Okay, so after realising how much I love OiSuga as my brotp, I had to write some stuff down ((so much rambling under the cut, just a warning)):

  • First of all, Oikawa probably barraged him with selfies in the beginning with masses of compliments to himself and hoping to make Suga jealous of how pretty he was 
  • Suga ain’t buying it and sends one of him first thing in the morning and it practically makes Oikawa cry on the way to school bc he’s stuck between admiration for how pretty he is, and how he feels insulted by how pretty he is. 

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I don’t know if it’s meant to feel this way. But I’m tired of people telling me how i should feel so I’ve decided that I’m going to figure it out on my own. It’s not as meaningful as everyone said it would be but i expected that i think. I don’t think two people can be in love with each other at the same time unless they’re lucky and even then its a fucking miracle. You can’t waste your time thinking about someone who wont text you back or if they like you as much as you like them. Do I even like him or am i just lonely? either way i want him to like me. The thing is he did like me. I think he liked me a lot it’s just he got to know me and that’s when he realised that he couldn’t love me.
—  feeling v sad right now


Taylor, I really need your advice right now. How do I get over someone who I didn’t even date? For just over a year I’ve wasted so much time on this boy who never really appreciated me, he meant so much to me, my feelings kept growing and growing for him and he didn’t ever care. I feel like he’s lead me on the whole time, messed with my feelings and then dropped me. I feel so stupid because my friends always told me to keep away, don’t text him and move on but they didn’t understand how difficult it was because I became so attached to him, speaking to him was a daily routine and I did the complete opposite to what they told me to do and now I look back in regret because if I just listened to them in the first place I wouldn’t be this hurt. Today I finally learnt my worth, I finally realised that I couldn’t be just FRIENDS with someone who means so much to me when I mean so little to them, I realised I wasn’t even second choice to him anymore, I was like fifth when he was the first to me. I then realised what he was saying to me he was saying to other girls too. I feel so stupid right now how I let someone get this close to me and put so much time and effort into him and got absolutely nothing in the end. I feel sad right now, he’s the first boy I have ever liked and got involved with and I’ve never had to move on and let go of someone before, so can you give me some tips?