I love you (y/n).” Harry muttered.

“ you cannot love me. This was not supposed to happen.” (y/n) said, pushing him away.

“ does it look like I give a shit?” Harry said, annoyed. He was tired of hearing the same thing over and over again.

“ well you should.” Said (y/n), wrapping the soft duvet around herself to cover up and went to her en-suite

They were two people who were not meant to fall in love but they did and nothing could stop them. He was 21 and single she was 33 and married. An innocent offer for drinks turned into something more which neither of them couldn’t fathom. Soon (y/n)’s life became a mess of lying,cheating, great sex and this feeling she couldn’t quite put off for Harry.
She loved him. As much as she denied, it was the inevitable truth.

But it wasn’t so easy. Josh had been with her, through the better part of her life, in sickness and in health, as cheesy as that sounds. He had almost become a part of her life, a habit she couldn’t give up, an addiction she couldn’t overcome. Could she exchange this for the passionate and fervent love which Harry offered her? Could she give away something for this foreign feeling.


Harry lay on his back, his body laden with sweat, glowing in that post sex natural glow that made him look even more of a Greek god. (Y/n) soon entered the room, her hair was braided and she was all dressed up. God she looked beautiful in anything. She was perfect with her luscious brown curls, tan skin, subtle humour, sarcastic talks. The mind blowing sex was a bonus along with her banging body but what Harry really adored was her, in her entirety her heart,her mind, her soul.

“ get up. Get out. Josh will be here any moment.”

“ when are you gonna call it off with that douchebag”

“ Harry I need time.”

“ we’ve been together for almost a year.”

“ well I need more time.”

“ I don’t know how long I can keep up this act. I don’t want to hide. I wanna call you mine, show you off.”

“the sentiment is admirable but now you need to leave.”

“ I will wait for you.” He sighs, admitting defeat

Could she really do this?


Harry was sat grumpily on his messy couch. He missed her touch, the feel of her, her scent, her. He was watching orange is the new black on Netflix with buttery popcorn, the only alternative he could find to moping around when suddenly the doorbell rang. Harry heaved himself off the couch and sauntered over to the door. Opening it with a grunt, he was surprise to find a messy hair (y/n)

“ I’ve had enough time. I’m yours.” She said teary face, breaking into a smile.

He couldn’t believe his luck. No one can, when a gorgeous woman shows up to your door professing her love for you. He swooped her in for a kiss, heated and passionate. Chapped lips against soft, him against her. His calloused hands wrapped around her waist and her tiny ones clinging to his face.

“I love you.” She said breaking off.

“ I love you too baby.” Harry almost cried sealing their unknown fate with yet another fervent kiss.

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My brother made me download this Star Wars card trader app and hijacked my phone to give him my cards and I thought it was a one-time thing but he said he’s gonna text me every day to remind me to accept trades from him bc I’ll get a new pack every day 😐😐😐

So I’m gonna get all the dudes with this sexy Star Wars card trading app on my phone, darth vader logo and all